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Troy Brown on Belichick never letting former players beat him

Dec 11, 2012|

When the topic of Randy Moss and the 49ers is brought up, Troy Brown reveals the fact that any time Bill Belichick is match up against a former player, he will do everything in his power to prevent that player from going off. Troy tells a story about Bill double covering Terry Glenn when he was on the Cowboys for the whole game in a Pats win.

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Patriots Monday on -- Tuesday Sports Radio WEEI. Top performer of the week is brought to you by a stick at this week's top performer. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady Brady throwing for 296. Yards four touchdowns in last night's 2414 win. All the Houston Texans for trip and ticket information call 1800 my seats or visit ace ticket dot com. Our markets in Florida waiting patiently the talking patriots Monday on a Tuesday what's up mark. Bridge all lock up all I wanna say thanks to mr. clutch sort of drop all the great memories given me the mandatory. I just that what city -- and take care of itself. Like it's sort of a defense last year we couldn't stop third and twenty. This year or stop in ward five. Dies down how bad its parent than her fault that is so we've heard you guys -- No no we don't nothing nothing yet twelve hours ago won't we won't know until an before -- time. That's not true but it's the patriots marketing dollar -- -- with the with the patriots especially their some teams where. The injury info leaks out the next day guys going for an MRI get the word is that -- this patriots team. You very rarely get that -- a Monday night game literally be in twelve hours ago when these guys got hurt. There's no easy way I will say this Aqib Talib got hurt stay on the sidelines throughout the second half I take that is a good side and Alphonso Danner. Was in the locker room available and the guys in the patriots beat mark would say. When guys available after a game usually good sign that it's not considered a significant injury here we have no idea what he injured his right see you this the whole thing going on Dallas with Dez Bryant -- -- the finger. You know who broke free whatever it is the finger he has got the finger will report that came -- actually that it's up to him to decide whether he can finish is there -- not that -- -- public. But it -- public what that -- is that. Sit tonight at the player what what if he shuts down for the rest of the year notes on Dez Bryant who shot at themselves. That's why these medical reports just they don't come out here and they'll put themselves in bad situations you wanna leave this to hopefully there. Then it has to have. Already question guardian. Who brought him at all times anyway but why why why they've kind of already announced that it can get the Dez Bryant whether he plays riskier and -- is a classic cowboys front but in the position where oil. If you going to use him you think is welcome back if you make the playoffs is only the -- -- -- not using. You know and and use him on -- embodiment esque idea what is -- and don't keep in Australia and. These injuries -- said to leave -- to -- early and then at least the game early -- at least the game for the in the fourth quarter. You you -- to read you won't hear any of this of the limited you'll buy any until Sunday coming -- on this stuff is yeah. You just because you never know and and people heal at different other people. You know you can have the same exact injury or some other guy about it. It -- -- a full did you Beckett -- seven Erickson guys on this team all looking good so if I'm not -- slow healer a look at me like that takes me a week off bounced back -- things. And this video and we've seen it before too because Chung and -- even limited during the week and not play. Right so you're not gonna get anything this week from this team -- find out Sunday night. But it's it's a big loss they lose those 30. Again does this mean a couple of amid optimism was better in the second and denouncing. On the -- to Christen backwards or maybe even things that we typically defense because. You don't have aghast plan and according to them about it. Is this a big she's going to -- for and against an -- -- right but I wanted to believe him the most endorsements that elected him. -- doesn't allow them to be more aggressive but I'm recorded back to safety allow that entire group that's what he's got here as well it seems like because now and in the conference and according. To give them -- them and and and makes employees. Or companies -- taking chances. Openly in the treasury get the yeah. The hall of fame for -- welfare -- capita income in the opening up and bring -- those guys help. She's touched among -- deals -- game moss again he just era and I mean on the that go into enemy and take with them well I'm pretty sure that the there's this summer and that team that won it would not -- patriots on Sunday it would not be granted I think I think until he goes -- that Bill Belichick is seen how to defend -- correct. Shut down just wanna know when he is his players that played him. Those particular is not -- him -- asked -- to. Ontario. When he came back with -- the -- mean. That it was maybe. Was there is -- and cornerback was -- -- means please keep mom lives and physical Obama gonna we're gonna win the game. Just like you want to get to test markets abatement could be where do you say that bill is concerned about former players come back and put up big numbers and insisting whatever it really. Debt earlier or not be the one to -- Randy -- would not be animals Sunday. Highlights that that -- cares about that that makes it seem you -- that. A manuals and Brockton talking about Wes Welker contract Emanuel. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello what's up Emanuel. You have I replied -- you know -- -- mountain. While oil up there have been ought to do works workers promptly. The group we have begun his. There -- two guys do such as -- analyze what other orbit for. His physical one is nice birthday this. That's not like this isn't healthy I mean that's what this is there waiting for and the new contract might not be a long term thing they might franchise began -- franchise in the trade -- -- -- -- -- -- that. He's back on this humid its its got. It's going to be a rude awakening when he's in a jet uniform foray bronco uniform -- -- uniform he's if he does lead this team but all the good -- guaranteed every sign him long term. Here's the thing is that. Do they believe dead. Tony Sparano. Can use was a look at the wave. Josh McDaniels thanks -- -- fly zone. Well let somebody else McCain and whoever -- is going to be them accomplish these chemical was working positions that make the plays that he does. That the coaches definite I takes -- offering a campaign manager is -- and Tim Tebow did the ball to him I don't really into the -- and that's what. They're meant to serve is heavily put up Manning and McCourt. Out there and Amanda Amanda will be awesome I mean thanks though he's playing well right now but welcome will be huge upgrade Harbaugh until France. Or Boris and a variety use him Sean I didn't care Primakov that plan this company could definitely use it. He's a different type of receiver or something you -- to have -- days and weeks and bigger that can. Running really well mistress to feel them to do it again brings a different type -- but they'll figure something now but. It's a pretty creative. Pretty green from where it. With with with work. You know but. I don't believe he bingo -- windows and those guys to put him in situations. They have been put him and is not as easy as you take it isn't MTV you gonna have to gather on the men. Doing things and position us to understand and defense is so I was like that goes into. You know. It's just minutes when you're talking about his pick up. This guy I think you have to bring him back we know we've said that before right the you have to sign Brian Waters -- Okay whatever he did you miss Brian Waters right now so when you say that you realize it down here in -- Gillette that they don't always feel that we have to do anything. -- west vocal 120 million dollars guaranteed right three year deal. They give them nine and a half they gonna give -- eleven and half he's gonna make 21 the only difference for the patriots is it's not a three year deal it's two years guaranteed dollars it could blow to cap space. They're not gonna do that. And they they took away the risk of this guy getting injured if he's healthy which I think he is. We finish -- healthy they can bring about. It is one thing you got to understand about Bill Belichick. He's not afraid of saint. And I think he understands yet that same sometimes they keep. Yeah momentum going and your success going -- -- -- Westbrook is still playing at a very how level. What about -- is not afraid of -- -- -- you can see where he was -- with his football teams start a season now. He was looking at a whole different opposite so that would these three Italians to -- doing an element. And and Brandon -- being some factors on his -- and that's what he was getting his team ready for any case his couldn't pay for Wes Welker and you know he's not gonna overpaid. And put his team in a time when it comes to money whatever it is. And that's just the way things that we -- in between change and we could still be successful he's not afraid to.

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