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Jack Edwards: All we have is hope for Hockey, both sides dug in too far

Dec 12, 2012|

We check in on Jack Edwards, after another week without Hockey.

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And so that's. One of the challenges for all the players to do it. Will it -- of them ever -- -- Colby LeBron absolutely outstanding on every front but we're still pretty emotional when it comes next -- -- -- line it is between the teams the very top or what the regime that are absolute rule is Gary Michael came on -- we -- will be here talking to sell these Marc Rich got it -- the other room -- don't solve these moderates in the lower here. All of whom want a server right now -- object with a one Jack last week we end up Obama ever leave that puts -- we know lots of it is that. It. -- Okay. Well Jason struggled along I'd just talk to myself sit in the studio right now next it was just kind of talk and -- -- lessons last weekend they'll but I appreciate the long run arrangement that we have already know about nobody else policies way yes sorry sorry we couldn't -- -- are we couldn't get -- large refrigerator. Let's -- Jack. That's not that's needling Jack that's that's like poke in the era there Jack did a great job and windows though we like language isn't going to act -- DC it's a cup. All all I know all I thought that was for drug tests and I. Today outside the NHL's doing that on. I Jack this is good. Note and you know there's there's hope it's funny how. You get these little beads like everybody's historical Burton finally jacket. How close what is -- way across chemicals whose Burton vehement. European. Nine. Not not so it was never it was never close it was -- a -- All because the the orders keep going into these discussions and states he told Mo they don't -- They the owners keep saying no that's not the deal and they -- and yet they wanted to yes or no they wanted a yes or no from the players and of course. Hardly any negotiation is a yes or no until you get down -- the very end but now there is there's this little lead coming out of Pittsburgh at the Crosby Burkle a connection is gonna pull the -- story showed that. Which is which is kind of a neat idea and you know it's possible. But I I think it's just hope talking. Because. The owners are entrenched the players are angry and they're both guessing at how much the other side is losing. Everybody talks about well you know players lose a year of their careers well let's take it completely from a selfish Bruins standpoint. If this season comes and goes. OK that is a year that the players losing their careers it's also a year that the franchise loses while the window is clearly open. This team is gonna content for the Stanley Cup this year and next year unless something really unforced scene happens but if this year goes away. That's a year out of the window folks and that is some significant. Equity that belongs to this team that this team has built up that. They're just seeing gold by the boards because they can't come to an agreement. The only way I see this happening right now objectives of the players really give him you see that happening do you do you see -- desperate to the point where. As saying that we gotta get back we can't do that could be yours just seemed right now to just put up -- brick wall they are not willing to deal. I would say and this is purely one man's opinion from outside the culture of of which are about to speak. I'd say it is possible. Because. The Canadian culture seems to be. One that honors the throne so to speak. And and if you go on. The web sites in of the Canadian networks. That are you know their bread and water is hockey. And you follow those those fan comments. -- incredible compared to the US. How many fans are squarely aligned behind the owners and just don't even see the player's standpoint. Don't even see it the best analogy for this entire thing I I read this on on the TS and website like in August or something. And there it let's say there's a BMW it shall room and there's a 50000 dollar car in the showroom one of the Cheap -- So and and -- -- guy walks in me says the sales knowledge you get 121000 dollars for that card the cells -- laughs at him turns around walks away a week later the guy comes back in says the same salesman. I give you 161000 dollars for that car sales -- -- turns around walks away and the guy starts screaming. Thought I came up 3% in what Obama for you for that car. I am offering you thousands and thousands more dollars for that car then we offered before we've homes sold are in your direction. And the salesman's look at Angela yeah and you still like. 200%. Under what that car is Wharton and and that's where we are -- where we missed -- welcome back to work Ira has a couple openings and PR pitches and went and got a -- really -- John he could sell those Lexus the most knowing how to like I start I don't put an industrial. The latest point in your opinion the latest point vacated amendments say this miracles happen at the Christmas miracle on the NHL they've agreed to a deal with the latest. They can agree to a deal and still have a season worth looking at and talking about and broadcast. If you talked about history being guide and the 48 game minimum as Batman said in the dueling press conferences last Thursday night and Wallace. The forty game season being the minimum. I'd -- January 15 is the absolute. Drop dead date there are still have a month. -- -- about them a little over a month. A lawyer Robert that you'll notice that they're canceling games in smaller and smaller Blanche says right all along so there there whittling away lesson -- over done with 2012. We've got no -- C a 2012 New Year's Eve possibly 2013 on the table. It is right better be for the Edwards gala. And a you know we don't we if we only have so much room here and get things like ten became an adult family -- -- dog gone yeah -- actually only a couple of -- -- and went up and. It. It is you know -- in it's it's amazing when you talk about the difference. Up in Canada. And a lot of it has to do with they know how much these players are making and they align themselves more with the players. Than they do with the owners -- -- that -- you know shot up we're having a difficult time here in this economy just shut up and go and and and -- They can't identify with the other side so I think that's why you're getting some of that this thing you know -- The Boston bust my balls every single bank yeah a -- -- he's -- all sorts of stuff about our benefits it up suck it up art. All watch HL players is is a common comment out there well you know like you're not gonna sell tickets for a 115 -- in the more people watch HL player that is just the fact that lightly you know some attempt to separate. Children don't let a contract -- up benefitting from any of this -- -- their support from those. Yet college jockey brought him in just a different different ever acknowledge over ten you'll be the first guy it's like you know they need the NH deal. All of hockey museum Rachel is -- about a month ago is is that you know. Like it or not. Like it or not the people who run the National Hockey League are the guardians of the gains and they have to leave it better than they find and and that means. Delivering hockey fans on the second Wednesday in in October every single year they've blown it twice in the last nine seasons they've blown. -- -- I -- my -- sorry it's not go on wall fortieth but to -- -- a couple of pictures on the office she's gonna Frank Gore portrait. If you could kind of dust that off here today and still as is -- Ellis called portrait neo and the other side -- -- if you could just go. -- better get a listen I gotta get back to talking to don't want that job. Jack Edwards and Bill Walton purity of that -- let's get back to the -- go to Florida we go to Iowa Alan Alan. Return Eric Michael. You don't think this system I don't know what used to work bridge here I mean. It's totally absurd with -- you know. I watch Monday night -- again I keep this fabulous organization has said the and I looked. This team is such a joke right now 39 million from an apple I hope they find a way out. If they looked at 39 million for him but Victorino who is seen his best days it Jonny -- I mean. It's just a joke. You realize. I have some plans I have ten brands have got to get to a that if you total up the amount of time it's a season ticket holders. It's over a hundred years you know what they wrote the only reason that general renewal is at every time John Lackey pitches at Fenway Park. They wanted to just go right here -- get a rebate. Ban. Refusing to I don't work when he -- I know I know but it won't work. But I just think. Price ticket agencies are people. Nobody every wants trying to get rid. I agree I think well I think and I think Michael I think that might be playing in December that our season ticket holders trying to get rid of their tickets. -- at a discount -- I'm just let you know. America's elicit -- yeah. Oh I don't think it's events and I'll be surprised if it's an epidemic like this where all or just body they're giving them away they'll be down to give it away season tickets you that document. And as it went -- -- -- kept the second day of the season this year get what they it was a great Houston Astros committed down 3040% off. -- -- pick -- grow outside of Fenway Park used to be 500 -- opinions. I'm not sure how much the secondary market is gonna pick up on a lot of mistakes he's tickets I'm like stub -- Oscar stub -- dislike of the intermediary. Com ace -- is buying the tickets I'm not sure I don't know maybe it is meant to -- Alan I think. That if you're not -- if you if you -- honest with yourself. And you look at your team and you say to yourself are we a legitimate content and grant you that your goal you'd try to go and win. And make it into the policies -- -- much in the you don't try to win. But you've got to honestly assess your team and say where are we contender this year. Or we try to build something and we have a game plan with some of these young players we have over the next couple years we have a legitimate game plan. That's gonna put us in a position 1415. Or sixteen. How do we deal with this right not called a bridge and -- -- -- -- -- But there's this in between period. In which you have to keep the fans engaged Mike Napoli is not going to do. Shane Victorino was not gonna do what Jonny Gomes is not gonna do a guarantee that already found out. They didn't get a surge in ticket. Interest at all off of any one of those sites okay. What's gonna do it. If you're gonna get tickets and get the public engaged again. Is doing what they've done in the past even of people with displayed great discipline. Throw money overpay for Josh Hamilton I would rather heavy lesser player. Playing Mike -- position. -- cheaper dollars. And use that money to get a Josh Campbell but I think -- -- never get -- answer to everything in America but he did he can't shoot some of that excitement that emotion -- -- he gets it I want.

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