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Was First Take's Rob Parker out of line when he called RG3 a 'cornball brother?'

Dec 14, 2012|

John and Gerry discuss the controversial comments made by ESPN analyst Rob Parker, who claimed that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was not black enough, or "down with the cause." They listen to the clip and open the debate over the comments.

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-- -- Patriots Friday Rob Ninkovich in this hour next hour Michael Lombardi NFL network just pass and from my Yahoo! Sports talk baseball 9054. Lines opened 617. 77 -- 7937. I'm gonna close look at you -- are you Irish enough. Now in the winter I'm enough out there at that I'm colored ball Irish. And I'm around corn ball Irish is. I'm just straight a minute I don't have the Braves. By the Braves had -- that you couldn't do braids of your life that I'm -- legit good -- -- elect you know that's different com. Corn ball. To begin on this site already begun to let's let's do it chronologically and and and -- even backed up to Tuesday morning or Monday or Tuesday -- Monday morning. When we played the clip. -- RG three. Making light and getting a roomful of reporters to laugh which is it -- but it was a pretty funny line about I screamed map of course -- is like. And you had this discussion about his ability to Andy wrote. -- quick question here. Wears a flaw and this guy -- -- law. In this god help me he's. Too good to be true right. August of that could be flawed and and I guess he runs too much and will get hurt on the field right. But off the field as well as a spokesman yesterday and endorser of products and NFL later teammate as a Family Guy as a -- represented a Baylor. I mean he looks good he sounds good he's played good. He talks good. You know since I did you know as -- and like command of course when. I knew is it hurts really bad but I guess I didn't didn't fill. -- is the only thing like that. -- you can play any clips and sees -- the stage national stage taken the world by stormont Bailey had any regretfully. Any sound any interview any press coverage and you'll say man he's good. I didn't realize it it took rob park to enlighten me that there really is a -- on this guy he has a white fiancee yes. Yes we'll get to that this chronologically. So. Talk about handling yourself well just in that kind of football situation and discussing injury is one thing. When you weighed in to race relations and ethnicity and things like that this is what you really have to be careful if you're not a thoughtful. Intelligent Smart person like RG three. RG three after practice on Wednesday was asked by USA today as they were putting to get together and piece about Martin Luther King junior. They're talking RG three here's reset. For me you don't ever want to be defined by the color of your skin. You what do we defined by your work ethic the person you are your character your personality. That's what I've tried to go out and do. I am an African America. American in America that will never change but I don't have to be defined. By that. It's also doesn't sound -- -- it's the right answer perfect exact sounds perfect many on this day and age but it is me and in front heart -- -- -- -- Right he's not -- he's not defensive. You know he's just saying here's the way I look at it right and you would think could be it and it certainly sounds consistent. With Martin Luther King consistent with what you would like. Everybody -- you don't wanna be defined by your pigmentation one. To be defined by your work ethic the person you wore your character and your personality yeah. Interest so as a result first take on ESPN. Had Stephen A Smith and rob Parker. Talking about this and rob Parker I guess trying to increase ratings are just demonstrate his. I don't know what it is demonstrated he's trying to. Keep up with Stephen yeah you know what Steve today is really. Doing well jokes and he's doing well I mean he's making money he's in vehement Colby he's everywhere he's paying high profile -- he's very high profile it's worked things are going well shield in its annual rating is high and they're going almost as well for skip -- -- much it means defeat the critics that's very bad. Like Q you know my anticipates the skip bashers. As we pointed out that story in the I think it's men's health for men's journal one of those. The story on making money in he's doing well the bosses like come that's the most important thing by those two are paired on the deal and the show's been expanding its going into the weekend probably rob Parker is going to be on the Saturday first velvet -- I I don't know. So I think -- look at the Stephen landscape in this say and I didn't -- hear me this is really work now well. So on the heels of that little statement by RG three about not wanting to be defined by the color your skin but by your work ethic your character your personality rob Parker weighs in with this. I talked to some people Donald Washington DC. And my my question honestly -- a democracy like war round and and across confidence you've got multiple times. My question which is just straight honest question if -- brought them. What you're called or. When you Yankee you explain what he he's not really OK black kind of go to the statement he's not really now with the quality not one Abbas. -- -- black and get them. What are you not really like the guy you wouldn't wanna hang out we've got the rockets on the right. Welcome to our outlook aren't on the bottom I don't know -- convicted -- -- thing. We all know it went beyond today that it was almost off he's got all the care what is no there's no. Information at all I'm just trying to dig deeper into. Why. He had an issue because we did find out with Tiger Woods. By the one of the flight out of one of -- got black it would don't call me black people got a little wonder about Michael -- early on about him. Where you -- -- -- -- Because to me that's very permanent and makes you feel like I think you have -- caught. He went straight wins or not. We're braves. You know you're wrong when. I think what you think. Well first of all let me say this. Just one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Provocative Torre's. -- Iconoclast these you know he's trying to be the bomb -- of playing -- the -- when you actually hear him. You can come to know what the conclusion. That he's a more and I mean that's not provocative. Questions real stupid why he is an issue was one of the questions yet -- hone our Jeter is an issue he's not. Down with the cause -- To me it's the dumbest thing he said he's not down what cause. Are you talking about well essentially what are you saying -- and here's the sad thing I don't think rob Parker is the loan. In this in this opinion I think there's a certain segment of society. That things -- rob Parker did not say the words not black enough is he said yes that's and that is larger she's three is not black enough shouldn't put words in his mouth again -- did not say that. That's that's the intent that is without a doubt the intent. And but I think what he said was even stoop even dumber that. He's not I don't know with the hogs. Because he has a light fiance. And might have maybe once. Voted Republican. That is still insane I'm I'm like Michael hall on this one I need a need to to be careful -- as. He just -- screen Jes wanna -- this idiot by the throat -- you realize -- -- said you know that the that this guy who carries himself with class. And then in represents the league in this school spam just impeccably just -- brilliant. Young athlete. Isn't. Down what the cause meaning what. Meaning. It is it means he's not catering specifically to the black audience is not making a concerted effort to appeal all neatly into the African American audience he is he is -- white friends. Close but he's so he's not in my mind it's it's he's not distinguishing between the black in the white audience I think that's a of course it is 2000 what's so insane if you don't even know where to begin Stephen -- and how to respond skip Bayless did not respond. It's not. He's not making a legit point -- it would send him. In my mind is is frightening it really is can stick this. If it RG three adults and bad you know -- Drunk driving -- TI got right to sag a gunshot Kaka with a gun shot himself in the leg. It you know he wouldn't say it's about now he's not talking about representing the black community in a positive way right. Implying that he doesn't do any of these you know some bad -- things you know he doesn't. It hasn't committed any crimes has east doesn't speak. Slang properly he speaks to well it. And the idea that it -- will -- aunts -- is what rob Parker said bordering on him calling. RG three local -- Of course for a horse upset and coming here all the time politics Clarence Thomas is her whole life. -- on -- not down with the cause but this this. This isn't politics. Of this isn't. You know this -- even you know in the arena of ideas discussed and happily this guy's a football player and a great one so far. And there's really no again no flaw in him that we've seen. This guy thinks. That's all rob Parker that's a -- thinks he's not vocal enough he's not black enough he's not down with the cause he doesn't rock the boat he doesn't scream and Holler and yell. An advance whatever he thinks because that was the but he does have braids he just yet if that is not on the one thing we. Brought indoors plus the collapse that would my question I heard the system and I said. -- the follow what cars. Cause he's talking about. This guy is a great role models so far right we don't know shall story right he's only been around who could double faults are great role model. And you know -- rob Parker has a problem because he's a great role model. -- -- -- bash role model he wants a guy who's you know in his mind black enough that he wants a guy who's. Not speaking. Clearly and articulately who's not. Say and I don't care about race you want to dance race obsessed which is what most. Liberals there are obsessed would race he wants him to be upsets would race. And it'll be a good and Democrat and be an -- and have a black fiance he wants race. He wants to be all about race and RG three refuses to play that -- -- If even if it's not that strong and that's strident in terms of what rob Parker once at the very least we can say he once RG three to be more involved in the advancement of the black cause in the black. -- for Sauna in America which is which is absurd because that's exactly what he has he's the perfect that perfect kind of mean honestly never going to that is raised is what you would what it's doing is doing that. CNN hat to one's neck and gold two pennies didn't speak you know spoke all slang. Wouldn't say any of this. Talk about like a good. You know good things. That -- that comes from the black communities talking about. In no negative things that's what he wants one and could be. A -- -- an example of what he would say -- do to them I guess braids in a braids that's good. We like breaks but the white fiancee whom we don't like that the fact that you know he he. Values education. And and and and speaks clearly you know doesn't. Is -- any trouble district. That's bad isn't saying an omelet would Hawley who lost it on the air. This is the cut this is not just stupid it's dangerous what is talent like young people who look up to him right. You know don't really mean he's OK but you parties not really biochemical Tom gaskins he's got down with the. All right salt -- -- filled up we will take a 92 time out we will talk with you about this about this story and and I will read to you because we don't have all of it on tape Stephen -- Smith's rather. One vigorous. Rejection of -- Parker's ideas.

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