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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, on Pats-Texans: 'I was thoroughly impressed with the defense'

Dec 12, 2012|

John and Gerry review the Pats-Texans blowout with the Globe's Greg Bedard as they discuss the Pats' aggressiveness on defense and why they waited so long to start blitzing. They also talk pats secondary, especially the way they used Aqib Talib and Devin McCourty, and how they held the Texans pass rush at bay.

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Two is over our number three Dennis and Callahan. Did show midweek means Greg Bedard on football Boston Globe football writer NFL Greg joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE good morning Greg aria. Got to tell you are you warm are you more oil for. -- only guy Greg you fascinated by everything that happens over there with the royal family. Since mile long and triple a little bit more. -- -- Well he's chairman -- if that's true Kate Middleton is hot. Dean has more Camilla about. That pick Camilla. Yet again she's got the this crazy hey I gotta tell you a Wednesday without your column and without your -- system it just leaves a little something missing a preview and around -- way what -- on Monday night Greg Bedard impressed you most about that impressive patriot game. Well. You know I've I've gotten to dive into the -- deputy defense. Yesterday. Because I'd had looked over some of the offense during the blowouts like to gauge how they dealt with. JJ watt but. I would like I was -- impressed with the defense overall I mean. Really the only stop that I had a the much of a problem when there was some shoddy tackling well in late in the game but outside of that I just thought instrument so the thing that really jumped out. Was that. The patriots with. 21. Times and -- gain and percentage wise that's the most. Since the Steelers scheme in 2010. Betty. They went after. They went after a nonstop in it didn't it didn't stop at any point I mean even when police -- out it only increased after that and I have the emperor. They're -- in 30% of the time report will be put -- an injury. They put 60% of the time. Even with the scoreboard told to like it was so. That was very impressive that. It was. There it was 52% of the time they -- I've never seen anything like that spurs percent cut the most. Since 2010 that I've been. You keep track revenues even the Steelers team that -- talked about it that the schedule will be worse. Just because of how many times Roethlisberger to the next day. Doesn't beg the question why coach why didn't they do this -- and second part of that question is does that indicate some sort of seat change in bill Belichick's philosophy. Not to me I don't think so I mean -- to me he watched in the need. He might about it if they -- slot for a couple of reasons I thought that this was a very similar team plan to what we saw against the colts. Where they -- 30% of the time. Excuse it to -- correct flexible -- area. -- it was 52% from this from the book 31%. Against. The colts -- -- both those -- divert some more. In that. They to a lot of they do a lot of outside running and and they try to run play action -- commitment take a lot of deep drop so. I AA and also I think that the quarterbacks are a little bit similar in that. They wanted they wanted to make sure locked. And shop got a little bit flustered because you let them sit there they can pick your part but. You know one of the confidence in the game once match job constantly had. Happy beat and he was having a lot of trouble and I think that was the patriots speeding them up blitzes that was rhetoric you'll be you know. Our I don't know we've seen them rise up and vote percentage some games he dropped down I mean look in the ball and it was 8% this one. You know 52%. For the -- 40%. It's very much indeed whipping -- you could tell that the defense is gaining confidence and there executing much much parliament where for. What do on the offense Greg do you see any reason this can't continue I know -- Cisco's got a great defense they're and they give up six points fewer than Houston fourteen points a game which is pretty amazing but. It seems to me when Brady's in the zone when they're all working together when this real. No synergy on this offense that they can't be stopped that they will put up thirty plus. Will -- answer some nine. Because this is without question the best defense -- -- That the best defense by far they've seen this season I mean I know the taxes stats wise block all blogs they're really good but as far as. You know without -- -- -- Brooks reed with some injuries in the secondary. Not as good as their statistics would indicate. Especially if you know Josh McDaniels is calling game like he did the other night where he's just. Spinning the dial between. Their running game between short passes. Between deep shot. It was it was very impressed with trusted the other night but this -- Cisco defense. Is a completely different challenge and -- won't know. Exactly how much of a juggernaut this patriots -- On some and I against the this organized team which is just you don't get much more physical. And defense you -- the patriots prime themselves. Well you're what is your opinion of -- -- obviously. It was a big deal and went to -- nick and we think he has a bigger upside and we think he can do more than Alex Smith but can he. Win a shootout Kenny hang in there and issued -- -- Brady. -- question and I don't think so at this point in time. I ended here just reporting matters not I mean I could play that style game but that's not. What -- go for -- mean mayor bill for com. In all lower scoring grudge match but there's no question a -- -- gives them. Much more explosive ability than Alex Smith does and I think that's. That's why they went to a man also his ability to work outside the pocket. It just gives. Yeah in -- -- certainly can economy did that you tried doesn't with the 49ers went you know cap predicts completely different time and that just. Make the defense have to game plan for so much more also have to worry about so much more arm. You don't play -- and and anything else so -- it puts more pressure on the defense and I think that father went to. It was the scariest guy they're going to see obviously it's collective. Deal with a bunch a guys assault Smith the linchpin of this whole thing. A EUU. Pretty good but you know as a result we -- JJ -- You know conflict at the patriots are better than anybody at limiting kind of export some guys on the -- I mean. To me it's going to be but linebackers the inside linebackers. Patrick Willis and the horrible mean those guys just -- Jerod Mayo was playing extremely high level right now. Which is good the I think that Bowman in Willits on our step above them at this point and be. You know that's one thing about this team the -- that means that -- -- shut down at that limit the guy like. All dismissed. You still have. You know all these up but the guys will step Bowman to Brooks Justin Smith is all losses -- JJ watt. Was the best report deep on him in the game until -- -- this year. Com real Ray McDonald get after people -- just they'll they'll blitz linebackers public quarterback -- uses it. They will be relentless and the problem with the team is that you don't know where it's gonna come from. And you -- in and away the patriots are starting to become like that which I think is benefiting them big time -- -- Circling back to mention JJ -- do you look at Houston differently today than you did last week. No question. I mean I thought I'd questions and and you wanted to might. Preview before the game on game Dayton epic game but the patriots at the end that but the papers when comfortable. Because you're about what they're tied the game but as far as the Texans after watching especially their offense. There's no question might feel different about them because. I thought they would they were out of there were permanently weaken Mac game I think part of the reason that the patriot with them continued to put them so much. Is because they -- the year in the eyes of a rush job and some of their receivers and and there are there are -- the line. The pitchers -- was good good job but. You know. Some of those guys flat out choked out there right and I IP could say that. As a whole for their entire often I was early on in produced my first real up close look at shop. I was thoroughly unimpressed with and the patriots -- -- -- someone you would doubt about hitting him relentlessly. Throughout the game but. He he just he didn't community he'd -- didn't. He looks gear today interception that he threw them a forty I mean that the that the basic -- -- quarterback work Alec Brady look off to. Deceit he would topic like -- -- -- -- a step yet shop completely locked arm but here's the entire way according made a great read at all. As for the plate -- are asked the patriot defense what in your opinion and I'll probably agree a number of things but what's the primary reason this patriot defense is has made the kind of progress they've had the last bill for five weeks great. I think it's just I think he's just. The play calling to me I think they're just letting the guys be more aggressive. This is something that. A lot of us were calling for. In the wake of the second built game political game where you know they were playing extremely past they'll put tempers haven't -- in the neighbor didn't. To pick apart the secondary I think they're they're now taking the game the opponent they're being much more physical but being reactive. Matt this is something that we've seen from them in the past I mean if you're number last year the pictures were terrible on defense for good portion of the season. -- embassies in -- of November and December they played much better started coming -- the quarterback much more I just think this is -- natural progress the Bill Belichick. Moved toward it and they've done a nice job and again. Do you think they have a shot at the top seed do you think Houston may stumble again here Greg. I do because I think they have the colts twice -- -- the -- -- really -- up at this point in time I think will see the Texans. You know really beat up on them. This weekend it's the only may have to be embarrassed about what happening -- the -- they do you have to call one more time it'd depend what. It is you know what colts have played warned that came. You know what we'll see him and I'm more worried about. You know the papers need to take care of the business that he their own business to conduct and then we can talk about it but I you know I think Denver. Members can be tops of the pitchers you're gonna need to keep pace because you know they have the Broncos have soft schedule I'll see them lose. It's go to him Greg Kevin -- a morning. -- -- On we released anything into Rob Gronkowski that this Sunday would be week four and everything you do is set about taking care of business against San Francisco. I wouldn't think so. You know from what I hear that there still are being gronkowski Europe. On in the playoffs the thing about Shiancoe is that they play two different positions in the patriot offense in the pictures used to different items. In -- -- state line why tight man may have been using you know fell and 00 there -- Durham dropped absence and then you know I think it says more about that they feel more solid about -- and the -- -- this point in time. Any continues to look better and better because Shiancoe it was really backing up Hernandez. And that's why he didn't play very much so I think that the -- looked at. Did they were abused roster spot for now the men and decided to move on. Plus it was a ball in his hands got intercepted right that's unacceptable and build world -- -- it. And evidently you know anybody else other than what's Walker's right. They know they will they've put content if Talib is healthy is his job going to be lock on the number one receiver will be he'll be on Crabtree. Will he be on Justin Blackmon or or whoever else is on the schedule in the in the playoffs is that the plan going forward giving Greg. Napster. I'd -- ticket to game plan thing it whatever they think is going to be you know most effective I think against the Texans in the electric colts -- I'm Reggie Wayne while the Texans have a few more weapons I mean really. You're -- the entity just don't want. -- ought to be human. You know maybe it wasn't all the time economists -- a little bit but you know -- put to -- out there on Camelot they also gave him. It's seek the -- open. Linebacker help underneath. So I -- it very much a game plan thankfully definitely gives them flexibility I think that they like. You know just that the that the basis guys you know when you look out there instead of you know Kyle Arrington -- -- command and Denard. Notorious the guy who's six -- one apparently just the parents of that makes you wanna look elsewhere so. Again in our guards that be you know the patriot like that I I do think that factor. A final question for me -- -- given Tom -- stellar performance on a Monday night national stage up big MVP points in voters' minds having watched that Monday night. I don't think there's a question and you know I know a lot of people. It's going to be between him and Manning and I think on how they finished -- and then you know what Tom's done so far. You know way -- Rogers is also going to be in the picture. But I definitely at this point. I don't know how people couldn't be compressed to what. Tom Tom's done and he's been consistent throughout the season work. -- Payton man struggled a bit at times early on he's and then I think he's doing against the higher degree of difficulty yourself. I think -- and a good position on the strip. Are you a voter. Not when you vote on mr. born on something. I'll be. Don't -- in the pro football weekly in the air pro football writers association also. -- -- when -- plays the MVP vote. You know after the season I think we'll get their their ballot before we embassies in but it you know to regular season award right it doesn't matter what happens. And I don't I don't think it matters -- -- Peterson does either hasn't said it's just more important more valuable with the quarterbacks -- and which is why the quarterbacks are gonna go thirteen and three in the running backs -- -- eight Nate. There's no question I mean what -- he's done is just unreal but. His team isn't I'm gonna go thirteen three so I picked -- argue with that. The quarterbacks this year I would love to give it to somebody else on the quarterback but it's quarterback -- win without penalty one. And you know vikings don't have. Column to -- tomorrow daily correct. Greg Bedard on he has 1012 hours today on on this problem is that what it takes credit. -- got to get rolled again. Greg Bedard on football Boston Globe good talk and -- talked -- Wednesday Greg. Very good -- -- Boston Globe but that's the -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE.

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