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The Red Sox have another reason to loathe West Coast road trips

Dec 13, 2012|

News of Josh Hamilton signing a deal with a Angels breaks and gives the Angels an even stronger lineup. big O and Michael debate what might have kept Hamilton from coming to the Red Sox.

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Well there's -- different schemes. Different players and you know. I think they both rush the passer well I think they're both good coverage. That's why you win a lot of games because you're really fundamentally sound of those areas. In terms of style -- there you know they're very different teams. But you know it's equally as -- As a challenge for us to be able to go out there and -- acute. You know gets a team that really hasn't -- any weaknesses. Time Tom Brady says its brilliance of goods toppled. Before we. Comment on Tom Brady's brilliance I don't know if not so good show if you like I don't know I don't know if you you'll like this is brilliant or not but. The angels the angels. Are apparently closing in on Josh Hamilton with a five year contract right. Now paying the angels have heard that. Are are you. Our report given Hamels a five year yet. So whatever I applause when he does his latest laws not laws yet so five years before I answer. Because I thought upfront it was going to take at least five years sign. Kick the tires only one sounds good for you fan base we're -- tires and get them for three years it'll probably the baseball writers are going along with. Disciplined three years that's what you do the second out serious effort to have to jump ship that but you're not gonna go beyond three years stop. Foolish stuff it's always it's not sunny for three years when we want to this last year they're. Are we not we went to the Arnold last year but don't you -- you because. He's got to shape they're going to be -- he's gonna you know -- himself illegally. The gonna get a three year just on a big ball well the bones so everybody said that last year Michael and getting. They always go. And he got like these guys play last year rhetoric goes by the January if you're signing Mike Napoli for three years why wouldn't give five years Josh Hamilton. -- okay there's emissions right I get that. There are no issues with Mike apple. So coach to get out of five year deal. And may -- that so far down IO that is the Red Sox over the week. We know you're gonna get five years. We've got offered a good job the angels they're able to come in and invest that but it talent that would have what you say going down the road are closing in. Ridiculous almost done and look at the angels games. You see sitting behind home plate. All the a -- it's got -- so scheduled boxed him behind home plate that's it feels. A distinctive and there's a connection but. -- is -- you're talking about football on rookie quarterback. I used to buy into it and I think the performance of rookie quarterbacks lately. Has changed my mind on this. -- -- done done deal done -- -- finished just signed 80. Eight year deal much with -- lawsuits and Hollis Eden -- bottles of Anaheim ESPN now reporting that. Or at least confirm which of how we don't know the amount but I -- -- against them yet. 150. Hundred. Guests between 130 if it's -- money. But that is the problem you can call me whatever you want to. Like you called me to go back and mobile home. Yeah you -- hurt -- -- that problem one that's probably an. Art teacher presents. And I admit. I told the shift and not like he wanted to acknowledge -- these -- the guys who I swear to god want the team to lose that that it works and the team. I can tell you this right now from being in this business for quite a few years that's a that. Got a little something. -- That's publish. That's -- this far more excitement enthusiasm. Ratings are better for sports talk radio -- that team is winning. -- team sucks with the team fails you get two weeks of people pitching -- deal. What you get -- you get two weeks of -- from Fall River nonstop with everybody -- for him was right and the -- And that I have to two weeks Michael. -- -- The difference in -- the worst thing that could happen so call selfish on my. I want these teams to win. And I am a Red Sox but -- was -- it means that I want this team to win right now on where they're not willing to use somebody else's line. The up the big boy they are okay they want to suddenly played this game of well you know with the money did we published money at it failed us now. The money wanting hopeful the money won in 07 the money. That you spent for all of those players is the reason that that whole area around Fenway Park is vibrant again that people are about the franchise again. They're full of it. And they are throwing this one if it works and show discipline and you know what the baseball media guys right now are falling right in line well is oh. You know what it wasn't it wasn't that the philosophy was flawed. It's not flawed to go after good good to great record great players. And give them long contracts flawed philosophy is what you have to do if you're doing and create what was flawed with. They were going after guys who were if we're on it while wanted to scale they report after six's all that was caught. Nine and ten contract is not -- and you know 42 million dollar. Shall last time they gave you big time. 160. Million dollar. Eight year contract. To one of these nine and it would work Manny it works O. If you have the best guy on the market -- the best pitcher. -- And as number predictor or number five in particular force now. You see a guy on the free agent market is recognized as three or work he's a perennial MVP candidate. He has an MVP he has MVP hardware. At the house that's a guy you go after free agency. Let's like let's remember. And people have every year you're right they're looking at the failures that they've made with money. It doesn't mean they don't put -- -- money. Any and everything -- was cooperative and he was illegal and -- with Edgar Renteria. Groceries everything out all that's not a talk about how it ain't gonna large sample artful so they they know that guys you you've been burned by them at all. You should have the typical old Canada -- you know want those people don't want my -- -- you posed little. What do you mean don't need those lessons they've been -- by prospects as well does that mean that you don't use that as. Special -- They've been current. With developing young pitchers of the organizational last year's -- that actually had better success those prospects. -- somewhere else did you get a big time. So does that mean you don't sit there and use your development the system now. You'll definitely yourself self evaluation that went up -- about -- pictures. We need to find a way of getting young pitchers to the system that's teams. And the respect that you need to sure that when you're shopping for the groceries but think about what they did they spent money to get Curt Schilling was dealt. Because his team did not wanna pay the rate. They could afford to buy or big market team reached it is an acreage we can pay that money. And you scooped them up. How -- that they awfully great Pedro Martinez you're a franchise that didn't -- you you brought him year you -- types are on a platter entree side. That worked out for you. That's how you build through trades through free agency. Market -- stop acting like Kansas city of Pittsburgh if you wanna do that people would want it. Everybody has it might be a while. Hopeful we have that same feeling we know for notes -- Michael. I don't. You know I don't like the idea of developing young players they need to delegate -- when -- read what you need to take. Well you have the opportunity to do whatever that's what you are -- you got a lot of he's got tremendous resources. Got a high payroll. And you can spend some of those resources. In the Dominican and end domestically to develop young players you can have two trains running you can have your developmental system -- be top of the line. Among the best in baseball and you can spin like the best three to five teams in baseball too because. Your resources -- to do that we have to about. And I understood were far from. You know the offseason being able and there are still some things that can do some trades that you know I hope that I hope they find creative way. Upbringing and somebody on form that is dependable Ryan Dempster. You know he's gonna -- when it goes just that Davis got our affiliate. In the offseason if Dempster is part of the equation. That you are and Dempster probably will be the best deals they make an amateur there which by any stretch. The architecture in this whole team around. But -- double eat innings for. I don't know what you're going to be like. -- who constantly dealing with a line of that you face in America only he's been basically a white won't -- National League pitcher to a lesser problem. -- rolling -- the bottom line up what happens at the bottom capital lineup in the American League facing some -- I think you want. Look at the -- one. And tell me how he gets through that went to some of the stuff seat in the nationally nationally with a heart of the order. Is is is tough for you you still have a 3789. -- rest as a pitcher in the national. Markedly. Well you've got it now the Los Angeles teams for what it's worth and may not be worth. -- were anything but the Los Angeles teams have certainly won the Nazis. Look at Greinke going to doctors you look at what's -- going to create -- college and pros -- it goes to those two big names. In free agency sources -- city so that's exciting but it does it mean. That you know is that was and if you -- code that have -- it was vs Los Angeles World Series. Or it doesn't but but I'm telling you if your angles and your doctors and got a via off the chart stat. It depends -- usually think it means when you get players in rosters that -- Just want to show. Our outlook will open edit -- empowerment and wants that to -- Soccer power that. A lot of soccer are not an America where you put it. Don't care. -- would it does do we're Chelsea is it other names like until the -- the Tobin Bridge if we win the thing it does Q4. If you win a lot of refuse to give you you you're talented top to bottom and talented and you projects that you can Whittle it doesn't guarantee. That you necessarily going to the playoffs because. The exchangeable -- top of the rotation for you guys. 12. And even sometimes three or four more importantly your regular lineup it's a much different if it -- it's still. Doesn't dazzle you during the regular season they get the post season. And then they have the perfect formula right now. I got -- close -- they've done this on purpose but they have a purpose -- like the -- -- mine is working right now with the angels in consecutive offseason. They're really. God after their primary competition. The raiders made the playoffs last year briefly and they were pronounced the angels did so last year. The angels -- XEJ Wilson. -- from Texas C. J. Wilson did not perform well for the angels the most or did it before -- got paid for by. -- this year. They go after Josh Fields of Texas last year OK without C. J. Wilson we've got some deep depth. Which we -- we can get by. -- Without just him if your taxes. And he's going. It was like three -- original Apollo especially if you can't do that the Justin Upton deal. Which look like they could do it if you gave I don't know any neglect -- overblown -- not know much much different are we got a phone calls coming up next we'll throw it out to you. Red Sox Nation out if the angels. Signing a five year deal with Josh Hamilton. To show off all as a Red Sox.

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