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We get one of the most ridiculous calls about the Patriots, ever

Dec 11, 2012|

Dave in Natick makessome of the most ridiculous comments about the Patriots and Tom Brady. These people exist.

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This isn't the Mexican National Anthem pro am -- god don't let out of here. Some odd -- and don't go to the an -- what a week of adversity. You know goggles. And -- new -- those that. And I hated us who loved his god yeah. People. I don't noted -- -- those yeah. And unless I'd love okay -- at least it wasn't six days along like -- that you. Are telling. I thought the F Filipino guys who knows you somebody doing a reading from war and peace and it was like for. He scored and I sit in my -- I've heard that before before paktia have you allowed me the -- before and I guess I wasn't listening. I understand some of that. But the Mexican folks at the the match at the -- immigrant afterwards I -- for throughout the -- you know the front in the lobby of the and Jim grant him his big boxing ring with a goal in Hawaii and seen it. And had a cowboy hat on the guy because the rodeos in town I'm not a mode guy and the alliance now -- had a cowboy fan and round and round and around for hours after this fight. Some of the Mexican revelers were. Just circling that ring and -- in the nationally in the -- Green Party was acts it was crazy in the lobby of. Vera Vera hockey crowds and based on grounds for programs not to like blocks and to whom you share the same thing when I thought and effort and ethnic Mexican aggregates. When I was out this morning bright and it'll Tyson can get out of prison for this fight was against me in the -- -- -- -- for ten days and and ten seconds for an event that lasted for humans that can -- that -- And that. The entourage especially Tyson I mean it that warm and ended June in the fur coats. And the gangsters I mean it's yeah kind of -- that could probably. I would think correlate Tyson fight back in his prime ultimate thrill I -- Tyson was there on this front I added I missed him in the interview room where note in the radio -- he'd been through earlier someone asked with -- thousand when the fight he said. -- wondered at it depends who the judges saw them. It because it. These guys had been gone back and forth for three full fights -- and a lot of anger over the decisions they made it for Pacquiao to win -- you know and that's what's disgusting about now I'd seen -- John you filed with -- close and I didn't see all -- fights that would controversial in myself -- of them right -- but it seemed so clear cut by honest people that you know Pacquiao -- -- to get to -- -- -- and it's ridiculous. Well and also he got a job that Bradley flight. -- -- -- that the birth of my revenue is you know following lineup you know and which is strange with. So it was very adjusting -- -- here -- -- in a row we had to you know drinking with bronco one night the next night. I was Larry bird's birthday -- Vegas. Wasn't excellence and Estes Pearl Harbor day December 7 December 8 the course was the fight in him he. The of don't forget the feast of the immaculate contraception over an incident at pictures from. And then then. The very next night Lenny has is has a grand daughter bull on them and then the next night that the patriots crushed that Texans it's been unbelievable. An unbelievable for your honor roll a few good and really have anything to report nothing and that's definitely happen but you that is -- last night and that's lucky you have Gillespie is billing Johnson isn't there the -- the kids were allowed the hardest dig in radio writer had last night and pulled it -- like a thorough. Let's go to Dan in Natick Allah dad. It's you know -- -- My you're on now you sound better now. Oh. Mum but don't talk about W quality you. Okay. Yes yes -- that is newsworthy. What I wanna know -- Why are we talking about that who cares about baseball who cares about Kevin Youkilis. Well little did anyone give a baseball you know -- you're sounding very sticking them British -- when you say. Our opinions and integrate linkages direct support him on the -- -- just won a huge game last night right right even. Who get up there. Let's talk about the pitcher right Texans got about the pats don't tell people what to talk about it. Look at that then go ahead OK you do a little bit game I mean absolutely nothing good it will protect those -- now. Aren't you glad you called talk about the patriots big win last night. Delicate thing is all concrete about the event page at the number one number on the power rankings all that. -- and didn't need to win neck and they need to. So they well I'll I don't wish to try as they were trying and it Monday guys played well one sees is still up from around it. And how do you by the way how can you be prepared for game and ran up the -- of the formation penalty. I mean look that's on them you can -- -- you don't see that oughta just ask used the way it did and it did your point is that the patriots what aren't that good. All of the pages target -- the thing is. Second getting me back and as much as we treat it prudent OK -- do that now now what. OK so the thing that protect -- who would have left. You'd like to -- the Minnesota Minnesota. Pre w.s and an animal feed and other pages have to go to Asia and to beat them how it's going to be a little bit different story once that happened to my -- To azeris let me just get a stop -- what you just said these bigots of the here is to be number one seed right. Okay because they have Indian Minnesota and -- two to three teams left in the can be tomorrow three right. Might just knows they just lost 42 to fourteen. Alcohol got pulled out his hear me out. Okay they played Detroit and they won in overtime by three. Okay they played Jacksonville. Is that a good team they won in overtime. Right. What I'm saying in the last four weeks they've got their asses handed to them and they've almost gotten beaten by Detroit and Jacksonville they had to go to overtime for both games. Well here's what's -- you're ready to give them what that Topps -- -- -- -- And -- sponsor of that day still -- Agassi by Dan Dan Dan it was a sake -- -- -- -- -- called we -- hear the second time we did -- made zero point I would say that -- -- -- to the Texans since on courage constancy in the biggest game in franchise history. -- -- -- -- -- It's backtrack it doesn't happen overnight against a hot team in that right away what let's just do this as a quick exercise. Here's who the Houston Texans have played this year OK and put your fingers up when you hear a good team. -- puts at Miami Jacksonville Denver always want Denver Tennessee the jets. Green Bay they lost OK so there's two good teams they've played they've lost one beat Baltimore that story buffalo. Output Chicago when there that Chicago in Jackson at Chicago Detroit Sox Tennessee's Sox knowing that and they lost I mean. Their credentials and at eleven in two aren't. Adam West you know what -- I went I went over Chicago today is not the same is true when -- back at what they did that back what they did it yeah it was an impressive win at Chicago the way to reported difference but let's just face it. How many great teams are there in the league in the AFC. I'd be shocked if it wasn't to use the patriots I think patrons Denver in the AFC championship game of the senate for weeks patriots Denver. Still put Houston in the mix. And in the NFC -- more wide open. Sampras described his best the -- -- got two left with the colts yet NATO. You can -- they do. Since the fences is really shrinking. And if you know secondary product like golf perfectly -- gun rights I mean I could see them is there anybody out there and now it's nearly as afraid of the niners as they were. Moody's. Null and it's not because -- Houston I mean it's because of benign -- themselves right I mean you know but it to tie and most of -- -- the rams you know on the patriots beat the rent a hundred to nothing and again I hate to get into many though semantics and comparisons. I'll never blame individual right -- -- the -- in other there on a six game row. They -- most likely they had a very very very nice I'd I'd say they will. Going to -- us where that ten game winning streak that now -- seem them go into the playoffs where a sixteen game when he thought I wanna go -- They're in their crushing everybody -- -- plus minus category I have been for weeks and noted there's no contest between -- the second place team to believe is the niners. As -- more points scored and given up and so in the defense hawks could not help.

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