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When will we see the Red Sox get some pitching

Dec 13, 2012|

Big O and Michael are discussing the Red Sox offseason moves and how much importance pitching is to the organization.

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So let me ask -- this like should. Should we get more excited here in New England about the possibility serious discussions now with Ryan Dempster. Or do you think out there and Anaheim and the extended. A Southern California area do you think -- get excited about the possibility of Josh Hamilton behind Trout rules. Hamilton and -- would be after him in the lineup what do you think there's more excitement right now. Well I think there's more excitement with you. Ryan -- Because you would like about it you've been preaching about pitching. It's important problem talking to -- good pitching so don't write the answers you wanted to. It I would take Ryan Dempster on a short flyer. Just to fill in the gap he -- each of us each and they're listening is it where's Richard. -- David. -- not a disaster though I was experience in the American League last year second half. In Texas was not it would his earned run average was five something it was great to gains against the Red Sox remember that mr. Buffett. Yeah it got off to a got to a bad start. I would Texas that he was able to calm down a bit as the Ari went down a bit. It wasn't so so great in India Tony playoff no playoff game I was will play game. I was not real good players that aren't regular date. A an Arlington and I was down. -- now that was it should have been in Dayton because that's where -- candidates. All of the plays well mostly the NFL's -- at some teams expansion may -- -- -- games there some the a hostile work I'm not happy -- get into that a little bit later like. The team Napoli thing continues to be a mystery here this is this classic -- it's interesting now I was adventures to. Because that but maybe Hamilton I got yesterday get a little excited I said the mean they have finally. Found their way -- it said to themselves why waste the for -- -- We could spend a few quarter -- million we get ourselves a judge Anthony. Them look like that's what's up. And you know you look at it would give Los Angeles. It really is it's it's a Tug of -- big name players. I wondered one of those teams is gonna win. Doing it this way of the Dodgers have -- the money so they're going about their son. You know big time guys they picked up -- inherited picked -- guys you know last year Adrian Gonzales Carl Crawford. Now. The angels though it was still I know people consider us. Orange County team which had to be Los Angeles area which had to be lost. How else in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California though Lou -- Maloney of the hardest things go from -- go from Apple's last offseason. Trying to get the best player this player this off season. Josh Hamilton. But what does it mean does that mean it. They're favorites watch their favorite pretty pretty good now get it becomes a good hit Gooden did it make the playoffs that -- That's correct it's weird that is correct but everybody's goal right now is to make the playoffs especially with the added team. That you have and each each league right now I think it creates more excitement and just not sure. I don't feel the excitement with Red Sox -- does that mean they're. But it's not scared a lot of things could happen I also not crazy about continually signing. Older players. If you because guess what you've got to do when the season. With the idea that you -- lose a couple of them for portions of the year because older guys not only get. Injured a little bit more maybe some of them wearing out of your body but take longer to recover. I don't think anybody takes logical holes I got but this is this the best they can have come up with it -- yet that -- This is this. As adults what all the guys -- sincere about the thing. Other pictures that's where it gets way out of a great way music is is a one that's why you have to me in the right market you you get today carriage to the one year deals on a bunch of -- -- and in -- I would. I would take any error with one year over over -- and I don't I don't think they try to get that here that you didn't get out of that little Red Sox go well done it started -- -- -- Elevated it you don't do that paid him anymore. The effort he's suffered -- right. Don't tell you might regret is. You do your job and in Mary did you know men don't come back to me until I have Dan here but he did not do that for him. Jack failure to forget all want him and -- what we have we got a one year deal for you that's what it's twelve million dollars. Particularly he left and went to Washington. And yet but it went in with the nationals. Who word of the best team in the regular season best -- nationally. -- players this team is not that talented team this -- really challenged. And that's the best they can do Dempster will eat some innings for -- is no question about that. You asked for what you're asking for your time and on and on an awful. -- basket for going out and making deals. I told you do what's the tree for that tree I -- in the free agency that would sign guys for one yeah I would on the Guinea. Eric I -- moved up on him. I would go on the thirteenth fourteenth 53. Million dollars is nothing for them. One year ago. Because that's if you feel that they'll also let the other guys are ready here. In a year from that's what you do that's the stopgap. Going three -- -- -- or overpay him for two. Overpaying for two problem. -- will be disaster and hit the three probably is not a Smart move but it's got to make trades and I don't I don't right. Ultimately they draw -- alarmist stories every now -- it happened it happened real particular about. You know the holidays or shop owner Bob Gibson on it and have a parent body. Yeah and I. I don't know I'm not good. -- -- one not -- -- obsessed with I'm telling you that I would have done. Want to try to do one year deals that maybe they will with the remaining guys refuse free agent bull. Try to do one year deals to juicy bit of Iran and see if it works out -- -- one your -- in the range year. And they and they corporation. Tokyo raised here and a couple weeks ago with. -- Johnson embracing the the average. -- shy away from it got to make deals -- pitching. The only way they can do it to make deals they don't want obviously. A -- any of these prospect -- hold on so. That's the way they wanna do business will see how it all works out that's all you can do. Amazing to me in watching this stuff. Nationally. About the patriots game of the 49ers coming up on its. -- think about it if all of the the pressure we talked about yet is on. Calling -- all of the pressure is on him on the other. Imagine if he comes in. To Gillette Stadium on Sunday and he can hold listing often and a week later. In Seattle that's what you is eagle. He's banking on this yet. Is ready to make it to that next level where we think -- go here and actually means to sports. You know -- that may not be it a badly. We may have guard to forward this on public -- Alex I think it is as simple as this. Jeopardy who Harbaugh -- says. Really good fond of for a couple years maybe maybe even longer maybe. For the time he was that Nevada. Even before looking at -- before the draft it may have been watching this guy for a couple of years that object this Micah. This is simply this this kind of office that we got to run the Simpsons or forty -- Announcement is a good quarterback but for the office that we're running. -- jeopardy is better suited for this office announced it has to win a game fours. I'm not saying easily quarterback -- a doorstep that he's just the best guys that we have to run his office Alex Smith was the best guy last year. -- -- it was a rookie. Now the jeopardy cast of more experience. I wanna put him in the. Maybe it was a couple could be I I don't know why you don't do that though. In the offseason because you're glad it's -- consecutive year and the the other one with me is that you've used to kid a little bit in using the option and when -- -- -- wildcat. Kidd played at the pistol offense in college. I think that was the knock on them if you remember my college he's gonna quarterback. He runs that that festival lately actually asked to sit back pocket every every Sunday and actually you know throwing traditional. You know parole office. So I used in the gimmick plays during the course of the year. And then you get to the point where Alex Smith says the concussion I get completely -- that terrific game he has that great game against Chicago. I thought Chicago's defense was vastly overrated you had many conversations about them. They were not only forcing turnovers but they were scoring on those hours but that dried up. And somebody to give credit he was great there. But now they've altered their offense. You know they all did their profits what 676. The left of -- -- kind of altered their running this -- a lot -- that was where he -- a little warm but just over. Look at the office and the guys that you have to be concerned about is still got Frank Gore as tiger's entered. You still have which I think by the -- to keep that option being successful at every -- that your -- right you have to keep peeled to Frank Gore. And that's where cabinet shortly that's we fifty -- problem is that they've got gore. Is still the Robert Davis. You still -- -- Crabtree so is it not -- that you have is the same group. And -- they operate look at the profits operate if ever duplicate that team that team has everything everything in place. For a quarterback to step in the -- not. Increasing their score. You would think it by putting him in there and running more of something he was familiar with the gimmick whatever you wanna call it. It's it hasn't necessarily worked for them to this point did not scoring more so. Listen I I I get why Harbaugh did he did not have thing. That Alex Smith could take him to the next well thought that he did get them about as far as they got last year even know what Alex -- -- But the difference is coming in new England and the team that forces turnovers. And it noticed that the Chicago. But this team forces turnovers. Alex Smith doesn't trouble for this kid is going to be really jail -- could be. Could be a superstar after Sunday that motivates women to sit in a Monday and saying to ourselves man -- decades yet. He is they got a special. Well I'll I'll I'll tell you. I doubt about -- and hold it hold onto this product is it that. Have yet to hold onto it is it is one. I thought I had in the 2 o'clock hours. And that was budgeting this show we're gonna start I got 1 and 2 o'clock I'll get to the cavalry got 3 at 3 o'clock hour now. Now on 4 o'clock hour day -- may have Iverson when I was at 5 o'clock that's when I let it.

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