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Over the line? D&C discuss radio suspension for hosts criticizing transgender athlete

Dec 13, 2012|

John and Gerry wade into dangerous radio waters as they discuss whether or not it was fair for a DC radio station to suspend two of its hosts for comments they made about Gabrielle Ludwig, a 50-year-old transgender athlete playing for a junior college women's basketball team. They play the controversial clip before getting into it with the callers.

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I think we have identified. -- or are about to another talk radio land mine. Mine that we must tip -- -- This revolves around a story written by USA today's air principal. A lengthy feature. On a transsexual. Basketball player named Gabrielle -- She plays for tiny mission college in Santa Clara California. And after the long USA today article by Eric pres bill. Other sports reporters they're called Steve Saban and Andy. -- from ESPN eight and nine -- Washington DC weighed in on every L -- wigs involvement. In college basketball. And as a result. What is they had to say on the air. The wrath of god has come down only to talk radio hosts. Saban and his colleague. Were forced to apologize on the air. Although some people called it the least sincere not apology in history. -- ESPN 980 has disciplined them swiftly and internally originally we did know exactly what that was. But -- you seem to think that they were suspended for a couple of weeks yes they were in the bin suspended. Mature them. Put a end date her time on their term they -- there are suspended their out of action. For comments they made when discussing the story of the transgendered. Female basketball player at tiny mission college in Santa Clara. Along suspect too much -- argument but two minutes long. Take a listen see how offended you -- about what is said. It's about me junior college. Women's basketball player mission college in the Bay Area. Six was a six inch. Get real what you would say yes that is loser until you find out that every ill that week was born. Robert what. Had played junior college basketball. Baby -- like college basketball as a man thirty years ago Debra L is fifty years old now. Woman now a part of the women's junior college team. This photo house if you are -- -- reaction -- -- A line that's. Big buys the Russians. Though. -- -- -- favorite look it up online so. It's -- -- well what do you -- you lose. So that's their it is combines the worst of both worlds want to. -- out of age eligibility which should never happen I thought. I thought. The NCAA altered -- -- -- -- little loser in all of college athletics Yemeni. It should be some public replied that's number one number two this. Hold gender bending thing you know whatever you gotta do. To scratch -- editor Richard while those that are -- that's fine. But don't go play sports that and literate don't go plant sport saying. But I've got the rights of everyone else you've got the rights to live as a human being you. We know with other people respect that you and everything else but athletics is different at a man's body in a man's DNA is different that a woman's that's what we. A separate leagues for separate gender I -- a woman. -- -- Slightly -- -- the rules. -- it's. Not you know. He would not give up its testicles hopefully you can dominate women's hoops that you about. -- So what's the net net of this story can on the arteries. Well the -- that is you know she's she he has had a lot of problems in his her life and it is the politically correct whatever it is that this basketball is helping him her to transform. His her life into. A better life such as it is. So there you have. Now I -- I polls. The is is what has offended so many people and has the have this -- Suspended after -- three people get that flash guy jumped in there as well. Button was other than the fact it was sort of sophomoric MM August low brow. Type of humor were discussing the fine discussion about whether somebody who used to be a man and a rather large man. With transgender and had the operation. Should be allowed to play college sports. And because they waded into this little bland mind they stepped right on it. It is not a player lawlessness is truly frightening to me wanna talk about it she'll wind blowing. I wish we could talk about it at that level we would be more sophomore. Than that as would most. A talk show host of -- being honest this woman. Is 686668. Fifteen years old she weighs 220 pounds -- approaches over here with their teammates she skies over everybody and it is ridiculous to think that because she had this a surgery she cannot compete with the woman she used to compete with men. That that it's insane. Right we have this is one of those examples of people trying to be so open minded their brains fall out all over the floor at the I cannot give these guys credit they they talked about in or should she be able to play at that -- -- age old age eligibility now -- -- -- actually take a look at some of these pictures and tell me how you'd feel if that was your daughter playing against her or just a friend or just. Make it it is insane. At this. Large human being Texas say look I had surgery I'm gonna kick some ass. All girl who who who raised this hue and cry and demanded these radio talk show host heads. Was it because they didn't think. She should be allowed to compete on -- women's basketball team. Was it because one of them called her and yet or one of them said -- is that this is -- a Russian and -- where was the where what what offended. The people who were offended it. Just you you cannot be critical of this decision. To allow. This woman a plan and in. I guess you get suspended for saying it too because you're not sure whether she or he what he's proper. One of he is her daughter's. Calls her him -- right and refuses to acknowledge that he is now she is daughter. So this post does the same thinks is I'm confused and woman what would like call her him -- It's suspended. On a phone caller expert on a guy from sports or transgendered advocate on they say. Stop talking you're gone and we during the now long gone for sick for for discussing. The way weird. I heard this first I thought that they went nuts and played whatever movie clips and sound that they just talked about the way. Lot of people right and they have. Couple of references and my guess -- I would I would hope to god that the discussion. You know the beat the discussion on what -- level higher level of whether she should be allowed to compete against you know women. Half for size and 13 of her age. Would be fodder for talk radio talks portrait and we we discussed all kinds of things -- that make. Font of all sorts of things -- Is this now a what are those protected area yes I protected at last that -- -- not to you have -- gets sideways go an addict in me right which is what it's called veco and its -- goal directed me you can no longer be. You cannot joke you cannot. Ridicule if someone if -- 68 guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We mocked and ridiculed Bobby Valentine for a 162 games scheduled here and if if she does what if she knew if she's not. Playing basketball shoes -- Killed her expo slick rubber -- select Michelle coastal. You're allowed to make fun of a transgendered or a criminal hoping dominate transgendered and -- Check out this quote from the radio station. They said the the hosts crossed the line and quote. Such intolerance and insensitivity. Will never be tolerated. At that. -- -- Such intolerance will never be tolerated. It's not that ultimately tyrant at a you know -- seed left wing seats. Nonsense such intolerance will not be tolerated like that the PR Iowa right now we we we no longer have you know robust debate you know if you disagree you suspend them you stop the shot among. And I find it find it frightening do you do you think it's okay. Point six foot eight inch individual who is fifty years old who weighs 220 pounds. For. Calm. Her. -- not get caught up an idea you can't hurt him it thing right even though it seemed you know harmless. Luckily -- caught up for her to play against nineteen year old girls half percent is in a vacuum. -- -- -- test tube you would say okay can make a case that she's running up but now the floor. Against people want third operates at the age of fifty. But this is not in a vacuum this is the real world and if you look at the picture and there's a team picture -- -- her with her teammates and -- you know out there. This is a fully grown really large muscled. Have to food individual. But I just circled back just a second I would like to think I would hope to god that ESPN 89 -- Washington DC. Suspended them even though it was minor and sophomore and and and just silly. For the treatment of the discussion. Not the discussion itself. Because of what they're saying is you can't even talk about whether it's fair -- equitable whether it's just whether it's good for the sport. Whether it's fair and safe on the other people she's playing against. If you get discussed using your term a robust. Examination. Of that topic that where the hell we go. It's. Absolutely right they do you know they talk to -- one by the USA today talked to and LB HTT. A guy whoever and and they say. Hopefully this will not end the discussion but that's really what they want they just want you know here's how it's going to be. Transgender individuals are gonna participate in sports in the Olympics and you know whether doesn't matter how big they now hold -- -- Now how long they've been a woman or a man you know you have no. We don't wanna hear any voices of dissent that's not gonna happen. But as usual the Daily Mail comes up with the best story on this and there at the game. And they're talking in the in the stands and talked to the sky -- -- 58 year old guys at the game with a friend. The daughters on the opposing team. -- right. One she's fifty years old and number two come on these girls out there there young. Start your own league if you want to I don't wanna see fifteen year old man and -- locker room. You're -- a guy I'm not sure of all the parts of their or one. Well clearly all the parts on there the proper parts on there. One other thing changed she still up. Least. I used that term wanted to talk about it and -- love the -- and loves it -- Right doesn't matter capital of the beast -- name and -- Moses Malone of the Napoli at the fat Ash Wednesday. She's -- bees -- -- to throw more fire guys on this quote elected a -- which the Washington DC just pour my delightful part. They don't even know me they did it. And respecting -- -- look column built it to my body they take great pride in -- and indeed. In national public at all possible cry or scream. In my. It's affecting nicely it's affecting. That is part about the fan when the other team every man for the team who sits and watches the woman dominate these little old normal -- nineteen year old girls can't discuss it. About ruining her life and have a discussion I mean and there are. -- she still in photo ops and -- she's really milk in this. But we're not allowed to react. It's an and and again I'm looking for the like have you seen it just the length of suspension it's like indefinite. They called them temporarily removed from the -- So -- when they're gonna get back but -- you know what a comeback in the going to be different guys is there. Emasculated that how ironic is that unlike us right now opulent were on the edge of anything no they didn't feel like they were. -- yes. Of their on thin ice they were just talking about this issue and I thought it was a pretty. You know. -- -- Arctic poignant comment we said if you -- it to quell a few other issues. You know that's fine if you have to get the surgery it to survive that's fine but you don't belong out there when you're fifty when you're six say when you were a man. -- only a year ago you don't belong out there were nineteen year old girls who are you know 57 and 112 pounds talked. Our Walpole before we take a break are what we have forced. Hi guys -- -- let me date guys are so right on with the standard that is the most but nine comment by those guys. I was commenting on that. People -- really irritated me because let you know if you're right Gary everybody can do what they need to do to keep their psyche and keep their whatever. But you know what there's nothing normal about that -- -- no matter what you say is that totally abnormal situation. And what are we gonna Marxist society that we can't comment -- he didn't get that -- should be should be we should be chastised. This suspending those guys that if you guys I notion that he. You know you have to be careful what you say because -- level will be in your case it's it's absurd what what this country has become. It really is it very rarely makes things stick it out of course that person shouldn't be playing with will remain that that -- been at it it's ridiculous. And that the whole thing -- -- and not the person gave the operation it -- but the whole situation nauseated they. And it did and like has said that that is an abnormal situation. Which -- -- it. That that's the frightening thing -- right can't they decide to let her play. I'll. Let -- half if she plays she dominates if she ends up in the WNBA. She's got size. That's fine you know that that we can't -- we can't ask you can't disagree 868. And sexual. Is dominating these women literally. Half her size literally 110 pound girl. Point guard is half. -- size and we can't disagree -- -- sports project director of the national center of lesbian rights and a former woman's basketball coach in her old right. Here's a quote from her. The horrific. Comments. By ESPN radio's -- -- and Andy poll show a level of disrespect. And harmful rhetoric that is in excusable. The horrific comments. And a look at that comment again from from I think it was Saban who said. A scratch that is fine you don't belong out there on the court with a butch -- girl that's terrific the quote is what ever you've got to do to scratch that inner itch and quell those inner demons that's fine that sounds pretty tolerant so far. Right you know maybe it like not scratch an inch kind of -- that you know she has the demons clearly didn't wanna be a man anymore. No win for this drastic measure in -- and that's fine if that's what it takes that's fine. But don't go play sports. And don't go play sports saying I've got the rights of everyone else. And then you put that you post the Daily Mail story church -- -- these pictures do in the world and it is such like watching. -- a man among -- -- I was gonna say you're watching a man among ball yes but it is watching like de. Really big guy with like it. Efforts in -- -- good morning it was put our guys do you know I agree with you will ever be -- restored but it computer I have. I wanted you guys -- real -- is expected -- because you know whatever they say. And that giving trouble at saint and eight and you're in -- into the low growl right. -- all you -- is -- absolutely. The issue that have a copy right now and you're doing it right where. So you get -- -- Are important but at the end elegant in the where football I have accomplished about any topic. -- eyebrow quality -- and not get in trouble for do you have are you glad that. You or are you guys. I'll explain it is simply ever we're having a high -- because of what happened of these guys. I could see us having that -- same exact conversation in a week ago I could see anybody don't believe that the word yet or that could be Russian -- or him doing his Austin power or again you know the B -- that's a time what I should do you have when you see is is is is that what's got suspended yes. Up up up up almost ever even happen -- thinking that we're competent -- -- -- that I wouldn't you -- everyday -- you that happened to have. Where football intelligence. To understand. The inspectorate. Now I I don't I don't understand that I didn't yesterday I didn't I do now after I read this. -- mark over the country got reelected -- They think that talk about it where you know we've become -- -- He -- I -- -- aren't paying but don't give me yet that our market not in control and not have come pick it about. -- so cold lake oh what what what -- talking about I know replication -- what it. Hell week we might have yet. A couple of days ago I I will say it when it comes to Michelle closely I don't think there's a lot of some -- groups special interest groups -- who have her back. -- -- -- I think that a lot of credit you're saying you guys. I'll wait definitely have a great show couldn't pardon up and noble and again. But -- I ever listen listen we would have been Smart enough a week ago. We might have had that conversation we might have said he she looks like mad and maybe. OK so a bit of argued that got here on earth are immaculate he's got that -- What I'm saying that that the big and are not a bad look or not in the country and I'll think changing. And it's frightening and it's -- what. Are. What was wrong with that -- at what was wrong with the way they handled. That they said are a Russian. And by the way she's German. She moved here from Germany and what he said. That could be an east German chick has that makes more sense to me than a Russian chizik jaws of the guard Jon and expediency. Say good morning -- hi John. Try to pick up wherever -- but just a different angle is you know back in the eighties there -- two things you -- and rightfully so you couldn't such. All actuality it -- -- on that and -- is okay so you know the chipping but now. There's so much are out there is so weak -- here is you know twenty or thirty years later that Richie the new. You never would certainly sort like that -- so. We try to -- back then what we couldn't couldn't talk. And now it's become. It's such an already out there without being out in the story that we chipped it up on -- -- structure over. But thanks so maybe -- other subtle it as a checklist that you've got -- go by and every other radio show or knowing what he can't he can't talk about now thank you weren't the two. Ultimate example of a court like that we can go to to set it up. Was Smart enough to do in the summer time right them when knocked him yet and Walter Coleman and what. -- but here's the problem we're not be. That comics good point there's certain there educate co and apparently no mocking or ridiculing even a little bit that the transgendered individual. Is one of them but. That people won't even discuss whether she belongs on the court right as they're afraid afraid to do that they're afraid. What happens next if the fight say that she does not belong out there would nineteen year old girls -- -- size. In my got to step that it too is what was that -- -- at -- com comment when not gonna tolerate such intolerance right. Well is an accountant and -- to say this woman does not belong on the court. And and -- or age or if -- -- that you -- a fifty year old out there anyway precise but she's gonna throw an elbow and and knock someone out when you look at her. She had nineteen inch biceps it appeared at an atheist jags get these gigantic she's built like a guy. As of this story and the way they handled it Washington DC was offensive. -- -- that the the discussion we talked about the -- for about five minutes it's far more offensive than this the John Burt white situation. I guess I didn't choke again no score we enjoy maybe. I brought I don't know where that -- over the line do they. Exactly that's not trying to figure out are they suspended because they had the discussion or basis that suspended because of what is perceived the way they had the discussion. By being disrespectful and humiliating idolizing Gabriella -- in notorious assassin just you know not sleep -- like. I don't know the answer that but I know the result the result is they'll never talk about it again -- they're not gonna talk and end like I said their people advocates here lamenting the fact that we can have this discussion. Or saying I hope we can still have this discussion. -- good luck with that who wants to have this discussion when you hear what they got suspended for. It is a worthwhile discussion and I'll sit here they compete -- Jason commander in suspended right now. She doesn't belong on the court with them. She does not. She's fifty she's 68. Every does that -- -- being intolerant I mean if it's just basic matter of fairness you look at me don't just watch what what I gathered again eyeball test value. There that -- -- unfair for her to compete it would be like it would be like. What -- a college basketball player into the junior high right and and -- slot it does look like to be the starting -- and the host said. I have no problem essentially with what she did -- your gender and go and -- another -- god -- or whatever it takes she doesn't belong on the court right for that he's out of work suspended at the fault lines are open -- that not will get all your calls on this subject we get back.

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