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This edition of D&C is brought to you by the letter WHYYY?!

Dec 12, 2012|

Dino wants to know the following: Why has Mike Napoli not been introduced to the media? Why did the NHL Players Association hire Donald Fehr? Why is the Australian radio station in trouble? Finally, why was Heart inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? The guys also discuss Paul Tagliabue's lifting of suspension in the NFL bounty scandal.

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I start in another direction but open well done by the way. By mr. touch deal. Raise the question. The hell are our dogs. Good question where are our dogs you'll slide the role of the world shoot guns you said well. Well. Who. Well -- said. I'm eleven and Texas and asked you guys it's probably -- a two pairs of twelve ready to ship like at 120 wearing gas kicks off exit question agency said. Are on the way -- it maybe someone is walking in to us from like the -- and where in the holster and Wear them out of the break demand for a us what was most famous. One word question that Nancy Kerrigan ever uttered in her entire life. -- -- it. Brought you by the letter -- I could answer that war. In that respect it if you really want to know. I. Mean I bureau data on my -- I know it is for on the reads yes I kind of got an eskimo. That. -- -- -- We're past that -- Sunita and recovered nicely from. -- -- very badly and tackle rather. Marco brother of the other makes. For. Some of them all the fathers. -- -- -- -- -- And that kind of a Wednesdays are no -- I regret it and I think. It was Tim Tebow back in the day every right every talk show every sports show -- Tonya Harding is secured itself but so it'll -- or way to watch those to use it against each other -- as the mother Brenda who as you know. 00. Are actively she's legally blind. Cameraman AM. 000. Cameraman trying to get a shot. And position to Nazi spy in Britain and never thought he whacked in the side of that camera on. This topic development and it gives mother all the which -- yet. It's silly cameraman was lucky that her brother wasn't in the decision -- to go or a cameraman might be so I refuse to talk about other daughter of the screen in this complaint why didn't. And tell until my storm flight attendant her -- -- Seven live appearance of Christ -- -- and I was there. With -- never been said that live before or since then I've got a recruit more students now -- -- you have a ban or so I -- -- it's it's very cool it's one of those bucket list things right. Because most of it is not live it's really weird most of it is hate the new season and they screw up that -- In their let's say may be opens like twenty yen the opens lives but not much after that all the skits it. Anyway in her family was there and that some critical things in them in the lobby afterwards. When -- thirty robbery rupture. And they someone came up to meet you use her Brothers -- TCU and I'm like I did realize what lunatic and a brother wasn't a lot of yet we did he did come out of excellence at auto industry all started you know that's him that's Hammond said all. Exit stage left this title say so I leave and they stepped forward and walk I walked all the way back to a mild -- Which I believe was down by Madison Square Garden on. Which is like fifteen blocks but I like walk on the open -- them more time ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- likely westside story from the get mask it on the streets of Manhattan some -- in the should have been taught Chris could be I don't know why me not only wasn't there. But there was a whole group agrees policy. -- people all the employees working class folk -- most of them from and I spoke but they didn't like me and they want to kill me and I made a background pills like Beatles movie felt like it was the warriors made back to Staten Island -- whatever made -- home. After kit get me there. Now. The -- That's important today everyone's talking about Nancy Kerrigan right when we can become a. We as we went to we grew a little little wide program is being brought you -- the -- why would most famous. What were hurt question and -- did you ever ask -- wild -- so. I need some answers here my friends why. Has Mike Napoli. Not -- introduced. To the Boston. Media. And the deal was done middle or end of last week YA is Jonathan Vilma off the hook. In bounty gate. Why do we have to discuss bound by its moments later why has the national white did the National Hockey League players association hire Donald Fehr. Why. Is the Australian radio duo in trouble series -- that. And wiring trouble in my mind I think it's and say. And and and part two of that. Why would somebody kill themselves. Because that got -- in a telephone prank right in Boston a fool and and and perhaps most importantly why is heart. In the rock and roll hall of payment and William Hung is not talk. To me. Ten -- name you on the all lucky all this saying. -- better today and -- Now you remember got a big heart I have not given an edge slight edge over which we have not yet he goes to yeah. After -- of you like and problems undoubtedly did when you first heard. It's growing up. He. And so and so I don't know it is the first time I've started it's awful. The first -- -- the first -- heard that that's all you're routed by bringing this list in the bring in the list of bath best athletes to we're number twelve and we get the whole list. I don't want a list of wanna work on ourselves I don't know it don't get a little -- and -- didn't fit -- pretty -- and -- have a question for what. Would we mean. He's third MVP winning his third suitable that are being the best number twelve what's happening winter. Yeah yeah you throw you throw. -- is it possible size and kind and as you re older years. I got a headache that. -- -- We get at got a break forget Tom Brady let's talk about high says that -- always focused on the -- they need love and your query either so appreciative. -- Get a -- could get a good -- -- a -- and appearances -- ladies golf union and you are welcome back and didn't tell them they look good. In the stripes. At an awards almost right at them and asked if she looks like. I'll see you wanna work -- wanna make this easy I tell me which. It's their -- -- a couple of good sports question -- was well to delve into outright we don't read -- -- -- wow this camera talk about his arm. Where do you pick which questions doll's -- it's that will save -- -- twelve -- we need to know whether Dickie -- belongs on the same list -- Tom Brady had announced the -- more Donald -- it's simple the players want this to -- the -- is the biggest rude guy on the -- this -- an interesting story often read the -- when you view this disqualifies for me as one of -- but -- when it's over stories yes you know. But the headline how it's done about it it was the same way about peel away about funny game although yesterday it was a big development time I don't know why Jonathan -- is -- -- -- surface. Early on and -- gave us right argument. On about it gate. Is the players have a re a natural out here natural alibi is. Where players their coaches it to where players the coaches would -- our whole lives right there with -- -- what player. As the cash day stand them -- coach coach yeah I don't. I don't think this brownie thing is is right I don't think it's. Ethical or moral minute tickets over the line coach I mean you have a head coach and made a great -- coach with a good reputation. Of Gregg Williams one of the most news respected defensive cool and highest paid and you have a team and organization. Right. Back and it's and by the GM it was just ignoring all the emails and did -- but I'm not sure -- in the duke player is definitely Hargrove said the cash crisis I don't think that's so morally correct I said that day one we talked about this which feels like you know years ago but I said what player. But the -- thing changed the -- thing where he was and worry allegedly took his own money and put it on the -- -- and fun of other players right. I don't get -- that. Changes the equation if you're a player and you when you took the money. And you went along with the program you've got an excuse here I was just a player directions right you stand up and say I don't believe this coach you know what. You end up on the street would listen to check. Check check up never I'm glad they cut him and sent to violence it's running dissent that Shiancoe I was -- the problem is named so glad that Cottam. Daniel -- so much easier if Oklahoma Oklahoma is even harder. Jon Gruden and I are glad they cut anyway. You can't stand up to miss coach and Coach Williams this isn't right eight. -- open the leaders trying to eliminate head injuries in your name players start. Can't do that did Bill -- really and I believe he did really put his own money on the table. Asked allegedly as a 101000 dollars or so -- -- off the -- well I think it's it's it's circumstantial you know why I think it's a it's it's say it to you reach out to reach around. But -- reach out. To Vilma to see if they can appease him and drop his defamation suit. Against good -- which he has hell bent on pentagon not gonna do it no way he -- -- -- -- NFL you know one little. Player soon for defamation -- to click the resources could break him know that the what I mean at but I do agree that we teleglobe pensions eco -- it is a good a good deals ruling by saying you know this team was out of control team was -- was outlaw quality. Organization right right now and outlaw he created a -- And it was -- in the Georgia -- on the way and it's a great day for the players' union. Through raises act like they're vindicate him. Yet you guys nor did it did did did it and yes he's upset their names are mud. You do it essentially Jerry Tagliabue took your original tax the players were just -- in this situation they had no relief. Ability to say well resistant -- but bill was not one of those guys. He he's exonerated yeah I nobody's but -- all of those guys who was just they leave the mystery. So. In this report and I haven't foreign media. Oh ought to -- -- and I'm 31 -- thirty -- -- guess there's a provision that -- -- this -- SA Jonathan -- put his money on the table but he's just the players -- up to -- -- -- it was -- Key players two -- and the commission. And spokesman Jonathan -- engaged in conduct detrimental to leak. Don't you found at three participated. In a performance pool that -- key players including. Rewarding key plays including hard tackles Scott Fujita. Was exonerated. A new would be astronauts cut he's the game -- he's a very sensitive. It's very. You know cool cutting edge guys knew -- get -- He's nominee and the well. Him. We use. The years. Relieved and gratified that -- no longer needs about facing unjustified suspension. He wants and ran back. So you have the pace of what's angry and get after Goodell it. He. Noted that made the punishment in. In the guy's history will be simple. They had a bounty program they paid with the 2012. Season. Dallas office 2012. Season was ruined. By the NFL. And that notion I mean they never relinquished. In and Italy and come back next year Peyton can come back next year. Patent it now. It's not a whole lot so -- will be back action Brees will be back. Gregg Williams will his body will never be found. Like at the intensity and it -- -- computer maker. -- There. That's which is spot which -- -- who cares about Gregg Williams. But on the players that come back the complaint that live happily ever after. The punishment was simple they ruined the saints season one season that's. All right we've got through one Y question. AT&T we've done with -- 'cause I'm so sick of about a program AT&T text line is is blown up with ball hall of fame rock and roll -- wealthy people why and why -- Edgar winter what what do you think about uncle Edgar Kevin should be in the remarkable thing I'm sure. The problem is with rock -- by more than any other hall of fame it's like my thing with a retired numbers of the Celtics and Don Nelson's retired via retire anybody in everybody I mean just anybody play for the team. Little audience Danny Ainge -- number should be retired I mean if they -- -- -- And everybody should be retired because it was a mediocre player best. If you. Look at the rock general things as a million mediocre. Tanks and you say what about that you can use the same stand abuses or why is that right. Does not just a letter like baseball right you can -- metrics to also there's a lot of a text about Adam. Absolve those -- equipment. That's a bad girls try harder to you know this hour right Aaron yeah that's what a mother I think that Cedric Mac -- the -- as -- -- well out of debt and -- is it says they're proud chubby chase. Our front of me for -- But did when -- view. Fornication. Or locate. Yes with a heavy set woman in the big talk dressing room applicable a lot of that -- so much time sure but. As far as I can call it never form located in about. It's at a -- and last question on everyone's mind is Tom -- the greatest number twelve. We can do that he did screw up votes would have -- the day 121212. Vivian yeah but. I think can make -- that he's the greatest number twelve Greg Bedard will help us make or break that case at 805. 6177797937.

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