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Mankins on the Pats offense: 'We were up and down'

Dec 11, 2012|

Mut, Lou and Troy talk with Logan Mankins, fresh off his first complete game following a stretch of injuries, about the team's big win over the Texans and how the offense fired on all cylinders early on but sputtered at other times. They also discuss the Pats' outlook for the rest of the season and Stevan Ridley's infamous onesies.

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Patriots Monday on a Tuesday Sports Radio WEEI Troy Brown in studio. Logan Mankins joining us. -- interview is brought to by Verizon the official wireless and telecommunications provider. A little England patriots. Logan it's much Troy and Lou how are you. We're doing good I'm sure a lot of preparation went into -- the front line for the Houston Texans. And they've watched the tape yet but. Do you feel like that as -- offensive line Logan that you were prepared for JJ watt the -- that crew there from Houston does seem like he gave Tom a lot of how to throw the football. Yeah you go that's just drink for their defense is from four guys we knew he would do did you. We've worked on it all week on everyone get in the right places than just trying to do our bit and known what we had to do against so. I think for the most part we did a pretty good and pundit did -- a -- times than we did give up 12. Though that a mentally herself. You know it took us some things to work on but I think overall it went pretty well. You know you talk about how good of defense and I was four part of Houston Texans. Does -- and you paid a -- services how compare them to other teams ago as a plea. Of just how good they were because they did it come a few times in this game but for the most part he does and the embedded in the anybody else says oh yeah. Yeah I think we we did do a better job in the majority of the teams have been. District to their defense is just too defensive tackles and they've this gave team it's all year long and that is why he's had over sixteen. I think. The other tackle and it has its closest servants somewhere in there and about two quarterback it's. We knew we had to do a good job inside and I think for the most part we did they could always be better -- it could have been worse it is we're pretty good about it. What impressive things throughout this year really -- the play of the offensive line in general and the guys have been banged up the guys adjustments stepping in that. That was -- first year -- LaMont -- probably had the starting five offensive linemen kind of planned on it must been nice dispute everybody backs precious time a year. Yes it is you know I've been in and out and then missed a few games I think -- business or yourself. We've been rotate a lot of guys in there and the guys that have been playing have been doing a great job and it was nice to get 05 guys I guess they're together last night and have everyone gets to the game and it just feels nice to have come into the into the -- in here and everyone getting healthy start to play together. Global rollout Watson Tom last night many seem to be fired up near -- look -- is guy in the head that that pass and I use the -- in big games. Give us an idea what he was like on the field last night. Did publicly he's all business and we really wanted to get out there and start says we did. And we had a little lol there for awhile but we go to go and again and you know -- he was pretty fired up let's say it any time someone what what he runs for 67 yards and fired -- As it was pretty -- in the post game. Yeah it was pretty -- in the post game too because someone made a comment to him. About is -- and abilities as a consultant like. One that. Well we're we're we're talking about before earlier in saying that in this is probably on the best games I've seen this team play against these so called good team. As far as this year goes I know you guys turn the page don't look at this game you know now you be -- its efforts as the boy was just the most complete game you've seen from this team along terror. Well I don't know offensively we're up and down I think we've played it more carried out this game that we for the any other game this year -- so. Well it -- to be expected replaying one of the top defense in the league so they're gonna they're gonna do good at times too good. In our defense played great yesterday in. Any time our defense played good didn't we know we're gonna win. Logan Mankins joining us and they made a big deal about this game Andre Johnson. Was saying was the biggest game in their franchise's history you were saying after the game that your quoted as saying. I know the team we play next week it's not the biggest game in their franchise's history. It -- go to the Texans made too much of it like publicly Logan -- too much about this game. Yeah I don't know maybe that's just a day is do things done there but. I know in this building. The next game -- is the biggest one and when you get towards in his -- and every game gets bigger and bigger so we've dealt with that before we've. Every year we're in this position and we know big games are common and every week in the big games so I think. Mentally where -- we're used to every week being a big game. And you feel like that's actually an intangible that as eighteen because you can a lot of guys in this team that played in big games that you are. More mentally prepared for bigger games and that YouTube you sort of bin through. The war says that war and they Europe and a primetime spot Monday night you've been here this team -- and it's an advantage for you. Yeah I would say so. You know you get these big games and they're never easy. If you don't gonna be fighting last night and that the -- towards the end -- Windows it's going to be bad overdose the other team's gonna bring their homes that we have to repair this and when you get in those big games are coaching staff they would do a -- I would have a maturity and who we know we're always going to be prepared for the game. Yeah I didn't and I'm not not to talk about the Gaza bounce out of this game but you guys -- -- -- Greg Starr scopus corporate turnstiles in a row. Did the Houston Texas do something different in the second quarter and you guys went news this is not like your offense at all because you you're the best. As far as not having their in house yet the -- -- -- in a row in a second quarter what do they -- different the guys in the second quarter of the calls that. Yes they made some adjustments and we had some execution problems there -- You know they got good players and one of the this court defense coordinators in the league. -- gonna go down the field on them every time we'd like to but we just know that's not gonna happen and in this league it's always it's always competitive. They they made some good adjustments -- to -- a few plays in. If we just executed a little bit better we could had some better drive there but we just didn't and -- -- -- -- Does do is still the coaching staff Logan point out that you know at this point a year few guys went out you're in a position to be. One of those top two seeds in the AFC and what that why we could mean if you do get to that point. No -- that instead of -- -- all the players know we've. Most of us have been around long enough to know what's at stake right now and the coaches they just keep pushing for. Perfect play and they just -- though do the great job and every play and everyone do their job and is everything -- take care of itself and we know we did we all know we would we we have a good spokesman. We're just that's what we're focused on right now and beat the forty -- and and if we keep winning and everything -- here so. You know how much film you've you've seen already but this forty niner team defensively upfront especially in other. But it huge test for you guys next week. Yes they're the front of him another great for a seven you know they got a good linebackers. They got the lead you said Beverly. They go one of the best three techniques in the league to put. Gonna be another rough night and we're gonna have to get everything doubt in this week and have a good plan for a moment everyone's -- that -- for the. Is there any all the Smith JJ watt comparison are they two completely different players -- and. You know I've seen enough -- Smith I think he he played a lot more and sensitive and whether he is seven effect of years and they have been numerous good players so we can't just focus on. Our last one for me Tom Brady's on the station. Every day after a patriots game and he he reported this morning. That Steve -- brought in some adult one disease and that the offensive lineman. Was wearing all we're wearing adult one Z the jam is can you confirm that Logan. Yeah he did in. You know most people to make clothes nowadays they're not making enough big big guys so they were produced. -- how -- and how he's a pretty snug -- not we talked in here. Late news -- -- It's. A room. -- -- -- -- Yeah pretty good stuff is the running back you can't let that -- yeah -- I'm glad there's nobody got there are no video cameras around for that Logan Mankins are joining -- -- congratulation the win. Good luck Sunday against San Francisco collected on the road. -- our conversation Logan Mankins has brought to you by Verizon the official wireless you'll. And telecommunication provider of battling the patriots normally get when these guys on -- most knuckles -- not gonna come up over the course of the -- -- Well he's you don't win Logan -- come from you would guess you -- know the most -- is ligaments so. Again. Let's take this. But we got a good take a break Jesse James Bobby market day and I promise will get your thoughts in the scandal can afford to see what you thought about. The patriots big win last night at 6177797. 937. AM. A little bit of -- Houston radio issued today Houston radio people. That happy with how things went here in New England had that for you as well don't go anywhere.

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