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Who will be the NFL MVP

Dec 11, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and the new grandfather, Lenny Megs are talking about Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Vince Wilfork and debating who stands the best chance of being named MVP.

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-- -- -- Let me. I told John legacy alleged political -- I do I want you -- I'm good I'm congratulations -- you know on your bureau of the birth of your granddaughter Telus. House Christian and his lovely wife -- -- happy that the happening is people on earth. Yes they -- Almost as happy as I am and and his mother yeah absolutely that is so good to great things you beautiful kids grow healthy. And their home already failed -- and those hospitals very long now what she was eight pounds right. Eight announced twelve ounces 812 big girl awesome as that's not our divider lacrosse stick you didn't Christians at full -- yeah. It's great news when he was actually I'd stand I'd call. I'm gonna show would -- on Saturday. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah and I told him -- five bowl there's guys that he's pretty good reason -- get excused I was Savannah Magglio Savannah Savannah Elisabeth god lover not good for you up good for good for -- give my best record you know I already have that's just were terrific news everybody loves the news of a new baby that's true and that's just cool right. No one booed the baby like you gonna argue -- I think I veterans say when you know it cannot even -- young age of -- 41 to be a grandfather I that. Well of sexually active at nine and a half where you Daria. Just surprised I to have both of -- but what we look at it director Welch posters like everybody else -- albeit sexually act. Well it could via. So is nothing but good news or were recovered from here in the machinery Youkilis got a human -- that view he's -- uniform joke you -- thoughts on that record. It's I'm a little surprise that as can be even we hadn't seen him in Johnny Damon and you know because we side Damian and I -- the uniforms urgency in Oakland. And he wasn't one of lasts until four there we love them. But. You'll get yourself. I might be possibly get far enough that you say might be Red Sox forever. OK it's little things happen but out of Yankee thing -- by and it just go behind the decipher the U from the vote on it. Yeah I mean the armory India on our side whoever does the PA announcing. God bless you know Kyle. But that's the announcing that managed -- okay. Duke is coming up lows that you want to say you take nerds say it out right in the Booth and away from there because coming. -- differentiate I thought he was gonna go originally in the offseason I predicted Tampa Bay at the iPad that reality of pitcher you know where they can usable punch and plan that trust based yeah yeah from. I still say other associate Josh Hamilton is a remote care. Well if they get Josh Hamilton we won't -- -- -- and I don't think we care volume now -- without judge you know that there are Uga fans though I mean look he was great here. That almost MVP season one season did. Not Al -- and I go with a -- with -- is pretty darn good -- for three or four years -- life is very good. What yet and if that struggles. It was injuries. To always -- and and it's here it is. Performs until last couple years so yeah I can see teams -- -- -- White Sox not taken flyer on a White Sox can agree on a different direction anyway. But yeah I'll -- be good to see him bad I mean I I think most people do like you know something about Damon you know that Saddam. And again it would Damon it was not what year you know would you -- just one year with the Yankees the guy needed a job. Eight million I would have a twelve million how. Taken its toll what do well and coming off a -- -- it was terrible for him an injury -- and all -- -- he -- it's a lot less of a -- like David was in that is prime but he went to the Yankees had a pretty good year Pulitzer -- wheel series helped them a lot so -- totally different thing. Texas as you should get the silent treatment know booed no you conducted -- the instinct that opened the season in New York. And I'm wondering how the New York Yankee fans of I guess it will depend on what kind of spring training in -- -- race -- well I don't -- spur track I think it has to do and how it plays for -- -- Vince yeah I'm opening day in New York to get spring training -- if he's won the job he's going to be you know out of I'd dale chair -- just just a river Red Sox fans like we got him now I was. I think given item which is to me Yugo still reminds me of that that drew is now in its clockwork orange. Like Malcolm X l.'s best friend of the when he cut his hand you know audience in that seat and I think that's who you -- -- VO I can't think that the guy's name is definitely one of the drew eggs and an estimate lives and ancillary got news bit that part -- Now here's here's part of the group there and I was part of a group and but for some of of bad voice yes. I'm now -- gonna get to the phones right now six sort of -- 7937 but I -- let he's giving me one word answer millennium. MVP Brady -- Manning. Brady IQ is in the cards in your next. And. As the wind whistles through -- -- Dan. Are good area and I don't -- -- talking. Sevenths of and technical difficulties did call back right away Hampshire will beget any New Hampshire hello. Let's go -- get below 88. Cent a couple point one about the game one about the MVP -- suspected enemy that. That we have Vince Wilfork knows that -- he kind of Lyman had seen the patriots in or ask -- I get its feet. Wherever anybody and a people lived out there right now -- in my forties now and I don't remember anybody may have handling people's. He's very unique and very you know player. This guy named John -- that was pretty good no starter today you know -- I'd say what those here's the thing about about Wilfork is that. It just really no feat of strength they would surprises now on the field we've seen this year alone. Take guys linemen and just. Pushed it into other people -- to a to a -- himself on a tackle something a -- there was -- Patricia said the defense coordinator he can't measure economy can't look at days certainly can't look at numbers to measure what he does need not -- and is no tapes -- outside a -- big enough to -- me that her eyes are wide body. But. Yeah him offensive line and let us and -- by the as far as moving bodies physically you know actually animals and people around yeah thanks. Like Aaron mean physically you know expect from him like that back then it would have been -- one. Bomb -- -- I don't know why you're right here I don't know why you don't just run away from him that you can yeah I think it's great it. The MVP -- me is really like you know like it buy tickets and -- in particular bracket opera Peterson's. I think you almost gotta get along well. What does an individual record have to do with value to a team and that's going to be -- about. Because that would mean he broke the league. Most -- impressive record there is well while leading his team to what eight NATO and they're gonna end up while varying price and everywhere. -- you are able. You know that's going to be a great argument if that -- -- -- out the finishes kind of like what he's been doing maintaining that. And and you get the two quarterbacks. -- it might come down to via AFC championship game with those two guys without Israel regular season vote though. Yeah oh yeah and it's almost come. It's comparable to a situation where because your passing game or your quarterback is sub par you'll have to run the ball all the time. Which we were talking about yardage now not yards per carry then we're talking about yardage whole little. If you get the ball forty times he can't even -- you're you're naturally gonna have more yards than than anybody else and and it's more reliant on. They're relying on him again -- average member John Reagan's in the Super Bowl wins Doug Williams okay what they ran the ball. All day all night in agave and -- time I was was that Timmy there was Timmy green it was the big. Story that was -- -- Williams won an MVP in this Super Bowl right. -- -- John -- and at that time there was Doug Williams -- -- -- cornerback Larry -- at the MVP of the -- yes he did acting community idea I think it is -- for hitting -- -- off -- he did that was that was a different Super -- I think particular Reagan's -- look -- well in any -- my point is if you don't you don't have a passing game. That your running guy's gonna get a whole lot more action more attention more carries more yardage and when I look at the running backs I think when they were their their played twelve games. And a fourteen games are sixty years old. When you go from fourteen to sixteen games you've just got 14% more a more opportunity you know. Well Mike that's my biggest gripe against -- -- it's because. You know it goes back through -- 154. Baseball games to 160 through duet at the guy who place eight more games -- every year for twenty years and get the number of bad now. I'm hitting more home runs secret that's a valid argue and it and basketball NB a.'s B fifty fifty games in right in the coups here and now it's 82 and and football particularly yeah. You know now what does that what is wood off the top my -- I don't know what does Adrian Peterson's yards per carry -- I think it's around six on most of the ground who has had to say if it would almost have to be for the number carries he has and that Iraq kept the -- he has the -- to have a good you know six point three award. You wonder why they don't win more if he gets six yards Terry didn't he just gets to carries every seven hours really they are that's. Right that's another guy who then maybe for remaining in and that Brady is that you know wind -- Barack can't do it off because that's not to gain today. Yes that a great Bakley Pedersen and -- percent. Its greatest they are on their -- need to a 34 guys in a blocker for them properly. Run block. And as opposed to the quarterback. Who utilizes. You know 1011. It I think jog through about eleven guys last so -- quarterback Italy India and so it's in coordination. A great quarterback with receive this and I think. Yes they're great receivers can make quarterbacks look good too but more rock and in the -- -- -- -- -- absolutely. Yeah the the Reagan season was 83 back Monday. Ended up playing the raiders have miserable and Williams wanted and 987. And that was to please respect that okay. One so who was the quarterback for Reagan in 83. That was such -- -- -- Joseph has always ties and a -- you know. My my point stands right I that we are not always about the that it's about the team and all the questions I was gonna appalling Greenwich east Greenwich. -- you -- there -- except I had one of the great weekends in my life Paul. You know I had -- -- this time watching you know this makes me -- feel weird because right. I crap on boxing all the time because it's such a filthy rotten sport in total this rate. But what do boxing match is settled by and knocked out it's legit. It's -- steroids or not. The fight itself there's no judges that are car wreck it for everybody right so I had a good time. Let me yelling now for her Mayweather and impact your heels lost four straight fights. Let's controversial wonder if there's any Bradley at the same guy. Basic you know Wednesday. So I mean does -- take the damper -- week at 2 -- like that doesn't take your damper on Mayweather we're gonna take me 47 is though can I say this the difference between the Mexican National Anthem. And the Philippine National Anthem is a bit personal probably Cuba saying the Philippine National Anthem wherever it is I don't know it seem like it was like. Nine minutes long I should she do -- free bird I mean there's a long. I'm Pacquiao ready to make it to get a whole history of the country and this. Which like commenced the next one was -- so I what was it -- any solace festive patio hasn't he's gonna play -- later here as a special treatment anyway. What do you listen. -- machine doctor aren't unhappy with the Sox have done so far and -- not -- -- these big big names but. From big money for -- -- Shane Victorino I. I don't get it I mean this guy -- thirteen 1000003 years and 32 years old. You only had eleven home -- 55 RBIs last year hits are then -- right handed pitching very well anymore. I don't get it I mean this guy -- overpaid alleged omniscient so well. No you're not missing anything everybody's overpaid so you're right just on the surface of things you're right -- -- however. Let's analyze a little more intently but now I understand three years 39 at -- -- rice or does not all about the home runs like that the value of -- -- having to do with his power numbers. It has to do with his speed and his defense end. -- what he was prior to last year was a guy who had a higher batting average database clustering is 39 stolen bases. And they hope he comes back as the as the hitter he was with the -- has seen him. Yeah -- they -- stage I would -- very you know remind you while -- -- that you have and what's wrong with -- guy especially -- -- is trying to -- Carl Crawford right yeah but -- probably didn't desperate seminary there on the team also like well like this I think you may. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's allowed then to England a lot of money for insurance that while they don't which is what does a little crisis that McCarthy junior that instance that -- ERA 3.3. Fifteen million for two million -- -- -- I would've gone I was -- made that kind of went quietly away out of the realm of the Red Sox -- that I would have dynamic panel payrolls number is Victor Reno has done it last year was an indication of some kind of erosion of skills that you're gonna be right however if you think he's a better player than that. And I I do think he is just based on his prior three years before that with Philadelphia and even last year. But the guy can still go get him in the outfield and one thing Red Sox fans always underestimate. Is the ability of the right fielder to call for ground Trot Nixon got a lot more credit he deserved -- cover much ground now. J. D. Drew cover around out there but. He didn't make the spectacular play he just was he he was a very functional. Serviceable right -- he got to the Boston has -- he's yet to. At but he didn't do witty little speck tack -- -- dead yet Nixon worked harder but two JD jurors about a right fielder. Yeah but he's J. D. Drew is over rages a -- fielder. What the great is -- ever made was a catchy sugar dropped in foul territory yes I have a bet that guy has no standout think about it. Standout defensive. Amazing play by drew four or five years or is that nothing now -- He just said the job the right you know he was slightly above average I think I feel right. You know embarrass himself out of really help and the and the last couple years you've bitten. Less of a good defense split but he's just wrong nice and feeling get out of the balls that maybe others would have to put that Trot Nixon would have path to get -- To see a guy occasionally. Have to actually stretch out and -- for wanna get dirty. Like Greta and Drew Stafford did that may put that his pants and a laundry after a game -- imagine that. But does not gonna wash my ex. My exe command as pink chiffon -- -- in Connecticut or Mike my favorite. And out polyps are yet. Let me congratulations thanks a lot -- -- lies it's it's based in thank you. Biking when you're out of order are currently on all Treasure Island ya know. -- but I want to let you know markets are torture by remote bought you financed. What did you use gold the blooms in pieces of eight. Gold bullion. I went so well I'm -- of pyramid -- one locks locks locks -- -- went there -- we're gonna go patio where at the MGM we were caesar's caesar's palace. Which is kind of weird and adjusting in old feeling you know I liked it though I've been to all of them. Mike what do you. I'm not going to be -- it would -- -- -- literally make a big splash hit thing Iran honest and open bank or you'd think it's smoke. I. I think that they are and hide this is just a gut feeling nobody has called me has said all were really were each chamber to date trust me on that but I just think for some reason or heard from Sharon in this. That the Red Sox with the money that they have. Allowed themselves now to play with and I don't think they're gonna -- -- the most legacy of doing as a four year maybe five or -- an option. You know I don't see them doing it 67 -- four years I think is the maximum ago again Hamilton and borrows must know now. That seven is is off the -- It should be. Well. Well let's they ask yourself the opportunity to do that editors are needed necessarily gonna happen again made Bieber return down on one deal. -- -- -- -- -- That didn't happen and it it really depends on the -- maybe they maybe they can work a deal. Mid season if if let's say let's say Seattle's not doing well and were some mega deal for the rest -- throughout. -- very if you don't and a bunch of other people for Felix -- now. Let's not have them but they would both be similar circumstances because they both need to be re -- -- Seattle might side judge Hamilton. All our -- are only oil or. The Phillies. Audio because you would you get Ellsbury you get the guy you know is going to market would with a force no matter what and and Cliff Lee is overpriced as he -- this year could can help the Phillies because they have journal. It up the Red Sox -- yeah. Thanks for the call Mike down in love the. Connecticut Bob -- in Warwick, Rhode Island Bubba Bubba. All of this the favors Bubba from Dave and busters. -- what's up I do it. American hero he's awesome. At that that all of our other bunkers or the put him on IRI to let it. Yeah yeah shame that they that they had released him look at two payments of money that they want to -- storm next year that political -- that's -- Pressure I know the answer that I just single you know they they got a plan to bring our brain -- has suffered a high ankle -- I -- on that touchdown but -- saying you know science oriented but now it looks fun but they always -- -- Deion -- back once he was back from that hamstring injury that's what I think it is you can't stress enough that these athletes -- -- and stretch properly before -- game one place south -- the -- and it was out anyway and teach them back for one -- -- The missing link there that deep -- stretch the field. Yeah well so in what could you ask. We do a done deal. That's an awful. I wanna hear that a diet but can't do it now. I really hurt their commitment to -- -- yet you're here you're never gonna cheer for yankees I mean you -- I've met him talked at least been here and abilities -- -- -- as good guy. But he can't root for -- no matter while much like the Tom Brady will be where it is yankees -- his brother in law play they did Derek Jeter retires -- does or once around. Last time around the league comes there they final yeah you're going to be standing and -- for him I usually Jeter Jeter. I always will respect. The career of every book. -- say what you want about Jeter in his you know his lip gloss novice a rise as TDs but he does is it. The perfume -- the Cologne named after -- And all that crap and an and the fact he was over hyped by being America. He's a hall of Famer. Okay need I say anymore. First ballot hall of Famer Ontario and and you know I can crap on again all I want is Yankee but as a baseball player. He's done it he's got the credentials I can't take it away from not that I can say can diminish that well let's go 3000 some that a heads means a tremendous effort and he's got 3000 more at bats and any other Yankee has missed many meals according to some photos this obviously that's photo it and Jarrett is Derek Jeter. They showed -- be too big factor that Nokia and that's really great. Derek eater you can escape anything today. I'm glad I'm a small person just an amoeba -- on the planet that. Because that I can do whatever I want right there's cameras everywhere and -- I haven't even picked my nose and elevated I just won't do that of Africa and about America's funniest video. -- -- -- about Derek Jeter is that when he beat retires he can have a huge career as a porn star. I was that Derek Jeter truth and he'd be like rigged I mean I would be shoots it passes the optimum retired -- clown car I don't think he needs the money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- will -- probably an MG and surely shape of an associate has a -- they ride jitters respected and loved by by them all Yankee fans and a lot of baseball fans -- our country Iran is hated and not respected because he's. Quite obvious question that he's he's Derek cheater and. Let's not only that it's always was his attitude and yes you know before we knew that he was a cheater. We knew him as a great player great play. -- 052 guy chair. And product and then you know than -- you know steroids are pops and he was the very easy to dislike -- is always at. -- -- Daria smug yeah how about the Yankees paying forty million dollars this year for third base twelve to Youkilis 28 by -- I know that they can you -- to be a bargain even his 37 and.

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