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Wednesday, December 12th Whiner Line

Dec 12, 2012|

12-12-12, and it's Sauce-Man Style, live in studio.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An awful ones going on let's start with a Savvis because. It's now died that -- all times. Biggest spill in the history of sports -- in the right there on WEEI. Longer. Lines Matthew it was resistance here because -- disconnected on reducing court sentenced -- -- get a kick your -- when -- -- dial 6177793535. This thing is all screwed -- showing. You the -- no one did because -- that ran over here yesterday I don't know -- -- whiner line this -- -- green which I never use is quick way over here with them trying to move around wow we have issues here right here in this -- -- evidence sitting right here. Item you've got me there and now. Matt thank you for coming I don't know I don't have any luck -- me and not that I see that's actually the tragic -- the tragedy is it. The Starbucks is now I don't I'm quieter life. Stop complaining gaels built off. All right. -- house filling -- for -- Adams apparently he's off for the next six weeks something like like so when it comes and works twenty minutes till 630 as a pregame show that doesn't count as an Internet that's an obligation now out on that's that's a toss up that's what they have. Our. Did you grow -- should be like him we committed 2 o'clock and leave it to further into what it was arrogantly gay guys don't -- -- about and a complaint you know it can do that I heard a little that little -- Early this girl and little -- a little but I heard it earlier today -- Oh or greater holly don't cover it for the -- -- or more however know what to get on the or 2 o'clock that's exactly on the air -- do not due to -- actually. So I I I understand what's coming up on tap. But I action when it. Start to show you're right we walk in there and -- you know it's lonely guy he starts talking outdoor watering -- With little to -- intraday -- horse racing and -- -- -- a studio today it is is a -- -- is his birthday right I did I did I wished him happy -- -- -- -- my brother's birthday is one. On the same day to exhaust manager wrote him this. My birthday today and Ryan are in a way rider didn't run my face of boy yeah it was the big staple of birthdays I well -- -- well that's always a good lesson to do list they'll be happening at about 730. To say what are you twelve on 1212 yeah I've. Are among the wall as big thanks birthday C which females law. Okay well all right I don't know a dozen riders out of the national assessment of the FEMA. I mean to be I mean not exercise we have to go -- and only female form of one shot her FaceBook users angry -- we call -- -- -- -- and really. The kind of is -- of lack of person yeah well yeah that's. What's ahead here in the -- do and he in a one aligned quite a lot of power but AT&T WEEI labs available to drive under android and Blackberry device. It's brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LT he was paid ten years times. Blow. Times faster -- strategy AT&T can be I don't know rethink. Possible trust -- okay trust me. That's what she says she's not on I'll play that when she says. That's my -- she said I've got a fever and the only prescription is more -- Sussman as you look at him when you smelled the smoke and kind of felt probably. I know you guys were even pulling a prank on me or this is going to be a unity -- -- for one day here and also the place goes up in flames I don't know the glitz and. Good birthday -- and -- studio. Library -- -- -- our lives separate days smells. Of -- story right -- -- half -- police dogs even -- woody and our of those 73 and long term Achilles. That's when he's off it's an hour and yesterday instead of days ago I and he -- it's you know. They're glad and I'm about diet -- why haven't been completely right about that topic today you know you have visited about -- -- over. And while it Bob I haven't had bought it five years. And fortunately it had nothing to do the body was just in stupid mistake. I'm Mike port deal rookie mistake and I apologize a thousand times -- From. Exclusive it was my fault I screwed up -- -- -- you see that they would. Did you win yeah. Point your cap and -- But it was there as receiver for the Texans. Well I want the media and my five year old news today I would have -- -- -- -- from the radio you don't mind me. Thanks for effective board so what I come -- -- these of this -- to manipulate great. Anyway still the sitting governor wanted go away when my man says to me. Wow. Two. -- been an order. From our own call. I didn't have been that they don't got a little wider variety of -- there only did they know more about everything that anyone. I think it forward that is located. And that. Poor little -- that there's just don't hold legion come. -- you -- them. It would -- well. If you can't make it -- a better than thought that the -- big two and a program to step out of the clock. And explain what -- -- and talk he -- -- extends doesn't work by the way I've it's difficult. Not nothing. Nothing's wrong with the club was dropping out of the -- Measurement is quite awkward -- know why don't you guys opt. -- guys. -- Nothing's. Off of -- had been about it what. It perhaps they haven't. Grab a bite out of the mark it up to dot. -- back. Don't know him. -- over and whispered and you know. Support back on top we for a sports. And that message. Hello yesterday the elements Wednesday by way of wallets -- a citizen wants Louis connection big -- to fill the -- by the way just for the record you're off -- Tammy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that message. -- -- Hours to find out that some thirty you get a woman to do that we -- well once the downward -- OK okay I also let you know it haven't. Police union developed a. Come back. What would that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And Indonesia. Malaysia you -- -- he's got to make an impact in the league 2012 red mosque comeback player of the year. It's 41 catches. That's an impact this argument I think playing the receiver position I'll catch the football yet. Why do you think -- scores averaging a five yards game at the Moscow aren't you aren't going after reading a -- don't know banks and Adrian Peterson or. -- -- -- I'm not doing no interviews last one on. I've gone out on the -- him. On terror we can. Went to pick up all that bad guys from al-Qaeda. Every I don't have -- -- country. Deport them all when I did wrong and you bring it builds walls. Did try to guys -- to do that Bill Walton. The greatest player and that rewards good wise. After an hour this battle and it Mike Flannery after two hours to read it wouldn't -- And mental construct the entire all the oxygen out discipline -- hopes disappeared efficiency and all the things to go into being a great player they were good enough. They don't cost supremely steel aluminum beer very very intelligent. And but -- -- -- a conscious decision to -- to be -- you wanna be thugs and and to play dirty vegetable. It calculus in extreme there are a lot of these are you know -- interrupted her so I've noticed an increase from can't can't interim while you can't do much to scale it's it I can't coach Paul you cannot interrupt -- He will just to see you want to watch me. Most people stop when you went to run an awkward moment is the oldest streets of the what do you -- at that point you stopping to do without this great wordsmith my favorite players in the game Tuesday. Reading president -- God -- impact full as they want. We worry about what's going on its side of his head -- saying that martz stuff. It's that busy thinking so -- pretty good point when he first got here to the Celtics and then in 86. It was a -- or. Zero yes he had trouble completing a sentence and he took off the line and still thought the -- and there was just the stuttering you know I thought that was bought. -- -- -- Like why now -- -- want pat Carter and -- can't. Under what are great people caught up in saying that they're going into the game that they were act and a lot of -- to cook and nobody about here -- you know as a temporary end of the no it's clear that you didn't pick it up there and nobody Eric. It is a good point consumers -- hello. People believe they have to give their resume before they start to move this -- -- usually -- is not an effort going to the game -- usually if you wanna talk about. Why Tom Brady is not a good quarterback as you make that. A quarterback. -- -- -- -- I've played there enough that he -- college them and tell you what to what it was played quarterback. So I can tell you this controversial to say anything they usually find out that's what they use it give you tell me right these people -- toes I can't believe. I journalism teacher would -- that bludgeon you. I want you guys double wide variety is -- -- bit like Batman why because just like yeah I didn't know you guys. I don't let the ball -- -- -- the apple got a lot the technology. Somewhere that if we figure that -- the something wrong in the top. So they don't discuss your voice. And here's what is -- Lebanon tunnel this mean I know what you get. -- -- traffic sometimes you're in the total of fifteen minutes -- -- and then Jennifer DeGeneres yeah than it was an opponent who is on the saucepan to one of his traffic reports are under -- at home by the way out of the tunnel is gonna say this guy and he's proactive to watch -- reports and you'll get stuck and that's exactly problems solved ego. She gets some good looking women and no one else in the tunnel none of them. Curtis. It's just. The top ten. -- -- It's already pretty accordion man has come. They try to prove that they can be serious actors to -- if you wanna prove I can do more than me and I can make you cry too. Did get back to what made them popular and famous department the accordion man has got back to the original thread. He's off to change the bankruptcy is any news. Virginia plus he said LT -- -- budget that's right -- -- -- -- -- Well but I hope you're trying your very first yankees red -- came at Fenway Park but that. Can start yelling at you they're yelling. -- And remember that the Yankees always. And it will -- When it like you would like them when did you guys get that that message that he -- first certainly game and how we're human person from the park. 76 source and around there you know so seven and taught we taught to hate the Yankees by their parents are no today that I don't know the -- -- when I was getting yankees' side. -- a -- senators are. No regrets about it could do when you come about an act here. No joke -- violent aren't you know but that pink hat that's not made public that -- but about. And then -- actually somebody's texting and if you're in the solo for fifteen minutes you miss planet Mikey show -- how. But out of it ever at -- -- with the alt -- Speculated. That this debate is expected to exceed. I haven't ever expected back at bat I did yeah. Look at our. And after that. For five months and forty million at third base. Out of Kevin. That the -- Does this mean that -- angle and only get beheaded during batting practice and then. And the it can pretty good. All of them that you're going to ever make it really prayed hard and message. -- -- -- What what do. And -- message. I can't bark and then. Seven. Thank you good. Apparently he. New entry. Yeah I. Know. And and. I haven't but I'd sit at a I don't have kept -- -- today I. It's. Yeah. And men quite receptive the -- Not Susan Walton. Reports. -- you -- powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up the ten times faster than three G. AT&T every thing possible.

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