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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Dec 13, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Mavericks in double overtime 117-115

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We'll move this Google and you know especially with he's road trip coming up. You know our defense -- opened down to a Muslim I would look at the positive part is returned -- moment. When we allow -- spread are suited says a lot of alone on this team has grown to win games like this. -- -- good -- like. You know. Hi this is our chance you know we don't -- that this can get away. In the -- with a huge road trip coming up this is this is a very good win for us you know Dallas is one of those sneaky -- and just. Don't know really what to expect from him night in and night out they have so many good players. A lot of that can beat you a lot of back and play well and they're scared to be a lot of quality things tonight then you know -- Google all the time -- some resiliency was very. You you don't want. -- Yeah I think so I'm we declare some -- in this really -- home and car into the -- known and famous tirade when this. Tied the game I was hormones and I don't really call in the game aren't thinking Obama menacing and asked us to coach you are the keys. He's watching the games -- fluent in Encino home plans for your mom home defendant. And these -- still play at a high level he stays -- leave me out there and up on us pretty good list of almost reminds us -- -- -- out there. -- -- Well -- think it just comes down -- mental toughness you know I mean. You get a job there you see the score a lot of these the entire score and then you know Tennessee is that is the -- -- yourself with. The humanitarian and the minutes -- engines as they -- positive and know that that's you know -- through. At least some along -- -- -- America aren't fans can be draining on. Like the way we pull the ruling on the -- and often -- in overtime. -- Close -- itself -- -- -- The comments came Houston. His cellphone he won't back to back -- San Antonio also. You know definitely got our work cut off course you know the key is when you go on these these three Dan -- troops is try to get the first one and go from there. It. It is one of the better feminism all the sports. Definitely comes Andy's here and I and I now. -- a great job this year that many injuries so it's it is. Yours here. I'm out here awhile you know and share your stories. With me over the years. -- We need him the -- our listeners of all game long most -- -- itself won't cause we asked them to -- You know you just pick. Give -- -- the ball just pushed -- on this glorious past just -- the you know we have been so much. But as well. You know he's capable and we need to be that way that in and I know. -- Well. When you look back you say issue where we have -- put him away. Pushing sometimes. -- because -- a group or because we learn from you know you can learn from losses. But our policy to learn from wins --

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