Dec 11, 2012|

The day before the Patiots beat down the Texans, hear what Houston radio hosts had to say about Boston and the Pats.

Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

Houston sports talk radio hosts don't like Boston guys were no words. It's already in the world they don't like our streets the streets aren't street. No they go in circles forget that bullet missed my -- that's OK I'll just -- -- less and I'll be back where I was you all and you make three less and you are going to Dorchester and we don't blink our pedestrians. Pedestrians in Boston. It would be all over the pavement in new York and still don't care they're just walking out in the those street it's happening and think dean we're. They have more padding. This is true each tower here that's for sure and before their Monday -- -- down they didn't have much respect for our football team and as the patriots had no defense and fighting to Texans will be able to move the ball even if it's raining but I didn't or go to practice -- -- for people to go along. The Houston radio hosts were a little overconfident. People -- are about to shoot out that aspect of it. I'm not as bothered by this summer because the page's defense is that -- so -- you couldn't get first downs on them. It goes back to get a win. Those silly Houston radio host on Tom Brady would have a tough night Tom Brady hasn't seen by -- JJ watts up 42 points leader. 63. Reception Houston radio hosts obviously don't know much about football but at least they got this straight -- prettier Tom Brady here you that's silly and his alleged cells -- and I probably -- pretty pleased that I'm yet obviously has come bring them into the death.

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