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Danny Ainge on the depth of the Celtics

Dec 13, 2012|

Danny talks with the guys about the depth of the Celtics lineup and ho it benefits them in games like the double OT game against Dallas and how players like Kevin Garnett provide an energy boost to the team, even when they're on the bench.

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I've -- the big show we are live at the wolf dead at Mohegan -- time for our weekly get together -- Danny -- president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics brought to you by. Lexus of watered down anyhow we -- today I'm pretty terrific. Terrific or pretty well except for last night double overtime victory at one thing we were just talking about. I get a little bit concerned that every time K gene leaves the floor. After great effort. Nothing good seems to happen. Well yeah of course I think that there's a lot of reasons why that happens but I do I am concerned yeah no question about it. It's all something like that I mean Avery Bradley we talked about him last week with you obviously he's gonna give you. Pressure in the backcourt little bit more defense or whatever. But the that this thing that's amazing is teams seem to feast on you after KG leads the fourteen point lead third quarter last night. It seemed to be for just like that and you know that means minutes. So ducks get tough decisions to make every now how to use all of that. Well I think that the other guys have to step up and I think right now that often. It's not always the case -- -- really good player we know that he knows how to play the the leader of our deep and so forth but. There's many times we played better when he he's gone out but it it's been a pattern of this. -- leads and so forth but I think more than any. Is the effort. Goes with KG to the bench. And I think that that can't. In other has to be. More energies -- from younger players and more you know there's going to be mistakes and you can't do it KG. Our lights out to be better our energy level -- to be better players that it remain on the court have to be better. They have to play at the same level they were playing when KG was with them. Since a little bit of a -- in ourselves and and effort level drop being twenty G leads. As well and that's just something that. If that happens and we have no chance. And I was gonna -- you may have dispassionately do you said there are a number of reasons it happens. That's one of the reasons effort is there anything else or is that encompass everything. Well I mean you know I don't want it I'm not trying to make light of the fact KG looked good. And you know that's that's the way it is with a lot of teams when you're when your best players that you're never as. But you have to. You have to hold down the sport more often than you are mean they're out there has been due to where we have been able to increase leads and so forth -- We're just not consistent and and again I I think it's just effort. And not just effort but concentration. Focus making fewer mistakes mean it's not just. Guys flying I believe our guys are trying. But. There's more confusion and there's more mistakes. When KG not out there that's what we have to shore up. I was thinking about the game this morning. And this is generally are works daddy you know -- double overtime games or even go back in Celtics history that the great triple overtime game in the finals. -- coaches are usually. Talk about it afterward and I would make so many mistakes and then after awhile little time passes. Those games those mistake games become classic games imagine it's the classic but. Did you see war mistakes. In the game last night or did you walk away saying. -- was really good basketball game where we're neither team really wanted to give. Bought a -- teams made a lot of mistakes. I there it. They gain was a little bit unique in that it was played mostly with smaller players. And I had. They've you know they've put their offenses put a lot of pressure. Thereof has put a lot of pressure on us especially. We tried to take advantage of this matches and we can do a very good job of it. You know they were able to spread the floor really -- to the basket get to the rim as they had our big guys out on the perimeter defending pick and rolls. -- thought they did a good job with their small ball lineup. Putting. Keeping the pressure on us and it and we would stretches where we didn't take advantage of it offensively. But he got to you -- give Dallas credit to get back in the game. And -- give the Celtics credit for hanging in there finding a way to win. Sometimes those that the games where pressure shots -- commutes. You know -- start that momentum going the other direction and it. In their bacon -- hands and he's got to be able to make those shots that TD in all probability they squeezed in an upshot. No question is that got to get in some boos aren't even though. Com you guys forced -- 46 turnovers or whatever more than 128 or something they were hit somebody open shots good opportunities. That you couldn't capitalize and during the during the course of the game it's just one of those weird games strange. -- -- He kept us on the edge of -- set up. Question and no court -- it back to the that the KG thing because I know. You were talking about when you take your best player award your best players are the best defense player like that off the floor you. The drop down your your play a little bit all the guys have to pick it up a little bit but this was kind of unique. In the -- goal is to keep him within a certain minutes range. So that you can make sure he's healthy and rested and in great shape. Four -- for the playoffs. That's why am wondering. An idea it is it too early to start thinking now. About may be with the trading deadline coming up here in February that you might have to add something you might have to do something. Two to Alter what you've got out there under and in the floor when he's out. Well we're always looking to -- to be a greater T. I mean that's just been given by. You can't just build those who what you're saying is a lot harder to do the -- that just saying yeah I mean it's it's a challenge and and then you don't wanna make change for change that you wanna make progress on our team and get players that are bigger better than what we. Are doing now I think there's two things I think we have Chris Wilcox who you know people forget these two months behind Jeff Green. On his recovery. And I think that Chris has shown signs of playing well but I still think he can get better I think your soldiers twenty years old. And Jared has shown a lot of good side to contributing in big games for us so far this year but there's an inconsistency there as well. I'm not panic you know most guys I think both those guys can help but the -- players are gonna get better. As this year goes along and I think those are two big pieces horse like there. -- wanna ask you about. An opponent last night's opponent not just Dallas in general but specifically. Derek Fisher you know -- of things I love about the NBA's not just the stars but guys like Fisher. Grew just find a way -- to hang around as either starting players in the fourth or fifth starter. Coming off the bench and then it looked around and it's been sixteen or seventeen years just put that in perspective how. How difficult it is I think it's easy easier for stars obviously they have long careers but guys like Derek Fisher. Having -- a career that's approaching twenty years amazing. It really -- you know it makes me feel old because I remember I was in my first year coaching being. And our organization was debating back and sports. And one draft stage as to who we wanted to draft Steve bash -- this. And you know to see both of those guys. You know it's still playing. In the NBA news is incredible to have the success the bulk of them have -- the NBA it's. Is. It's very surprising at that time might -- -- never envisioned. There -- here haven't had a career mean a buddy was a good young prospects and Steve Nash saying that loves speed airstrip that no idea that you have idea. Two time MVP of the league and be you know be -- of Famer and the sort of under the -- -- and watch these guys go from. College careers -- are highly heralded in the NBA careers being role players being so arson contributing the championships it's it's fun to watch. Well you made the right decision. -- -- -- Obama all but made -- decision although I'm curious that in the debates what it comes down to a what was the what was the tiebreaker to even get to that picking Natalie over English. -- what it -- so there's the ball that. Well. -- I did was start to lose your -- blood so will -- it all again next week have a great week. Later okay -- -- here India on the picture were right back to your phone calls load them up we get some room for you talk -- a lot baseball today because Josh Hamilton. Signs with the angels flips over teams. In the American League west. Ryan Dempster becomes or has agreed to a deal. With the Boston Red Sox 6177797937. Don't -- today here at Mohegan.

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