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How life after football is treating former Patriot Matt Light

Dec 10, 2012|

Matt Light, the longtime, now retired tackle of the New England Patriots will be honored at halftime of Monday Night Football. Matt talks to us about being honored, the match-up vs. the Texans, and how life after football is treating him.

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I bet they're the big show we're broadcasting live right here patriot place at twelve BP's get you ready for tonight's big ones. Between the patriots. And of course the Houston Texas. At half time -- I don't care how much -- -- out. The skies we'll open up. And it will honor -- like tonight at halftime he joins us live right now in the AT&T why. They got -- You are doing well -- so. -- -- well well you know you have you have your speech all written out at you rehearse to different than mere few times. Dramatic pauses got pedals that. Oh yeah yeah yeah all the -- orbit of -- and. Make sure you looked like Brady can serve our report them all think like everybody in the world when he was Soviet. And did mention Brady gives it -- have to bought casino. Operating. People wore on them about three days about it they pick up stuff. Yeah as they do you open an Olympic hero also Cuomo thank everybody that I've ever met yeah it's like saying -- I appreciate everyone I've ever met and another dog will be. It was the second half by the way so. I just can't I just can't imagine that. That this organization. That is then. Notorious for deep in the media at arm's length has so many former players and coaches. In the media all there yet if I have a patriot room. And ESPN world former -- ago. -- immediate career that like for you and you think it's something you gotta do for awhile. What -- note interesting. If you're the first person at that since. Then it will review September and the truth matters. I gave it a shot. I really truly be. But it's it's -- that's not. You know not the medal -- -- -- yes I would I would -- the best. I don't I do think in truth -- question of and I love of the game a full. And -- -- mediocre ball not found a relatively quickly. That. Being beat -- wasn't necessarily the best fit for me so. I am a bit on the simple mid September and number 100 militants -- -- I -- the right decision or not continuing down that path. Week we did actually noticed we talked about it a few weeks ago but we thought you likened to some disciplinary. I think right suspension over it you're done nothing now you've done something or just somebody off we were we -- comedy -- -- who you let them. Your problem commercial yeah that's good but think about it maybe make you. Maybe media analysis is not to thing but it may be our target method is applied it government got it. And with -- that a number of calls where I'm from a former teammate who's. Some of them when our group today and that means endless and you need to give him. About him. The about Greece and the -- he's manipulative and that means a lot of knowledge about momentum and yet it is astonishing that you a bit. There are you guys that are out there a bit of -- -- reasons and I'm I'm I'm a -- -- I do either so it is. I am usually at the end -- into Europe and all the equipment ago. I would have. -- -- you have to wonder considered. You know regular network and I I considered an experience could be you know really. -- him and it was fun. And and -- -- was a page news sports -- and there have been the best job in the world but it is more than -- materials normally good. -- -- It is not like you grow up -- for truth -- -- -- and -- numbers. -- he -- many many times. Whoever wrote -- with the foundational. Things in life the outdoors imprisoned and it's up to those for the time being. I was series about the Putnam. Investments what I thought you great and it was a serious. We were joking around we were talking about it sounds like a real professional actor as opposed to a a football player but what women when he wants it. The day that you woke up when you sit you don't want this -- not for me and and why do you think that that happened. Well you -- it to -- -- -- abuses that -- you have you know. All the work I've put with the foundation and the things that do that are in the people tomorrow on. He you know I gravitate towards that so so much and in my did -- life and you know really going -- what you -- there was no different and you know when I had that feeling -- you know men are gonna go and I got to do. In all of this work and preparation work and preparation and embrace him out of good drive on that throw light. Or to sort of do something in a very high level whatever it is you know my only argument -- -- the -- -- -- -- reduced -- Well I wanna I wanna shoot it's also -- -- so well you know you make a decision and and I think the reason that it is because. You know like like many people. When you do something. You looking for rewards them for what it everywhere it is important that we put monetary -- -- And do nothing wrong with that is there is definitely an open all of that. -- mean most of what I do with it doesn't have an attachment to an end here you know I can say that because it made some money to Alibaba. I sure don't -- -- -- -- to be different if our equipment in a different perhaps so. -- I looked really good look things are gonna leave a lasting impression. And -- how and how I fit into those. You know -- your opponent to so. You know from easy but it didn't -- that you brilliant. Talking about the game before bed like I could maybe do and other areas and a number of imported you know trying to find that. That's it that's your point I'm wondering because you won championships. How would this organization. You know Bill Belichick you've seen Bill Belichick and in the number of ways in the number of settings that you see in this sense of humor you've seen them when he's upset. More than that most people have been you know the owner here I'm just wondering with all of your experience. In the locker room in the community is an even impossible. For you to look at the patriots. As an analyst and say this is what's wrong with -- and criticize them when necessary could you do there. Well yeah I mean that the announcement of the auto imports and people know about it you're gonna go back and it had -- another term blues but wherever he. You know -- numbers and so on like this and no room -- -- -- you're -- -- and as I know I'm talking a bit more cute but it's you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he hit a hundred different type groups and authorities. I just. You know I can definitely. I don't know one would call -- And you know I'm the kind of -- improvement slowed from a group perspective. You know some of them miss him -- he -- -- you know I'm so and so road that it would park police department. You know -- and you know this is an important -- that you did. A lot of parents and an older I've been around have a solution that you have you know -- -- my kid. He knew that there are viewed it as a purpose is or would your argument to -- -- he did it. You know does not going to be a month or whomever you believe is right. He that matter that commitment -- hold -- anything that in intentionally then. So you know he that those would be. So it sounds to me could you you don't seem like you have difficulty formulating. An opinion on anything. It sounds to me like you just didn't get enough juice out of this media get it right -- -- didn't know enough. Earlier the and -- get a -- differently -- come. An energy into -- Rebecca affected when I ordered wanted to deal with refutes it and they were great in -- English. You go to groups it's wherever some of these features that we don't endorse content and and good camera -- didn't or Honduran and I think of it. Models one in which they could just hire people like me to go on computers -- on the up and do things. Then I would I was still well reviewed and doing actress -- I mean there were. Better information -- -- what happened a group and talk about what your reaction please think about this person that and I'm not that kind of guy like to give him delta wanted to know it was sort of -- and it. You know it was a difficult. You know some of the suspect believe from a different position and -- You know the markets noted that this. If they are -- -- entertaining either you do public fishing hunting chose there's a possibility for -- obviously. I didn't see this game play out tonight and -- see them match. Obviously an incredible number number what we agree 100 thumb couldn't Monday. -- we've -- guys who -- to win this game because you know you -- -- In this community and I want -- before I -- All the community you know that's it's. You know all elaborate ability -- on the long ball every time though. Honestly it. I'm pro football fan -- going to be the real -- I mean you're sort of about. A power will probably review as well because week -- -- obviously very often entirely. I mean I'll always like new England and every matchup. I think that. There's three things are going to be critical number one you know you handled it. They're a person's they get -- and reporters opponent on the on deepens. And but I like to -- -- we have -- open tomorrow looks like. I suspect that you know we have guys and they really good decisions with the anger and and and the guys that weapon and the problems in the prudent -- -- when the roots of this going to be huge. You know and Roberts who did room and time and and making big decisions that the -- position I mean you look at these this group and other. You -- world leaders need to be considerable regret. -- And -- Ahmad analyst obviously back. I was going to root ball on time and that is part of -- remarkable prohibit insurance group that already. You're getting your ball would go over our curriculum at dumbo you guys media entity to clear up that. The pocketbook you know with that with respect -- that. I don't you know who's who's anybody is an open receiver and pretty. Then and actually had a game plan and about his game plan you know -- new England and they're gonna agree -- that couldn't against this this Houston defense and you know and they are on their -- You know this -- -- score points on because more ruined everything else in Europe on the way to do. But I think you'd agree obviously that -- -- the -- of the most intelligent guys on the football field right of innocence. That's not even debatable but. And let them. But number one -- -- looking actually historically and in in which you have a -- -- Their best rookie in most intelligent but that aside. What you think the patriots. Have had so much success was much turnover on the development are beginning of the season was so replacing your left side. But they've had an injury that may -- -- had some injuries to Connolly. It'd it'd just been a mix and match operation what do you think. This offensive line has been not so good -- it just keep the continuity. You know men in the number one reason there's an active you know. -- assortment quoted him -- -- -- video released and we we don't want a relationship -- couldn't agree more. But it of -- it -- -- -- an and and it was that he had a good way and he's so good. You're in the again -- there in that room and -- them -- -- -- it's you know obviously they sort if you -- so I mean. Just their records of course it. He's an incredible athlete and he's he's he's so on so many different areas. And had a year less -- for himself when he gets you both sides of the line of scrimmage. Urge universal and the office of Hawaiian. So you can ruin -- understands us more guys to go along with all the other. Some attribute -- that you as an end of the guys to step up big. You know -- -- -- -- -- McDonald and you could promised. You know you guys would like him. You know I think so yeah no limit maybe that made you. You know perhaps it was -- but who have written program and we have a long way to -- to that a lot of coaching opportunities and then of course the other window and it. They came through huge event and are just you know made a statement on the families and all the rest of the guys and -- -- viewed as an. And users to force. But those who use -- it's invaluable experience coaching and it's it's spooky as you know going out there and -- in there and and refuse your employment. You know you you've come to work it didn't matter were the conditions are. -- you know how the preparation works with this team on an impact player. What do they do with JJ -- they move them around they have on the inside and -- packages. He can be a pain in the -- You can probably over think him -- to the point where somebody else does damage. If you spent too much time on what do you think they do with JJ watt here tonight. What are you I didn't have to better understand murder. Early. You know he's he's he's effective -- reporter. You know I would I would compare and if you wanna. Comparisons can be ultimately humility to go adjustments commitment juniper. You know twelve years -- just hustles -- everything. And that can be him or about their defense. You've got to applaud them early. You've got to get your hands on him. And -- you've got to make some second efforts that are going to be to your neighborhood. You know come gonna get rid of the ball I'm doing a great job of doing that -- couldn't -- in the secondary obviously. That I have been up there and as a movement have been American as him and he's got. You know these rebirth as a leader and how it doesn't it you know there's an early break off the bat right now. Are we look forward to seeing you again here at halftime -- since we haven't seen on TV lately like full beard. Jobs we got working forest tonight. Is this the Seattle like. -- -- -- -- Also to look forward it's always great to market your -- enjoy the night -- -- tonight remission. I clearly that's -- like right here on the probably show up regularly get right back to your phone calls at six point 777. Seven. 937.

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