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Patriots Nose Tackle Vince Wilfork with the Big Show

Dec 11, 2012|

We talk to the Big Man who had a Big Game and is having a HUGE season in the trenches for the Patriots, #75 Vince Wilfork. Vince wraps up the big win over the Texans, and tells us preparing for the 49ers on a short week will be no easy task.

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Back down here -- -- org Y colleague DR -- yards third man and Bill Belichick will join us in the next hour right now it's time for our. Get together was Vince Wilfork sponsored by Toyota of Nashua and power house mortgage guys have a day off today well deserved. So Vince joins us live right now on the AT&T hotline what's up the guy you don't. -- don't murder your children are great. Great the most of any I would say that Barbara Lee was really a nice drive home from the stadium last nine. Absolutely absolutely when you put everything and investors. It's welcome Richard Gartner Smart you know you do you have some of these -- so. I was very probable -- -- -- you know we've we've responded last night and among my football. I saw you say on national TV last night that you gonna go home it actually this morning early this morning you're the home. In you're gonna watch film did you do it and how long were you watching film this morning. I do little on the wire reports curse now. At the bears. A -- partners. Just to get a feel what these terrorists you know Warner who just give me what. Or what the -- what it was so. You mean. To -- the regular here's supple. And what we will be there covering the talks were also on the -- so. Are -- it was helpful you know what we do wish we sorted candidates -- that's little extra. BP torso. Are disarm the starters burned out too good about it. So -- you guys are experts right now at the it is what it is and one game at a time -- you guys have that down to a size of wonder was there ever a time. When you got into Italy where you needed to do you needed to do it yourself bringing in somebody to tell you -- this is no big deal we have won a big regular season game. Big Monday night game Sunday night game whatever but that doesn't mean anything to do you remember somebody saying to you -- don't. Don't get too excited about a game in week nine week twelve with thirteen whatever. -- You know. Beyond which you would would we do expect. You know when you respect when you don't come as a shock. You know -- who you play. They're not saying you know. Quarter to Balkans in the whispered we're here for barbecue to strict when it. And and every park service that went assumptions. You know -- this is a much smoke here. You know -- you know because we respect your article on the field -- -- -- there's your. -- that we assume it's due to our level very we will weren't involved so. It don't be in. These are so proud when we handle it went about it march it used to be their best pretty good because as we know. That's what we respect district where we are there has become -- often be very successful so. It's not hard to turn the page -- like us and we do it through the week. We prepare well. So desperately as we prepare well -- -- -- whatever and you don't play good football ball retrieve his. We've got a great seeing women wrestlers so it felt good riddance and don't we work we work surprised you know we went out that we took chip is the way it. Which are expected to win what did you expect to have to play the best overall team game of the season. Know that the best thing about. You know sometimes you get to -- three you know and your football team their their played well. If they were targets three are free you know. Good things happen -- are armed -- you know it was very cute to see. Are very well together as a team coming from the -- -- -- following you know the clinic Allred all what guys are very pleased at where. It was a it was a great teams bitter about it what are you probably there -- dark it was a little look. -- try to assimilate what they're doing what you do all prisoners be traditional stretched -- so. Ever -- it wouldn't be involved with the way and I think everybody should feel good about it but it shouldn't -- We have some important markets that we give it was shortly here regardless of what she'd come in here. A lot of talk about all of this team could be good Christian minister who also also. I cannot see why are people say there's there's there's fear of spiritual status as they gave it to a lot of things where. They have a great defense this season you know -- agency it is pretty cute so. We have our work out who wants to do we we get to work to prepare well this -- will -- -- -- this defense has come a long way you look at last night's game against a very good offensive team you guys had nine negative place. Including a couple of sacks you have a deflected -- they should have been practicing all week with the racket ball racquets -- do you. Based on the destruction caused out there. How are you so successful why were you guys so successful. In in blowing it up early in this game to the point where. They didn't have that running game that they needed to set up their play action -- how are you so successful doing it so early in the game. Well you know what -- started the week because. You know the coach who made it very clear he is seriously on the -- it was gonna Cabrera took directors. Because we have diplomacy noticed he was to their. Parker couldn't get down here so we see -- the parliament -- so we knew going and you'll you'll get around scores. And you know all we we -- reverts you know what itself -- rational and ask you to assimilate -- block American plan what I hear. All -- we knew how important at a Willis was to get off to a good store early against -- especially in the -- because the -- opened a circuit gospel. So we understood their guidance that tackles are our goal. You know Beers who are important what sort of leadership is due this week so I think everybody in the particular -- to her doctor would -- the river. So he was -- -- game or. Certain people what are the same -- It was certain areas and in certain positions are out there. Sure -- greatly. -- military do you think -- schools are. -- of -- mentioning earlier with some guys some guys signed new contracts your level of performance drops off. Their level of commitment drops off and it seems I don't know mr. coincidence or not. You don't have any performance. He had given how -- production issues. Before you signed a new contract but after -- sign new -- you're on the field more. Your performance was at the same level if not higher level. If you make is there any conscious decision once you signed your new contract with the patriots you know be here. For a long time did you make any kind of conscious decision to say. -- this is what I'm I'm when -- show them. Just how good I am and implement -- and do it in this way and going to be on the -- more often than that you know was in the past. You know did make you know cost conscious effort. Nobody corner. -- -- arms you know there are things that you see him because you see that it's a big crater and didn't consulate -- and also you don't hear about. -- and always said I'm totally -- Mark jobless support football model I love. And passion for the game. It would be disrespectful. And it's big money and they are to continue to perform and I'm doubtful debt that was beat that would dispute disrespect an organization. All it would be disrespectful to you nobody is going to be. And to -- this district to working or musical outlet so. One -- I -- -- the -- you know. On the same person regardless of what what you see is what you do with -- You know -- -- -- complete game -- our level are there's been ul B ward host. They're saying you know more or -- to -- -- years -- and Hamburg because they're good they're basic still. How were there will be one of those -- not feel lucky do we -- more cold beer bear RB professions are killed he Belichick. They built on open market do this and more almost a month paying mark creeks and it's up because. Bitter battle won't spiel. From organizations or you don't because there are some. They can get that -- -- Saturday you don't shoot so well. And come that's not the way out Tuesday so. Until around to protest -- -- You know continue the trip around the world are one -- that are that are are practicing until all put our spirit to say about a -- has also learned. I don't care from our years here on here is and there are. First you assert your -- you know it's got here she hears your restricting you on the -- -- given to give me your. To discern patterns so. Best article about -- business as they are always wanna beat the -- Erica before marquee example Marlins urged. Vince can you. See your field the confidence of this defense growing every week. Yeah you can't. Stand there and in order responsive partner every year editors who served in your arms. Putters in the interview now -- the store partners is -- I mean inning ending in the barter their successful. All -- You don't hear they'll tear you -- it -- -- do we who cracks we re playing your partner as we obviously during the curtain is stated you know translated. It's a different situation. And it was about a week you know we we went to practice and we are very very well these -- that we would lose her competence. All in what we -- out their defense will be. We understood the gangs and we thought we really great mates are going to distance. And we show there which you have will be hearing in which we -- his -- You know the more we can put their own purposes you you credit game in order -- com. -- also -- the place to -- -- is not just please don't want somebody who wore on did not prepared to gain. To a two week more prepared and -- that you prepared through the week the gritty you'll be. If you. And invest in and that's what -- been no we just ignore it we interpreted. We've got to continue to. Few minutes ago you were talking about till Sunday night's opponent the the 49ers. I wonder how difficult it is in preparation talking about sitting down and going over the film and it's a team you don't seal a regular basis. And second of all it's a team that just five weeks ago. Not only changed quarterbacks but the kind of doing things differently to play. To look calling -- next skill set how difficult is that in preparing in a short week. Is there with because like -- here you know restore. This review is not going to be about how or we -- here presenters how much. Well lead to run our report musical will be -- -- a lot of you know where. A lot of you know a lot of seats in the market golden sweep of all because we don't know these guys. We have to order -- to play. All of the Arab people they have their they have every. And it altered some bigger and everything because boom -- -- -- a one backboard to where some are bigger rebate in the let you know. So you just can't say you know people -- my companies want to. It don't work like so we -- a good group of durable. No excuse mirrored things down from -- -- calls there we can north Koreans. Multiple looks strong and speaking with his sister airline or check. -- -- we get back -- -- they're very readers had to do circuits -- a whole week off we are getting terrible -- -- we -- -- -- what is going to be. Some areas that we want to move I have problems with but you know that's where Santa Barbara doesn't come in and out of wanna try to attack as we get to street. So we have our work with -- what are the second term bonus that you at this cobalt is decent you have to -- to cancel all games. Good football team's farm where the winner in north. Because said the group full quality what are we checked the reluctant to. I was in December in New England must that was December in Florida last night kidney problem appears believable. Do it if it's real real good out here there are certainly -- webos. We're up into knowing that a very. It could hurt her -- A Mets game last night to congratulations. Or good luck on Sunday we'll see you back -- Monday. Thank you are Jerker I'm -- -- Alessio Vince Wilfork right here at a makeshift.

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