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Thursday Dec. 13th Whiner Line

Dec 13, 2012|

Thursday Dec. 13th Whiner Line

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My views excuse views expressed and expressed the -- -- in my knees aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This in his discretion advised. And Morris and now you know you weren't here alive. -- -- -- Cuba -- -- -- times you really cannot call me and my -- and not use that money. That reviews and now have earned the right to have it's -- season and that's when I look at. When people in this room I see no one of my feet. Like me. And I think that WEEI. Wine airlines my practice will be closed to the media industry until I decide you know we hear you I have opened it again. Moms feel the basketball. -- -- and now we're using -- dial 779. But we fly it reasoning for the university and -- little and Richard. Key players and coaches and -- -- wind your lives and my great great McCain and not -- -- -- and I've -- component ship strikes effectively treat you different and now because I know for a fact that I'm not. What was the other coaches around the school play you know that usually. And people of all my cardinal fan but WEEI. Whiner line. Agree I knew that was the case. Mixing metaphors because of one like history. About. Black America. And am very simply just cut to the chase. He wanted those people covering the kiss his -- could go. So it was -- -- -- just. Which relies -- Buckley is. Just texted me Jackie Robinson. Was -- Republican who supported Nixon for president in 1960. -- -- if you acknowledge that but he is also critical Malcolm X. -- -- -- Don't think there's -- role does rob Parker you know. I -- wine at lunch but it's TW I love it's available to your on your android device. Occupy AT&T AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up. -- Right to faster three GAT team rethink possible right and it's -- on six. And with -- That was right -- right next to -- it -- writer. Writer writer is an outstanding night. -- -- He breezed in a Little -- table Mike Adams tied. It tumble although it -- only about the show. He's on vacation like how many weeks three passes like that yeah worth -- narrative before that so we'll work they -- -- right. If you hit it didn't expect him right topic that is the right. You have to tell you Mikey does it every writers now that I had any -- us to look at now. -- look into. Bill Walton who. Didn't appear the ended the companies build up. Are there in the morning the puck and it's -- and it's because they're gonna have a -- I -- -- back -- -- -- Oh. I don't have that -- because the big show I got a kick it to bits and pieces. A couple of days have been able to listen. Yeah I feel like he's really been -- -- thing you probably don't know I was able. And nobody. -- it is echlin that you feel like -- Going after you -- after you know. Well. Recordable. -- -- are really white and I really liked what are you are authentic. White -- Good question I don't know. They -- that's not to some people got to DC people agent in question. -- your hair while personally care more about what. It. -- Pat I. Haven't. Perhaps would make you have to barking. Mad -- -- and want the bad about it. And bopping. What -- what event -- happening. I don't know what to do a little black book out about them. What I think Powell who was -- -- what evident what have they ever went to even go over at the night that diet. Bad and bad that I am very quiet interview that this got so bad guys editing but I don't act but what god. What I -- -- go out. And this method LJ is I still think he has to -- basketball coach used to be and. You know I like -- column make although because ethanol at all. But then talk about about it tonight and pat them on what's happening probably -- down home more than anybody else. We're not about and that it would Victor -- today. With the that it -- -- -- -- element vaguely. I think my apple -- and the -- doormat. And the men viewers out congressional congress. Well would you rather do six. There were originally others who fail at epic abilities. Ordered that make it to the big bullies look at one -- -- the field. Your accomplishment like -- is -- may. Which doesn't belong and why he had so we do -- Coke might limit. The anti terrorism court fights and at. All four of these items but what is the only one that won't go well. And the message alone for a kick your ass I got no problem doing it. Yes corporate -- while I was wondering. Who cares what we go to that web particularly you that he felt it was a public. -- -- And the message. Good good good material I have one question accredited. Is that the end of the day yet I'll be so -- at the end of the day won't have to listen to you okay. At the end of the day. At the end of the day I think Kobe gonna put up some numbers. They say they read that right where it still. -- -- And -- and -- appreciation -- noticed that. There is a bit UNC gets you. Out -- -- like USC but it did not -- our who who started it -- start stroke one. At the end of the day. Like every it was it's a recent thing you know these things is it gonna hide it and it takes over but -- right back like concerts a year Donna. No it's become popular in the last six or seven years I don't know -- -- go you know I go back and forth but at the end of the day. This is what the story technically -- -- at the end of the day which. Out of the marketplace. That now. You know collected what in this -- They'll be spending more money out and coaches they've given -- -- betting on third baseman. And that that good -- tonight tonight the lakers at Madison Square Garden tonight we got that. -- -- Big curtain and and I want to boy yeah. My lap right. I got it paid finally started calling opening up and bands that are better than it is now. And definitely. Existing content on the it was a white stress on. I. -- -- -- -- That -- he had. -- -- -- -- -- Going to get this straight -- from met -- the called lacking both black and and then -- called Toronto console. But yet when it comes the -- in me by Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Can he be Aaron CBS they were all this talk this -- at that -- about. At the -- the debt -- I'm out of the you -- price that our vodka. And you're -- about job from as I celebrate civil exactly. Well. Stayed at some point trade policy quote noble -- kind of -- it Rajon Rondo and then. I called -- and -- got a big excuse you know what can -- to play basketball but that in the college game. I going to be debacle why don't I. And the message now shout out out espanola -- today. -- That are committed people regularly redheaded stepchild in the morning on being. It's beyond which anything or not. Financial planning three years 2000 though some of the work that's been. And -- that morning. Should be called Peter Pan -- because he'd. Just like we -- equally. Reason that the thought of mob. And then messy part of the gig maybe I maybe it's yeah it does. -- the hope criteria of being part of a joke Obama. Yeah -- better watch out it better be nice get better not older double L you'd twice. Thought you needed. Live. Are all gone baby garden. And there -- -- regular. Reference for Sunday night's game. Big guys is -- got 121212. Caught the last night. I don't know what -- what -- did it -- -- -- -- performance and -- -- but if you've -- the the credit at a minimum human growth hormones. Because they don't look like a war make it -- I. That includes -- Bogey -- victory and -- they kind of stuck. Animals and then until now we're really out of luck aspect they're -- black bars people whoa. If you blame for all that oh yeah it's looking now I. And Christmas well. Forward Michael -- Chris Wallace he wants all of us basement she knows. God you. Ask scrape up some cash and buy -- Michael's books. Apple's got -- works like super speed. But don't like all the -- can't. We. As jubilation -- vote counted paranoid -- great idea was that sports graphic novel. Very good and I. Not a big blow like this feelings. But Michael -- light. You can use the that they thought well if he would and Michael always thought it might be out of my -- I -- I don't like what -- he had a right muddy water. Hey -- you -- I would probably did this -- still get paid big name don't you start your own. And Great Britain the united probably good that we hope -- The -- ethanol. -- my feet I'd be getting -- united. Yet and it is not about it out of there if they didn't they didn't I'm blown. And Internet connection facility exit was easy pitching pitching. Pro ball for example. We have threatened to make good on that play the song every day until Christmas like for Christmas it's a great song. They don't have any additional obviously works with Fred -- you're afraid of refugees. For different reasons blue smoke and that the patent baton. Trying to let people won't. I just get a -- over it cracker your -- We're talking in your head. That's at. That's it. -- -- it was powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up now that I have that right national. -- ours. It's it's familiar obstacle. I'm here.

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