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Ted Johnson, Former Patriots LB, on the Patriots Texans matchup

Dec 10, 2012|

Ted Johnson joins Lou and Kirk Minihane to discuss the Patriots Texans game, what JJ Watt brings to the front seven, and gives a prediction on who will win.

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It's much -- here on a Monday -- -- skis off -- and joins me breaking down this. Big Monday night matchup in the patriots in the Houston Texans. And who better to break this one down. Former patriots linebacker Ted Johnson is now. -- Houston Sports Radio six and company's Houston Texans and instead listen to the Texans right now one blip on the radar against Green -- they passed a lot of tests throughout the year is this the ultimate test for the Houston Texans coming up here tonight Angela. All I got it straight talk with you you know it. It's it's probably wouldn't be that because they put themselves in the position that make it that way. There's a lot of -- -- -- side you know going. Undefeated but we didn't even building -- but thought Aaron Rodgers. You know it's -- there's a lot of records they're great franchise record a lot of hurt so. I'll look at 1101. Day are close to. -- -- it cannot it would basically still a double -- -- at the exit. And there are a new rich guys. Home. There's a distinct home builder being at the city you it's all -- -- -- how -- Game at that they're people then. The -- more more aware of these guys put together the more people are clamoring for this statement is so. That pure shooter game four. And down here. They would go you know why did you go a long way I think people don't outdated about thirteen year I think there's that that that that -- the whole. Now while we haven't played anybody that we QB Tom Brady out there it is. It would look at them out patient. I don't know that -- candidates -- hit a bad it took a lot of lot of hype. A lot of anticipation of people here are ready for game and I. There why this team struggled so badly defensively do you think in those two spots against jacks and on and on Thanksgiving it's Detroit. What it a lot of it was needed at that are the number one quarterback to start until. -- -- he -- out like you guys you see the section. I think that it did that signal -- particular are very much game plan at a scene I mean -- who -- I've played there it was like. You add new -- doing week in week out you break -- on the opponent. You know it what was their weaknesses and how and we -- them work. Exit are it's kind of they are who they are and tried -- that what we're doing you know -- that it. Wonderful ball and play action pass a -- on defense. Noted we're gonna let. And there's typically a third down. They're gonna bring guys they're gonna bring you know five more -- -- bird and I think. The -- there are about 43% at -- but for the most. An idiot to believe -- Johnathan Joseph in the game. And you bet you when you have everybody and and what not -- on the guy shut it down. That it -- you allow you to do that who held back I think you're coming back from all indicate local people. Issues -- in -- when those gators -- Jacksonville they were. They got course buy back up and -- -- -- -- Matt Stafford acknowledge not that or some well but those guys do that a lot of -- so. It happens on that note that it would have meant there. -- you know -- -- down and open the playbook out of state -- not a result of what we're playing at one you sort of quiet. Yet playing at their normal game plan take with him in there I think you're gonna make a big difference. -- a former patriots linebacker -- Johnson's downtown Houston covering this team did. You've been some big games you know he had the experience how much does that play into effect and Andre Johnson came -- is one of the biggest games and a franchise that's not a playoff game. How much that plane -- into in into this game with a gotta match job. Was played in many. Yeah you know I think they're at the very athletic everybody's got to. -- the same way that they're not really sure they hadn't had a bit and that's for the this you know last year they were seven re what about what -- a -- spot. Injury so they even though they -- playoff game it still like that they've been -- that but the big. Big for them out and a lot of weight you know look he's got unbelievable record. Inspection team is troubled very well they're only undefeated in on the road they're six and go on the road. And they've done pretty good there and are part time dead goat and Green Bay on a couple months ago so. This -- you know look -- a lot of -- you guys were outlawed as humid and they're training camp I would that you feel like a championship he. It is still like that moment -- -- before. I'm back about 45 weeks ago they played that bears Eric Holder still. Omar I'd vote you know at what -- that point it was Green Day. It's excellent they're being about rural candidate -- some of them out -- -- rule. They're very physical announced that the poll released. Really strong and an eight -- now what about the text that they better not go in this game. -- aspect but you know I'd call you caught up in the -- Britain are played Tom Brady had been followed -- because. I think if the patriot. And the mountain expert if they go early I think it really really hard for the need to recover. I really got so the additional capability of striking in college back in the score when they need to gear down and scored against Jacksonville. Make it back at one end and then they were down. Scored in the fourth quarter against Detroit and came back but I operational whole different beast I think they'd become out is that the -- early. They get behind early in this game. I think there ideas -- -- for the fact that just don't know they can match. All sport. Obviously play for Belichick you -- others in their -- sessions game planning. In preparation and you look at the Andre Johnson matchup the patriots tonight your best guess do you think it's -- leave in a lot of help you think they go a different direction -- Belichick's claim will be. With Johnson. The other question I -- you don't know better at situation so for all and Bill Belichick. The when he -- -- you know you'll find a legal fight wherever you're straight at these a ball side OK there's no. -- the Bill Belichick wherever your weapon it received weapons and these are searching down now you get there and fought who is -- weapon and that's true but it takes. A lot of guys that help make that they don't make MB -- effective but. I'll look for our great third down situations he's not a big spread in the red dog in the bill it's short. You'll -- you have to get it back out to wreck on our third down. What -- also -- at the double team guys you know he can beat the lead and somebody out there probably won't be just police bought and and we believe in order -- -- the -- and particularly on third down all those LBJ but now internal battle is a bird count full all the second are. Yeah but they're there a lesson that we all thought the Philip berg said that I'm a -- Alan baker -- You to -- converting on third down -- restraint matching up. I think that in particular situationally. On third down you'll see might might get in the patriot double the Mondale. Texas a dangerous -- the play action they run a lot of it job is very successful and he can do that when you have a guy like caring Foster. As a former linebacker we've -- these safeties and linebackers talk about discipline. What are some of the keys that you look at as a line back with a team that's be so effective in play action. So -- detective Phil -- they're on our play action passes let. Very identical. You know the middle linebackers in particular I think a -- matchup to watch for you guys. Is the Texans. I didn't person would be the patriot linebacker what happened go out 8888. That I didn't take their idea -- a lot. On you know they backside -- -- -- on what happens these these linebackers based. A movie aligned movement really fat each morning. So what's -- that you brought in mental state -- got eyed view and drag and caught the built so. And I had the weather's bad I think the main thing I think that the patriot defense have to worry about is going to be that -- -- of these. Of the technical -- is -- edges. In the chain Casey's that that all back expert at the depleted to a local. At night touchdown -- -- but in any game like that that the weather is you know it's bad at all. It's going to be that sort intermediate at route along -- Eric Foster that they get it done so I think that opened it. The that the state linebackers -- -- it will look at all or being -- -- perfect ball very very productive players. For a big picture perspective -- -- they played the -- once this year got smoked as you said Aaron Rodgers the Packers came back seven days later. Play well bloat the ravens maybe their best when the year you get the sense that they brought their tonight in Foxborough a Monday night. In get blown out of the accounting to bounce back or -- -- -- -- -- really have long term implications. Arctic request but that's the one scenario big could be seeing you know the damaging to their site if that score apparently today. Which I don't see happening but -- that because now. Expected. The patent that no problem what they smell blood they'll put their foot on that -- -- -- -- So it accent that at all other the other pitchers and our -- -- camera you know make you pay if they. If they think they can do but I think that wants and are aware would be damaging it is even a site you beat your score up there and just look lot. Now only otherwise I think they've generated enough goodwill -- -- seen. You know it'd it'd big game the other being patent any endeavor and bill on Monday night game and they beat the jets which -- a whole lot which right. Out of the ravens. We're all at warlock and that I'm actually just got -- by Green Bay side chilled some resilience that showed some you know some ability property to. I don't think. I'm thinking about the they were -- IQ -- in Jacksonville and Detroit now but he scored late in the fourth quarter. Game they came back took an overtime and won both I was. I think that experience being able compact though that they don't -- a panic that's what. In the in EC championship game that I followed an ointment not salt and it just relax. -- future play. Don't make no mistake and a lot in Connecticut that they could play games they get all the sudden seemed on rabble I don't get that -- -- the exit. Is it gonna is gonna be that they're very confident in their building great discipline so. The -- Our -- former patriots linebacker Ted Johnson did you must. That's a place up you must love watching JJ -- play each week he just absolute beast mode against Sebastian Vollmer. Pretty slow this guy down how the patriots jacket. I -- good because. -- move around. You know I just put them on one guy who you know -- battle the apartment by technique. Well what about the other the last fight that need the right side signal Portland at three technique though that effort -- never ever gonna get a piece. Oh probably -- -- probably the line of scrimmage and he can check to a lot of way. You know what that's what. Just as effective at any doubt the -- it at the -- and attacked me. And so dominating so dominated the lot I mean it's a nominal one minute -- -- -- well what probably killed. OP LE who besides all the data all of which is. I didn't realize it was that big of a deal to go to the ball well at Albany you know I think we have fort at number five and -- up -- the ball the F. And how everybody could -- acting albeit with the wind now everybody in the double fault that there are huge. Banks were further -- -- you know at the start from the -- for the warrants so. I don't know I do look at what they're gonna you're counteracting. It didn't quite get that promote a morale from. On the left side to the right side through the interiors so how they how they -- going to be orderly key matchup to watch. He's satisfied right now -- over the NFL is in terms of player safety. Oh you know I have directed that product with a note so that I think -- got a pretty good job on July 8. I think I think they're goal old World War II summit in and out of guys. I -- about some find it they're put on the troubled player -- -- I -- away with that you've got to understand. Is being. The numbers are competent to protect themselves to a party got a drop your edit the that you wanna get your head snapped back. So I don't think it's certainly fair but I think. There's so much pressure so many banks the other all the that stopped it's who won on the -- themselves. They're great shoot spotlight -- not all like all the way. But they're still pretty good -- analyze interpret -- -- what are you ready to do. It would fully satisfied in my opinion it is it in there independent neurologist on the field you know that that has yet to have the work. Actually I -- game there is day. Independent neurologists -- will about -- players during the game right now they don't have that that would be the next step. I think -- don't forget that. I don't which and his body real quick who wins would wait for score. I that they had her -- -- out here yeah yeah okay I'm a patriot guy whatever but that -- I have -- let you know what team. -- has -- -- but I saw a lot like any game at all and all the ability of optical line. I think you're going to be I think entering our offense are gonna make -- difference -- the or the fact that they. I think they have a better chance to hear -- late -- we late now although it low double play. I think that's huge -- -- element out I think that's another -- so. I think there it. I think they have -- -- about that it's gonna hurt our disposal if it was random order step up one -- actually yeah well I am Troy Brown caught him out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's textured effect they're pretty well it's not just went for help right now and I think that the -- let up against the maker offered. Through all -- -- walk so critical about the -- -- -- all that you want to get the the F patriot east and that accept. Being a part of that the that the the tech bought -- but -- -- -- they target the speakers at the that the walked the walk in the these are in the exit balked at that they ultimately defect which we call. Because I think it's going to be a work -- -- -- a respectable figure. Ours Ted Johnson for patriots linebacker out of Houston covering the Houston Texans and Sports Radio six -- appreciate the time. They got beat -- a great thought or. Well as Jimi -- here and -- we come back I want to get it to the whole -- as the Houston Texas they do bring pressure you look at this game -- against Tom Brady. And -- thinks I think twice maybe about doing that we'll talk about the next.

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