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Troy Brown on the Pats defense outshining the offense

Dec 11, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk with former Patriots receiver Troy Brown about Monday night's beatdown of the Texans and the team's dominance on both sides of the ball. However, Troy points out that the Pats defense was actually more consistent than Tom Brady and the offense. They also discuss the stellar performances of Aqib Talib and Alfonzo Dennard.

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Howard too much -- -- a three point seven WEE I live at Gillette Stadium patriots Monday on a Tuesday. That means Troy Brown joins us here in studio after a late late night last night at TV. Comes by breaks down the game how -- you. We need to -- about that Mike on middle there up button down late night for you last night. It. -- is Mike is -- but I'm not here and -- ago they -- in now. Against him is how well -- and hope you're the hardest working man -- -- you you can't turn your Mike got here that I. John brain gets in the Mumbai right now and that's that's pretty hard to do now -- myself and I used when he's with us. Over a Comcast and it would only listen except they don't be -- -- the wee hours of the morning. Next Sunday but it wasn't all that and -- do you know some of he's ready to go. Legitimacy. -- patriots ready to go last night -- we open up the show asking the question more impressive offense or defense. Defense. -- -- defense -- would you lie to go to the wrong -- -- two days of all artists -- just because office in and a second quarter. With the read the innocent. And that's the reason why that would be as was -- more consistent about the first three possessions when there was 121 zip and made it Houston come out of what they wanted to do which amounts. And he. It is what it is they were great for three possessions and they were horrible for the positions they went three and out and that's just not as it was unacceptable -- embrace talked about in the post game. You know they had four positions actually became on the -- defendant. Second half and they ran about -- that played six plays an infinitely soon. -- was pretty accurate assessment because I was on that in the first things. You know I just thought the Texans -- settled down some on defense and forced them into the -- the innocent wrote this is the best team. In a league as far as not have been out there and -- possessions but for. And the Texas forced a minute the funeral value since that that's the third down defense in the NFL the patriots racked up 50%. On third down 612 yesterday. Well exactly you know and as they did a good double donors are immunized. -- -- given is that pays young efficiency because they were more consistent throughout the course and any male talk about it because it was a complete game four. -- defensively in and out but they did a heck of a doubt. Of taken away the guys need to take a win that was on Johnson. Was just the thing and they had to me that this is a Houston team has game -- area Foster Andre Johnson exchange game. Andre Johnson when you look at ten targets eight catches 95 yards is there lots of good game but. I think -- an outstanding job with him Troy if it's -- leave early on I know we get -- but but he was outstanding blanket him and he didn't stick to one side Bill Belichick got away from that he followed Andre Johnson. Both sides of the field you don't normally see that -- and then -- comes into the game so even -- ten targets eight catches 95 yards. After the catch they were there to make the tackle -- their coverage wasn't that big impact place. Exactly it was big for them to tackle football this weekend and and that was on him in Boston to. But Andre Johnson was the guy that could change the way this game was going to be -- I mean they can take it -- one point. You know you get the ball in his hands he can break it in and and do whatever with the football go all the -- and Gaza makes and they play so. I thought it was -- the rest -- -- detective you know you've probably of this corner. And put on Andre Johnson because normally when you're gonna double somebody used it to second best corner. And give them a couple -- -- they took is they've that they've been there probably best corner put him up there on on Johnston and then play over the top with some help. And give the leave a lot of credit because no when he had to help. He was they really you know on a couple of things that Andre Johnson is trying to -- -- -- -- the -- when the -- cardinal in the media -- It was a good plan by them because he was only gather contains -- game quickly. Area of Boston as good as he is he's -- point man -- care and he wasn't gonna -- the game open. With one or two periods and -- it was a hundred Giles takes him away. That's OK let's Europe. You best I'm backing crew in Italy with the best of west up and land battle and spikes. Candle area of Boston and tackle the full -- Davos will focus of the controlling them scrimmage so they did a good job of doing what they were so you quickly. We had a caller. Ross earlier saying that that is defensive MVP was Jerod Mayo and it seemed like. David just sort of cut him loose a little bit and gruden was love him -- you gonna. Blitz this guy well -- multi drug airplay in the SEC's SEC linebacker -- confirm that what Jon Gruden tennis the even award depleted team they'll listen and I -- how relevant today. I think getting adding that with -- get through Russia and he can make that argument but to me. Vince Wilfork has been on an absolute other plan. Select the last three or four weeks. Three separate candidates from the patriots alone. Some cunning and BP talks between -- Tom and convinced. And Amelie please note that nobody agrees is what does he mean to his football team. I mean I just don't think they would have even attitude -- just whatever I mean with -- -- -- you just that there's a new this question -- you grew up like down south hello there yes. What is an iron -- Confront your your junker and his crying Vince Wilfork. As an iron gear sitting in the front yard he's not -- -- -- I -- you think if you you know. There's a lot of bending caused people park in the yards down south he knows this isn't it just as huge as Iraq and people put on -- at -- nineteenth when I get right to do something similar just you know I just to gear solid cart and drive anymore yeah whatever it is is it just sits I don't know. Transmission something. I'll just try to forget that when I expected discussion. Yes you heard that right to describe it I did I Wilfork I've moved on because wouldn't mean destroy said -- was kind of all over the place called high water reference every other player other SEC linebackers this guy and that guy just. It becomes too much from me but. What I would to our question is. You talked about Vince Wilfork he was a monster last night yes. Why do you still support like if you -- Gary Kubiak. We are very Foster. Why do you still -- plays right -- wolf what you're gonna find a way to double and are not the only team to do what teams last week in North Miami. Ran Reggie Bush right Vince Wilfork and make sure as pages bingo. Had they watch tape. It is look at a guy in the general thank USA six SA. Out lost that game last night -- and and days and and come into this game that was my keys of the game was the coaching match. But the -- -- close Lola was -- and we seeing Kubiak over the years makes them. Not very Smart decisions and -- with game game types of game each game type things is going wrong clock management -- -- stuff then. Sullivan in knots of men and doing most things in -- and and Belichick has made few mistakes at that position qualities is gonna -- business -- the papers to win this game just because of that. Alone but obviously. You know he had his script and he was sent to stick to his script. Nine billion down -- do doubts when he went to net in and you run in the ball and we Vince Wilfork and all of that isn't meal money. These -- at an event at the game right now and you still in the -- -- -- -- 21 in the open and in America American wanna play action fate but at this point. They're probably and -- in the direction and then don't even buy it on the plate right now. You prepare as person and that person -- -- -- -- -- -- in Wellington. Com took care victim take eight -- A minute drive down the field so what the other thing I got a kick out of early -- we -- but earlier. Was -- like the patriots came out like a first quarter and actually look more like the Houston Texans -- baton balls a couple of scrimmage. Then in the play action off the stretch run is not a staple. For the Houston Texans. Yes that play excellence and that's we got the touchdown from that's really another big completion from Arizona the first quarter the began is that we're gonna take your best play I'm gonna show you that we can run as well just affect. Those those those plays and they brought back a lot of memories models it's displays sprint T 38 action. You know and and and and -- again has costs and Baghdad and in the middle of the poem down middle feel -- open. Just great play design has been working for the -- for a long time and you -- that play quite a few times over the years and is still working. Troy Brown is here that means we take your phone calls 61777979237. And I jumped dug to the front line Doug isn't ducks very. Who apparently has an answer for what and -- and eat gear is Doug Dario. Hey guys aren't -- to show why don't try and do wonderful men you know there and I love you man thank you. I just I want to let you guys know it's a term used in the midwest and it's it's win all the other a lot of farms and the midwest. And all this old equipment tractor equipment conveyor belt equipment. Rocks into the ground. And what's left after robs a way is usually an iron gear -- an axle. Well or via a horse something you know something like that and it sinks into the mud. And sit there for a 150 as. So just sits there so when he calls Vince Wilfork the opposite of an iron gear instead just sitting there are being there. Vince is active and makes plays that's the analogy was trying to make. Yep it it was actually complementing him yes you know. Doug you've added a lot to let go out and I've added here -- -- our -- -- clear I want to make sure because all these Texas police -- -- dear. And I are here and not OK I don't earlier -- I don't know what either one is what's an iron -- -- some sort of mechanical. Steer the -- practiced here in people's -- right now for Christmas and that I heard I didn't hear when I dearly what is it just like at the -- iron right here and -- who entered. I heard I geared to I heard Troy Brown on our show and other places. Talk about the play -- Lloyd last couple weeks not just last week -- about a month plus sort of talking about the play Brenda what Britain was a big impact last night for the page to go back in ninety seconds will get choice take on how Bramlet played last night keep it here.

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