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Episode 1 - Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell

Dec 13, 2012|

Our first edition of our weekly podcast. Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell break down the current state of the Celtics just before this weekend's Texas road trip. The guys also look back at the week that was in Celtics Nation, including their interviews with Rajon Rondo, 76ers TV broadcaster Malik Rose and Jim Petersen, former teammate of Max's.

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And so after twelve years of grant you Macs don't -- twelve years of traveling the country. NBA finals the team semblance of the most memorable moments we sit down with the world over in new media. First there was you know we did Twitter a couple of years ago we -- -- games we do here on Comcast time but never before. Tonight that we showed just for you guys exclusively. On the web -- the field with -- feel the same does it feel different being on the web right now I'm not sure until we get going we are though isn't it that's the beauty of the pocket. It is but it's kind of but we've got a little ago. Now with everything is long for like some of us who were that's okay. The Celtics are head out on the road trip as the end of the second quarter of the season and they do so at twelve and nine following a Wednesday night. Double overtime win if you like it's still going off 17150. Win over Dallas at the garden. And I think in the big picture as we step back from a twelve to nine is probably not where a lot of people thought this team was going to. Well I think that you know that would be the case that they -- look at it like there will be run away with the you know with their conference their division but it in the debate New -- is -- to man and Phillips have struggled from struggled on the boards might Italy. Defense was the biggest issue itself it's early in the year. It appeared we'll see as time goes by will -- the Wednesday night game against Dallas. -- of being an aberration the distance is it was not a good defensive effort by the selfless giving up hunter fifteen and given up 51% shooting night. Against Dallas but. Of the of the pivotal moments in the season and we've been through that defense of the start. Rondo -- history which we talked about at length which went on problem longer than it should've gone and then that night a couple of weeks back -- Rondo Chris -- the fight. After that game Doc Rivers called his team sought treatment mentally that he type of defense rebounding and until the doused him with that I for the five games that followed it was clear that the message of the city while the message they receive the talk about -- movement because civilians and we mean. You're share. You know basketball some kind of beat him become beauty battle and in the many battles -- if they each man need to win his -- skirmish. And the Celtics weren't that we that. Well wolf -- of the fluid especially on this the fifth to be where they were allowing affecting kids opportunities over and over -- think about. 72 when he opted to rebounds to Indy and the team that you -- basketball. There's a staggering number right now going on I don't know how much longer this can go long we started documenting it during the playoffs a year ago. About what happens to the celtics' Kevin Garnett it's in the game when he gets out of -- and the big picture questions -- -- -- -- continues to rely so heavily. On Kevin Garnett had 36 years old when it's on the playoffs it going to be close to 37. As a -- which embarked on the road trip on the Houston San Antonio Chicago trip. The Celtics now outscored their opponents by sixteen points. But with Kevin Garnett on the floor they've outscored them buying 99 we Kevin Garnett is out of the game they have been outscored by 83 of itself with. You don't aids that's the back this up the eye test will tell you the numbers will back you. Itself which would Kevin Garnett out of it by the worst defensive team -- -- yeah well the thing about -- that's been one -- the -- -- that -- in this league for a long time. And that really showed -- his value. You know -- what he can go the opposite of him but what he does he physically and talk about you know the way he talks and -- I think that's a big part. -- to mean what that you have to do a little bit more. It's may be rely on Wilcox he stole the -- around -- a pretty good game against Dallas you think about him playing good numbers. May be felt the need to use him a little bit more -- like I've played every minute of wolf overtime games. Doc Rivers might wanna think about me be giving -- this bail at trial will cut through a couple of minutes and won them over to our debut earlier on WEEI dot com and our as yet unnamed podcast for a contest the bigger name now. Gonna work this out what we're going to be doing. Is given the general overview of where the Celtics are there any particular week. We're going to be taking your questions the most important part because it's going to be interactive audience there was tweet us your questions. We're gonna answer the -- that little bit later on on the podcast and then so I don't usually go widget Stephen Jackson it did not go well. Which you'll probably talked about by now with them yet Santonio -- -- movement aggressive with the thing about -- kids what I borrowers remind viewers it's on your program. Everybody -- You know that the movement to get you what you know Tommy's. The movement from the it field whether kinky in the movement because at the boring here about things happening over and over again with players. Personnel all of these different. Want the media now I think that -- like. You know what happened that wasn't tweeting -- even think about media away happened over there with the if the pregnancy you know of the the -- think about her in this situation in the through the gates who. -- -- Made a prank call to encourage you you know probably take their own lives our our goal will be no fatalities during our. That's helped as well you marking your on the weapon WEEI dot com -- gonna have. -- -- that you may have missed on our broadcast over the last couple excellently around those discussed the Gregg Popovich issue with San Antonio played some of the economic -- some of the experts have been around. That's coming up with the central figure itself -- is -- -- he's going to be riots on the witness it. Raj on Rondo and following its return from a two game suspension for the fight yet -- -- -- -- the game in Milwaukee -- on Rondo joined us here. After the Celtics win last week and so Rhonda with seventeen points eleven assists in his worked hard. He joins us from the -- locker -- right now and watch you can have it -- almost immediately. I was wondering how much time which you have to this before it would be difficult for you to get rid of that. Years. How I don't know me but only if that is. Later in the month they use him. Out of writer. That -- more rhythm from the popular when they've probably to. You have not talked -- -- you know you we just talked about this pitches and obviously you'd you'd get like it. Anything like -- that you did any that you learned front. And learn anything from -- Like you think about how your key. Hot and watch it applies. You watch TV what you see that they did do when they were playing the Milwaukee. I think they relax you know when you're in the I think -- that -- -- nature. You expect that a -- in the Iran. Now like that and act defensively optical coverage network that the game went on. When what if -- -- The 48 minutes of the game though. We didn't do it down the -- That recorded in the culpability. Came in and they just made -- while I think that was the 360. Degree move you made. We give back to the best if you 361. -- -- -- -- Judith cope without without out the out the blue. Yeah I -- out and retirement. That if emblem ailment. Separate but that it. The first place you know it happened. You know when it hit it it was -- about it but I don't know -- I. A. Few weeks ago I asked doc about your comfort level. With all the new faces with the things that Jason -- with the things that -- -- -- faded away from my comfort level as -- on the upper level that matters. How do you feel now vs a month ago. With your new teammates. The thing you know rather strong comments everything coordinated -- so. Think I got a fan but I got -- literally scatter like this that's the fourth and not try to vote came to those guys they were early. And that's what it takes so I've been -- wouldn't Tyler with those guys know -- in like this -- -- -- -- accomplished student of the long range which he did all summer so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This collective effort of the team in you know with the with the progress of the grand that's a long season so jacket to reveal what we have a great -- I'll start my own home with the sixers beginning on Friday night rise on they can speak for which -- usually there's very glad to see you back welcome back -- -- both -- they think to me about the conversation was with Broncos win. You know we have Rondo -- combative relationship with the media it's it's pretty apparent is actually escalated really it's not that are actually getting worse. But you know we have our own unique relationship you're especially with Rondo -- for him the sort of go sell that answer about learning -- from the suspension that was pretty telling about just now guarded. He has and it's it's also the better he gets bigger star Rondo is becoming is becoming. -- more guarded with all of the attention that he's getting in obviously as a central figure of this team now between the assist streak in the fight with -- offers. All eyes are on in almost every night. -- thing that's left they commit without clear I think because of that you know -- -- I think it was the best of him -- he was upset. I'll go off the record heat they did he did elected to the you know escalate it like that what happened by the in Iran though it is that at that guy. And he says one thing -- when it. In that image of him being a little bit out there from it's Bob that the people. But which you want him to be walk home with -- -- if the fact you were a year as they feel won him the way the secret -- what was not on the record was the hefty fines levied on the San Antonio Spurs for Gregg Popovich is decision. A couple of weeks back -- knots and is set to star players who would not have them play. In the national televised game on TNT against Miami as we've discussed this topic on back and forth is really has publicized do. We've two unique yes on this particular topic. You Peterson a teammate -- that -- former broadcast partner of mine to what is with the Minnesota Timberwolves came out yet to basic thoughts on your also but here. -- gross who played many years for Gregg Popovich. In San Antonio sort of respect you know one of the fascinating issues in the league right -- line that you made a great point you've been thinking about it more and the more you think about -- you thought about what about the players love that thing up as a player is. I wanna play the yeah if if we if the schedule comes out -- Miami. I don't look taco I'm at this these guys are -- about this is. I'm giving up for this game so. To me that was probably is more than anything that I thought about like as a player I -- what the competition the best out there I want we're the best. How -- play against the death with everybody. It's under the same umbrella all along about being tired of rested and haven't -- back to that. Absolutely and I've I feel it's a thing or bad but when we were in San Antonio. We didn't really send messages during the regular season although Imus has been in June and that's why and then to take that point one step further. The guys from Tim Duncan on down they believe it's ethical problem with him implicitly -- -- -- and the cold lately maybe a frigate and odds are -- to ballot there's like the guys the brilliant guy and it did not on what those women. Winning in June is more important to all of those guys. Then winning a game in November but it went -- is doing is definitely important but agree Yankee in. I look at -- sale wanna play the best in as I've made is they point that you -- The fans who were in the operable -- wrong way it. Thirty dollars and now with a seven dollar ticket Tim Duncan not even in the building back in San Antonio that to me it was unfair and that they. Broadcast partner. With a utility to the national audience -- -- saying okay we got this huge and it's not that we got all these guys from San Antonio. They're on home. Moment that that's I think of bop its did it when he did it that he got the most bank worth but it was clearly a method to the -- and he knew it was going to be reprimanded I didn't think quarter million dollars but. Everything -- Bob it's the calculated and he you know at the sake of the fans that that'll -- with that you. The stand about you know you look at this weekend and I'm a huge job by that they it is. We we talked about what happened with Greg Popovich you know sit on the -- home were you glad of one. I have a problem with it. I really hear that debate I really OK I really didn't have a problem with it because -- them before I have a problem that in that he's done it before and white. And and I also I'd also like his argument to about. If you put us on national TV of them forties -- make us play. In the fourth in the -- the best they have BA. I know I know that we're all that the WBA -- outlets to all of it nobody I know one thing that really put me. I don't care worthy of if the lakers want the schedule when I play -- with Gatorade they gave and I want it the played him. As -- what they have thought about lately delighted me like how I want to play the next -- and I thought this would be good if if your team that you know that you know you play. What you have to understand too also the price that ticked about the average is now witnessed that game. And it was a national televised game. That you're telling your pure. Television partners hey this is what we have here that you rule that out on the floor on opposite that the wrong about that -- that -- what they gave way. What are you think if you worldwide Ortiz who just don't think I'm with you. With Honda Odyssey to find them. 250000. Dollars or whatever it was slippery slope is that is exactly so then what happens indices -- teamster. -- and there's that to -- it must have been doing an advocate Steve do this but it is that they give up first LP is that this is the season. And and lots of those games are not is meaningful is what they actually -- not at all the way and that if it's a national televised game he. That you just you just wrote when I wore all old people came out loud Gregg Popovich -- stay at the reasoning. But at the saint I fault the -- on the side that the commission now I'm I'm not a big fan I thought that -- as everywhere you done before. Last year or. No easy to define it is gonna do and I mean he said that he looked at this from the scheduled -- came out and he knew we was gonna do this at that point so. I it's it's a different argument I agree in the NBA Larry Bird played in every simply didn't make any difference and that's where fly commercial. Played four games in five days for lying on the day of the game are -- and they still play every game but I understand that Ed and I agree but. -- to have a problem with the commissioner fining them that much money for the scenario that he's done before that's the things. You made -- a sixteen point of all Macs -- -- to. And I think I heard nobody else making which is about not about teams not about Gregg Popovich stickiest hung out with David Stern not about David Stern. It is closing days as commissioner trying to tighten the leash on the more rebellious -- but really about your day. When you've got the scheduled start of the year would keep you know what you found out with a 54. And you wanted to play against the best teams out there and that's schedule you -- when that -- we have Miami the world champions -- would be equally of them the year. As a competitor. How what the play against them however no more of so. But Biden fit that. But to -- both players. In their minds wanna play against the -- the -- you they believe the great profits he does the right thing your victory to collate. But to me as a competitor. I don't wanna see an opportunity. But the champions the -- here it means not making -- thing is what thing was mentioned wealth. They played for the games they played in you know it would make a statement right now in December -- one make in January well. To me it's not necessarily a statement just. As a competitor that's where he. That's what I wanted to ask what basketball players do despite what we used to play against Philadelphia. To say we played all these games is not with capital all the time. Possibly -- you're saying I'm right I'll play Philly this case you're -- And Greg Bob which apparently knows this thing because the spurs. Entering the third week in December at the best record in the NBA so obviously gets on the right they almost won my game. In Miami two weeks ago all right what are things were going to be doing on our as yet unnamed might yet. -- taking your questions is your chance to ask -- -- Twitter womanly figure out some of the things technologically some connection -- you ask those questions. And we will answer -- it that were to overcome the house. I had a meeting technology wise by the time it's over with -- Robert -- Robert is going to hear some of the questions we got. On Twitter that we have solicited through the Celtics it is the first -- it from the express realism. When you look at -- -- Rondo play right now does he remind you of a young Jason -- not the best shooter but mr. triple -- well Jason Kidd has become a re cute. You know they got better now career on the line and maybe Iran -- gifted. Jason he would and it was always -- won the best triple double -- guys. You know so you know no telling where he might be the -- like Alberto Ortiz at -- Ortiz 0323 -- itself would be at the top three teams in the east. At the end of the year if so what position and why well the reason they will be a top three team in the east. Is Jeff Green and we'll have to be that yes and Jeff Green enough to take it to the next level. In Philly against Philly you know you've seen some flashes with him. But against Dallas in the game that they had the other day. Jeff green was up advance. They need consistent explosive yup greens if it would go to the next level because he has the bulls athletic league you have right now. Even now with all the struggles of the start defensively and win one lose -- -- that for once that back last Italy can rebound. So literally two games. -- a third spot you don't wanna be a situation like you were last year some which it over the playoffs. On the road you'd least like one series at home before you got -- had to deal with a New York or Miami in the sector obviously work. A million miles from the air but that really is the gold some sort of put themselves in the same spot -- they were last year remember the Celtics are 21 games are actually ahead of the pace. Of last year if they get off that five. And nine start. Read at Eagles the RI TX -- fab -- help that your needs minutes a little bit at a time. That. Only things in the weather of the well I think end of that one legacy go to place do is that notion of backup quarterback you don't see -- -- play. And with the Celtics last well everybody just think about it -- body not realize what -- raw project -- -- -- I think that's the biggest thing wrong. That Miller is a row. Commodity is. Because that that rebounding put him into this system right now a look at that will be paired him with this -- says he can rebound and block some shots for you. But he still with you have to play on the -- at the -- and he does not have the real clue about wound up with a mean Craig Brody at. -- Craig is it feasible so which make it feel to get a big rebounder at the trade him it is feasible with the if that happens. But who's out as the thing right now I mean via gravity right it's like in football -- grab people off the street anybody who completed trying to grab them in and you know if they can play well each per ounce it also points out you know probably you know fat itself but if you brought it might be ready. What did you. In my when it comes the rebounding as frustrated to see the Celtics last Italy can rebound. But defensively. They're not too far off where they wanna be either in the top ten defense the rebounding that is the focus. For the -- announced this sort of a quarter of rebounding wise over these last couple weeks that they added to the the road trip twenty games on the road seven out of nine. And 2012 that is how we end. Our initial entry here on WEEI dot com is if you feel. The brand to brand new territory for yeah very good. Yeah I mean it's in the name. Though well that -- number one historic as it may be and obviously as we have -- pops this thing up as a move along we'll figure out a way to. Get more your questions impetus chance sort of recap some of the stuff that you may have missed including a great conversation with the lake wrote to Peterson rushed -- -- was not what this last week enough. We look forward to you know interacting with you more because that is with his worldwide in -- way. Is all about that is episode number one of the as yet unnamed granny -- podcast. You see right here on W Riyadh now.

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