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Doc Rivers on visiting the Patriots, the Double OT win and the state of the Lakers

Dec 13, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan talk with Doc Rivers about him visiting and talking with the Patriots during their Monday Night Football win against the Texans and how it was being around Belichick and his team. They also discuss the team's gritty double overtime win against the Mavericks and the mess the is the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Our conversation with Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust -- space and buy a Mercedes-Benz as always -- joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT TE good morning doctor Gloria. Good morning. We were just -- we're doing very well we're just talking about Bill Belichick and that you on the sidelines at Monday Night Football that -- you -- in the paper this morning -- Belichick said Doug. He's close with you. And you often exchange ideas on how to operate in particular situations is a quote. I think there's certainly a lot I've learned from watching dock and the Celtics the way they do a lot of things organizationally. And his coaching style. He's talked to our team and -- a lot of things that really made sense and really. Hit home. Think when you talk to this soap WB yeah the patriots re surprised you got invited. -- army we we've talked before and coach bill that a lot of -- to different so you know what men. It was -- you know listen it would last year I'd say it and I really don't -- we talked about -- do stool for the most talked more about team builder and and stuff like dead and buying it and you know bill. And in most coaches -- do we believe that a lot of the same thing but -- -- do. Operated unit. The university of America being in. And -- world is watching them operate it was just a pleasure to watch -- -- you had a since before that game. It was gonna go their way in a big way and ended it. You know what I had a sense for that I saw the shot on Monday Night Football ESPN's coverage of of a relaxed looking -- check on the sidelines stalking you and Robert -- -- he looked he looked like he did have a worry in the world about that game. Well you know they can do this thing -- the more prepared you are -- the more relaxed you become. It's like going into a test where you feel like you you you you've done the studying and more prepared right you feel better. But I don't know I think you always. Focus. But I think it's almost hard. Is building just there and a group what do you know they've done their job in their rated that's all you can do going into would have been that's probably where is that. Did you hang out for the game to just let them come on the sideline and if so what impressed you the most document around L you've been in the NBA and -- and his sons in the NBA you've seen a lot. A professional athletes what about the New England Patriots do you find so impressive. -- execution. Of the game plan and knowing the game plan and you know this little adjustment for the game just told the office -- line and and in this entire group exactly what they have to do and certain situations. And to be rated foreign to look more than convincing to -- in the game you know I don't know enough about football as far as. All the other stuff the diving in the court all that I do know that. You know. We'll guard general in that -- to be -- but you know in my case that could give a morale. I'm always the may result. They're they're fusion is so flawless in the net would be amended their culture. -- you think about it one guy. Went to remove an arm that's at all side -- called the -- McCain. Let you you don't door there that you're committed -- and so that's really impressive to watch. Isn't the violence and the impact you feel when -- on the sidelines remarkable that these guys get up from ever almost every single hit. -- -- The muted. It is a powerful day and you know it doesn't go so fast you know it is not even that side anymore -- at the right. -- -- -- was there with few I believe is where Wes Welker Jersey but he said he was a quarterback -- city could be a quarterback in the NFL do you think he could be could be beat Tom Brady. No. I don't know but I will leave it you have an incredible arm. You know were out on the field Martin Brody -- he drove evolved to dark these. But there's only one Tom Brady you know if -- saw the best one. The other night it is useful on another level. After quarterback position. No. I don't have -- a couple of times. Yugoslavia. That they'll do well this -- -- I do have that talk bridge which I consider with a note read it and -- and I thought I was really impressed. He was taken notes from your speech. You you just. If you sit how impressive they all work but. Do you see right there. To talk about the senate -- is that I know it was. You have to -- in that actually was W group of bringing maltreatment of course. -- what what do you say and what we is that something to get nervous about RB's I mean you are the best public speaker. I have ever heard what do you say to a group like that. Well at the rescue group that led him into the room. You don't get nervous just tell them your experience. And would help your team win games and and then the better team should play don't you -- it really an anecdotal stories -- when you talk to other -- they've been through it they. They understand how the locker room worked themselves -- -- also. The -- at duke Harvard football coaches so many people come you know. You know we have fifteen guys. Could go to probably just want the coaches. You know it is just an amazing thing. Well last that was certainly not a thing of beauty by anybody's standards but I assume with a victory you don't care about style points this morning but they're there were some issues last night thirteen even lead to blow up the win. You know we won the game and end and that a game a month ago we would of law in three weeks ago we would've lost. Want to show up to -- 1% mortgage jumped 4100%. And to keep this up 41% on the day. We won the game because no more grit you know force 27 turnovers. Was huge forest. I don't know the exact number but we broke world record deflection right you know like -- It's like into the basketball there. That didn't include -- still. I mean when you do bad you give yourself a chance to win and we did that. We didn't execute as we dogmatic fusion. A couple key moments down the stretch. You know how well we didn't call the right way. So we we did some things that that we got away with. But we are that the order to -- the game you would not get away with that right. And so that's where we grew -- ago. -- causing 28 turn over the translates in the 34 points is a good thing a pretty short but estimated feel just a little bit queasy that even with all of that. You barely got by them. -- good stroke wouldn't. When you look at the shots we have a lot of mean that is good shots. We have wide open point like Justin didn't make written and you know to make miss game all the time and always will be a blow when you missed like that. To find a way to win about the positive part. Will you make them watch that film -- how do you decide whether you're gonna make them watch a film whether it's it's valuable for them or not. -- we probably won't know who watched some clips out of the film -- the game situations. But we have to back -- and we -- -- budget -- all right so we'll probably focused on who I know we will. -- -- I -- right Ron those final shot regulation was not exactly which you are looking for. Yeah but the problem what to time on the clock again we we called it. You know the room is -- if you pick a dribble make a pass. Then where you go all the time out of where you have to pick the ball up and what we were instructed to do is on the rebound all the time well. Then we could advance the ball. To the front door on the field -- in front of about right. By -- we did you know Rondo had 62. Gold Coast of Coke Brothers -- went about it. You're probably not -- delegates up. Did you agree with that call in. And the out of bounds call Joey Crawford took like a half an hour. No I don't have all dark side -- book. -- but you know what you it was nice of him he gave all you guys a nice long rest -- you it was like. That they didn't give me a lifelong exploration. Work at work. I didn't like bread route that would wouldn't fit there's no need to go wooded. Sometime they see different stuff than -- -- -- you play at. Was it bad defense by your team overall the imminent that the mavs the undermanned -- shoot 51% 35 on threes. Do you score -- and fifteen I guess do you look at that and saying we didn't get the job -- on the defensive end. Yeah I didn't think we're great defensively though we do a lot of great thing. Defensively but I thought we have a lot of breakdowns. And -- left on our small unit -- you know when they went small we went small. I thought they went small better than and that's when they really start scored then -- -- In both ordered to headquarters. Because we were pretty good and then I thought -- small lineup. -- -- out of we need to work that lineup to combat -- lineup -- we're gonna have you begin double teams -- Publicly UW -- again there we have might have to match it. And until we have to do better. In a -- -- idea -- questioned -- those defense and I think he does not take some plays off the -- people -- -- he's expending so much energy on the offensive -- you know cut him a break but. It's -- is that how it works with like LeBron James. There are great to be. -- he plays on both ends of the. I thought that you do that or Rondo last hour with the Warren I didn't give him his normal great. That we don't know what you're going to have been a couple of times over kept me -- and then there are made -- of risky decision that would all of this is. Two lead element in the second -- -- -- break bouts of down the stretch at W started. It in the overtime -- and well I thought that affected displayed a part of the put them on the open it. As much as we do -- and we start running. We so walking the ball more we start going deep into the Clark. And I thought that Buddha. And did the cultural when he got five -- called. Didn't you deploy complete in that allowed OJ Mayo who -- -- when does Avery Bradley suit up and play. You know I don't know. And I literally had no idea he's he's working out. Home and shooting he's running. Opened what goes you know that lives you know skeleton. So no I'm not sure. -- last night's game took three hours and twelve minutes to end. By my calculations you played three overtime games in your last eight not exactly an official way to manage minutes for your guys. No it did did did -- put it in the -- shifted double overtime right where we had done so well looked every minute. In that game left -- and you gonna play right at thirty or 29 minutes and in the way of forty minute. Elicited happen. It it can happen every day after we can't do that for Kevin every day. So we simply what are those right. Out of public comment on the -- you -- common and everything we ask you get a theory about what the heck is cool moment the Los Angeles Lakers. Have you seen enough of their best. Miss it didn't get a lot of coverage. And -- is -- that I'm telling you what you have today. The united data yet you know -- and reporter David. And on new network agreed to talk to do my work. It -- -- looked up somebody talking about the lakers or some electoral and so. You know I don't know I haven't watched him that route to Java but a couple of times. You know they admit a lot of courage to him in -- guy out at point guard -- this and so I would imagine that some of. But in on two separate occasions in fact over the course of the last two games -- -- called their teams play and inspired. That's seemed to speak to a core. Issue there of of effort does not. Yeah. But I think a lot of times when you can just jump on the pressure. And you're trying to learn something new. It's very difficult to play at full speed. And then that cured build a bowl period that -- -- couple times during the year that would notebook and a new guard right trying to. There's so -- thought of doing the coverage. Bit that we wouldn't we were not quite Sri you know and you know maybe that's it -- -- -- have watched him enough. You know they've donated to -- -- and don't -- -- lot of criticism right now -- and -- combative and this is the nativity. But it's a tough job and you know it but I expectation. You know I'm I'm with you -- -- -- this Colby gave an interview and it's just it's on a -- -- all day all night doesn't need to say much. But one last question doc you have back to back Houston San Antonio. Friday and Saturday you are a good friend of Popovich always sing his praises you think there's any chance he tells all stars to stay home take tonight off. I'm gonna go over and he would he would that would be terrific haven't been that they almost took Miami and had a day and so that's true which David. Which they would be tougher. They got a look at them -- there at Oklahoma on me enough at Portland. Tonight and then out of Oklahoma City Monday so you might get -- one of those games where they tell everyone. Does he do that at home covers that just. It would have been at home in my did he does it it'll be one of the other day -- an investigation. -- -- deny it. All right Doug good luck got to the -- we'll talk to next week. Doc -- Tbilisi Keller battled AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE a conversation with -- is brought to you by northern bank and trust called a space and buy -- Mercedes-Benz. We should point out the fifty years ago a small group of aspiring businessman. Pooled their resources and there and elect. 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