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Patriots face tougher test this Sunday in the San Francisco 49ers

Dec 12, 2012|

We delve into one of the Patriots marquis match-ups of the season and look at how the Patriots will try and compete against one of the best defenses in the NFL.

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Let's get into the unit to the patriots because you knock off Houston metric you -- them. You wipe them out in the in the game on on Sunday night you did it right from the Jacoby Monday nagged at my -- yet a phenomenal game playing going out again. This team presents some different problems -- to worry about Houston being able to match you out there on the field offensively. I don't think that's the case right now. When you're dealing with San Francisco their offense does not frightened I'm not saying that there are they can't score they can't score. And is it methodical as Houston was San Francisco needs a lot of different things to happen for them. To maintain possession of the ball and a school. In this game. I think San Francisco is going to have to play outside the box and score more than they normally do because of what you've got with the patriot high powered office. Well they are they are creative though I know it's a very good offense is not -- of the sounds like a contradiction but it's not. They don't have an explosive -- they don't that's out there did but they do have a creative offense they did -- hey you know what they wanted to do. And they have to be creative to do it on a consistent basis. And they usually pull it off I'd dated dated more last year people were up more last year -- they have. This year. Mean I had never thought I would see the 49ers for example. Play Saint Louis. Pass up such a difficult time with Saint Louis. Difficult time to -- difficult time winning. They have one against David played two games against him coordinated and win against the rams. But I think last year everybody knew they wanted to feature Frank Gore. And they wanted to get Vernon Davis involved in the passing game somehow outside guys out guys were just guys they really. That the focal point of their profits were two guys. Frank Gore in Vernon Davis and that's the same thing this year last year ability that are really good job of of designing runs. Get those guys going even though the chances were preparing for the -- into what they they knew. -- you do what was coming and they did it anyway. And they did a pretty good job of spring in their guys visuals and -- is going to be tougher it is tougher for them to do that now but they do a nice job of that. Is it's safer to say safe to say anyway. That Frank Gore is not the threat that are in Foster Wallace. Well he's not that's I don't. Another mr. I don't know I stopped. Paraguay are offering I liked francoeur an awful lot run on electric current offer don't want I tell you one vs the run defense of the patriot. I feel. Are far better about them stopping. Or containing. I'm Frank Gore than I do about it -- in Foster and they contained on Erin Foster the only thing you you worry about here they don't have a great set. All full of receivers in this from Randy Moss doesn't scare me though he would not surprise me at all. This Egypt hobble open up the game try to go deep to Randy Moss -- open things operate under the bright -- that would not surprise. But dumb. Crabtree is more of your possession guys are -- Davis does concern me because patriots have a difficulty with the tight end and he's a unique idea he's -- -- -- got. Great speed he's -- not your prototypical. He's fighting a cat and he's the guy that is the biggest threat in their passing game. But history here is that what it all comes down. It it all comes down to -- -- How does he handle the moment. He's only started four games. Now they'll run that option with them. And with Frank Gore backed Iran a threat Frank Gore running the option becomes quite effective. Because he can handed off to gore or if he sees an open like you did -- like he did last week he can take it himself. And he runs that option very very well he's OK so a lot of it is assignments again defensively. Off that offensive like is that offensive line will go in one direction upper -- off the option will go on the opposite direction so yes that worries me on the other hand like. To feel a little bit more confident. In that you've got a Bill Belichick defense here it's going up against the young quarterback. When you look at the patriots. Earlier in the season. That defense was very even -- the defense is no longer bundle. They're far more exotic than they were early on in the season they're doing different things they're bringing Gregory up now that he's healthy right there running that safety pushed they're bringing guys at different they're taking some chances. I think that -- project is going to get a little bit confused the the one thing that always scares me against the patriots is when you've got a seasoned veteran quarterback. We just reads exceptionally well and to read on the fly and know when you're changing things up that's a Payton man. He can pick them up you've got a call tapper back in there he's got running ability so he told a Baltic. -- has the legs to be able to extend applaud -- I give you all of that on the other hand is you -- likely. Against the defense which changing up here from week to week. To make those big mistakes and that's patriot defense -- They for sure the mistakes they made immediately yardage before -- and mistakes and then they take advantage -- let's go back from there for corporate. There who did this this is memo. This is the bailout outnumbered and I don't know who I know extent on a puppet on the table right now a big fan. Of Frank Gore. Number one comedy -- -- -- Foster this. And I -- fifty some. Eric Foster is averaging three point friend Frank Gore won't have more -- There have -- averaging three point nine yards here. Court averaging five yards to carry -- this year he's having a better cities in terms of yards per carry right area of Foster that's 12. You grew -- with kids like it. You know there's a scary house industry. Q and how. I'm not gonna -- some can -- -- -- until it. Frank Gore's accurate Frank Gore won't go into any situation for we've got to have some like Chuck Norris. Type stuff on for a Frank Gore on Twitter hash tag Frank Gore would do this. Mean he's he's unbelievable he's -- small. Tough rugged running back who -- top -- deductibles and this for the rest of remembrance and love are telling get a little more respect I have respect for for -- I also. I also have tremendous respect. For Vince Wilfork for -- Jerod Mayo for spikes in the things that they've been able to do. Against the run this team has been very good against Iraq even when we were beating up on on the defense. It was it had nothing to do. With him stopping the run I am not worried about the on the I'll go back to -- did that what you said on not on Monday were talking about the -- you. Yeah homer that was station okay day you said. I'm worried about he's not worried about it which is right I'll worried about Hitler I. Now you past Houston on a -- if you are you worried about Sampras is known not as much as you were ordered a war that Frank Gore issue that brought. Also patriots have been very good again. And don't stand in the dismissed Frank Gore in understanding the players and -- of Asia that he wanted everybody to be home he's just a player your kids -- and I know he's a player who shouldn't be dismissed. Via homer pick the patriots to win. -- Be concerned about offering -- That -- -- except I would say I might get -- he's a factor I will give you that -- he does not frighten me. The way that house in your neighborhood he doesn't frighten me in this game I think that's what the patriots do well beat the 1 thing I am concerned. Is that little option that they right now they've seen options before -- So but that's the one thing that at -- because it's the one thing I think the camper nick can do. Certainly much better than -- and -- with you can't really run that type of office so they have a wrinkle off of their profit Jim Harbaugh obviously felt that Alex Smith. Couldn't extend the offense and you it would get into the playoffs scope what you're up against -- yeah what about it but the quarterback is still right now. The major weakness in the 49ers. It's what I believe will prevent him from going to the Super Bowl -- again and to go to the suitable I think it's gonna prevent them go to the -- outdistanced. Went out -- with jeopardy. He's he's different than Alex Smith because these past. -- -- -- You got yourself until I mean that's something I just said I don't do them well if it is not like well the quarterback is the weakness because is. You know all we can do was run that option Michael -- be terrific he really is about that a few times -- three years from now -- can be terrific I do not fear. I can't predict in a game in Foxboro. In December when the temperatures in the thirties I don't nightly talk I don't. Because he didn't think you're being an example. You're leading by example this is what I'm talking about you your -- board. Your board jump I -- the did you not. Look and say the defense the patriot defense. Will be challenged more by the Houston offense that by the San Francisco office yes okay. And I did they do against the Houston office just shut and okay they shut them. So that the fourteen points they scored were -- in the game was over late in the game they ought to zip ball up there on board for good portion of of this game. This this offense is not nearly. As good as what they faced him in Houston I'd certainly there's nobody that fits the the the description of Andre Johnson okay and are they have running backs who gets the ball -- last week. In this situation when you look at San Francisco's office they have a quarterback. The four games ago was handed over the starting job it's still a controversy. In San Francisco. He needs you now in the next two weeks come to new -- And win this game. Against the patriots were playing their best football of the season. He's coming east and cold -- he's going on this turf. Where he's playing in San Francisco -- wonderful weather in a different condition out there so they epidemic that your second thing is there's even more pressure in the back of his mind. Because next week they have to go to Seattle. Who's playing well right now are at their division original declaration is still much sewn up right. So the next two weeks this tremendous pressure on this kid who's constantly going to be looking at -- sideline saying the -- which meant for strict discipline and real expert. I think -- is right now. The weak -- and I'm not saying that the kids not going to be terrific player two or three years from now. He said four starts here. That's it. To many. Against this defense that starting to ramp up. And play well he needs to play error free football I don't think he's capable playing air right or -- or wouldn't be. Right now in a situation. Where I think it's tough predicament. Talk tough predicament -- the really. And I must say that Alex Smith good matchup reports that Tom Brady component report migrant. I understand why -- -- -- he's looking at the plant -- same competition we have to play. Quarterbacks we have our defense is terrific but damn what don't lose games sixteen to end. Sixteen that's what we're gonna do we're gonna we're only limit the other offense but we can't score enough points so I need somebody that's. That it's gonna give me that element pick and Ronald little but the can change things up that might be it would give me some more points on the other hand. Alex -- was making mistakes and you know -- not a big fan of Alex Smith R&R I'm not. But he doesn't make a lot of mistakes and that's -- quarterback rating is so good that you go to football awful -- you make a lot of mistakes. And it is not gonna be put in a position where there and asked him to do. And Alex Smith that a young kid and saying -- we need -- scoreboard every site. Everybody acts like this is something that does happen overnight you know they got this thing called practice. So you think Jim Harbaugh had seen Alex Smith verses. Calling -- -- in practice. Four for two years we -- -- low -- yes and and has an has studied both Arnold offer has seen both guys. In situations -- love for god and I just pulled the cup. What was going on there. -- -- -- -- -- It. So. And so may have played that that book opens today were those caught in threatens. Exactly I thought I hit a responsibility. To pick anybody's -- -- -- that I spoke. To Michael like distracted maybe it is anything. -- up you trust and I'm proud. Of you to Africa. I guess what it. The Rolling Stones. You know he that the Rolling -- state and I think it's big jagr. They're wrong you know. Pissed off -- when the -- this. It's look at his face -- was -- Mike legislators are useless and I see the name of the band with him was LTD featuring. All -- -- better and that's. -- is it about the ruling -- in the Genesis. In Omaha are. But you know I had to go -- Rolling Stones concert and then come out with some dude. At that leads trigger in my job is the only -- Jay-Z we still still alive isn't he and they don't perform like -- I would -- -- -- wanted to get right to the folk calls get your two cents on his game I mean this this game scared. 6177797. ID three settlement.

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