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Tom E Curran, CSNNE, on the Patriots-49ers matchup

Dec 12, 2012|

Tom E. joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Patriots upcoming battle against NFC powerhouse San Francisco. He tells the guys how the Patriots offense will handle the 49ers strong front 7, as well as how Lloyd will factor into the passing game. He also updates the boys on the secondary, sharing who will most likely see playing time come Sunday.

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And then. Then. I don't I don't know it's yes. About comparisons to well like this that you just try to focus on their job he tried. There's a lot of players -- it. You count on and that depend on view in the YouTube. And that's what makes an eighteen game that's the best teams win. The most important -- is that a group of players that. They're committed to doing their jobs. This edit your your role to play quarterback grossly quarterback you're -- especially schedules that they scout team running back fats that your -- -- took their role change just who can do him. Thank you guys coming -- I got anything. I was Tom Brady earlier today Gillette Stadium Brady and Belichick speaking get except for -- and forty -- Sunday night at Gillette Stadium NFL announced today at hockey league guns themselves. -- part of the broadcast on Sunday night NBC Collins worth Michaels the entire crew. Butler and 93 point seven WE -- I hear the -- bots that means it's time for Tom. Of CS and any Comcast as well brought to you by as always Tom and if Wes Welker Seri doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair. Happy 121212. Tom and you celebrate this day. Very very hard in your life and your family. Next level that so -- could edit it all be honest with you what -- really looked forward to. And unlike Kevin McKenna we weren't quite well back in the eighties he says that we would get -- -- a weapon. A weapon a weapon because that's all just flashes every writer -- the slash mark between that. -- your month and today it he should stop flashes to a local ups and downs so. That was a much bigger one or let -- Yeah that's the next level conversation you memorial McKenna had Beckett -- it was so long ago to be probably end up to celebrating like -- -- right. -- to do anything. Government thank you -- that bank figure well -- -- could. -- You were there -- saw this team play the other night and I thought I talked about this yesterday Josh McDaniels. Had his best game this year. Called out offense Tom and Michael overboard and how well he except that game plan for the patriots. You know he's got some really good ones and I honestly it's a good question. I don't know I can come up with a better what popped up my -- much but he's got really good you know that they took the throw back up against the Arizona Cardinals when you're driving. -- -- -- Figured out what is personnel can do and I think Brandon Lloyd is a good. Example. You know moving away from a guy in one level -- You're -- cents. Which is what they did but still keeping him on change so that we knew immediately go back and look Brit awards did not excel he -- downfield receiver. And they try to and they pushed it and they want a game while doing it albeit narrowly against the New York. But they've created -- -- an opportunity for a and they get in -- in the off and on Monday night not -- you'll be here. At the same level frequently -- -- pit stop these forward be pleased what people and they've really use that. -- play action strict complex stuff. Well not really -- with play action on strictly. You know. To a to a great great great reward on Monday night and I think a lot of that -- much as you pointed out have to do to us you know. Know what -- can do that to extract. I think I was about five minutes in my life yes they were discussing the impact it's all -- can have impressed -- the seats at. Because dogs on the IR he's done Deion Branch comes back but. Get back that wide she called brittle and in particular I can't believe you made up all that stuff about how Tom Brady didn't trust him and values you know wasn't being used probably wasn't be -- like the rest of us we just sort of made that stuff up was actually real that we just -- Well here's the funny thing -- I never really said pat I don't think the people pointed out when actually it is vehicle low rate of return receipt for. I don't think that the trust the issue was there I think that it became. Clearly established. By anyone is watching the game. -- our objective that they're a fingerprint award could not do that the patriots so because they hope to picket free outside the numbers -- feel it -- into Monday night. Okay get a double -- to get himself open up play action that's a big difference between beaten man coverage and getting free. She's a low rate of return receiver. Monday night it was pretty good six sketch of that online -- targeted. But you know he's not -- somebody who's going to be a more reliable target. On most nights and Wes Welker rob -- -- -- Hernandez. Doesn't mean you bet. Certainly he's a total and abject disappointment. Is relative to what we expected. Not this. Not what we thought we were getting. It's people who watched the -- the stock I trust one. Certain -- certainty that the game on the line in the game winning situation that like. -- a bigger shock to me ounce on Monday night was key to leave when he was in there Tom following Andre Johnson around from one side of the field to the other -- the patriots say you play left you play right no matter what receivers there were you surprised. That they basically locked up to leave with Johnson and said here's your guy. Italy eventually left of the hip injury. What was because they have talented quarterbacks. In the past six or seven years he's a great years. Including but -- -- ally in infrequently was payback from Iowa it was probably would act. They're people Belichick would pain to go -- go copper -- now good point was made. On the body -- I don't care how good Kyle -- -- or -- on both senator might have been able played Andre Johnson. Are both 5859. Cannot reach our victory concern the body can't keep two -- 61 to a -- Make compared physical match up would but I also think -- cover skills are such that. It's not a watch between Yemen and some of the guys was a little shorter and say well. There's no matter hundred chances it could get it anyway and in the one place amid the plenty. That stood out to -- much. Would support with the reception by them according you have what side of the lot and the key to lead civil up with Andre Johnson. And new plane that cover one which is -- safety in the middle he sent playing center field. -- -- about what Ortiz didn't hit to the sides shot but thought he spoke with the played covered. And help -- slash arrogant or on the other side. And ultimately came up with a -- so that basically was saying I know so we can deal -- I'm great shot there was no I stopped going on you to do well. -- -- -- when women came back he could look straight up old. And and according to you know what we'll fight over that we got the -- What -- things I thought went. -- did -- the game was standards play actually in that game. On hundred just what you said even though the body type but there were some injuries here -- -- first reported the debtor in and to lead it looked okay. Everything on -- -- -- we stand as far as these three guys here on Sunday night. Arrington is police he concern because they key to their truck by Justin Francis and he spoke after the game when we approached Saturday after the game. Turkey a couple of injury. So it goes at least he has and how we. But you let them locker room toll wasn't in the locker -- system I don't think -- the standard. What bothered by is not going to limit him. And that to leave should be able to play with his hip injury again that's that's not a guarantee people have to remember that work. -- changeable thing -- injuries and that includes. Outlook if you -- to do proper account you reportedly according to our Propofol but. Maybe got on the practice field but I would still. You very reticent about think the patriots would use him before the end of the regular season could happen but I think there will be very reticent to do so. Don't that the more cautious given a setback Hernandez had -- one point eight the report was against Aaron came back in and said he was fine and then. You missed even more time if your week fifteen year. I don't seem to is a 100% Tom that they feel that way think. I think it buddy art too though but you know -- Before our that he fractured. You know you can get hit you get a -- into you can follow on Iran. But those are may be out of the ordinary plays and he's cleared to play it should be fine to go on. But I think with Hernandez in the ankle you're gonna be using your ankle. 27 times on every six yard -- Just like taken steps to -- -- so they're different I mean you're probably could get away with it. But what -- and I picked it up might be the mindset that they'll have going into this. You know you're going to the playoffs. What bother having someone who's. Maybe get 7% out there in game against Jacksonville and Miami to -- note that your good enough team to beat them without him. It's up for weeks now a -- what they have seen -- missing three teams right patriots Denver in Houston is it's still three teams have to waste our money now it comes to Houston. Yeah I -- -- thanks so and I think that you have to look at -- -- -- because this scene. You know I don't think that the patriots are particularly the market by either team. Because they've had success against them back into both those teams have to happen -- in the back of their minds was that. What this is a team that we could match up well especially in Denver they score crap well -- -- every time we play. A -- picked it up a couple of plays that they could say that won't go away from us. Of the Marriott on the fumble. The other will be key fumble was slippery and it's like sit sit sit around you know what. We killed assault that it will. But I think that Houston. Is so it's gonna have that's sticking in there has a little bit but when you look at proceeding. Yet in the patriots could play as well they have over the last seven weeks in at least -- until this -- -- Denver win. It back on the outside looking in when it comes first round -- What do you think it Jim Harbaugh and the job he's done their its efforts Cisco common and I say that because a conversation earlier about the Texans. And the 49ers out of the 49ers organ team outs and they're. They're they're more well coached and Houston Texans are. I think the organization. Coaches attacks -- I think the way that you make your point about how you're gonna -- your organization it's really important as well I think there's not a lot of ambiguity. The week you are bought those -- a million ways to cope well Tony Dungy took a one way. Bill Belichick are that the mother. Jon Gruden did another but I think -- you know. When you're taking over a program you can't be ambiguous about what you messages that which Jim Harbaugh has spent and that's why Bill Belichick the same way. You need to be decisive about the decision -- making. You have it seems like you're being indecisive thank you cannot predict how xmas -- When he makes -- feel. The cap predict the guy you could win more games and put more stress on defense but you can call -- called -- and it. You don't leave yourself to some other thing Michael what about the feelings political and media political and ACC you know what I'm making this decision being decisive. And that's how I want Uga Uga players well -- while -- applause -- -- -- bedside manner that I find it annoying. I think as a coach he's very good because he's he's very simple message to the team. Get -- on this that Roger Goodell reputation take a hit yesterday Thomas Paul Tagliabue vacating all the bounty gate suspension of the players involved. Definitely I think I think it definitely did because. You know -- -- sixty. Your predecessor. Explain. That you overstep humor. In being so penal to the players who had so many cases. Appear to -- Just working at the behest of Gregg Williams in the organization I think -- -- -- screwed this up pretty bad. By trying to be so draconian penalties if you needed to do better opposite. You know it's going to be a lot from -- all. And that's that's the stepped in orbit till it's. This just feels like indication the players as if they didn't do something that was reprehensible. That's not the case they did something reprehensible and took it to the next level of trying to say. Let's not -- water but not culprits are in if you look far enough into the PowerPoint presentation. Gregg Williams used they wanted to get Peyton Manning's Super Bowl. I -- -- -- -- art it's a -- would make people think twice this you have to do in the context of the rules. And the enormous -- simply did not do that. Roger could tell damaged his reputation by overstepping his bounds and trying to send messages with the penalties. And up. It's too bad there's going to be a lot Shockley who Drew Brees is mentioned on Twitter noticed something you can't get back in what you don't deserve to get it that. For what you get those players did if they're not indicated. They just at the suspension -- -- the Drew Brees victory. -- is -- nauseating at best what he's done on Twitter quick Lance never nauseating tomorrow night Comcast. Yet we're gonna have a good show. We get some good stuff -- Jerod -- yesterday and we're gonna have -- got into Cisco. Our Comcast -- that this situation out there that do a terrific job cover the niners will give you all you need to know. Thank you Tom we -- down at the time. Tommy current joining us brought to you by Tom and Wes Welker -- doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800 get here. I'll continue mix in some your phone calls and if you missed it earlier -- wanna play some highlights there were plenty highlights Bill Walton join us earlier. Interesting thoughts on basketball have both for your next.

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