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Bill Belichick: Our Defense has shown incremental improvements each week of the season

Dec 11, 2012|

We check in with the head coach of the Patriots on a Patriots Monday. Bill breaks down how the defense has been improving each week, how they gameplanned for the Texans offense, and what they will do to prepare for San Francisco on a short prep week.

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I bet you're the big show it's a pitcher is Monday on a -- day in Fort Wayne holly -- our third man -- Time for the no nonsense camera station the coach Bill Belichick. I brought you by SB alive the no nonsense life insurance company and our free new low rates for men and women call 888 get SP -- Or visit as BLI dot com for your free -- what's up bill -- -- -- Stated Michael Hauser resumed today pretty well pretty -- an awful lot of sleep parsley. But but the outcome was so it was pretty damn good. When you look back -- a that a film like that you go through the tape and you. You moderate. Stuff do you find. Did you sit there and sell my god I can't believe we we did that -- so much of that looks so good less than I'm sure there were things. The didn't work out and plays that there were were were were broken during the course of the game but it just seems like so much went well for you last night. Well it I think it did in our players -- did you of their earlier. You know. But perform well on all three years of the game on offense defense special teams and but at the same time. You know we had two fumbles the we recovered both of them that and both -- bullet points or one almost -- ounce of and things like that it could have been a little -- different story there's certainly some things went our way last night that. Some of those things we. Made our own opportunities and and sometimes the ball bounces your way and sometimes it doesn't let the players play well that prepared well. Accused -- -- to get ready for the got a lot of good players and four players and good week of preparation and really really worked hard to get to know a team that we've been over well. And and overall though we -- good bullets fusion last night I'm not perfect but good. And we played physical -- -- strong. Which are the control line of scrimmage and battle with a long line of scrimmage -- cancer defense of and so -- we hung in there and got off to a good start real player from hasn't. So all those things -- How I want to ask about their preparation. Four Houston. Movie Gary Kubiak head coach played in Denver coach and number. Dennis and the office of coordinator. Played in Denver. Coach in Denver for the played as an on the defensive side of well. Somebody Denver connections is it unfair to make that connection and there okay as we prepare for this team. This is really. The Denver concept or is it not that simple. Annoyance it's very much in Denver concepts -- -- I think that would. Coach Kubiak and you know which doesn't do offensively is very similar to what they did Denver and with Mike Shanahan. And of course -- looks little different down Washington. With their offense or even. He won't we've played we play at Washington last year which course wasn't a very. Literally highlight game for us but. I think that that that Washington has transformed our offense a little bit more I would say Houston's as it is has has them. -- modified less than. Then Washington's and it's very similar to what we saw at Denver -- and during the Mike Shanahan care Kubiak years there. You know in the in the mid two thousands are. Early two thousands predicted that allow you at least get that knowledge and allow you to take. -- four hours off your preparation or five hours off because. Don't know the team that well went OK if they do this that's the same as Denver who we've seen many times over the years doing it you know whatever it. Right now I think there's certainly something that -- for that the problem the problem with Houston and the same problem Mike Shanahan. Is that the things that you see what they -- and we saw last night day. They are a lot of the same poisons in Kansas but they -- from different personnel groups -- formations. But he needs a lot of emotions a lot of time deals -- formations right. As -- -- Nazi -- really. Get into -- -- -- he because it it moves so late you know most guys in motion is enough and in a tight ends on in the backfield as it opens well positioned word it plays like three receivers. Things like that so they do real good job of of Nixon those different -- and then run their basic plays problem but they disguise them because they again the slate and it really comes down to them defensively the most important matters -- criminals because it's it's hurting real reform plays deceptive. Fundamentally -- keys do what the Europeans polled do based only happens in -- you and then you know that's the other. They they definitely cause some problems and -- in issues -- -- -- try to do but Johnson. And -- I'll probably did -- dozen times. Again changed. Strength of the formation power or you know -- you relocate figure out where he has in the slaughter. Of weeks. Mr. coverages they analogue and he sets but -- line and then -- -- -- out of it. One acts so things like that that clause -- Make adjustments. The -- practice for -- things that is -- And thousand those things it and just on which ones to pick now so now anything seen before and changed revolutionize the game. It's just things -- some practice to the net that's. About the blocking same thing you do the same thing. The bloggers say yeah block in descent capsule book and -- they try to attack -- their -- are fast. We saw Foster couple times. Just get outside and and you know it'll shall get pushed out of bounds he's he's fast and faster than most and the blockage sneezes and they try to get the eightieth minute trying to cut alignments. At -- cut the natural gap between. The guys were moving to the outside of the play -- the and guidance on the ground and in -- space -- there. Or worse they get to the images out there but there usually two point one outside and one. Somewhere in the middle thinking of law in Africa on the concrete that's so. That's pretty consistent what they do but again they they build a lot of different ways and strong as the weeks and start. Bring back across the finalists include him and block its game all the prize. So. And from office which. Equates -- To ever cut blocking scheme was always most annoying thing you have to play against and they -- just. And they were so good attitude laments that you think it's just easier to cover guy but you there's more to with and to divert guys' legs really work. There were so good that you can see Houston's pretty devoted to. Oh very good on their one of those Russian teams in the league in and they do good job of of excuse the blocking schemes that backs do the job arena and once a basket and space. They're fast and and then make a lot of yards on the -- you need a lot of ground hurry. Was unbelievable offensive spark to the game but last night are you scripting the X tomorrow please if you are how closely do you think stick to that script. Where you just play it is. You know we we tried to. It's certainly go into the game with certain things at the top of the listening -- things -- wrestler with but. So many times we see things. Real early and again it will be the first years of his second or third play. As to how the team's gonna try to play us tonight and it's hard to get a feel now on us is hard to get a feel for how some of these teams are planets because the teams that they played prior to us don't. Do what we do you know they they they run different style offense or different temple's offense. And so. I think that we see defensively something that's really specific and the patriots not necessarily. What they did the week before against Tennessee here with the did the week before against Detroit -- with -- that we before and it's -- somebody also. There's a little bit of that early in the game so we sir we don't of the game is -- achilles' things we wanna. Do but if they are doing in this or if they're doing that then we're gonna have to merge over into these other. Tied for the tax what are -- And we we just don't want when they're run plays that we feel bad place on try to get something to feel like we have a chance to. You know gain advantage. -- wasn't too long ago I asked about the defensive backs. And why they were struggling and looked at me like OK well what you're really doing it but. Look at it now. It's the optimism -- the opposite question defensive backs are not struggling. And really have performed well. You think that turnaround has been asked to turn around in the movable according to safety and acquisition to live or is it something else. There were not seen that you think has has led to them really make some plays and competing much better. On the ball on a consistent basis. I think defensively we've we've gotten better over. A significant period time. And -- two months and that that's attribute a lot of things some of its personal some schemes and that's techniques on this. Repetitions with. The same guys. So. You know there's so there's a lot of communication that goes on secondary. Both verbal and and visual just because of the crowd on special planet -- got to look out and kind of give the guy look and you both know that your your gonna do in the situation. So. There's there's there's a lot of that comes in the play. Steve Gregory -- missed a few weeks that we made a move that to safety. Plea came in and Alfonzo start playing more Kolb start plan. Quite a bit in the slot. So. We made a few scheme adjustments. -- -- those things and doing more frequently doing them with more consistency of the same people. -- Patrick Chung back he was out for a little while he's been able -- you know also commended contribute a little bit and in certain situations. Were. I think we're just you know. Incrementally move and ahead week by week and little things whether it be run force planned action on third down red area over. Goal line coverage. An article on counselors like that we've found it fairly well so. You know those things are role -- they're a little things that they all and I think we're we're improving defensively. All the way across the board -- over a third down situations have been longer yardage. Of course those are reservists and in the third it is. And third -- assignment comes from Honda first and second down defense totally as a team not just in passing game in the running game as well so. It's. And then I think there's a lot of things evolve I don't think it's this one well according moved to safety -- -- terrorist. I think that's that it's a multitude of things. And most importantly it's on the players hard work and diligence to. Apparent daily basis to get that on the practice field each day to get better fundamentally -- their techniques individually. And then collectively a ball. I don't that he. Rising tide lifts all boats and I think that's kind of the case that does everything has come up a little bit and collectively it's it's. Improved class I was just gonna ask you that if you put it another point is you put a team out there. It's a fluid thing it's not like you just have guys on the field in week one and say -- this is. Who they're going to be from week one through weeks seventeen. -- probably factor and a level of improvement some guys. Get to the level you expect some guys fall short of some guys exceeded. Is that is that fair to say. You know you well I think again it's a timing thing that -- even though player maybe. Perfectly capable of doing two or three different things sometimes when at all because it wants or the circumstances that go with that. You know doing the job against one team and do and against another team isn't equal it. One week it can be a lot bigger than another and so. You know those so for example situation table on who's who's done a good job force this year. Times -- safety at times planned missile defense. You know when Gregory came back that's that's enabled him to the really focus all but the smaller role when Steve was -- -- really expand his role I think table and do. Any and all that but at that point in time with some of the things or gone on them. Injure season and communication and -- the teams we're playing and so forth it just. You know -- collectively as a defense who were as efficient as we've been in in recent weeks so. And I think all those things split hormonal thing it's just any one thing I think the one thing is common is. Players who work hard they're committed there. They've taken the challenge that tried to improve individually try and improve their units. They try to work better with the corresponding units the cities with the linebackers on the line. Hands and that's all. You know incrementally improve a little bit that it week by week day by day and over a couple month period. It's it's improved. Short week and got San Francisco coming up this is a very good team. But it's also a team that change quarterbacks here. Five weeks ago bill. Do you prepare for both quarterbacks and certainly they seem to have different skill set here one can run a little bit more. In the other one camera one seems to be more of -- manager of the game though he's very very good at it. -- to prepare for both of. A short the short because as we don't know and one play we -- -- one guy could be on the Olympian. I think this is. Has some similarities to the Denver situation last year where they were. A little bit in transition at the quarterback position of course by the time we played and they had settled in on Tebow -- For a while there they were a little bit transform and the offense between -- you know heavy option. Team. Like they were Tivo. You know going. To that end. I think there's a little bit of the case of San Francisco looks like that their evolved into more of an option team with cabinet cabinet and they do -- little more of that that type of thing that Denver did and of course like Tebow different skills but similar. In that you know they're both good option quarterbacks that -- very athletic. And and they can cause real problems you have to defend them too as another ball care and other. Part of the offense. And they can throws well so. I think there's similarities to the Denver. Type of offense that we saw last year. Different but there's some similarities there and and of course they have some they perceive person and good receivers like. Crabtree and of course -- Like like Denver did so there's certainly big vertical element of the game that's potentially there. As those captured on elements alone underneath patterns that you know if too many guys up there. Trying to stop them on the option game and then they -- they don't get behind so. And Davis the -- and so they -- lot of good players and and they do a lot of different things offensively. There for a team that we all over. The coach's hours brought to you by Mercedes-Benz and by making Jews get excited here so. I have very close. Time now for the coach's question of the week it brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. And their winter event going on now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers on the web at MB USA dot com Jeff in Arlington Winston notes and we had another. May he win in the army navy game. Maybe get a pretty it would street corner here. Jeff -- and yet they don't Jeff -- to say -- wants to know what your favorite army. Need the game memories. Oh boy on a telephone that's really tough on. Might be the first one I remember I was until windows three touchdowns and 43 at twelve when in 1950. Nine. And then. Those the first one -- so that was big game for playing the game for navy. The 1963. Army navy game where revenues it when he was sixteen I was nine and one Kumble in Oakland and eventually played number one Texas. Year. Was the week after a president Kennedy's assassination. Maybe had the ball -- navy was it going on sixteen army's forward. At the onside kick. Drive in the game and -- army on the news when Europe on the last play -- The year before it in the 62 game which was -- products -- warrior proceed was and also plays a freshman. The software here's a big -- for navy. 3214. Or something like that but. President Kennedy was that the game. Switch sides and sat for half the game and few rows in front of us those pretty excited. And and there are a lot of -- the ones along the way as like Donald rooms available. Stand on the silent beautiful boy that kind of thing were. It is 67 game. You know the big win let's I haven't seen too many of those that ditzy party game last year it was in DC. Haven't seen too many of those since seven when I came in fields. -- -- -- -- They should watch. The guys pushing through the -- top ten Oscars -- I feel it seems. We're terrorism won't go the first one over the 59 yeah so we're grateful and I totally touched and impressed a great Ginobili know. You -- -- -- group absolutely very. Good. Was amazing called. Yeah he was right off the bat and first that is all season beat Michigan and Michigan's. You know they beat Notre Dame 35 to twelve and 63 and was forty some years whatever was five years. Before they beat again. So. The Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh. On number one. Picture missile programs. Mountain and so on in the parking lot before again courses in the game started then. Now that my government programs at -- money and watch the game. You're -- you're really -- Tuesday -- -- or -- -- go out there and get a commission as well that all of that the traffic was all open and you know. Parking -- there. In the traffic jams in its own -- only programs were -- in unit hanssen's brother so. There and so. If that's all 5060 programs. At a major -- and our annual. It's enough to -- the -- on. Strong. Five in your counsel and our our our school. -- Richard Russell rules players in the program. Sales. That's. That's taken. -- Friday the other yeah. That's program and then. Have the -- this is all good might make you Morton probably you know. Our congratulations on the win duplicate facility that receive accurate and it's gonna write differently if Bill Belichick of Cuba has realized the -- life insurance company now offering rates for men and women. Call 888 industrialised or is it -- -- to account for your free quote one -- next.

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