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Matt Chatham on Houston's gameplan 'going out the window'

Dec 11, 2012|

Chatham joins Mut, Lou and Troy to discuss how things went downhill quickly for the Houston Texans. They also discuss the Pats' defense's excellent utilization of their defensive backs as well as a blitz-heavy Jerod Mayo.

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Patriots Monday on a Tuesday Sports Radio WEEI muck -- Troy Brown as it is every single. Patriots Monday even on a Tuesday on Tuesdays we talked to Matt Chatham Torre's former teammate former patriot catcher in the Chatham report. Usually Tuesdays and Fridays in the Boston Herald. But because the money Nike beginning at Wednesdays and Fridays this week any early themes Matt Chatham that we might see tomorrow on the herald's. It's surprising being. You know I'll fly blind -- There's no -- and a full rewind until 44 hours after the broadcast. So yeah -- they do on this one and I album of the dum bum that didn't DVR -- -- it. What are going bad you I wrote about it. Put the video guy the guy watches film for a living upon Saadat is gonna -- stats and knuckle -- like me talking about the game on the radio that's always on -- Blame the united news Santa clause three and there is a couple things in my kids stop on the DVR. Backwards or talk earlier about it and this Houston team that come with guys that Gary Foster and Andre Johnson -- yet. Defensively they choose it to mean that just completely shut them down what did you see defensive that they did him in so effective. Well you're gay couple murdered football I think there was. Kind of became clear through the -- the window -- -- -- have that feeling kind of like the -- game earlier this year. Buffalo game a couple where you know it's the floodgates opened on the other side for those very first three possessions -- all laden. You know all these little the American -- GameStop we're gonna do. Kind of deplorable and army definitely the first series saw the report to play the game. They came out of a little different from look I thought it was -- Michigan I'm -- we'll check wanna get -- felt. But they have what looked like the twists and only will the for two plays and went for I think fifty yards in order to play is rather but the called timeout which was cool you know because. You can always make adjustments sometimes you know you do after that first drive with bill through public life and sent to recruit now. And -- -- -- and stop and so what I can tell you what you just all of but they definitely did make 11. Unique twist in all I need to. You big boy in particular I think that it on this one. Are you I do not believe that they would use to leave to match. Obviously match underdog and they definitely put him through its its side at least some of the time most of the time I think yesterday. I didn't believe from his history that he'd done that in Tampa against the against the giants of against the cowboys -- -- -- and we'll get a guy was bought to not have some successes and you know he's been. Some -- this book there's been some issues to I don't think you look like -- shut down guy these last few weeks we've seen them. What I think it was a really great body tight match I mean that's what they did they. They would actually blocked him from side societal mystery man amendment with a mix of zone and match seems yes. And men as well. -- I thought it was -- Smart -- just from having a longer player without body type that they didn't have one wants Robert Dowling went down there. Supportive -- outside and show OK this time matching -- on an honest I'm -- don't drop the time before we're looks like a match but it's it's probably meant so. -- the mix things up I think that you have been the strength last -- That's a good appointment Olympic about the whole body the body to Edmonton because -- and as good as he's been poignant. Odds that you delivered too small to -- over them matchup against the customers big and strong as. -- -- -- -- that's a great point. You talk about them playing up for the that the way the papers -- their front with these. The twist and in this -- and noticed that the -- blown out. Give me just the path suited to and so many different things now with with Mayo. Bring in a market is using covers from from the time how they use them differently now. And they did so early in the season. Well I think I think. It just kind of depends on the game plan and you have some teams were there are some guys are really dangers of about Philip think Justin Forsett is is -- god we did talk a lot about a me we also that. Bizarre play in the in the Thanksgiving game but you pretty gators got about Phillies for elusive guy he's not quite he just over sort of caliber but that kind of player. And each and every week they're giving guys like this and when it's not a great matchup for -- you know be taking the guy from off. In sub defense the -- a little more aggressive minister for -- that they need to to do pressures and blitzes all that stuff. Because you can simply add him in and if you call them up with your -- -- unit which is your -- to just simply swap responsibility. So it's basically comment for the line. And -- that you should always noted that you know the -- doesn't naturally not happened earlier because. That I want to but sometimes you just don't get a look. Seems little use off setback to an open side further the ruling right for these kind of -- but basically a bit appears to me is our report with with Serbian. If you cancel those guys that you know you sort of go parliament to make the call when that makes sense if you know back of the line. To place sports socialist -- -- gonna go the other Drexel a great time to do it. And basically my oil can just add himself into the rush. And then subtracting that would be for the -- and only in the -- uniform and rush but the mix an awful funny guys and we plan of their own strengths I think it would help. We look at the secondary I think it's been pretty impressive I think it was yesterday hundred Johnson might some catches but -- tackled immediately see guys in coverage. I'll be demo quarterly showing his speed and -- recover some ground. We -- when you look at that you see just a different secondary or just 818 is not gaining confidence in just. You know gaining some momentum here in better communication. Yet I think -- -- -- present a better communication I think that that's crucial and and -- actually referenced that infamous post game comments that. You don't hit you feel like you it's the -- we're talking to one another you know giving each other clues and tips and tendencies and things like that that. You know it as figure drop off of a landmark usually each time and just some of the game and in and we conversation for you know do little tip to see the whole field. Sort of -- this way noble people by the to commercial promotion this route combinations comment you see guys -- -- -- experience I think. They haven't you know done a great job they made the move to safety but now it's sort of MX global thing -- not just. I'm never going to get beat on my top things off tackle but it's now I can -- steals -- And that's dangerous combination we -- we're talking about this for the last several weeks since they've made this change that basically playing. To appreciate -- -- -- Gregory is that this was brought in here to do appreciate the opposite of Patrick Chung. It's really through free safety bodies back there now in the get away with it because they don't they haven't needed seven an email boxes in the run game provided it keep doing -- it's it's a luxury. It needed to talk about. The communication and honest. No less important but this team seems to be. They look like they're playing defensively a lot faster. And a lot more confident and then what they have been so that I'm not a communication and and and being culpable and we know what you're doing. Is a big factor in how you play the game physically the game and I have to look at that do and say this is probably one of the reasons why. And I need to do what you think about it too they have not given up nowhere near as many. Big plays over twenty yards the last few weeks. As they have in the first six and seven weeks of the season when they gave up a record number I believe. Over twenty yards -- what do you think about this situation. Well I think they've they've they've settled into some coverages that sort of address those issues. I think that's a little ones you saw. You know certain book will be in my we've just -- -- -- the little comeback European. There were there were situations where you find people in the slot on violence and they've run the -- away from help you know you have posted the and just run away from but and then -- or seven route through things for the outside. It's tough for me if you don't feel like personnel wise you island players guys that are going to be able play like -- and space. Is not recovered Iran I think it's sort of a learning process go through this -- what works for us with 1000. And it's especially pertinent when you're dealing with young players so. I think they're sort of melding and a pattern of coverages not not one particular covered the two were through four. And enough so that they don't run them successively I don't on you know two and three enforcers were just seen one coverage coupled with four secondary pressure. So it's it's different each point which is helpful as good discussion for him it doesn't with a lot and it's helpful to be able to just do the things that Richard seems struck. I think there ruby you know like. Colored in the guts to me it is really played well the second half -- these that would double the normal. But I think the role he's playing now that's some better than I would roll -- single -- up to be receptive viewers here. So it's kind of just finding what guys do better and it just goes for the run scheme as well you know I think it's subtle and stuff from the front. Be a little more aggressive with spikes in the line and allow me out of reach great little war. And you know Brent deedrick has made a really -- second half contribution that we -- person years. Just guys stepping up -- about roll and the coaches that could build a good double what. It. Last month for me Matt and this is more be a general question I'm sure you probably hate but I felt like you could make the argument after last night the learn as much about Houston. As you -- about the patriots that may be from Houston standpoint. Kubiak and job the penalty on the first play -- I was very telling guy at a place. Did you learn more about Houston last night -- what the patriots -- big picture perspective. I think it's hard to learn much about the papers at all from my game because. Aqua present what's been the strength of them is. They can really drive the ball like the feel you know I hate that they can dunk phrase but just idea that they are pretty meticulous and have a good on the field. -- Have to sharply yesterday they had some short one play drives and they capitalize on mistakes but the Texans so. To me you referenced that first you know illegal formation struck again the first half of registered. At the idea right on this and to me that is probably the dumbest thing a football. Short not having to write a lot of guys in the opening kick -- literally. Three days three days security that play. Granted to practice you walked out like forget your helmet like I don't I don't give that that that commutes spoke to sort of state of mind. You know maybe the whole attention to be -- maybe the little things. Banged up and and I think there were enough of that in that first half in on the name again -- might -- keep last week was -- they were gonna perform and I read. They're going to be a big factor that could give them -- -- But the first time that they did was shops. Shot attempts. From the point two yard line on the way in through post safety run in the skinny he wrote peoples throughout all. That's not a good decisions so you know is the decision making this sort of awareness. Maltby kill a -- out or lacking but secular and less about the intersection. You know it's parliament made this point after the game and it kind of surprised because you you know you get caught up in the wild it was a great game over the great not from the you know multiple problems but. There after the first three drives there was there were five of six so they really get caught up. And one of those five is the is VO one moralist one play drives ball. Well beyond that they have a three and now they have an actual work the capacity for sure Hernandez was sort of draft or a couple of I don't know about the -- but. The fall by another three -- all by another first Alapont. Where they get pastoral response to the a lot of series that you know the pictures or what to think differently the gonna go back and self -- -- you know. What night for the first quarter what do we really stalled for quite a long time. So that's -- also -- certainly got enough to work on themselves and you can't always count that -- not gonna get the -- to the pay protection for the ball on the ground quite sister. Utopia but there were fortunate opted to get the ball back from awful place so. For them there's enough on -- look at and say we can't do that either or we won't have nearly as good good fortune. -- promised some reference of Santa clause three which is as much of and its enemies you can ever get to make sure you read. Matt Chatham Chatham report tomorrow on the Boston Herald Wednesday and Friday this week and of course. On the patriots NFL Sunday show. Sundays here on WEEI Matt as always love talking football with -- for a talk the next week -- met that are very weak -- Matt Chatham on the eighteenth -- hotline AT&T -- LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible.

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