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Monday, December 10th Whiner Line

Dec 10, 2012|

Christmas is coming... the Goose, aka Ordway is already fat.

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Earlier it's gonna be grounded out but I hadn't -- the -- to label behind a little better than. But I think the technique and but I just idol is being quote you go right. Did what the Chicago game close but it wasn't -- thirteen to six games yet. -- very ugly game up but it was close and I know. -- review in the beginning. Of that Denver game. It Texans jumped on them early -- the Broncos came back and they've created a six point game I think that was 3115. Of that that would be cool surging even though the score was a little. Deceived. On. What has the game and actually was that I do it will be a close game. So I I would be. I would be really shocked if Houston blows out that we would. Here in the -- I really well. I would be more surprised by that definitely but I mean Acker Robert games. Maybe fire to your normal playoff for the ravens ran all over the -- and it it. Doing looked -- -- get blown out often. I think they're much more apt to make it close if they lose but I can definitely be packed respect and getting on out out the possibility I don't wanna like. Faith definitely knowing look and -- by. If they get up early. I think record. -- as well if you look at the Green Bay game that's -- prime example of it that Green Day NC simple -- Two new England and get right you know that was a 4224. Game jets played -- You -- each -- 370. That was the final that one. Another another buffalo they beat buffalo when he won the night the little a little deceptive though loads up on that that jets game that was. And of the game without Revis wanting them to a little bit without Revis -- line they had a big return to -- night. I think that it that -- -- that -- If it looks like it was close but the objective objective tool. You can the jets to -- rejected these efforts Sysco. And yet another little shut about. That's what it was 34 nothing. So that didn't wanna bring up those those painful memories for me. I don't I would I'd been did you pass that yet that I predicted that this just to recap expected to have the way ahead. If they didn't score. I got it -- score. Figure out what the blood report -- -- based television. It's it's in Paris. They still have a shot. That the plane is Jeremiah -- me Jeremiah. -- don't -- and then. There -- what's up and -- failures. Got my prediction by the -- sport like site I think that's their possession is important you keep the army naturally keep your offense off the field. I am and I I'd heard a lot of recently it seems like Jacksonville that's the that's running against the Detroit -- that's when he has them. -- I don't know how you guys Phillippe -- historically your Welker. And they read those teams ran the ball after they effectively it opened up the passing game. What time of the session I think that's an interesting one yeah because Houston has dominated teams in time of possession so you're right. You know those long drives they have orientation their problem. Here's the long drives they they usually score off of them and that's a longer period you keeping some radio field. I got a question fellows who are mistaken on did you watch the night. He mostly plays on that. Patriots right side so vulnerable -- probably. Or for that anybody else the people around -- when you're inside the sub packages everybody you have to keep looking form of -- everybody knows him tonight yeah. Body like that overload match up though. If if the back it's okay. If bowl is back is OK because if you're -- two weeks ago we love believe played. Last week he was he was really having. Difficulty holding. I don't I think the entire line we've had some difficulty last week. Or early in that game against Miami in the figured it out and if the patriots it's. That it made to be able to take control that game of the line that is not accurate if you good good Russian. I used to on the -- and apparently he didn't get enough for mail delivery apostate a job. Hey Glenn high utility junk yard hey Mike I ain't nobody was that John had tell the story about everything I've seen here. You -- -- Brady I don't know I don't know I I finally got along like finally looked at it gets him in. I repeat this economic -- little bit like the one that but Monica couldn't pull a little better than that. He could if you're right you don't want I'll give you agility could've thrown -- a little bit better than but. -- -- -- I mean she would make it -- it's. That's the Michael told me you know and Michael knows he knows so much about football you know -- And it felt -- finally -- -- myself let me look at it again I think yeah Michael -- like. If we get the -- well for the greatest quarterback you have a right yeah you. You guys Levy the greatest quarterback -- those -- the jobs numbers. OK but if you make that. They too little but it pro they don't want to win the Super Bowl then be the greatest quarterback yet. So in essence what you're telling me John it's gonna take that you don't think Michael is an awful lot like look I think about it. -- are out there. Given that this isn't a bad putt that would get that would that was sarcastic and all right if you wrote that article knows about football and great. I got there I didn't go to Michael when it comes to sports and I hope you're not a whole work right now. Job growth among were OK now Michael but I figured you out if you don't worry I reacted angrily they don't want the -- isn't bad but it's not that great job out there are I did when I just wanna tell my out of this story okay. We got to take your buddy. Plans we get that we want -- is coming up next few extra. I want with a few of Barry's bringing Halladay. 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What four locations plus -- State Street Burlington Camden north and overcame them don't really need employment training and Salem. And Franklin street. Come visit cafeteria Boston in back bay and experiencing abuse excuse views expressed. Pressed the in my life these cars like ET TE Chris Cox. That's his discretion is advised. And and now. -- -- line. What I'm doing TV and I got eighteen god dammit can't everybody stop for ten minutes. Mean everybody seems everybody can we expect Jesus Christ and now and has not -- much to -- Is that when everybody has tomorrow when I'm trying to concentrate Jesus WEEI. War near lie in the national road I can't believe that's a song I am wrong and why is everyone all of a sudden have to move. That too. And hours to move around -- -- -- dial 6177793535. I really actually can't believe what I just so -- and under the like no one here has worked on TV before whiner line -- the seven people I mean Jesus. -- -- -- Yeah and now on cheese. Bazardo was oh my god that's like no one's ever worked on TV here before -- don't you -- you -- I -- whiner line. I hear that the courts -- -- Like it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why AT&T. Or TE. Was up to ten. Faster -- AT&T. -- You. And that was one. Added at a time like. Again and that's what. Or LT. There I'm fat three. Team reached us now. In street. He's got awful Soledad back with. You know its efforts like yours that. It. -- -- Which you can about it and -- but. Really that's maybe -- well. -- Because that might have -- -- to. -- could do. It. Come on now to go in the country music. Like caper is that beer and just meant to. -- -- -- I'll have more on how others Obama what it was for them if they don't. A big. Developments Jason helped me I would it was a man crazy about it so. They had detected with -- -- the fact coordinator Riordan because now we figured out the path we know whatever Hernandez was impact. Kabila who had run that -- For that up because that -- what the -- let me. What is it -- we -- -- -- -- quickly whenever it operated under that ball up. Any kind of the way open to all go hand -- handed it off with had written properly and they started moving forward with our guys. They were going to on the ball. What have been the shot that they've adapted to drop that put the ball right hand and move this thought what the ball go. -- -- the board walk Welker element Hernandez or ball work accurate that would happen. So pure market -- is that part of this book -- Coke should lose the next ten or so today. And that meant to go there and that's that's created a lot got a lot of effort that they -- -- this -- about all the other -- well I think what they don't have to I think what happened to see he revealed how they deal with something. That other teams are doing and everybody figured out -- -- spread about them for an old friend. Thought that they could -- -- spot that he's caught in a war against the cardinals last night not one person. Soccer mom. Toward. -- forward one back and it didn't -- point eight about -- -- added it. And that's men to violence call it's coming up but just human I do I look forward to hearing that -- -- look forward. Don't want that kind of the -- at one think really really create an -- case. All of -- really bad about it program within -- -- And -- -- -- truth you know just yesterday. Things you know situation yes the product. That's where HT TV goes well you know me. All of that make him. It cameras until I thought that's what everybody wanted everybody wants to get policy like that behind the current policy counted them but you know. Get their wanna you know wanna know my game plan I don't wanna I don't want him. -- have coal or. It just up and out of stoppage or blockage and other than that ingested a farm animal let me take a operating. It was -- Get that you know it's one giants were going to score and it's a party you know. Part of my congestion. Well part of the world grant will grant always talking about blueprint. Well I'd quit the blueprint put out the jets didn't make the playoffs pretty simple -- -- -- -- put -- that for a week so we're again. And the message. They still have a shot believe in -- the shot and that's parity. And -- Hey Bob got no comment about how Jerry Brown would be -- it's just great to have a car. -- little bit. And the message I won't I will tell you this. It's ironic. For the week later we're talking last week saying why doesn't cause this request that we banned alcohol. And a week later. We deal with the situation looked up like -- we played that Michael. Terrible situation and they don't want whereas the NFL player -- this if you got -- -- it it was stupid thing. Okay. But -- it. Taken a life is that about takes the life of its best friend. And get this as a program set up for NFL players -- home they give you eight ride. All you don't want your cellphone to call the number they come you have -- -- everything like that despite the mistakes that that that happens with. It happens to him before we had a battle with -- right. Although this is Bob Kraft and good. A little bit. I'd -- stop bottom -- from the oil at their word for cars which killed I've been vetted people have done. I would be doing more about cowboys go live today well what more aggregate. And then -- what do you want accountability -- go back to the individual. That's where the accountability. Starts -- Talk about weapons talk about alcohol talk about movie always anyone's it really does come down again. -- -- for the producer of the army navy game on Saturday. The army corps that important that the patent office all day long. Our future military leader and it could be that could it would not be able opted out at this. Quiet -- Weren't over -- I would look at what point it -- -- -- -- job they didn't do. You got good -- You know the guy. In the OK. Keep. Me. Out -- -- And it's. That that. There's a strong. Leader. About that. I get Obama get more points of computers cannot they would get. -- -- -- -- Hey guys they just wanted to say that I mean. You know it yeah. It. He had the guys had to extend its detectives questioned and I bet they well they're automatic number one thing. You know I think. Because they'll probably quite settled at least. Oh wait it -- let's read the quote bill. And I'll let you know about Obama spoke at the biggest wins tonight and had a number one. Can. But the -- diverted its. You know before the united gridiron and here's -- automatic good number one what. Let's do our homework ground. And that message. -- of the you know what the bird. Goes on late night last night let's that town. I don't know why didn't -- How is it true that you're just -- well it's not that that's good. But watching his movies. On TNT. And these channels that don't just an all out there aside. Listed I don't know who that if you think you are I don't say that. What is -- Even show the movie trick question if you're not gonna let it all up. Good question and I'm like a -- -- sit there watching them but you know something it was accurate somebody took a lot of money out of Fenway Park. It's beginning to -- a lot like a hundred years then you have ever win. Found what looked at that fact that Rick but it also spies that they -- I have ourselves -- that spelled out pretty. In it's they didn't fit the eye -- back of my years. No I am not matter that bad mean. What we're told Larry let you know got separated -- every now that go with. You. I don't think about it. I guess if I drive I read another piece trying -- a media person of baseball writers -- it's -- judicial discipline. You can't go for Josh is able to you can't make the same mistake all over at the same mistakes to fix the mistake -- -- But but if I don't win enough with Napoli hit -- -- -- on that drive the that turned out -- -- right that there. Yes without it. Try to get just the win try to get into the did Hilton heads up -- how dare to care about you laughter an idea rapid -- sleeping last week. The Red Sox were the ones that initiative that the order we're yeah filly ran off -- Yeah. While decrepit that you got up where art equipment doll that they get their spirit in the mood that the Redskins Imus -- -- and -- -- -- somebody is funny. And that message is that's so disguising his voice as it did so we request that every holiday season like 45 -- -- in the back -- back -- -- -- -- Well interesting timing. Eat eat odd that there's this -- let's -- of the green and red. But this is from the big show but that's not sound of rent. It's been so long that you can't -- -- house right. Went up. -- -- -- -- Desperately. The that's good -- like Derek and a -- like that but I'll tell you that bad that is well yeah yeah well. Well I was -- it all the equipment at -- and I don't have recorded track. Well. You know Korean. But. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do. -- And that -- to another big -- this. -- I am about to come up in the that probably that would bill Arnold former major player. You know the people wonder about the patriots had to dawn on Monday and I and I I don't like this. Cuba for the public to what level of the organic compound very cerebral. And how those organic compounds. Interact with the guy I don't know local -- portion of -- -- nobody here around -- spirit these white. That I believe that the hatred -- -- -- -- Amman would you say about that dale I can't blame them. Standard method of the public at all. What does -- say. If you want a lot of stuff powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LT ESP it's up to ten times faster treaty. AT&T rethink class double.

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