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Chris Price, WEEI.com Patriots writer, previews the Pats and Texans

Dec 10, 2012|

Chris Price joins Mut and Kirk Minihane to preview tonight's Monday night matchup between the Texans and Patriots.

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To my -- Monday -- Manning and Philip from Mike and -- Be a huge game here today in a few hours. And to get more on this game we go to Chris price -- WTI dot com. Chris a lot of guys talking about this game measuring stick American member last -- -- in December had the team like this coming into Foxboro. Better record right they're chasing and it still seems like the Houston Texans are still trying to make a statement here with this game. Yet we are talking about yesterday -- Sunday that I think this is one of the first interview that you'll see the first time you'll see a team that's eleven award. Go on the road America underdog -- -- -- -- earlier this week here herb wrote last week that this is the best team to come in Foxboro in the month of December ever. Yet you deeply committed to that stadium they're eleven and one of the best record of any team. Ever come into Gillette Stadium does that mean you think you most closely the Steelers back at a 2007 I think they were -- for the project back in 2103. So yeah this is this is new territory when -- talked about the game in Foxborough. In December seeking an opponent of this magnitude I think as you mentioned I think it's about measuring stick for the taxes but it into a lot of windows ultimate respect for the -- to think that two week stretch. -- I don't know an awful lot more about this team go to court. Yet Christian I wonder the narrative changes for Houston you know if they win tonight. Much to say they went tonight minister expressed the season their one seed they get that week off when they go to play name whatever team it is that. Five or six seed after that finally get the story so going to be while shops or replace a playoff game. There's times that wanted to -- its socket change until they do it in January. Yet it got I think this Houston team right now is on the cut but he and so please. For me anyway they're they're really similar to what they're doing definitely I think if you -- he was going to be richer but what you do with the post even. I still think bit when it comes to -- deep in Beijing work so -- -- year to where he entered a little Lotta good things I think that. They're really really count them both sides of the ball but it just think that there -- one of those teams that's like a veteran two way. From from. -- -- -- -- -- -- that's not to say that it probably telepathic again you know sharp Johnson fought through block you know adult all the talent on both sides of the ball but there's still just not. -- -- You know all the talk about Houston measuring stick around look at the page business and appears to lose this game. And they still the number wants you to control their own destiny that was another Guinness to probably get a -- which I think is the most important thing for the patriots. If they wanna buy -- they have to win this football game -- teams -- played recently. And I know that the standard in the AFC but this team rate here. That this is a state he gave them as well. It is Woodward when you talk about the patriot I think that. If you're talking about the body mutual release series suspected that number two seed you have to you have to win out because you look at beat the other teams that are around you and I'm not talking about Baltimore Pittsburgh post Internet play well with the leaders -- All about the stupidly but Denver and Denver's team that you have to -- -- to focus on because they think. We -- all pretty much. -- sure that Houston could get one of those and see if you look at Denver scheduled for a split ever has. -- incredibly hospitable escalated into that that would -- good ballclub because I think Baltimore is now what I want to get the start the year I think it's totally different thing. So I think to spearhead of Denver I think you need to keep your foot on the pedal and Hillary and I think you need to work. -- with you you'll want to win these games particularly these two games coming up you know we're talked about that number two seed we're talking about that first round. You got to leave it out because -- in Denver assistant director with. What do you pay just to name Johnson is it to leave and help or do you think they go a different direction. I think it will be difficult eight I think it's -- -- has been. To some guys probably debates that he's been kind of typical which lead to legal the first -- -- Tuesday there's been some spectacular plays and also it's Wimbledon. It up and down right so far. Up and down that's a guarantor for. Exactly but I will -- this beat up is he would be yup it's good index -- -- -- making ability. That I don't think the patriots secondary is seen her do that they're really good article to -- the ball away for artistic in a ball with a lower back. -- -- -- -- -- A flair for the dramatic from academic and you work well. I also think -- the -- talk about it you believe that pack of beer it's really important to build continuity. Back in the secondary kind of learning how to play alongside I think he's political play alongside president last week we saw that little bit because. He'd keep up on a path that where I I forget who look through from. Problem here hope that the liberated he looked like he was expecting safety help over the -- -- it -- -- -- it was -- that it -- -- -- dispute -- -- -- prepared to simulate what you're doing here. I still think it's a bit of work in progress -- I think it's getting better but I still think. It goes directly to pull alongside each other -- what these successful gold or. You're talking about the ballot trenches and we segues into the health of the patriots offensive line out where where do we stand as far as that goes Chandler Jones as far as as well as the defensive line. Yeah you know it -- this is gonna be huge game for them I think particularly in the right inside because even though the blue water well. More often than not he lines up on the white societies -- offensive line and that means it's gonna be a -- very first proposed in comedy we're gonna assume he's going to be a player but that's about -- Ballmer who was clearly wasn't there on the percent last week against -- struggled. That's -- without -- -- as well so I think it's going to be culmination of those who got into the bigger -- -- I also think in. Really all you need you going to talk about -- guys for a -- you -- him to take a -- would be an insult as it does seem to have the anchor there is gronkowski. But he's a good consistent blocker -- there and connecting to the a lot of things particularly that level drive against Miami where there was sixteen -- -- it's definitely it is a little thriller. -- -- -- A consistent basis helping move the chains that -- a lot about their -- well. When it comes to trying. The -- Walked out of the back field I think on the defense of Leonard I think you're gonna see a lot of killer drones but I don't think you can play but at the step -- -- lot of -- -- -- gradually. I'm happy to see. How will be deployed to help their record stupidly took that jump if -- -- on the boring side of these among them. -- well inside it it doesn't pass until the developer but from around and bring -- got to -- so. Already do -- people procedural spectacle receipt of surely you're in passing -- in its third dialogue situation. Where do you rank shot christening look at these quarterbacks you know start or back from over the years in the top ten -- -- top tier guy right below you mean you evaluate -- seared in night where does he stand. Think he's worth a -- I don't think you can bet you know I think -- pitchers and quarterbacks but that'll lead group and I don't think you would put himself in this particular I think you're talking about a guy who. Probably. I don't think the popular and you eat the guy who had really good production little lead over the course of his career. You know -- Michael Vick back up for a for an extended period there in the late that it probably gonna have struggled offensively in Houston Zetterberg -- he's a Smart quarterback configured with a lot of good decisions but again. I think both straw but this team is going to be just content they go to the right actors they're they're not quite there yet but. I think it out. Potential predictable he's in the post season yet I think who talks about a guy who's probably. You know east has been the lead which has nothing to sneeze at but I don't think he's that is inept in that category just yet. I look at it area Foster and you know accomplice I was running backs and a look at the combination quarterback running back wide receiver in Denver wills we gaze on -- fostering and go to Ray Rice and just wonder like how much. Much -- -- this -- in play action the patriots is they -- donut that it EP with Andre Johnson they try to win that the line of scrimmage because that -- governor holes -- -- area -- going to be one of the better running backs in this -- we don't know that. He is if you were the better running backs particularly street courses you will have a greater -- kind of at Denver angle because really this is an offense. The have a lot of similarities to what you could -- -- -- -- -- of course you're cougar was the Broncos offense recorder for a long time -- use our play action but you don't -- you -- a lot of the similarities. To what we've seen the first three years for the Broncos are are showing up in Houston. -- -- to bring up a play action because that's one of the best in the league when it comes to play action shot at more than. Almost every other quarterback in the league in the user well that's what it's execute properly it's a real weapon for them because foster's structure -- -- in the actual. But such all the really great this place facing -- a couple of receivers pretty receiver with the cardinal would be able. A web silica altered Johnson who who really know how to operate your -- and collect. Again this is going to be the kind of situation where you're gonna have to be linebackers it and it -- and -- particularly -- -- smartly discipline. As they're recorded earlier in the week and it's it's all about reading your keys and Paul -- in -- all about discipline in not fighting on those places. You have to be really aware of those. Because more often than not would only do it eagle at the top hundred -- in the beautiful picture of Jordan 30s40s or -- didn't appear to twentieth. Always vote well. Not a stretch out that -- to say that Sebastian of all right you won the two or three most important guys on this team tonight. Yeah yeah he's really into it Democrats to bring -- -- because he had a tremendous year. In when you look at where Q what help was whispering our Joker you know he wasn't working lives. The rescue team during the spring workouts in the region and the patent that -- were up beside the Logan Mankins. If you look for all the all the basic fuel -- -- back problems like probably just you didn't look like he's gonna be ready for the start receding but. He has played very well or report bureau and I've called them in a lot of the guys -- who -- the legal a much broader basis in the future Pro Bowl is the legitimate pro bowler with the real -- I could -- -- blue water around a lot Europe it is these people that public prince Wilfork in that respect. I'm their opposition party -- but there's -- -- and versatility of that followed. But more often than not he's on their way to decide it's going to be a big cut Foreman lick resort before it's not going to be his job. The second shall leave his job but I think a lot of it is in the -- official. There's a -- I'm gonna ask his question and expect the serious answer but I'm gonna and it was a good bit. -- jets a playoff team. -- No they're they're they're not the people if you look at the schedule look at -- schedule look at what -- total -- Lester for him to look at its -- I am looking at the lip by the end of the year everywhere else they are those three games Crist at -- 97 maybe sneak it. They did. Okay look anything can happen. Really immediately elect a westerner -- everything possible -- you know it it it is possible but they're they're not a playoff team they're they're they're just not there they're not doing enough things. -- -- Took the tape at the quarterback played occasionally erratic in its. Because existed that the offensive northward ordered their come away with. I I didn't don't -- -- built inevitable interpreting especially when you look at around the rest lead and you see some teams that aren't. The fringes of the playoff race that are better than the jets particularly the epic like you -- -- I'm in the position of certain angles here but in the Pringles Herbert in the -- And your ability to -- political season before it's supposed. By Chris enjoy the game tonight sure to be extremely agitated. You can order yesterday go when -- one of the better games of the year has been looking for to this when it's coming up tonight. We'll get more into this in the jets really mean to that really make playoff team so bad the AFC is ninety seconds we'll talk and more pats football the next.

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