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NFL analyst Brian Billick: Pats D is susceptible to the big play

Dec 13, 2012|

D&C talk with coach Billick about the Pats' blowout of the Texans Monday night and the development of the defense. They also discuss the matchup with the 49ers on Sunday night and how the Patriots will fare physically.

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Welcome back as the patriots are in the midst of their well I guess on the scheduled to most of the -- games joining us on the AT&T hotline from the development -- former coach of the national football league for an Brian Billick and coach 1 time o'clock how -- Greg I am wondering that what happened on Monday night. With the patriots absolutely dismantling the Texans change your opinion Brian about the yet championship viability of either one of those teams. Well it's certainly served notice the patriots that just how good they are they're gonna have an opportunity. To back it up now playing the 49ers. They said -- to the AFC Albert had noticed the end of the -- will take on all -- To put themselves in the position you know that. Obviously right now be that second -- may be moving in the first tee which will be used to serve but he knows. What patriots be home in fox sports excellent piece of play off the -- very Koppel looked very familiar with so -- they've that would. Substantial I thought on the Monday night when he -- Houston it's going to be if you the other matchup with the 49ers. All but before and are having it has to go to the East Coast. Always problematic for a lot of teams had a -- for the 49ers that the brutality of the 49ers on the -- and the other patriots matchup. I your opinion of the Texans after watching that. Texans are good football team may make no mistake about it obviously are they good enough to go on the road and beat the patriots will that work on Monday night. They're good solid football team I don't know that there is good is -- Lebanon to. To record would would indicate but they're certainly a playoff caliber team a team that could make a run. At this thing particularly -- it goes through Houston they could be a different team they've got balance defense to -- I think they just -- conservative against new England and Tom Brady Kosovo. Do you give the in nine there's a chance Sunday night -- and if so how do they beat him how do they win this game. A couple ways first -- you know New England has been vulnerable to big play that's the one Achilles heel that they've had and their fiscal. Capable of doing that in a number of different ways whether to. Crank out big -- Vical copper -- Frank Gore or setting it up. With a hard runner than a play action down the field. The the brutality against a San Francisco but I'm going to be at the -- that matches up with new England and Joseph Ira. Dick and -- defense coordinator for the 49ers outstanding. They can bring pressure obviously with all the minutes. From the outside do some creative things on the back and -- back on the -- that the group. As -- based in Houston. Certainly don't look up to tap that Tom Brady when he gets to a rhythm is it's amazing to watch. Going to be initially challenged the physically how the forty. What did you think his head coach when. Harbaugh made the move to -- nick. And do you think he will go back to Smith at any point barring injury do you think of kept an -- struggles with -- we could see Smith. I don't think so would have to be my pick this struggle mightily you know may -- any given game it's just kind of collapses. Great go back to Alex Smith but the talents of pepper mix it with the 49ers want to do. And so or yeah as a -- even in the that's surprising loss that they -- Saint Louis it was it's not like on capitol but the -- was a bad idea. That was more people -- capita -- not play that bad. So I think they're gonna give him every opportunity he adds the dimension. For what they do and I don't think there's that much of a risk with him because it's not like they're asking him to drop back improbable but -- Who does Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady and offense lose more sleep over all Smith or JJ watts. You know that's predictable pretty good player you know and all that bad it's more than just all the -- you know Eric Schmidt on the inside loose the excellent linebackers. Navarro bald -- -- -- as Patrick Willis. Four -- are good solid defense they do a lot of thanks so you know what kind of -- short. In terms of how you deal with -- all the missed something special I can't imagine going low block and have a very specific plan in terms of you can't just let this guy go while law yet. Do you think there's any divide in that block amended this separate Cisco feel like. They got -- that he's their guy he can he can lead in the victory even if it's a shoot out against Tom Brady he has the ability to do that. Well I don't know if they can win a shootout against Brady I don't know that they are configured so that whether it's Alex Smith or call cap -- they need to be very physical -- on the ball. Put some pressure on them and try to keep the game close. And let that technicality we're down and England patriots come the fourth quarter. If if he gets the -- and start should treat the way like he did the other night and get up like 101421. Points. Yeah I don't ever doubt that -- -- I don't think that it's. 49ers personality you make C a rash of errors now as that quarterback try to keep up with the Tom Brady is doing was fortunate enough to jump up. They I hate the idea of expanding the playoffs especially sixteen team -- half the teams. -- make the playoffs that seems nuts to me Brian what do you think. Yeah -- let me see here -- -- we're gonna play sixty games to eliminate just happily. And back but expanded by two -- -- -- eighteen games to just eliminate happily I don't I don't care for. I and I can understand that by doing that you might -- keep more games more viable later this season. I'd much rather than he received the playoffs. I keep good teams engaged and involved wanna hold on that eating. In week 1617. Rather than extend these war to extend the playoff to working. We've seen New Orleans go from the penthouse sort of to the outhouse was he is patent that valuable it was -- just one major distraction after another. Where they doomed to this failure. Other a lot of traction and make no mistake about it but I don't know whether whether. Shot -- being backward in many different with the defense that defense is Brandon just a very good. And obviously when you've got to Drew Brees now off that. That's always gonna keep few minutes. But that defense and that they'll address in the -- -- but get a court to having -- -- -- not going to hurt but shortly the distractions they -- the leading up what could help. Your door on the saints Buccaneers. Sunday correct on fox -- are excellent. -- always good talking football what you appreciate the time we'll be watch and know we should point out that Brian's Twitter handle is at Coach Billick. Elect to follow him on Twitter thanks the -- we appreciate it has always side Brian Billick NFL network at Tennessee Alabama AT&T hotline at TNT four GL TE I think this is breaking news and I find the. Somewhat. Surprising. We got Josh Brent blood alcohol level you know let's -- gut to you when we get back.

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