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Tom Brady on the Texans game: 'We would have really had to screw up to lose'

Dec 11, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan ask the Patriots quarterback about the blowout of the Texans on Monday night and whether or not he gave the game ball to his new baby daughter Vivian. They also ask him about picking apart the Texans, working the run game and his preparations for next week's game against San Francisco.

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Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought you by north east electrical distributors gallery BMW and buy staples Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Or GL TTE good morning mr. Brady. More or have you already present of the game ball to -- orders that happened later today. It's in the crib -- -- it. Which is it would fit very clear -- she -- because the ball so. If you wanna know I know that I hope we get or two ago. Did you bring your game ball home. I have one that they're excellent. -- yeah what are we learned last night we discussed in this for about an hour there are teams that are ready for primetime -- that would certainly be the knowing and patriots I think Andre Johnson may regret the fact that he set this up as the most important. Game in the history of the franchise because if it is they seem to be a little damage this morning -- Well I think we know we played. You know we played well -- and we took advantage of some of their mistake. Early in they can do that that -- police at home it's. You know we'd we'd really have -- screwed up to lose that game so you know we we we started fast. Both defensively and offensively and made two critical plays in the second half to kind of put it out of reach so. You know as happy for our guys that was a -- the first money making more years of religious you know we were gonna respond that we responded. You know we responded pretty well. Who would you say is the most optimistic member of the organization them. One guy stand out above all others is being mr. optimism are. You know I think we're I think we're trained to be realists I think that tortured that -- Are there every day we hear the truth and it's not a -- what you wanna hear all the time. You know but it makes a football team better so you know when we play well. So that's so that's what we hear what we don't play who so we hear whether you know we knew where -- -- actually when they're losing its. You know how do we performance that we. Do the things that we say we needed to do. If we get that from our coach. Well the reason I asked the question about who's the most optimistic or we can translated to realistic did that person or anybody out in this organization -- This coming did you ever feel that could turn out the way it turned out last night. Why I don't think you know we design a plan offered as department to score. And I don't think defensively that we put plays -- -- they're gonna you know -- yards so. You know we've made we made some some pretty good plays. You know did we think we can win the game we have of course -- so we could win the game. But you know how those things are gonna turn out no -- has any idea that we go after the game we play with confidence we've played with. Anticipation. Based on the week of practice because when you practice. Well loud you'd go out there and play with confidence can anticipate because. You you're feeling that OK that plays a worker I look here this is. Of this display and have a chance to work so. It's just a matter of you know put that we put put a good week practiced together so he can go out there and feel like. You can excuse fault he you know for the entire course of the game they'll get a good team. Did you feel like the run you run for the first at the end of the third quarter was that designed to score -- Because pretty -- did exactly that made it through and I've made it do you see did you feel like other -- -- Certainly have certainly not decide that if there was survived and you know. Does that that would never happen. What. What we think and why we are so excited do you feel like that. Kind of was the nail in the -- and that put the game away. That was reported touchdown drive you know I think that we we kind of sputtered a little bit weird one touchdown with this -- take. In that quarter. He knows finishing up the third quarter were -- to start the fourth quarter of you know to get it to the -- territory again and make it. I guess with were scored gains. -- those so I was just excited to get. I guess pretty emotional for them terrible it's it's an emotional game. I was I was they you know reform. You you guys are incredible in December we know on the on the run now it's twenty straight we know. Monday night you're thirteen and four do you feel like Q in the core of the team not just -- record this team. Get better when the games get bigger get better when the when the pressure's on. And. Every -- That's that's. I don't I don't think we treated much differently the truth I think there's a level of excitement of making them -- fully awake but you know at 8 o'clock at night you've been thinking about the game all day. Usually it's an important game critical of the matchup on Monday Night Football I know you know ESPN has had a lot of them this year but it certainly. 111 against -- -- three is because -- pretty pretty big matchup and -- we just went out when we excuse well I think that. That's the difference -- go up you can you know buildup for not buildup for. Emeka what you predictions -- it's gonna commit their execution I think that we as a team. You know the excuse it goes without practice -- in the game and so it would -- it was a decent data execution. Talk that takes me nicely to my next question and the subject is pregame analysis and we began the broadcast at 6 o'clock by saying well so much for pregame analysis and I went through the chapter and verse. Of all the things that were set about Texas being more balanced Texas being more stout. A batting balls fourth best scoring defense best third down defense all those things proved to be wrong is your coaching staffs pregame analysis. More accurate than what we hear -- WEEI and ESPN and all the other outlets. Will we ever we have our own set of we have our own set of you know goals and -- that we talked about what we've that you are on the offensive end and the defense as well and sometimes it's the same that would everybody else. -- saint north and -- -- -- I think you know we have our strength and we know our strength and as well like we talked about it but we. You know -- the other teams can't figure that's their problem with things that we haven't done very well and teams that figure those things out. You know although you know -- also -- -- -- trade. And try to export their weaknesses that's. That's what good football teams do when you come out of the game the coach Belichick is look at their -- Wednesday. And I stood appeared. -- -- -- -- -- -- Friday morning there appeared Saturday morning and that this will we need to do to win. And we did it. And you know. We talked about you know ABC. And we accomplished ABC go to the games were completely into it in the figure that we talked about. The end you know that you lose game so. It's that he you know that's part of what the coaches do their prepares to get ready and you know coach Belichick does although -- that's ever coached and Josh McDaniels does that better than any. -- the you know any offensive corner of -- I've been less than that Patricia -- those guys -- your -- so. That's -- that -- minutes before that patriot football. Brandon Lloyd said after the game that you guys spent a little bit of time working on that stretch play play action the one that you hit Lloyd it it went actually perfectly I'm sure you have a look at the film yet but when you do you'll see eleven Texans all going for the fake. We -- turn as it got that wide open obviously the other small apartment. I can't short -- this thing I've I've got to just let this go naturally. Yeah I -- that if if I've missed that one probably you know I would of been up all night last night. But wouldn't when they are open you trying to do anything different than what you normally do these. Shred of -- throw. Him and obliterate a great -- all the defense file would be needed to do. Broke free. You know what a great play by him to spring open like that in. Great design of the planet mean any time yet spec has opened its. It rarely ever happens but it's nice to see guys run behind the defense with a few of those I think. Haywood is sovereign and is wide open on the left -- he's calling for the ball was there another play called and you saw that just of the held without -- -- who threw to him be so wide open. Yes. And that doesn't happen too often either so this. Just waving. You know where it always is waving -- hand like he's open you know yeah I I got a total -- I don't. From kind of he -- a -- double covered two I don't worry if you -- currency. You know it altogether see exactly what you see so you know when you're open for you don't wanna draw attention you're right he was so excited. -- -- legislature would say that the forward is that the ball because you know I didn't have real subtle. So you have seen him -- not waved his hand doubles all set no matter what he did right. Yes you know one dollar and I would I would say I would say that I have always -- them and there's been other times -- this stuff. You know but -- now what I I -- that. Do you talk before this game or after this came about may be meeting them again that part of the part of the theme going and a game like this is we're gonna play them again. We know I don't think we talked about that at all but we certainly could play him again you know we're in the playoffs and the player also. But it but that's that's that's another. Month so. I would say this game we got common is his defense is. One of the best I've ever -- so this going to be a totally different challenges and in. It would -- FBR definitely. Have you looked at any film yet of San Francisco. Are you are seeing it pretty much everything you have. We all know about Sunday night is I'm pretty sure the niners aren't gonna show opened talks on varsity jackets it's only thing we know. Did you guys notice the the Texans. But the entire attire. I read something about it. You know but that was just you know some kind of over the course a long year you ever comes up with some different things so I actually thought it was pretty cool. You do. What left the locker room though did it take a back detects what we ask you this all the time you never never. What did you guys come up with a -- it in the course of a long you gonna come up with something what did you guys come up with yesterday what what was what was the theme coming in and and obviously it works so. Well it changes you know it changes over the course of the season everywhere. Who won seven straight we're probably the most miserable team Italy wouldn't -- -- -- that there's not a lot of George Jordan took a week of practice it's because urgency is always so -- The pressure always there's pressure on third there's pressure on Friday. You know that you build up to these big game you're just he can't wait to get to the game because. You know this thing all right practice and we do this you know. Who -- this. JJ watt and starting in practice on Thursday and you know that's -- -- -- in the game -- -- go to bed thinking about those things and you know finally get to the game we -- you -- play. And it's you know that's that's the fun of itself. In terms of things that we do and come up where I've -- there. There's a few different things you know. -- It's it's it's. I don't think -- level of them you know but second. I don't know released. A lot of really really where's he's won these two everyday which are pretty flat and -- he brought he brought -- -- those. For the offense -- and so defeat like the debates over the when viewed it. Got one -- like a baby's one -- It's not a baby what these simple what it looks like one of those moguls such if you do so. Their big men should be weren't paying for the plate yeah that. How difficult was it to get ready for the biggest game of the year. In a week we -- I don't know you and some -- going on yet had a baby. Not difficult at all played the truth. We have an election data prepared in you know I tried to get ahead I was trying to get them here these last few weeks so. You know when and where and when you know our little -- came -- and I was you know where I need to be so. It was just say. Those great she was born at night because it -- going to -- the next -- just a little bit of the -- in the morning and regular back to work so everything was taken care at all. Talk any theory as to why this time a year in particular -- generally speaking but not always. Things seem to all the patriots way when it comes to break such as the first in the comes to mind is wood heads fumble and and Brandon is in position you can call that block you can call that being in the right position. But all those kinds of things when there are opportunities there for the taking. More often than not the patriots don't spit the bit to take advantage of them why is that. Well except -- the last Super Bowl where they fumbled three times you didn't expect a so we do -- again until we get them and good gains -- you don't probably over the course of many years they all leave and -- And you know we got up last night I don't think you can rely on getting nose and I think there's going to be funny at times -- you don't get those. But I you know that one and one of the things they do really well -- -- fumbles. And certainly when did you watch her from behind in club but the ball like he did over and over and over defense to play that. You know you're you're not gonna get a little stronger and our guys know that and that they take part we think about it. And you know we're gonna have to do a better job of that. The telecast showed JJ -- time and time again looking despondent and dazed and confused confirmed what I think is probably true he really doesn't have anything to be ashamed of based on his -- last night. Not certainly not before the best defensive players. In the league right now and he's. The kind of year he's evidence it's phenomenal so. In a bad balls down sack the quarterback. And stop the negative and critical the critical plays at critical points gains and he's. He's an incredible players so. And and now we opened with come down -- got you know whatever some ridiculous about a fax. When he's he's an awesome place to. First three drives touchdown touchdown touchdown next four drives punt punt punt punt including 33 and outs what changed. You know we screwed up some some execution I think that's what it was you know we we just -- We had a chance from the -- all of them and I would have made a better player on on on one one of the plays -- that tried. You know we had to pass interference after a first down on an extra if we have three and out two minute drill that was bad refereeing you know another bad -- -- second half so. That was frustrating that you know we've got -- we've got to you know do better than that and and we're capable as least as we show we just. We can't make those mistakes. Other than not all good Smith what is so impressive about the manager said in the best defense you've seen all year. You have I think there's there's there's physical strain on the physical secondary with the safeties too but -- Seeking to you know phenomenal players to -- -- and Donte Whitner. Good solid group quarters through the best linebackers Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis. And then guys that commercial quarterback just. All of them missed. Brooks I -- they got. There is that they can rush they can cover they stop the run. -- -- If they really -- they're guys. Do things that they are good that so. We've. You know it's it's going to be fun it's going to be fun they got they got a great group so I complete the Ford married a long time the most excited when I completely out of. Speaking of excited at the end of the third quarter which we've already discussed you have your little demonstration after your run and then as the fourth quarter. Wrapped up they were chanting MVP in the stands eight -- here and be what does that make you feel like when you hear that many people's chanting MVP. Yeah I heard it. That's it I believe there right. And I'm very flattered. Even you know be considered for something like step but honestly it's the most important for me is -- games -- Into it with my teammates and I realize they're every bit of what I do is dependent on them on on the group of guys that I play lift them. -- takes effect -- successful years we've had. With thirteen. Have at all about -- football and that's what our team has been built -- working -- all about and you know there's there's no greater experience then. -- winning and winning with a group of guys that we have sent to win seven straight it's been pretty exceptional so. And that's that's a 100% where my focus isn't a product played in on this team and hopefully we can keep. You know win and certainly this week is going to be our biggest challenge we've -- here. Why did you high five Kareem Jackson. It was a low -- Low and a slap comply. -- I ran into. I would I think goes back into. Her -- did you. No -- back in the many kinda of a backing up I think I'd step on his foot turnaround. And he was their right there temperature. Portrait you know started fielder. -- after it was after it -- them. Yeah right yeah yeah JJ watt didn't high five -- sorry that's the identity. Now open in the tournament I I guess I've -- and almighty. Did you think when merciless drill Jews whose helmet to helmet. We'll definitely in my helmet itself. But I know with his helmet the weather but the definition if it works. You were hit six times and sacked once any worse for Wear this morning are you feel after a great career and about four police. Got that much in that are you are you. Not a big sleeper because you know you get up all the talk to us every week it's always all the minor field right. Mean do you get by on less sleep than most. And -- the football -- and I it's flat foot. You know -- sleep like everybody else and I just. That's where -- don't do much -- when I can't actually get the better and yes pro Ouattara leadership that might -- paid for election. Human rights report what we did the kids to bed at you know I've got to try to prepare for the next -- so. You were about to say you want something you what it must be something that you watch. I will actually. I think our DVR like Dexter when I can't. The -- you want to let you watch homeland. Nobody here that often I hear a lot it's great. Yeah one of our best my best but it -- -- less tragic just -- June 24 guy in 24 election every 24. Our series shield. It'll remind you of 24 bit edgier obviously it's on showtime it's a little more of in a little more violent little you know little get to actually season frontal nudity here and there. Yeah it -- yeah -- am worried that a artist I'm sure we congratulations on the win we'll talk you next Monday OK -- talk it doesn't tell LAT and T like AT&T -- LT ER conversation with a quarterback is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. Gallery BMW and by staples.

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