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Patriots jump to No. 1 in WEEI NFL Power Rankings

Dec 13, 2012|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of the WEEI NFL Power Rankings. The Patriots jump to No. 1 while the Niners go to No. 2.

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The NFL -- rankings for week now what fifteen. Of the season goes too damn fast. Week fifteen already this week there is tonight starts tonight. Eagles and who. Eagles angles at the game tonight even though -- tonight and it's. But they held us. The patriots are you do number one in Joe's our bottles WE yet dot com power rankings as they should be best team football. Wolf -- both those hotel rooms yet for San Fran ever for. New Orleans no. Do that. -- closed her forty niners. Went from four to two and a unit number two which sets up they won two match up top of the powering. Broncos jumped from fifth to third. Texas ball from one to for the falcons fall from five to from two to five. But still pretty damn good top five patriots niners Broncos Texans. Falcons. And he problems that top five to pretty good about. No problems. Understandable at this point. Yeah I mean -- Texas gulf want to for -- it's that's a fair job to be blitzing. Went completely off the radar wouldn't. -- five. -- at Texas the falcons in the same boat. Carries a sentence him a trip leaving of one of them double eleven to. -- feel better about the giants and Packers in both of about the number twelve team he got number twelve real quick number twelve yeah one. We too low. At at at at at. Number twelve is this will come up tomorrow by the way for sure. While still extended conversation -- the -- somebody in the from as a scared of the Pittsburgh steel belts not scared yeah up. Joey you're on the conference call today would you say scared as a fair term you think that the Steelers could possibly beat the patriots scared. I am it's a scary and starting to believe. And we'll see what's more but understandably that the healthy Ben Roethlisberger they -- in -- -- Patriots toughest test -- so we -- waving to order commercial. They'll remember made up Peyton Manning -- Miller's my defense ST Federer bear is best defense and if scenic quarterback has already proven he can do. You guys OK with the colts at eleven. Lot of people are upset about that really big -- too low people. Let's say I'd just my test noodles like Coulter Steelers Arctic the colts. Colts are Redskins neutral site. All I would that be great game. Luck against RG three Arlen agrees banged up I'll take I'll take the colt's okay I think the question is -- the way out all right is as those teams. 8910 ravens Seahawks -- -- difficult against any of those teams. I don't know that -- they should neutral site those three teams like Seattle sneak into that -- and -- big this year. Who is the worst team boost the gold stinker number 32. The last page -- Diego Jacksonville. The bottom three could be altered it to. Cities but -- I jags next week just to tie for thirty tonight occupies you in the cardinals at the cop out. All -- the cardinals got the number 29 team in the country beat your patriots back in the day well that the cardinals literally probably should be 32. They they should be 32 -- worst team and -- right now it is at this unquestionable right. Mean they can't do anything this team in Billy's back at quarterback again this week they aren't the they would lose to anyone of those teams below them -- Anyone on the jaguars yes -- are you kidding me Cecil shorts that third -- any of the way he's going up Justin Blackmon -- The cardinals would lose to the chiefs raiders and jags have they played in next week this week. I think the play Samantha ninety that works out if -- right about that. I you can go to WEEI dot com. Slash power rankings. Slash NFL power rankings up to BP's get a power -- in the web site. WEEI dot com slash NFL power rankings leave your comments for Joe's. Of the power rankings on the website the break come back they what's on tap big show 2 o'clock 93 point seven WB.

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