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Jeff Green, Celtics Forward, on the win over Dallas

Dec 13, 2012|

Jeff Green joins Mut and Merloni and discusses the team's win last night, his healthy, his appreciation for the game, and who his secret santa on the team is.

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Jerry turns the corner of the lives of its quarterly Jeff -- just waiting for the great. -- kept her mother didn't wheel house. They always thought there was he's not reluctant to shoot the basketball. And I do like them about it. 43 of the year for Jeff Greenfield that's by Clive early second -- I joining us on the eighteenth the hot on the Celtics Thursday Celtics forward Jeff Green first time had a chance talked to him this season -- Mike and -- are you. I appreciate taken a couple of minutes here doc called it an ugly win after the games -- great. That maybe not did the prettiest basketball game he played as a team this year. -- polluters are both. But we've got the -- you don't spoke about it. Jeff what do you look at down the last few games here in nine -- backs in the last six. Knows a lot of talk about the aggressiveness right and lot made of the talk between you and Kevin Garnett -- what I see it last night five for sixteen shooting but yet the aggressiveness. Is their army gonna have nights like that but is that something that you really kind of -- stumbling for. -- Familiar with the culture within your and you're. -- car caught a bit of the people that are televised come back there. And you know Kevin -- is you know -- to be aggressive -- to something -- such as well. Well but -- did it over or others on because continue to attack and oh with a cut in -- Yeah after -- yourself Jeff to be aggressive if the shots not going that you got to continue to gold take the ball the basket recognize that you got a role on this team and and being aggressive helps that -- You know -- I got -- -- period. Sometimes you on the float which is where would know like to look at them and Paul Pierce's in the all of our schools are -- to. Also the you know you're honest people resent the Gaza should -- -- disability -- not a month note considered by most of -- Note that he would get better. What was that conversation like because you know KG had mentioned it. Everybody said yeah he's such a nice guy with some engine formula that mean streak. When was that when was that talk was a couple years back when he showed up what was that more so than this year and who and what -- down. Well is that a lot of new. -- -- -- -- back and forth you know all of this year mentally. Bob Bob Roland. What he could not be doing on -- And in most all positive people all you know encouraging news in the colorful and you know. People who are our board of Clinton. You know -- so positive and so are the particulars charmer. And that neither. You know give better you know ultimately -- -- -- -- Is the conversation with Kevin with you Jeff as intense as what we see with Kevin out there on that on the basketball court. Almost that ultimately. There's spoken to terminate his -- -- -- game you know he felt when he competition teammate. And you know what we eat something and you look at the so you know. That you believe me it is you know losing -- lives -- motivation to one of the person that you want to be. And I don't do that -- over the Kevin Garnett. -- -- UK -- blitzes you know the -- will -- take it Sharpton. Do we. A little -- there. Did you when he first came over from Oklahoma City was okay what's the fit what house are gonna look in the new missed last year which are wanna get too little bit but. You know have you kind of understood that fit now that that role in what your role is on this team. He has multiple. Legal. You know it. Just move with the transition from start in a model career and -- Oklahoma. Flashy out of in the coming here out there. -- make sure that you come off the bench the -- Paul Pierce and hopefully limited as well knowing the role -- biblical -- now. -- -- -- -- Or more there. Not concede would not want my teammates respect -- you know. It it's been slow slow motion thing but you know they were critical call. We're talking to Jeff Green you talk about the transition Jeffords started to bench play -- had to -- can be had to a change at all. Your your mental preparation for the game you know normally figure Golding starting third to George doll on the city Seattle. Now coming off the bench how does that change your preparation for games. Our work is it is a lot we start and you can forward -- to -- You've been and the company gave you don't know -- put the game is going to be like. Become a little pull out the game will be you can take you come into the game -- -- come up with bit. You've got -- really really really focuses have a very very strong with the preparation because of the game -- as a follow. You know has this. -- Taking the blue that you can be effective you know he. You know what did your -- The -- -- in that you scored it is. We've done whatever it. So it's a big difference you know you you know. What you club that you got you. Again about well is the same but you know the minute operations forces to. Jeff sometimes unfortunately is society we kind of -- appreciate what we have until you we face a tragedy or a scare in life few had that's your last year with. At the heart surgery how did that change you. Coming out of that and going into the season as far as we view things on the cordon off. Look -- major project in a lot more and -- -- what I do. -- -- in the remote demoralize law. And demoralized almost. And you know toward -- chemical expert awful year. You know also that. Do appreciate the game makes you appreciate life a lot more the small being. Electors -- There is much bigger you know and now and you know it was about a lot. In the whole year. First -- -- couple a couple months could be up blustery and I got down. You know -- the they would play the game you know but -- -- majority -- figures yet. But the beauty yeah so. You know -- -- maybe the stronger strongman. Number and we appreciate -- You know there. The game like this because it was so so big debate about in -- There's lot of things going on their opening night with a ring ceremony Ray Allen all the social stuff put you in particular how how difficult. There was that night he was there ever a point where. You -- you somewhat hesitant on the court to get back out there and NBA game given what you gone through. Yeah I'm on the Google with the ability -- gained a part of the you know certain because you know enough perpetrated -- -- to. You know the non playoff I was -- in the Miami put the offer you know game and -- to -- coming back at the bit emotional. One thing I didn't do it -- game was you know Russia McCain could also. -- -- to be back you know everything was so fast. Look at the discipline pre season for democracy and not everything so perhaps -- He knows the game speed of the game is so quick note that the -- just very thought. Not it was very very emotional for me but. Not top fighters in what I did. Shared between now and they're very fit the land and you know. Have they been -- with good. You know we have we have an crucial Obey -- -- It was their point but early on that season beyond that game where. Maybe you know we we playing with kind of any kind of adult and in given what had happened the agency -- I'm back physically. I am fine physically and fiscal play in my game. I'll never now what about that if -- -- a bit of it would take on the move -- be facing our body. That you look. Come back to gain in London regarding game. Not this one -- you know -- at all drive because. Not missed the whole year. And for me to sit out. Did you come back -- and take it all you know because you know only you know whenever that it might be you know. You know how long term -- so not just wanted to enjoy that moment. I've never had doubt about going to be physically mostly -- I can't when I came back not a sort of you know somebody they -- -- to subdue it and you know appreciated what -- You admitted that your play was based on their early in the year affected by fatigue Jeff are we surprised that did take longer than you thought to get back to. NBA speed that first maybe month of the season. Almost. London company in the you know I looked at the Olympic. Yes but there. You know -- in -- put -- in the beginning you know look a lot -- the time. Others though that the -- What I learned the producers. It is. Look one. -- that will be in place in the you know waiting. On November I'm model -- about who bought -- how -- he boasts. In the proposal -- -- back -- had to be particularly in a -- right to continue to work. Or were good work much other outlook on everything else you know middle finger you know slightly -- In the build better you know at a certain place -- -- -- main focus. There appears is always a lot of talk -- Rajon Rondo in the double a leak point guards in this league you've played with two guys that are up there Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo. Can you compare the two and other similar every other different. -- bird from you can't. Two different two different players. Absolutely who absolutely incredible score -- you know include. You know. What would win either do you do not less portable. You know be all -- -- that you are -- -- -- -- Amnesty advocates -- In you know. As a credible and we got to get all myself Kevin cordon. Also yeah who scored a ball. In -- is that Patrick. It is well with. He. Simply wanted the best point guards in the please check it down. You know -- regain all scored. We've done -- this field and he also slow ball and saw -- -- one of the press or public the president -- Did you have an actual chip on your shoulder -- plan that team in Oklahoma City couple Fridays ago it's it seemed like get a little bit more energy for that game. Yet if you have quality Brett. You know followed Carolyn and you know we've done a good. No group in the favor of the year. In the media but my Brothers of one of the first violence on. I went and you know what I mean he would get a game you know is commuted to go to the game. You know there wasn't any emotion laden I didn't. Now and again we're not workable balance are you not wondered what that -- decided that. It was in the coming in in game with a lot in the dark about. -- and not a game slot and you know more solid. Although the war. We talked and we we talked to Paul Pierce last week he admitted he has Avery Bradley in the -- secrets Annika beat Telus in once again to new shoulders. -- -- It -- that would be the hoosiers secret Santa Jeff we need to know. You know. The what do you mean apologists. Paul just gave it up you know MI out in -- -- -- plane get ready to travel Nazi like in here that's. You must be very. I've -- Brazilian blur. Well both both played us well. We humbly hit some beautiful beautiful good. I don't know what yet I still think a lot of personal book that I got the. You guys feel like a money limit on this then he looked thereby am Rolex serves as -- joke gift. Are out of -- that -- that the that -- battle and you know they live that they would be getting go to. There is there's no Olympic. That is my god so we'll make sure actually that the -- -- Jeff travel safe big back to backs here in Texas Houston San Antonio appreciate the time look for talking down the road. Jeff Green joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL the -- With speed that the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. I'll save my harassment of UN Jeff Green what you're two teams adorn the Mike Mike conference the big east you basketball only schools. Ruining the big east the ousted after next. We talked to Jeff Green in baseball one point -- up at the hour. We'll get you updated here -- continue with your -- call 61777979837. As the phone number 6177797937. Shane Victorino press conference underway -- talked to Jackie McMullen next you'll hear some of the highlights from Shane Victorino later on this now.

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