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Shane Victorino, Red Sox OF, on signing with the Sox

Dec 13, 2012|

The newest Red Sox outfielder joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his decision to sign with the Red Sox, his time with the Phillies, and where he wants to hit in the order.

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Yeah I was worried about staying Chilean and and focus on that and weren't about you know. When I was gonna be instead of just going out there for any game it's yeah first -- for the most part it it'd got to me because I loved it was somewhat -- candidate. I don't know beyond that now you know forces have you don't want to let you know up I look at Ford 2013. There is that shows a Red Sox over other organizations. You know as just suspect again the tradition the history the nation with a team. You know I know the last appears a serious and -- spirited in my car parts in the last careers has been especially tough for Boston you know our position. You know what -- get an entity we look beyond that now how would afford 2013. And you know our position that we can be you know again assists a game of baseball is give baseball happens sometimes like that you can't. You know put a finger on and you're gonna see you -- at nearby talked about it was lost in the AL in the Phillies and then now and you look at those two T unisource evolved in a way -- wanted to but at -- -- Hillary it's soft I'm a focus on that and have a great you know 2013 I think that I can have an -- -- haven't gone there and have -- I think that's the most important part of green energy to this organization. There was Red Sox -- popular Shane Victorino -- talked -- them in just a second. Celtics ticket giveaway text the code word pass. To 379837. In the next ten minutes you'd be entered to win a pair of Celtics hawks tickets for the game on March 20 ninth. It's all courtesy of cola space legal leading provider of data center space and managed IT services. And by the Boston Celtics I tickets right now at Celtics dot com if you wanna went Celtic tickets -- we have to do. Text the word pass right now at 379837. To get ten minutes to do so the text the word pass. Right now -- 37937. Right here to win Celtics hawks tickets courtesy. Well Lou W weak yen Celtics. Gave me what are you laughing it with. While you're doing this that would that text grudge. It's but what is it it's it's past its capacity text the word passed at 379 I guess seven or get in follow up on that rod garage conversation like that crap. When I at home yesterday but also joining us on the -- hot -- heard expressed copper and an hour ago. Newest Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino Jamont and little Dario. -- -- -- Enormous day long time man since 2003 here we go on get out of the way. The things that -- -- in our carpet and I'm glad in the they -- yet. This and say go outside of the -- -- with some of the guys they brought in recently who just played no layered just playing Tampa just played in San Diego. You play the pressure -- year he played in Philadelphia I was not what's important of the play in the city was. To learn how to fail you know what they like when they fail you know immediate and big markets like Philadelphia. While -- teams have done to get a better understanding of what it's like playing in the city of Boston you feel that way. Our absolute terms and you know you definitely you know plain and you know again -- -- -- go to the Soviets -- 1% but you know again a little volatile middle -- please mark and you talk about the fans and analysts -- doesn't. You know we were able to create you know and looking at this event and an early you know when he was -- you know -- wasn't the most exciting. All across the by the end of the day. You know it's about going -- -- are going out there and beauty that we can be. And in here in Bosnia had agreed that means you have the people. Hard working love of the game -- passion about the game will know the game understand the game and you know and all the kind of thing that. You know yes it's an added incentive from the perspectives and I've been very fortunate that -- -- to -- and silly to have an opportunity. To play in a market like that and you know against -- caught up there and just being in myself and going up and -- And even under the senate candidate in economic damage or whatever but our goal there and play hard and a new game correctly that's all I can do. It can be pretty negative in places like Philly and Boston -- is there are a blocking out you have to do your read. A lot of them dvds to listen to sports talk radio when you work hitting like you want to when you're struggling and attempt. You don't get an entity here at all you know people sit there and that the city's -- here's Seattle here -- here you you know without wanting that we got to do and and as we -- it. Because the players that we become as it is to block the kind of -- not to accept and that he can make everybody happy and aside from a from just the baseball standpoint I think just in -- and in general you know there's always going to be people on the other side until a certain way but you know edited -- I might -- philosophy cycle there. I give a 100% win lose or draw yeah I mean yeah I don't wanna whenever you -- that's what I set out blog there and and should play every game but. It's like Gordon I give a 100% deployed in our economy. -- talking about last year because it was speculation maybe put too much pressure being a free agent. But tough start to the Phillies and on second snowball athletic club policy and you just couldn't -- rumors of being traded. What played into that last year for you as far as some of the struggles -- numbers you don't normally see from. You know I definitely had a lot of play into it and you know again and then within you know having got like -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- Lou and guys like that that you know who. Who watch and learn and I understood and and you know the part of the game is -- -- the tank patrol and you tech shall have -- Europe and you know I think sometimes it. At that because that is the nature of the beast you want to do this you want that you want the best for you but at the only thing -- was quarter for the game and Russia I think yes early on that a lot of I get -- -- You don't want this in Philly and wanted to get a contract on -- And you know come out in obesity before you started and you know an industry training and -- hurt -- obviously not you know getting something done -- going to units in all the Palestinian billion dollars kind of thing that. You know been -- you know what is it that you can't control that's what I'm not here you can only sort of on the cute so you know shifting my focus that it kind of finishing a strong electoral that was my goal -- You know again hey I'm arrest soccer put on the uniform for first time today at a press conference and you know I'm excited. It's your hand body down the stretch Lester Shandi do you feel healthy now heading into what about a month or so two months out from spring training. The last two FL arms and I in the season you know and looters injury but I played last week -- felt good and you know again it hasn't bothered me hasn't. You know I've been doing some party or some -- as part of my policy regiment at. Hillary -- finer Peoples Financial healthy enough. And again last year and in the first time -- 22 years -- and everyone on the also you know. Again that's a positive thing that I look at penalties being held the these 31 and I'll be 32 up on us being healthy and playing a full season it's going out there and have fun doing it. You hear a lot around here busting -- the idiots of 2004 and that attitude and in this team here the culture -- maybe search for culture change you bring yourself then and Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli will hopefully maybe Mike Napoli but. Without ever discussed will bring -- -- And not go an idiot on him to -- good guys with personalities and that's important disorganization. Yeah I think you gonna sit in my -- starts it and you know I there are assessing was here -- and -- certainly don't respect but. You know I look at it this way when you win everybody's happy and you can that's what it's like guys that are pulling the same -- when you winning nobody disputes about a restaurant you know mostly when you're not winning -- You know we all -- finance refineries know why you're not winning or why you're not being a team that you can be. He of course you're part of what the chemistry and and you know for me I look at you know what the guys that are into the Petroleos you know that doesn't withdraw it and and David Ortiz and Jon Lester. You know those guys like policies of the franchise he looked at those guys in the play buckles and you look at those kind of guys look at their first and I will be -- you know. When you win. Happy when you -- -- gonna try to arteries and I think that chemistry is there. You know it's just a matter of you know adding additions like myself and Napoli and and and you know Jonny -- and you know going out there and being part of this team and have fun I think that's you know where -- can -- long folder. And let it -- If -- -- nuclear pretty energetic fellow but you know you seem pretty fired up like they're testing for that lateral stuff now I know he. You excitable Pineiro chipped out whoever it. Talk about the outfield situation -- had been a center -- -- one year in right field where the defensive metrics that year don't you care about that's a little -- this -- -- -- capita bring -- -- as -- but you're rated as the second best right fielder for the played right field that what. What do you look at as a challenger any challenges of playing this right fielder fan wishing. You know it's a big everybody knows that sort of the biggest is not -- is right so in baseball but again it's you know -- that if you have covered a lot of ground. You know and the benefit I look at it to left field and articulate without a -- could -- the domestic degree mark and moment. -- are going to be off the -- so you can ship your mr. -- would shift over and help me. You know what and it ended their identical are gonna work on it together retreat you know we don't know that we covered a lot of ground and again that's our focus you know so I'm one of you know magical minority can cover some ground -- -- -- you know we spoke about a little bit. You know it's going to be fun at a senate and the the bit to go out there and I look at -- -- -- but you know if I'm playing right nobody. I've -- Augusta the field. I got to ask you because guides -- were targeted Jonathan Papelbon played them last year. And I'm wondering if if you heard stories about -- you played with happened and when you leave playing with -- is to -- the mash immunity was anything different than what she's doing. Everything that everybody predicted. He would Ochocinco you know but you'll also got a battle on you know dot it was great -- is great addition to our positions last year and you know -- -- -- -- of -- -- -- -- he he he definitely -- Well Madonna in a hole I'm sure that everybody got a year you know -- same guy in the you know really energetic and have a -- energy and having all these you know the weight person redeemed and you know again that was that was -- he was great teammate it was on the bureau Allan you know what -- a lot. John Ferrell comes to you first day of spring training it's a shame 41 witness lineup will dissect where you put. You can't say that you have to give -- spell out what went out of one declared it to say I want exec. And on the tool here I want it has many bats they cancel it altogether admitted that he -- he is a problem on about what offers I guess you might -- 170 he had just admitted -- -- You become a -- second behind Jacoby Ellsbury. -- you know again whereas you know -- wants to put bella and together com I'm all for the mean you've got a lot of very clarity got to -- got Pedroia. You know you have all these great players public lineup so wherever dot till I got hit that's where LB. Who dubbed the flying Hawaiian and it seems like you run with this thing this nicknames everywhere I you know he'll ever on -- -- -- that. Yet you don't you don't hear that on you know it was it was actually was due to Mets broadcasts we're gonna get commitment -- -- -- up and that. Why you know Betsy gave -- the nickname. The final one. Now you under you faster but -- many out by -- kind of have a little bit of that itself the no load up. -- our rights as good. (%expletive) we appreciate the time best of luck guys you get separate spring training appreciate taken a few minutes of Austin -- -- -- -- -- armor -- ago shame victory and joining us on the eighteenth the audits AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible I'm not sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right there Florida street three G should be beast VG speed that's just how replaced him though. Image is that is that you get 24/7 from him that -- Jessica yes. -- -- -- -- I noticed quite true so yes -- got to -- -- -- -- that he also -- one point there you have guys like me -- Mike Napoli it's. Plea deal getting done that he let Canada -- that it doesn't get done event for the language now. That was good. Chain victory know joining us with this take a break come back 6177797937. Your phone number in Texas on the eight TT tech went 37. 93 civil mix and so your phone calls also wanna go over the weekly power rankings WEEI dot com style finally about two days late. The patriots -- number one you've been here.

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