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Rob Parker proves ignorance still thrives in America

Dec 13, 2012|

Big O and Michael talk about Rob Parkers comments about RGIII. When RGIII has had a rookie season that makes being critical of his performance difficult, Rob Parker is clearly reaching for things to be critical of and it's just shameful.

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Judge -- lives here. He gets that we've talked a lot. About Josh Hamilton we talked a lot about the Red Sox and why they were not in it. On the Josh Hamilton sweepstakes. A lot about the patriots. And the 49ers coming up on Sunday night Celtics tickets a dollar and -- Celtics tickets Louis outlet. -- I missed it on on TV earlier today on first day. Some disturbing comments at least it disturbing name like. By ESPN's rob -- -- history on this -- it involves Robert Griffin the third RG three. With the Washington Redskins did an interview which incorporate US catalog Robert -- right absolutely. Absolutely -- through. Hype hype has testified that way play but he gets it seems to is that well and who interviewed well and it's the average. And he's right he's. Yeah so you can deductible in -- in the comments. You Jim Corbett USA today and I'm quoting him here. I am an African American in America he was asked the question about. He didn't wanna be defined by his race. Particularly as it applied to being an African American quarterback -- often people do that people sit there -- that he's an African American. Quarterback. Why I don't know so anyway he says here. Well well but but I'll tell you why. Mean why why why was defined by why do people make it but he's an African -- quarterback because for awhile. It was. It was on -- guys work work. Trusted the play the position. The whole Al campaign is saying we're talking about that out just go back and Al campaign as interview. In 1987 I believe -- -- yet a different world but at the time when Doug Williams. It at Washington won the Super Bowl. It was a huge thing. Because it was it was an unspoken thing for awhile. You know black quarterback and a black -- black athlete was not capable of being the leader of your team so that's why. If he can put that question I can clearly understand that RG and god yes that god we've come a long way to the point where. What do we have. Star black quarterback. We cannot. Black journeyman quarterbacks you know Rodney -- was -- back up quarterback. -- pretty much alike -- back -- quarterback. Charlie Batch started for awhile. Third straight. Quarterback Byron Leftwich was their second team quarterback nobody said Pittsburgh look at it -- situation there. Number one quarterback is why in the back to back -- are now. It's got to the point where it's not an issue not a big deal. At RG three does not want it to be an issue in the way people define him in 2012. -- it and I'm quoting I am an African American in America. That will never change but I don't have to be defined by that. We always try to find similarities in life no matter what it is so they're always going to try to which you went a box. With other African American quarterbacks they knew Randall Cunningham Warren Moon -- morning Doug Williams really didn't -- much. That's the negative stereotype when it comes to African American quarterbacks. That most of us just run. Those guys throw it around. I'd like to think I can throw it a little bit so it away. Rob Parker and ESPN on first. They're talking about this that talking -- outlook RG -- any recent comments that to me are quite disturbing you listen. While some people don't want to see. My my question honestly. Tomorrow night -- round and the bronze cup flammable. What. My question would straight on what. Not really OK black on they do not really now would cause -- not -- -- he's -- of -- he's -- good. What he's not really like the guy didn't wanna hang out. Could evolved so why. Welcome. Outlook -- not I don't know exactly pure release date we all know what else. -- off. Public Edwards -- no no information at all just under the why. He had an issue because we didn't find out hot bullets. It was like I wondered how complex it was a whole lot so people got a little wonder about Tiger Woods -- don't want Obama. It operates state. Because to me that's very permanent. -- feel like. I think even how quickly caught if you went -- it wins or not. We're good grades -- You know you're wrong well. -- Well first of all let me say this. -- Hong Kong. -- what we we just went. Steve right on thank you I am very comfortable with where we win his house deep management. I've got to tell you before you say it. I wish there are certain moments that happen very often. There are certain moments. I wish. There was no NCs. And I just go. -- off. Oh the leap off right now on route marker it's so stupid. So in mature. Take it is dangerous. It is dangerous. What he's saying -- rob rob. I don't know where RG three was born. The day was born. With a brother. OK. There's nothing you can do. That's gonna change it. Despite a bit on Saturday at Saturday Night Live many years ago brilliant bit by Eddie Murphy there's nothing that Robert Griffin the third. Didn't do or say -- change. No matter who he sleeps with. It's not gonna change no matter what his politics are is Djokovic -- no matter where he lives the matter how we we -- here how he walked probably is not going to change it you. Have nothing to do with determining. Whether he is authentic or not what they expected bottom of it -- out. He became a black man in America. There rob Parker -- ESPN. It has no say in the matter. This is so ridiculous. It's it's it's over the top group. He's really it's not about to about apologized a thousand well -- listen he's really not. He's not really down with the car was gone it's just the -- like you rob markers here's here's rob Parker is totally missed. And the practice. We don't wanna stereotype people. Markers doing right here is stereo ORG -- is good can't -- look at white fiance. Can't be Republicans. Can't have a -- certain. College spot if they're going to the -- that's but that's not every so what he's doing. Is exactly what a lot of people did back thirty years ago it was still real tightening. Guys who wanted to play quarterback who happened to be black goes -- and I'm gonna. Position. That's what -- -- -- his stereo typing RG three right now. This enemy is only my star or thereabouts and it's a well I'm not mandates that are back Saturday -- -- it. Bowl where regret because. The other topic he brought up tiger well there's a -- to a question tiger. Lesson. That we know Tiger Woods we know it's history. So if his dad is black. And his mom is top. Supposed to hit it. The fool. It's sure not error. It's a political argument if -- -- there is this a while but don't touch the body of Robert go into what David approach that. Rob applesauce or -- if they forget it off apathetic public or actually ignore. Part of myself -- or part of my history people. It it asked people like rob Parker -- -- happy. That's still the idea is that role individual. -- were product and make. Of whatever. We York through our relatives mechanic through people who abort that's what -- what happens. In this situation. What he's doing. Stereotyped. -- in the -- To me that's absolutely disgraceful. It's disgraceful. And suddenly -- -- -- how. I just don't understand I thought the cool battle for all of these years. Is to create equal rights and individual rights as opposed to group of people together -- You guys a year you guys the year you guys are the -- -- this is so disturbing. Here's the question I have Michael. The question could you don't want what people would go to -- gonna read this a little listen to this and they're gonna say exactly what I'm saying. This is disturbing. What people gonna kill people you obviously I hear your opinion right but are others -- to lash out. This guy well -- some well as some -- that but that goes back intellectuals and individually. But I'd say he said is the guy that you wanna hang out with I think maybe. -- should wanna hang out with Robert -- dollars. If Matt -- but he comes off. Personalized account guy extra I think we also extremely talented quarterback. And that you that you never know. Who somebody is in terms of their character. From interviews it's just so people come up well interviews of people don't. Comes up very well and interviews seems to go along with his teammates. Seems to be able to grasp what the coaches there are put down form. Well what's what's not to like he he's an exciting story. Even during the draft process I remember -- okra now. Who was an army guy. His that was an army who's in the military and so it was Griffin so they were able to connect on that point now where Romeo saying. You know we had fifteen minutes to talk to a in Indianapolis and I wish we had more time to -- a cool got to talk to you but I guess I don't know Romeo -- now is really abrupt. So so that it he's got that sorted and operates -- another rate never did -- don't know if he's really black image shows you the you get a vote on that -- on I think you're right. He wants to know more about and then suddenly. Brings up things that. He knows about it right now doesn't that he believes defines -- right is why would you bring up the fact we only at the Hudson. What differences in the how does that define RG three what is the color. Of his fiancee the color of the skin of his it would then have to do that second there's always talk about he's a Republican. -- You know a black person can't. Make that individual -- -- Decision. To be a Republican. Or libertarian. Or Democrat they have all beat him I mean none of this makes. Any sense to me. And it's exactly the opposite. Of what people have been fighting for years. And he throws it right back benefits would be fascinated to watch how the response to all -- Some people don't want to see. My my question honestly. Tomorrow night for round and the bronze cup -- What. My question would straight on what. Not really OK black on they do not really now would cause -- not one -- he's Conrad Black he's a good. What he's not really like the guy didn't wanna hang out. Could be involved so why. Welcome. Outlook or not I don't know because like securities. We all know what else. Off. Republicans out and no no information at all on the why. He had an issue because we did find out hot bullets. But what it was like I wanna poll complex it -- -- lap so people out a little wonder about Tiger -- early -- about where. It operates state to -- Because to me that's very our men and makes you feel like I've been given how quickly caught. He was -- friendly resort. We're braves. You know you're wrong well. I think yeah. Well for example. Let me say this. -- Hong Kong. Well we just want to. We all hours -- night back here on the big show outwardly and Ali I'm sick and Michael Vick you know my music is another thing that. Why. Well why isn't it okay. To talk about differences. Within a race. So. Rob Parker. Rob Parker feels one way obviously based on what he said drop drop markers a Democrat. Rob Parker doesn't have rates so that -- what does that mean does that mean he's not black himself pro I don't know. But maybe talk about Erica Erica Erica the politics with. With RG three but RG three as a Republican wrap -- Democrat. RG three as a wife fiance. Obviously rob Parker doesn't. Why why why is different a bad thing. Why is this to slight a slight disagreement about the superficial things but really wanna talk about. Ideology. And philosophy and how the world works. It's OK to wrestle with with concepts it's okay to wrestle with ideas. It it. It and have a conversation with somebody who doesn't see the world the same way. The you do even though you're the same race and head into the days are right we disagree we agree or I'd never looked at it that way and you move on we'll. Believe that people should. People should conform to the same black stand that make any sense. I mean everybody is supposed to be an individual. Anyway I basically went and Michael. People for many years in this who felt that way about black -- no. And that now is what all of the battle is bent over the years to a -- all of that and this guy rob Parker. He's basically laying it out there and -- If you're African American Beauty to comport to the black statements that's what you need to. Played this object for all these what political innings for years this to me is attached are being in 2012. And what he does understand is that people. There are some people who were doing the same thing to him by well how. How -- -- top black that you beat your audience -- Where. You're really down you -- -- I mean it just a random things. And if it -- stop it it is never gonna stop it with with that type of thinking -- and it's. That's a problem that's a real problem I just -- believe that it. How do you get. -- -- It's. Just. He's -- -- -- and -- about getting behind -- Europe that you don't have. Here that I don't know him but he's not but yet what our political. Like fiance got about priorities and I don't know. And it goes -- now he knows he knows he's not black and that's what he's basically. -- Me right. And I I don't know what that means. He's battling people right now Twitter but he gets a lot of support on Twitter which is looking at a depth of what he's questioning people want that really gets me is. I'm curious how Robert Parker takes RG three should -- to be more black. Bomb. That he responded that you didn't even see the show typical in an educated that was his response. Typical image you know he's plastic he's not apologetic Google -- he's not ready to go to ESP and -- that you don't want a blow I got a little caught up. In the moment I probably said things I probably shouldn't have said. But you heard the reaction of Stephen. Dot yeah probably overreact he's not doing that what he's doing right now is he he's getting he's getting even define it. -- those people right now like us that a question is. Don't know what I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll give you this it. There's an example of a baby years ago. Al Sharpton had this show. Massacred yet this show. And he was doing it that concept was so barber shop. Or barber shop so we have different people. Coming. It just talking about things so there's Al Sharpton one side. -- at one of his guests. It's Armstrong Williams that a conservative commentator and that we know Al Sharpton does that. The conservative -- and agencies to -- so they're going backboard and sharp as though Williams said. I was racism affected viewers something. -- I've got to. Strong. Family. And that could happen in my life I really can't complain -- crazy. To take out -- monster. We disagree on almost everything but I'm glad we had this conversation. It was memorable. Remembered it -- -- it was a year ago. Why can't that be the case Sharpton didn't say well let you know that way -- If you if you're not gonna tell you experienced racism at every turn it -- -- you know it's like we disagree on this as to remove. -- is rob Parker. Have to question the of Robert Griffin because -- disagrees with them that this. Is not on the table. He's it's what he does it. There's nothing nothing is gonna change it no question that -- -- change his race of people tweeting Parker talking about. Well these athletes shy away from the -- there's the shy away from that -- especially. Especially what you like me OK I wanna keep what is. There it Michael it's hard. -- -- -- -- -- well. A lack of there's no shied away from a bit shy away from which if he. RCI. I think he misses the point that RG three's made. Three is not shying away from here's the the quote again. From USA today which is what they would discuss. I am an African American in America that will never change. But I don't have to be defined by that we always try to find similarities of life. No matter what it is so they're always going to try to what you would a box with other African American quarterback. What's wrong that he's is he happens to be African American he's a quarterback like the other 31 other starting quarterbacks in the national football. So that. -- but I think he was that was very wise great distinction. I am well but it and so what you but he sure -- it varies most. The diversity. In that description after -- -- -- is. Randall Cunningham was like -- correct. Michael is it. It's not like OK that's got on the -- Like -- doubling. -- African American quarterbacks. Do different different styles. That guys read it. On. On the other guys. Quarterback. Did different things like black work that we know how he plays. Warren played nothing like it. But that's -- that's what we're talking about where. We have spent all these years trying to get away from stereotypes. And what rob Parker is doing. She's bringing it all practiced. I have to do this is this agreement because -- -- we hear yes but that we have a couple of the Celtic tickets to giveaway here. Tax code word bird. 237937. It to me think. If I see one up there and attack. Spelled. I've got a phone number I'm coming out the house -- Paul Byrd. It's vote -- this is the Celtics this is Celtics tickets. This would be Larry Bird I'll just give me the bird that's all about what did you do that have to act. And deliberate. It's -- I guess it -- it within the next ten minute. It code word Byrd 37937. It is going to be added winter a Celtics Arctic -- the game mortgage. 22. Good noticed all he thought we did courtesy of Colo space doing -- -- lead all of -- be careful bipolar. A bit center's space advantage IT services to the course -- to buy tickets right now so which -- -- that. The 37. 937. And welcome all of problems -- -- OK okay and careful about your brother library personal and corporate partners on the. That can't be kept his favorite -- can't -- Don't. I don't know how that would happen. That's good that's very good -- like I would Irvin -- while we mentioned. Like that affect your Michael Irvin. On -- very -- -- that he did not leave Wes Welker was getting the law around the national. He said that he did not G Gordon Hinckley wrote. He brought -- the reason he did not think that Wes Welker was golfing. Yeah well the -- -- -- -- -- doesn't lead we go to those small white dot major uses it. Big bright maybe a -- this. I -- got it got out there we were close to. Close to holidays holidays. About it deprives -- year. I need to lose they were -- out of losing. Faith. That this. This comment on he has. Yes it has a word about it when it what do they get -- are really good about it rob Parker has that -- anything he has been. You know what he's used -- as a title and an end and I would not let. I don't want us is -- -- Arafat are part of how are we take title to your pop -- ago. -- -- -- Some people -- And that's what make it without it what makes this country so Great Britain is that we can't save things and their point that they may be ramifications for what we set. But certainly we are allowed to do it I don't like suspensions I never did they've done this with Rush Limbaugh on the -- -- this with a does this is the wrong approach wrong approach. -- up losing and losing faith. Not that the comment was said. But about the supply you know a thing as always feel. Like common sense. And rationality will prevail. That's always -- so. Rob Parker says this Atlantans say it because people look at it and LC that is so ridiculous. That this really won't gain steam. It won't get -- legs because most people again I'd say it's ridiculous but they're not. A lot of people. Have said it rob Parker directly that he makes. This is not logical -- -- people can't spell birds. So. There's a bird man throw a rock guy. That's the dialogue news. A lot of people live. This is my individuality businesses that I it is alleged it's -- front differences that equipment that that's what it's supposed to be about. And rob Parker. Is basically telling everybody. That they are stereo. And that we everybody's got to adhere to certain things and those standards if nobody's gonna fit into the box. And that's how it works it is so wrong in so ignorant. And he -- -- everybody you know uneducated. Maybe he needs that kind of read a little bit about history right now educate himself his job at a car hello John. Didn't come up. And go. Pushing the buttons I pushed it but there's nothing comes up about job. Or shut up back there -- much of a Specter patio. Or John I just disappear. As either. Hello John. Onto the next you know most phones went up -- time for -- -- say that I think. Or write a major problem falls last night. He hung up they hung up on. I'm rob Bradford like. Like can afford jobs and in the course of the show he deserved college football. Balls and amber still Opel. And more have much of a back there guys who cares if not. Well I have all polish up that. I got -- on a ball and grassroots on the grass but I enjoy the show quite a bit hard to vote on it and the bill must start my comments about rob Parker in this where -- -- saying about Stanley that certain remains silent. And that people think you're -- Open your mouth and remove all doubt. That Mark Twain. That is -- here we are about plus now that because life. -- -- go ahead and. I'm black is well -- I don't think I'd be I'd be labeled them brought -- By rob Parker based on his you know stupid definitions of where. Air vent diablo the mine about you. They -- I'm older than you I would bet and I'm losing my mind. -- -- gets a rate due BR and he's a -- keep my card I don't know against them. So is Florida won a million -- he doesn't make me start wondering about RG three. It makes you start to wonder about Robert Parker. Because if he was -- brother. As in any definition of the word that I know about he was a true brother. And Brothers associated with -- the stuff but you the -- brother. He would not be going after. RG three and that what -- -- true brother he'd be raising him is it true brother he wouldn't be questioning. Are his -- are that you the -- brother he wouldn't be using his career as a gauge. To sort of measure. -- authenticity right right exactly you said so you know maybe brazen about -- -- -- he's capable. I think rob I think Robert Griffin as guys who needs to raise a rob Parker although rob Parker's much older than Griffin Griffin. Comes off as sensible. And clear headed clear died. And rob Parker. Sounds like he wants. I don't know. What what he wants. Griffin -- that you want them to. Stormed the California assembly elected black Panthers. What what is -- what is -- looking for why it's if it would it would stereo -- that he won it. Griffin to fulfill to make himself comfortable. -- why can't Robert Griffin the third simply beat Robert Griffin the third. Individual. What well -- asking questions now that paragraph in question -- this he was sitting in a 1960s. Black panther meetings or something because back in those days folks used to talk about you know -- -- -- worried it was sort of brought you Wear black if you are black enough you'll part of the court -- -- -- but I like that question or no it was. Populist one you have to -- -- but corn he talked about because you know. If he so impacted in embedded. In his own thoughts about blackness. Then you know -- have a better. More worldly perspective on what. With Black America. What is causes is causes. Creating a stereotype something that RG three is trying to shed -- thought that was the battle. If you don't look at the quarterback in the perception of African American quarterbacks. That's exactly the image fit the stereotype that we've been trying to shape for the last 3040 years exit. And -- basically he's. He's trying to get Britain back to where we were at thirty years ago that to me it did it. It makes 00. -- I don't want to be suspended I think it's gonna be open dialogue and stuff like this the best way to deal with it. But certainly people should let this guy know. Rob Parker that these are ignorant comments then I'm not sure. It does anything for RG three or anybody else -- down depressed. It's disturbing that it's disturbing. There's no question disturbing.

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