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Behind Enemy Lines: Matt Maiocco, CSN Bay Area, on the Niners

Dec 13, 2012|

Maiocco joins Mut and Merloni to give some inside insight on what we can expect from the 49ers this Sunday night.

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Didn't have the grannies -- -- it. -- ever closer. You can still run through the defense affairs and a about a. Bill Belichick yesterday asked about Randy Moss the entire forty uniter team part of his Wednesday press conference month Lou -- three point seven. WEEI. We -- -- separate Cisco map -- Rocco CSN Bay Area. Joins us give us a lay of the land and a very good AFC team Matt -- and -- -- Boston Dario. Under the radar yet. -- are the quarterback debate because you know. A million miles away but I love what Harbaugh did I love go to -- -- in that spot I love given this guy's chances they need a lot might be good but they were better. With the other guy what did you think of the decision which they -- the first four games here for capita as a starter. Well very risky yeah that the team that an idiot absentee. Ballots have. And you immediately bought that game at it for a couple of turnovers. At its net come back east and playing at -- even better -- quarterback rating. Below 100. Outbreak in the top group or -- category. They when he at well the action that first game that -- but up against the air but and I let me. Alex that well the ball up field. Early as well -- that you'd like nearly as well epic. -- predict pretty much opened up higher deal. Out by the numbers out a deal right it is so. I really like you bet that they -- -- you do that then you go back to bet. I think what you debt are thought he'd there's loads of what it's all was -- her -- area. And the game will be at it start. You'll have our starters seven -- -- the playoffs yet. So that the big board I pointed after the vote that the ROP. Only better prepared better ready to lead the -- back into the oil out there that would at -- -- Give it back it's our job. -- you know it's all about winning Aniston and warning that the support out there as far as the fan base goes trees -- -- -- last couple of sorts and couple long runs but for the most part it. Hasn't exactly opened it up right the experts -- last record down in what is the support like helpers as long as they win the color really matter sources let's wait scene -- -- Yet -- -- -- -- -- right now. You are locked at -- much credit built that in that block for a debate. That pretty much. It's key that you would take over the starting quarterback job a lot people gawk -- that it be great -- are bought it that they. I think that's why. You. -- -- there -- the Alec. Can't say they were at the academic. At -- so. A lot of -- -- bill and everybody really believe our spot open. Better that he. What those duke quarterback serve out he'd get but that guy out -- they get -- at all. Matt how different is the author has been these last four weeks of cap predicted to -- rather than Alex Smith. Well I think the first week -- act like that in the air. -- predict that they wrote it I -- out that eight. -- what app that was the -- you that it but the fact -- -- -- get over it backed up the every lap at. -- Action. The acting like he played the -- Wiki site yet they should do -- out of date. App verdict in -- I'll bet. In that ate away the -- yeah but -- dealt a deal they eat at all but he but it short. Eight in doubt you will. Though that's why people that read it you really happened the it -- equity. Much of a different at all he would unit. -- at saint Albert app predicted that in the -- Well about what the app in it Hitler rant at all it's art -- that you would expect people out. Interpret that in -- though it. It also or -- but a big yard at that you're at that don't like it if you are ready get that. Quite a -- the -- get a -- At eight era but ball out here -- -- I'd -- hatred record in hurdle. Hire these. Let up a little bit more or wild art get put into orbit situation -- adoption at what they've got away opposite. Really let what law it ran. -- EU GUY at all what all little bit issued a -- -- -- Which make up the -- Back up all we haven't seen that early that which is that a bit but I'd be -- -- don't worry. Are we eat it is related to equate or at the op though. The heat -- it out Lou is that -- I'll let you know we get it you're all out. Built in flash let me -- if she picked it rebate or over break. He almost a lot of time at the quarterback scenario in preparing you know. Looking at that matchup for the page's defense that it became kind of comes in the other -- you know it's Tom Brady vs defense. I think San brands deeper I think they're tougher that the faster -- they're healthier really than he used to we thought they were. That teams that we sit there Monday night look at what Tom -- did early on an -- game well what do you think they do what is so different that they can do to be effective against this office. Well as well Eric I end up pretty good bell they have I think the -- like back or a leak. Report that they play all the support he flat out get after it. In order to be able to generate pressure adaptor that put pressure on Brady got to get audit back he -- -- don't bet. A lot these years that -- But all that is after the bell they'll be back record. I don't addict period we get older I thought that was -- -- -- -- but oh the white. On the back yeah. Yeah they're look at -- where it. Carlos Rogers in the -- against let walker. That I think it's so favorable for what he had I know you've probably weekly get help locker -- At but. Roger and at all he should lot Victor proved it yet at all -- -- that look at -- there's a look at. Eat at the plate they need. They need they're optic. To help about it. -- forty orders it offensively they feel old all of a deal that let let -- You know I played BP -- yards -- drive where I played five yards or. Supported I -- whole lot of all need to sell a block a little bit. I predict a third -- -- that the leg. There bet he'd bet that a lot of ways it's 88 they're all eat that fresh. By adding there -- -- -- the key in the lock. The line backing core obviously is is tremendous and nationally Patrick Willis I think Matt gets a lot of the tension is there a conversation -- separate -- of boy if these people -- give Navarro Bowman the same respect they give Patrick Willis they recognize that this guy is pretty damn good himself that inside position. You really did last year -- there you situation or both those guys are all well. -- due at that life back up -- it into virtually art up. But. The 48 hours but what I ate -- -- or older that. Little black -- up to beat up -- -- act of the electorate -- the brought up. Doctor what are you are not a player that week that it the last week cute they're well -- -- -- practice we're all albeit it will. We're aware of the black juror in this particular player could not -- the -- Bet you're right there that it you -- a white actor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The pretty good -- beat beat you eight or eight -- like back or. Get an -- last year with. All that really keep up yet -- are here starter. Coaches screw it up there there are apple Alley after date because. After -- -- -- the ULEQ. Well. The -- Street ball. Oh you guys are our really -- that eat that. They have a lot of guys that eat at. That. The ability but really at the out -- this cycle that -- -- you are Edgar should pretty pretty average at you know what they're -- -- -- -- -- He doesn't -- that they act though all they get up and that that big joke about that yet but you'd eight review let. The vendor who really shell out all the -- I I did not set up the right a lot I don't eat you up and apply it should a lot of -- -- Pretty beat just that -- -- -- block. Matt -- Randy Moss returns here to New England we're talk about it coming in here and the bill not one in the you know have a good game but his. But with a fourth option I think in the passing game to do things. Mario Manningham mistake in Miami with a shoulder what's his status in what's the Randy Moss experience been like on different. Well up any -- right at the -- yet shoulder injury -- like short broad. He's out limited practice yet happy but there's a the treat -- I made sure you'll be worked in the watched -- Friday. I don't know I. I don't have a great bet but it is gonna be they'll work or not. You let that get the -- Pretty she is pretty quickly that it so I think that at bat going to be up at that other. Or -- You know that the production at the op at the Albert -- that -- Why I hate you it by the first that -- the organization that -- bad about it. Then yeah. I'd I'd I'd never been a route. -- bit early -- by everything I eat it how you interact. Every -- and it -- rug blocking. The way. It at predict under way it is dull saying -- that don't -- I see. And I -- I think bill. I think bought out of all it gave up any gate eighty. And certainly I've dealt at any point in the lull for what does it up at eight. They -- last one for me is there any common thread. In the two rams games I'll look at that NC tied the rams a loss to the rams is there's something they did specifically the patriots look at and try to mimic. In this game on Sunday night. Well I think what they did what they are able -- that -- quietly what you -- up. They were at that a -- -- -- or the fact that they'd stack the box that that a lot of let. It try to predict it all up yeah. -- So that paid -- really surprised that it it is very good job forty or add up the pressure up that up there at the back the you got that look like -- in the water and that all that followed that with that similar sort of a lot that the in at that try to deter all of Africa in the Al. Predictably they -- a victory -- that the very ballot at the apply it. -- -- -- -- -- at work particularly I. Sure of that it'd be eight order saying that built telecheck it eight get chided you -- we look a lot -- all a lot or. I element that'll try to huge -- predict that that that -- It tremendous looking at the Simpsons go 49ers in preparation for big one Sunday church let Matt may not go CSN Bay Area Matt thank you so much for your time into the game on Sunday. Our membership the Tyler -- may apple on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster. The three G it's AT&T rethink possible. We -- ninety seconds away from two things one sell the stick giveaway and to. Knew his Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino will join us next -- -- point where.

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