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Mikey Vegas is back!

Dec 11, 2012|

Mikey is back and talking about the Patriots demolishing the Houston Texans, Kevin Youkilis signing with the Yankees and the Pacquiao-Marquez fight.

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I don't even know where to begin I don't know where to begin this program writer except to say to you. Are you doing after last night I'm fine long night. There Oreo. At you know our allies. I was up those qualities in these long meadow -- a crowd on their great great group of people in a lot of seriously loyal listeners and and the greater Springfield area. And equities lament over it there have been. -- was -- -- is -- what a great game last night we'll talk all about the game whatever you want. I just wait for somebody to call tonight because I'm gonna I'm ready for tonight writers they call. And say this -- -- debt balance act in this about Brady you know I've asked look at the numbers and shot. When it comes to those those two guys in this era and assess how many consecutive years now with ten wins ten. -- well was dominant last night does not. Anything really negative two point not a penalty at all from really alienated and -- have the players players that whoever -- but it does matter is used to rate. But. When did you start in particular I've seen in awhile right now. And I won't be senior for awhile after tonight well right. Next Tuesday may be but. The I'll be here. You right here urban radio you don't see people listened -- a lot of your program last night though drive in there you're the one yeah. Between here it's repeal a review of -- -- him down last night I don't talk about everybody in the station. We were Alia. Like Gossip Girl this it was great we mentioned Bradford are you mentioned everybody was great because I understand because you had dead 25 mr. -- and a half and what are you talk about the game. We did -- we dissected and analyzed again quite a bit at that you dissect -- we joked around mid to dissect dissect dissect you guys like to bisexuals. -- on the radio Lewis. Dissecting like you -- those exist. -- sexual those of you dissect are the warriors -- the -- -- that's a good thing. But Thursday night you know I was at this nightlife towards a kingdom prepared -- was the featured guest. This broken arm and stuff -- cast. I had the opportunity for time in my life to it's actually yeah have a drink with chronic and find out what were kind of human being it takes him act guys could get. Thousand women today if you wanted to. If you want it to -- and he wouldn't -- America even commit to that. What I am on the stage were given out civil award mean him and -- -- some of the folks Steve Sweeney. And all the sudden I hear this group yell out from the front row as Q. She yells out. Kirk I wanna make love to you. The touch your sanity rule the virus that's why she said ground don't think you wanna make sure that. But he knew -- -- was talking to this guy pat has this guy could see if he says he could pull Wilt Chamberlain honest if he wanted to. If he had that kind of energy. Now he's got connections. Most people be very likable guy very popular area just ride the crest of the go Broncos Greg ism -- and not good for him. Good guy refinement it. Now on this this biggest thing -- what happened there well first of all. Have you heard with the rodeo was in town was just -- while mark -- Which is the big headline. I would say the national rodeo championships. And I'm Italian I'm prided -- and 2000 cowboys and cowboy hats with boots on these guys walk. It and all the girls with them. Have -- cowboy hats -- org you know cowboy boots like -- daisy duke or whatever well I would think if they were weren't wearing that at a rodeo would be a little bit strange but it was so weird to see I just all -- so you are out here that that area of the country that pay attention that type of stuff. Well the convergence of cowboys on this area. Was was unbelievable and it just added to -- and you know you walk around the MGM grand of course it's gigantic and you walk on -- scene of habit freaks anyway. The top of all ages. You know guys with. Eight year old star -- absent. White beards giant boots vests Don it is aren't they can't you see Cody Ross -- there is in the rodeo and it worked in the room -- had done this -- would -- noticed -- and all the other -- people well it makes I mean if he's on his converging downtown Boston I think you'd you know. Well what's going on here -- Vegas makes us a superstar was very bizarre. So quarrel producer -- probably -- of -- heard co hosted you know he's -- now with a for a while casino embryos would bolt and you do the morning shows him that in. I guess embryo that's okay it would very very well we had a lot of -- in the fight. The fight itself now are pinned him into fights I was at that Mayweather fight which is relatively compared to let the -- despite senator it was born. That there there's a bit more on the Mayweather this one was -- may this fight and a stunning. You know upset not you know was an upset but it was standing in the way it went down with 12 before the bell on this -- the sixth round. Home packing those faced just. It's much -- it was the opposite did look like would pack yet literate yet. He got arms man and he went down and it was old white and hopefully stood up now. Obviously mark -- Mexican there were about eight -- 7580%. Of the crowd in the MGM grand arena. Were Mexican people to -- Mexican citizens or American citizens they used to be Mexican descent all believe -- the sale is a Mexican National Anthem we gotta get. Patty let's find -- -- and understand where -- saint. The Mexican National Anthem was allowed -- nationally at the Robert along Tyson's since 9/11. You know and and the American nationally it was unbelievable they were so happy and proud and a lot of people course they commit markets authority be -- At least once they've had not yet they were they had to pack your two wins and drug reviews but that yet but most people doubt him mostly even boxing people see -- now there was it was just -- called by the officials. Then I love a fight where there is no question. Let's get a dealt with a knockout it probably had to do that markets in order to win before it takes the stupid officials in the score the judges out of it it's so they can't be co erupted he can't be wrong and he can't (%expletive) everybody off. It was just great and now electrifying stunning and I've -- think he's steroid guy Marquez yes he's going to -- and yes I do. But then again I'm -- -- to think that any you know no matter what happens many of these guys. I also talked about the video of restore it over the weekend of speaking of steroids and Dwight Howard shoot free throws -- in college were to go to school. And some. College. Went ice already -- a source of high school and that's. That's why he's so skinny. A big woods in high school. This guy is a steroid guys look at Anna Maria now who knows I put the video of him he's it was it was yes it was definitely high school was. He threw the ball up and accused thrown a free throw. From the from the free throw strike and went about four feet ahead of him and landed in the middle of the paint. It didn't cut it didn't come within seven feet and the year he's had issues doing that now as I'm looking am the first thing I thought it was on my again. There's a guy needs to -- to you know lakers are best you know what is interest -- with steroids and saw last night to is a BB yarder over the weekend the Bo Jackson thirty for thirty. Yes while it was tremendous yeah I thought it was who was good -- I -- get -- really good muted yet I don't like. Because that that the pup Bo Jackson is -- -- -- I think that's why you -- users because everybody eludes the affected his day and age athletes like that only exist if there monster right that's why I'm alluding to yeah yeah. Castro because. You would have thought if he was playing nowadays -- guys on -- so every everybody would have -- say what I always say about anybody that looks like it is -- then you know he wasn't -- remarkable -- but -- 3030 -- might -- my favorite defensive moment in his career. When he ran up the wall like Spiderman. -- came back down after he caught the ball on the run. And is that -- crashing into the offense he just rip it and back down like he was -- -- huge Bo Jackson -- I'm just saying I thought the documentary it was good but I that it could have been better. -- That they do average they usually -- yeah but I inches -- -- and actually when I it was a -- was out there in Vegas it was a really really good time we had fun dog in the fight was what was what made it in the fight was so good. And all follow really yeah really nice so fun trip next time I'd sure like to have you along -- and you and I loved beloved via. The side -- things we were doing of course you wouldn't. Now as it pertains to the the patriots again I. They they showed a lot of the stats last night on the game about you know what all of -- when you try to at a Brady's. Numbers he sector in this third in this category all time. In the history of the game. And for the people who call -- and detract from what Brady has done the last 1012 years. -- this team I just want you folks to do before you do that before you call and say stuff like well you don't birdie or reason bridges -- good news -- you -- Owed notes -- two or this year though it only reason votes or so ago appears red because break. They go together. They go together hand in hand in an era of on disputed an unparalleled excellence for any franchise in the history of the game. -- is look at the numbers and that's where there's no argument. What might be an argument for this year is who who's the MVP of the National Football League. And there will be people who was it will be a Manning Brady thing I think again Adrian Peterson will get some covers had even though -- not yet -- he'll be he won't be in involved in the final month that because it's going to be a Brady I really really believe this can be Brady and Peyton Manning thing. Very welcome all the way -- The Brady right now I would say should be the MVP bag right now I agree the he he definitely should be based -- -- that you know that's not speaking as a homer. -- is looking at the hold the whole picture. Not at -- three is one thing at ten in three with little. Tiny losses of one point well below point oh losses to BI don't -- it. The east -- and I know that losses aside John there on the record it we BC ten we see three we know their losses the problem is. Every other team you find it has losses I don't -- -- what is. Don't have losses lawyers went point isn't it better have losses by 2.0 -- by 5810. Whatever well isn't it better is his troop better indicator when you can win close games rather than -- -- Winning close games is always good public this is an indicator when that is any games you -- is that this team gets their act really together typically in the month of December towards the end of the season when it matters the most. Right it's a sign of you know a good coach. And a good team. So -- it's I -- about a more wages than ever the gonna run the table since six weeks ago after the three losses as a department on the table we thirteenth Greek. I don't even know if I meant what I said. But I mean it now but -- very good -- -- they can't win of the of the of the remaining games. They have a good job -- event wouldn't surprise me at all the other one tough test coming up on Sunday. The dead of an -- gives him lose to Jacksonville or Miami that's for sure. -- -- over the phone lines are gonna go while all three tonight here but not like writer did last night that's just -- writer was until 11130. Yet. Last night and you did have a multitude of yes I did it help you through and in the difficulty of courses have to respect don't you don't. It was many of -- Heidi you know -- -- -- he calls and everybody's rushing game what you've got some -- I -- freak out there have been every single situation have been thrown into web only shows on the line I mean every single situation could imagine the station had to -- been thrown -- so I don't get rattled on these situations and in the words you have to Atlanta gets -- thing you -- feel it is that is you're talking yourself. My I was for awhile -- 23 jobs and radio I was definitely talking only to myself for the you'd get used to that Serbia but well need. You have the ability play records back in those days we don't know I don't know how this is -- that I did his job I could do that I already Nadal like you shouldn't mean that was insufferable.

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