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Tuesday, December 11th Whiner Line

Dec 11, 2012|

Houston... we have an over-used whine.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying -- -- TE Chris Cox didn't. This -- discretion music box. -- -- And now Google. -- your life. Cause you know it's our duty and now I do. Now I'm back she's -- WEEI. Who wore near lies then yeah. We know remind me. It's still. Is -- dial 6177793535. Have taken us why you're lying do. We really -- well we're good. What we -- we'll -- our best defense in the league and now we'll always has -- big defense this case don't know. Don't you -- EI. Why airlines in -- boom boom. That's how I don't want -- -- power advice AT&T WEEI. Live. Is available on your iPhone your android Blackberry device brought you bought AT&T AT&T forgy LPG. Speeds up until. Ten times faster make a kinda like the hatred -- it that -- and used it. Our -- and innocent and well. I'll. Cardinal good. You know boot hill you know I didn't get themselves into trouble in Vegas and you know who won the -- I got a lot of people trouble -- lost the -- can only him as weeks. Faster that's very GAT and T rethink possible just arrived a week the weekend in Vegas and -- and go to the problems closed for the season remained -- calls from disease Napoleon as big guy area in the MGM -- would like seventeen pools for -- houses. Slated scantily clad -- -- that this is the wintertime that's when I found out you would you think Vegas was like Florida. The I'll ask -- -- now let's just call uncle bullet temperatures ultimately is 68 at night is like fifty nipple weather like here at our production out of Nichols. -- -- -- -- -- Law and it. Okay yeah yes he says he knows you and I defer to Mike is originally from -- -- program and another it's probably big east -- that he's okay now. Now admit that what. Bob Belichick would be a very select size but this is that it my trip him up and if you. From Bob -- had. Hopefully settlement Bob Ellis had hit it today but -- pop. And after a vast amount whether he was offended that Donald Trump called -- -- stability and essentially. Feeling you have to mr. trump -- I'll say this. Why not these -- the hair right at least George Bush get that first name right course I want to thank her coach. Coach bill coach bill is. Jennifer outreach to a montage of movie go -- bush trough -- do yoga and Mr. Bush. This that they can't just -- -- over twelve million simply. Why don't pay one of them all bites and -- we did we. -- have now been in my -- to -- And that. -- what he did that he hired somebody somebody else did this for him. And auto -- US UV that I would you know he'll be changed -- cards here. Like Ali yeah. It. I can't -- the patriots -- here particularly the trip abroad. Particulate that's going to that the great thank you. -- -- Continue please can. You continue. How about patriot. Does that mean I'm. Gonna get all kinds of back to build knowledge. How -- Day and that it stumbles -- like that guy that guy and he gets therapy. Kind of said well therapy now he needs -- himself. I don't have come with their because there's been about -- -- didn't -- down that deficit apparently don't think. -- here. I'd probably -- the last play -- the first drive and then. That was without settlement without. It was rhetorical attention to hack. Out and -- -- -- Colin. Powell. And it's. -- that. It. Funny Jack calls that we have today and our values are we have a problem top fifty the next -- -- only -- running. That doesn't include the losers just leave us and it was never funny. Uniforms the patriots on the role at all folders in December related -- -- They're going to figure out a way carried into February. And -- us here on -- what are known as being negative the negative. That's one problem and again don't get it filed kick off -- -- good development and I did not. Economic. Good. Still down three touchdowns. Now thought that I could can't get a total. How do you not know that Ellen and -- Kim who's worse and it's. Anyway he was doing the little celebrations don't you know a ballot -- when you know you get you you're getting your ass kicked in the game. And you score a touchdown late in the game you don't celebrate what is -- Guess that estimates that appeared to me it's got to let them know -- always -- -- -- was a big into the world with that bring new practices. We're that was dressed he does that. All the time this stuff. But he was celebrating. Person was dancing. -- W Brady pretty good paying one night. Equivalent people would do well probably can't talk about that a certificate. And I suggest you know like you've got no style you're pretty good look at that I would have a giant red -- -- -- and I couldn't wait that's a great jacket because I was pretty good. Not like the Letterman jacket red -- does him good. That's kind of I think about it I don't what you don't is the school -- -- his -- -- have -- have my chance. But but got -- I put Bob and normal but. Every so -- -- found -- about -- -- -- I would. If you could -- to get some of the crib he could spend a lot of and. And then. And -- -- but I didn't today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I. Hey Michael are okay -- Did back in love again not Jeffrey Osborne did this good grade. I think all of obstinacy. And the -- and LTD was. Jeffrey Osborne a was definitely a part of -- -- yeah. It is what Jeff what happened. Yeah but -- That's like saying -- Genesis on by Phil Collins night. You know it has stupid projects has had other bonafide music Peter Gabriel was okay but if -- Really without count predict. That without any better. Stupid. -- it out yet peaches without her oh and lost her name. I do not Daryl hall of fame. Apparently member of the big show today helped a strong book I don't rush -- had been -- and we know that. -- -- And Ayman -- In Iraq and why -- get annoyed. At the law. War. It also doesn't. This is like -- but spilled coffee differently. Don't get mad because you were wrong. Is wrong Jeffrey. Lee Garnett so. -- is his name on Leo. His name on the OK. Okay my little thing about this just move and he is the group. Osborne had no part of that I'll just I'll pretend. You don't -- holds -- -- champions solo song it's. Just obviously -- Oprah's behalf. And media public enemy -- eight. You can. -- art -- -- as it was question you're just don't know. I -- LTD. No just you don't have to I. That's funny -- he's sorry he's -- the party with LT period. LSD. Two. I didn't call you got some good black hat I check. It out the call. What the week but this guy Jens will call yesterday and Michael always admitted I don't remember you can pick up the money you regularly talk again. I may not be the brightest guy but what I -- wanna get back right. Here's the difference. As a rule Agile -- Read what you want once a week because we want together everybody around the radio at the same. Just to hear the subway system. That you throw out. As well. Slide the rules are. For you your. Dad. To. -- and Jeffrey. You know like keywords. -- But she pushed. -- credit cop I'm pretty epic show last night. I avoid it act because it does that bat and a pep -- In baton it's a bit at an outlet but they're not really. ST OC I would on the entire panel. I knew before hand what prediction was there was only one guy -- -- I got wrong and I definitely. Think she is just something. Tom Jackson records. Yes 20. Dollar -- all of our guys. We want to just put and you -- so doing -- and gave recent Q Chelsea or some key charges mostly this problem I think I hit every one of the guys on the panel -- -- -- Samper. The reason. Patriots. Absolutely knows -- picked -- but the but the Texans. -- patriots optimism that. I was Carter Carter one of Ricardo Clark victim Ron Amadon had and affordable for the victim they -- but nails millions of middle except for. I'm actually but it sounds like it doesn't mean anything if this thing. -- what was that we can't I have brought about good and -- we don't. I can't help Delgado why Michael. Is well. -- have been bad for you with a -- group of armed man. -- -- big it is important again. And -- And -- and don't let the we ask for a great order. News items. Well. But it bottles. I. And that message. -- -- Just waited to April -- from post -- was or firms like -- experts because what you found some stepped in the trenches doing something. Negative real game I played a cut above Brady's press conference -- was actually giggling a big joke was he was -- far better for -- was like it was just isn't Bieber just wasn't quite -- -- must -- -- like it is -- -- -- to -- about the running play burdensome on RG three. Public school in the past. -- Syria has all the book call one. It. -- -- And -- actually called lethal something else you stated totally I called the take credit for Steve. He soon I told -- it -- terms to us here. What happens when there are big. Radio. And -- now. Protest that parent and I did it team score. What happened because that's part of what and overall and we will. We can't be satisfied -- dot com. What we can get an enigmatic man. Because they promote black walked mark good violent. -- I think that to do that that took some hit the over -- you know I don't know Internet when the over yes we mean they've got to the -- Julio was 51 or something -- right at 56 so that's what a lot of people -- -- under -- you live on and -- and nothing he goes to Vegas this rigidity in the all I disagree wallets on the Pacquiao fight though I'd have to. CA. I saw Borges at the airport.

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