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DJ Bean talks about the NHL progress

Dec 10, 2012|

John Ryder talks with DJ about the NHL lockout and what, if any progress has been made in negotiations and if there's any hope of seeing hockey this year.

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John -- that with the and happy to rejoin Baghdad today tied to a time last season but haven't -- too much on the airwaves recently. DJB does tremendous job cover in the NHL when it's going on they've -- it's not going god. For WEEI. Dot com also on Twitter as well it does DJ underscore beat -- guard DJ. Are you joked at our leader -- is it's always good to tiger was retired -- actual games in the NHL. And no surprise today I'm sure it's deal or anyone else that has been following the lockout. NHL canceling all games through December 30. Yup the via the good old count early sneak up on you there what all these negotiations. What they have a positive -- we do you have last week that the second that breaks I mean you could be as optimistic that you want last week but -- Series in the point now where. When things break up but certainly another weaker outwardly greens you're gonna lose each time so out of the air and probably looking at -- Three weeks before you start. Really -- and they're gonna call the whole thing but are you cannot fathom that happened. So it yet so you are still in the class of being optimistic that this will get done. There will be some sort of season. Yes -- I figured and the classic. I did not think there would be peace and I was going to block. Of the mind that it. There were too many hard -- guys like Jerry Jacobs who weren't gonna budge. And I mean the ideal partner for the eye opener -- you last week when owners bumped up to me -- to 300 million dollars. -- he would like OK if true this is gonna happen to happens sap which lie and obviously like -- -- people. I tend to. Side with the players throughout these sort of ordeal but when the players. Didn't take that deal mean I was pretty surprised you look at the concessions that the owners have made it. What they're in the way -- -- -- right now it's -- to the CPA which the owners ought to be ten years and opt out street. The players ought to be eight years an up note after six and then like minor thing like. What complaints by like whether or not you and -- know somebody who isn't going against your cap. And then the big one -- I mean daily famously. At the elbow -- -- -- collective contracts which yours -- side or seven or it's your own. And supporters want. In the the players want a -- If I'm a fourth line player in the NHL who is and start looking like a household name like sun -- -- -- -- like your average run of the mill. Fourth line player doesn't know very whether -- pouring in HL or NHL or whether or not it threatening. What I either locally -- In -- it. -- who called correct what's holding it up on same. What are you voting on this you know -- -- never gonna get a secure -- Bryan Murray. Career that that's what forty guys they killed -- -- more than five years. We'll be -- 750 guys so we're really brought you last week was he didn't put it to a vote and not the only thing that makes me think maybe this will go on. A little longer censor but I mean what fielders moved up 300 million on the Nicole which is essentially the money to go to the players. Awaited softening the blow for their popular reverend is going down and I are up that would be got a deal done. But the fact that it didn't that he I don't -- don't blame Jerry that the -- Looking like you're about to cry during a press conference because you probably just there are a lot of people watcher who were to strike the few at that -- that happened. Yeah I'm sure at wit's end now for him and a lot of pitcher all. But most of -- on what the other most of it at the beginning was against the owners now I see that there's some against the players I wouldn't say I wouldn't go as far as may be 5050 on this. And in terms of anger I know there's a lot of anger point to that I can understand. Donald Fehr being a part of this and and also Batman as well but. -- how much is fear holding this'll take up. He's calling it up a lot and that's something that you have to consider. Going into the that you knew would get a B and that's one -- the -- the NHL but that -- a little boldest and actually equal what you could. Large factor is Donald feared nothing gets done easily with this guy in right. -- reference to a million pounds I don't know where that particular BR birther proper credit to someone referred to him you know Colin. Right after talks broke off is that moving target you are exactly what Arnold here has been says. But they're the biggest thing -- as best -- on that goes right now that bird is the players -- that -- the one thing that we need. Give -- -- and then we'll have a deal then at the may hold the most important thing give a bit and we'll have a deal. And at least some heat -- -- has tried to address what layered. Have wanted it lately recently and you know obviously there -- police started off this summer was so far. Off realities that it would crazy but I hope you're for the very cop got -- read it which is why it. Basically -- strategy at this point is. Openly that this guy over the reluctant to believe it will probably pretty happy with. The progress that we needed to guard they've taken during the players don't and owners only meetings. BC about where things start to get ugly when police started -- that does say. Keep this guy out of the room I think that as long as fears in the picture which I don't think you -- -- anywhere. This is going to be a tough negotiation and I mean it like I said it -- a promises me that they. He didn't even vote on that last offer. Yeah you know the that is an that is shocking because it seem like there are making such progress in so many waves heading towards well this is gonna finally get died. And then all of a sudden you know yet you have that quick turn around. Did enough things being worked out well what do they expected to meet again aren't they expect to meet again as soon. Directly into it that they're talking and within the schedule. Further meetings with -- look. No I mean anything you can hit right exactly like our mission accomplished the planning on you know I'm talking again soon. There's an official this point but. You have to imagine that still needs some work this week and try to do something look. The biggest question with regard to values. We're -- start when they sit back down because. Like we were just saying with what -- owners had offered you would think that they would be super close to a deal. They aren't all that -- not dispute that outward -- quote Audubon bird bird critical to -- it hasn't happened yet. -- obviously -- -- you know it's from the ordered and they're saying no. We're. There as well theaters. By means that in. Yeah owners have a draft -- them. Who they would want the other two. Where. On the on the players side they're saying okay you've given us something we want our students were given the rest will be oh good so. You can understand it. The end the owners frustration. With all that. I -- I. Given that they'll sit back down. It really -- it will take -- everything off the table like he said they did. But Woolsey I mean look at that I cannot sit down and say OK what your pocket but we -- all scratch I think that the -- home. Closer from yet -- most recent offered up the players most results -- Sports I would DJB unit as a great job cover in the NHL and the Bruins. For WEEI dot com follow him on Twitter -- DJ underscore being. And DJ. Say -- let's just say that does this thing gets settled in and -- the other they settle in over the next 23 weeks. Thought when they start playing and how long with the season end of calling in would they go did you steal an east east -- diseased games for the regular season. And I would talking I can't imagine a hockey going in to say July. Right I think that it's done with in the next. Couple weeks which really happened in it will be. Assuming that happens you probably looking at. Mid January. Start -- and that's where you start to get back into the last certainty and they had. And you you can look at something like 48 games and to me I mean. Called putting on it's been on things if there at the 48 game schedule. Of only conference opponents. I think that actually going to be really really interesting season that you look at what the Berlin is last year. That they have a star like he -- where they -- whether the worst team and in the leader of the conference for the first month of the season -- that there are in the playoffs so it's going to be ultra competitive I think some of the more exciting regular season hockey. You could see. Any any surely he would do like the NBA -- -- impact all those games in 66 teams in. Because just of the -- not that you know the NBA is in the -- sport but let's face it I mean the grind of of an NHL game you can't have that many back to backs. Let act -- so unpalatable. You -- actually. And he said he'll do whatever as long as they're playing game that got nothing cooler than some of the regained and three nights things that players about -- in the minors but I mean -- out what you said especially with the fighters -- -- just taken a eating. You you can't compressed schedule that much to the point where it's more than. -- fourteen week. Now what I've heard. A little bit too is with all these different contracts it's almost that the fear or the worry is is that you're gonna have some thing and of course more players than the NBA you know it's -- twelve guys on the team of the NHL but. With the contracts in other -- -- these guys no matter what ends up happening with Sidney Crosby's -- we know the top players always end up getting their money. But that there's almost a concern where those guys you know you mention those fourth line guys. Or as some of those guys are going to be really left just searching for the scraps. Right. Brit I mean there are no bigger losers in this whole thing. Then the players who are making huge money and guess what there's a whole lot more of those guys then there are what you said Sidney Crosby. Of the world and everything. -- idea I just keep going back to a guy in foreign situation where he's got it be what 34 years left. You never made a million dollars in his career. Are you. He's obviously. In this very very supportive of the unions and up or they. Before they come closer -- last couple weeks he was saying -- if there's any person who. Would be in a position where they'd say we need to take whatever field there. It would have been using even at that point he couldn't in good conscience push for. Something that didn't -- benefit the players will also. I mean it is interesting about some guy like that but ultimately you can bet that there is not the way -- -- think if I were in -- guy. Look forward to listen if I were guys who knew bit I didn't have many more years to make that kind of money I'm not quite. I'd really like ourselves to go back missile boat thing I'd really whoever was there was -- vote. Yeah no it is it is curious in a way the -- A moss so. It's going to be fast daylight you said -- go to 48 games it's east first disease but would they still have as many rounds in the playoffs what would they admit that -- because I can't imagine again if you get into the later stages of June. Then you have to worry about and especially considering some of these teams where the surface just the ice surface along the building is getting -- run them try to keep the ice cold. Just you know basic stuff like that. Well let -- your -- Eastern Conference finals in 2011. That I that I got pretty brutal that aren't here Tampa yeah so it yet team like that who are competitive. In a big goal in. We need the it is it normally and early to mid June but if you start the oval at. Late June early July and keep in the there was that they would have. Why I mean you get to adapt or what he said it's just gonna be brutal for these teams that it's going to be the trick that look sloppy. As safety hazard. Some instances here. The other part of this in in just a cliff notes version really for people that don't know DJ. I was still think get started -- it -- -- -- just almost similar in some cases like post Lycos. The NBA situation we've got a number of teams that are just struggling. That that you know or not in the black there in the red there haven't they're having job problems. It would money you've got to Phoenix tearing -- bankruptcies so many of these teams and maybe you know just too many teams in the NHL. Right too many teens probably not good enough revenue shares. -- me yep he preferred the bruins' leading Maple Leafs and Rangers who were doing really well -- urged him to Syria. That these -- Struggling teams. Are on the same side it is Bullock Jeremy Jacobs and all the guys throughout this thing so that's something that would be. Improved obviously by other revenue sharing out looking good. Make some money but -- there certainly the case could be made or you know it you're not making money. In your market then problems in the right market for hockey so there's probably more things wrong. Believe then that some of these elderly have had a date entered. There there you negotiations not to make their property and a lot of people. Say there. Donald -- are very large cities in dealing with with Major League Baseball that he would -- the ship animal. So basically do a lot more Olympic park in here. Then there would be in some of the -- and that's probably why. The NBA product get resolved in time to have. Scenes around this time last year the NFL didn't. In the regular season game. Yeah -- it and this is probably the toughest thing to forecast let's say and let's just be hopeful that there is hockey. Who would be some of the favorites and and I guess that's so difficult to have to forecast. Is -- the same situation is just the the last years this is really till just an aside. You're a member. A time DJ you look at the recent teams that won including the Bruins have now you know fans will still come back but. You've got teams in major markets for the first for the first time in awhile that I can remember the kings coming off the Stanley Cup victory. -- the flyers competitive the Rangers. Expect to be competitive in a black cock so. The Hutomo major market teams here so the NHL boy really. Just the timing of this whole thing. Right yeah it's it's it's a pretty wretched time to both through all of this is what -- -- hockey fans around here will say that. Are -- always. -- huge here in disabilities in our power and they're like all right well at that. Firing -- -- -- here people they have always like are you round here but it sure award calling out -- season ticket. Every year not what they're doing now so it's like you said a rough rough time for. For the -- shall be going through the suspect here and look at the Rangers and -- -- loaded up and if the Bruins are what these should be -- -- is the number one -- which I think he would. Then. Mean some of the reinforcements but -- and one bogey Hamilton is going to be -- but it seemed. It's the Bruins team that -- you really good -- really long. We salute the year that in. I mean this is something that China it goes overlooked. In the year of the -- you know our career is also so not not deciding. We're a competitive scene that would put that should be in the side. You know and this the last question. And publish some of those guys I don't know how much you've been paying attention occasional I know Tyler say against them played very well. Overseas what about the transition of probably wouldn't be too. Difficult. Although the NHL -- certainly better -- -- what's going on over in Europe in the cage shell eggs that are about. In terms of the these guys getting back. The problem I'm sure DJ wouldn't be with guys like dad it's been with the guys that aren't playing over there. Right there a lot of question marks with that. You can look at it important who. Who going to block -- said you look in the play anywhere during the lockout that. You just kinda take it easy which is. Obviously a pretty Smart thing to do with the guy who's entering final year deal had a concussion issues cities but. I actually do wonder about some of the younger players who are playing abroad. Look at how it figgins he's in the lead that very -- Very little a lot of vote in that. Mean. -- burning over the past. I would say in strength and that's what you guard your their cue and -- who have a better skill set in that regard that does. But when you look at Palestinian development -- you wondered vote is. In yet awkward yet more physical -- you deal stronger on the part. I would not want and you. Little League games. But I can tell you that you probably don't improve. Part of -- team over there -- you -- to Oakland in the NHL had. Bigger bigger ring execs at or over there and engines style points. With the bat you'll have to wonder what's -- gonna be like when he comes back and -- obviously last year he took a big step forward. Did you need to get -- India. With regard as a preventative and scoring these scores -- but. He's you the very good player who's still developing so you have to wonder what place in a different league that early in your career. Can have on your actual development. I'll leave you with this DJ in -- -- and Bob -- near role -- the Houston Texans actually I don't -- it's not. Wanted to hockey team there in Houston bag back in 1999. And he had to settle for biting the expansion Houston Texans think he ended up making the right move by state. I was gonna say what a shame I think I think it worked out pretty well. Or the I'd say let's say NN I don't know how big -- I remember back -- this -- the Houston arrows back to the seventies and Moya in the eighties and and they were big draw down. But I don't I don't think it would work I think he probably locked out not on that and but. I was lucky enough to have -- tonight DJ hopefully I'll be talking it down the road here. In January about actual Bruins games out -- what made the got to be -- that be fun instead of the lawyers tiger legalese and all that stuff. Write something that I. Oh yeah right well same here right blood TJ appreciate is always but. -- takes a DJ bead of WPI dot com.

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