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Wil Myers traded to the Rays for James Shields

Dec 10, 2012|

Lou and Kirk Minihane give their opinion on the Rays Royals trade over the weekend. The Red Sox were reportedly interested in trading for Myers but the Royals were more interested in Shields and Wade Davis.

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Also the big -- AL east. And this time. I'm not so sure that the race the steps forward like the jays did -- 2013. Goes. I actually think this was a good deal for both teams food. The bill Melamine in city royals will Myers names popped up refer to forward Jon Lester couple weeks back is their number one prospect. Legit power. In a minor leagues gives it 37 home runs last year writes I just don't you just don't see it that much reasonable prospect. Baseball America minor league player of the year. He was dealt to Tampa Bay Rays James Shields and Wade Davis both in the race the royals and royals receive well Myers. Right hander Jake order re easy who last year. Was one of the top -- pitching prospects number one going into the season finished the year 55 at 303 terrain between doubling tripling. Pretty impressive actually right hander 113293. And in the Pacific Coast League AAA which great hitters ballpark. Our league rather so you get. The number one prospect pitching prospect another lefthander Mike Montgomery. Was always -- regards hi prospect from the royals left hander -- ball upper ninety's. -- been sort of figured out. And they're based Patrick won so big deal between the rays and the royals. A lot of people wondering a which are talking about Lester in Myers Kirk -- -- -- the royals do this. And I think in more general manager said in the senate then he says we at the start winning games the Major League level. The way to develop winning culture -- winning Major League games and it's time for us to do that. Nautical pick up Ervin Santana even three you'd you'd Guthrie and now they have their -- wouldn't pop -- she'll ya I could traceable to. I think it's a good trade for Tampa I do and Alec Freeman so much I just trust America shields -- number the jumps -- -- -- -- trade last night as I went to his baseball reference page of the sport's for him. -- -- for shields is home ERA a 112 starts at 3.3 three. And six road starts four point 54. I think maybe Freeman says bring them somewhere else he's not gonna be dancing guy you bring your prospects -- -- for Tampa. It was kind of costing the speed and find guys and start over of the movement of the building blocks of they have they did that up if -- of his goals to win 86 games. And you know contend for a second wild card spot that they've done that. But they've done that long term archery helped his team a lot -- the what is -- that date they've developed so many prospects right they have a great catcher and soap opera as Eric cost is at first which doctors is that third. -- that is escobar's a good shortstop. You still got Alex Gordon got that I really like in left field Lorenzo Cain they have prospects. Even cars when the best minor league systems off the last couple of years and their start to see that wave up and and it just gets the point where -- we just going to be team a bunch of prospects in just hope that they all hit. Well you only look at a stock -- -- hospital great minor leagues -- Myers just like that have an opportunity to compete now. I think that's what the American League last year did that teams like the Orioles and teams like all over him it would give one real. Well what's the dynamic gonna be like in the at least MOO David Ortiz. What's the blog the market beat Hewitt the free agency bright I think it change because so many more teams -- have a chance to win now. Now can they overtake the tigers. -- improve that much as we are understanding you don't you don't have to that's the thing. Mean you can just trying to get a fair basis interest in September 5 -- -- 45 games you're gonna be in their the whole time and that to be in the mix the entire. Seasons of that chart of -- -- to -- -- -- some -- hear French as. I do get it. I think you know the the the the key thing we look at is at and shields in pretty good. The question is can Davis. In Davis be translate from and he is great last year -- the pan you know I think it was eleven strikeouts per nine year -- it was a blow. Can he be that guy that rotation or -- come close to -- -- to be the guy who you know each of the three years you're starting pitcher. He regressed use worse each of those years he put minorities a 4546. ERA guy alone you know. Resuming at these prospectors that is are supposed to be for Tampa. That's a great trade her for Kansas. I think it helps that compete. I don't ask that you actually it makes them makes them better -- it's just -- support -- -- contract is coming up as well coming years. He wants to put a team out there it is wanna look at and say I've built all these prospects in the next guy when I lose my job in year two. Two years from now he's gonna come in say look at the great team I have all right great -- Date Morse making -- move there as far as a razor actually right Andrew Friedman is is one of the best in the game. If not the best. And a lot of us do with player development this discussion of the date pitching pitching pitching Heidi get it. What their entire staff -- to the draft. Yesterday -- a -- what we -- traded each trading day shields. At not skip a beat if three or four guys kick around ready to go not skip a beat I mean you've got other guys and archer and in Cobb literally just come up in. It's OK I'm just to throw me in that rotations no big deal now will Myers can help them next year offensively. You can make -- that maybe the below the better. Because they're pitching is so deep in he might not teach yields once every five. It is this is this is what the rays do -- small market team -- draft and develop it and trade position of strength which is exactly where they are. Ahold of the best on -- gotten David Price. An eagle required that will Myers the deterrent. Some special offer a Red Sox perspective we look at that and who loses its two weeks three weeks ago the lesser stuff with Mars is -- or go so. We look at Davis and you know you look at shields here. What is after the Red Sox what is the closest I think facsimile can get from Red Sox guys thought she'd throw in Lester and you -- first kind of thought would be to Brock. I would think OK now. Who would you like that if on the Red Sox well here's the thing I mean you know in this is the tricky thing you just don't know who these guys are you bring back from -- presume they're good. You probably tricky thing with Lester for me for a such perspectives I would look to trade him I think here in the south -- I understand the philosophy. Because if they're not gonna sign guys to long term deals like the said the not going to do. Well -- good the next couple years you're gonna lose. If he's bad next couple years he's bat so I think you're kind of in a weird middle ground I understand why -- trying to get him. Do I like to -- more than I like Wade Davis I guess the question I don't know to. Close what does that thing -- -- look at it means shields is two and 21. Right in Lester isn't that same boat pretty close 132 or belief Wade Davis 27 years old. And it's two years left and guaranteed deal seven point six in the news team options for seven intent. Village to -- is not even arbitration eligible yet. You know he's not he's not Mary snow is under control for he's still a couple years away from arbitration eligibility right so you know two years from now. When they got to pick up a seven million dollar option for Wade Davis two -- gonna be his first year arbitration and so when I look at it that way. Now I sit there you'll was this even on the table for the Boston Red Sox in which you want them to do I don't like the middle ground. I don't I just you know article this week it's it's a good thing that Lester knows the the Red Sox with a good deal right and I agree with the -- percent. Also the report on Friday that came up at the Red Sox called the Phillies. Quickly and asked them if they want Ellsbury for conflict. It wasn't rumored it wasn't speculation it wasn't just this is a good idea the Red Sox actually. Went forward and did that came out of that was Comcast fairly Nephilim reportedly turned down a deal it turns -- this does not knowing how they're gonna do that in the trading for Ben Revere and and gave up worldly I believe in another lefty right -- may. Actually moved on from that scenario. I think it is good. More case a Lester and -- -- is Ellsbury score. Agree with that I yes there is no way he's coming back to Lester if it serves a kick in the pants. So be right that works in the match you know if he comes out this year has a strong first half. The -- with this team is his value their trade deadline for Lester yes. Oh definitely -- because team as a further after a year and they'll probably higher -- all the -- is the tricky thing with the news is no matter what. I mean it was a complete fall off -- of the year. They're going to be in the mix that's like a wildcard spot -- on the -- that problem right I mean there can be no worse for five games out. You'd be able around your -- Jon Lester the trade deadline. -- not -- you do that that's why I say same thing but Ellsbury that's why just do it now if you're gonna do it do it now we argue would be. We start talking about to -- about the trade. Are you gonna give up Lester and you brought two guys that are in this rotation that already searching for starting pitcher yeah I didn't at least one starter some people say to. You give up you brought in Lester 40% and you get the keyboard easy right who's AAA may be big league ready maybe you feel him in a spot. You still gotta find two -- three other guys. Where's the pitching come from and someone to believe that -- I don't want the middle road. Then I don't want. One of the other right and to me if you trade Lester. You don't have to replace him right now I agree you know you can do you do the salty for Gavin Floyd -- that things even possibly working you know you can. Ryan Dempster turning down money eagle backed him and he filled with a guy not really excited about. Because when it comes to pitching. You gotta be real patient until you find a guy you can kind of hold you -- on here a little bit -- don't mean to him that this is my guy he's not always available. Might be available on July might be available next offseason. If you make -- that solidifies your team the next 234 years -- foundation that then the next one comes from -- do. I -- there it really tough spot with with with these guys particularly with Lester because it says its trek I mean to say Lester in the next two years. Pitches as well as he did in ten and eleven. Well we -- gonna guy's gonna get he's going to get five or six years somebody's somebody's in the Pamela among its exports have been knocking due. It was not going to be here. So what do you do here's just like they're they are stuck right now. In that -- with guys like Lester with guys like Ellsbury. If I'm running his team I try and I trying to put you start over which movies. And obviously the -- with Texas last year. And what this -- do they're trying to do I would -- they're trying to trade ask us if you call -- go to Brian in Barrington -- -- up. I I want Obama number thanks -- Josh Hamilton I think you'd be there to back possessions whether it's. She would incite other people on hair and I think you could possibly. Get like Pete -- To maybe think about coming to Boston if you get different technical -- and. Well I'm not so sure. -- -- at free agency anemic Seattle's economic trade because you have Josh Hamilton still with the Mariners and -- Josh Hamilton well you don't real didn't draw. X if you get on top prospects and you don't Jacoby Ellsbury they put -- the somebody else. And you can just told him prospects. Just COLT born here you get to the extent they don't the last and tight and come here. And it would put pressure on the Seattle. He wants -- publicized. They would note though that the public the public would know there today expansion in retreat built so big money going after the -- Exceed the climate of operational years. I'm not so sure it's gonna convince -- -- do anything I mean no matter what I don't want straight to want to Melissa Leo. Excited to hear that the extension talks are going nowhere with Felix and in his shadow outside the -- hope. But I mean second evolved Ellsbury I mean just think about it from Seattle prospective trade Hernandez for Ellsbury in whatever she. Ellsbury goes -- Seattle has yearly he had 2011. At the gym is much annual he's -- is making now. So I'll just -- PX I mean it's it's it's -- -- sense I does that make sense and I think it kills me to both Felix is that you know. 16 right now calm. -- 27 when the season starts. -- twenty noting it's free agency. My love for Felix I Michael -- the window he gets the free agency and he's built the -- the blow away Zack Greinke. Know that set curricula and edit it. Felix at 29 you wanna go eight years 200 million by then -- going -- forgot it's 29 as much as I love this guy. You know I got to get them if you're gonna get him you gotta give them now because in two years from now. You won't hear me preach and they etiquette Felix as much as maybe do right -- you know the fiber innings. On the arm is now yet now meaning of the Yankees somebody to be -- Dodgers are going to go crazy. Putin is no I mean I agree it can be really tricky right now is -- on animal that -- continue to be interesting. Because he's still -- they still talk to a three year deals and start to wonder geez. Whether it's ups and look at the swooping. In on him but the thing is adjusting and I want to get that in ninety seconds because it looks like the market panic. What was -- what happens next is diabetic with a Greinke signing. Mixing things up there in -- -- the Red Sox need to get involved we'll talk about it next. All this talk about Josh Hamilton. Picture may become a little to clear with. Zack Greinke signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers over the weekend six years a 147. Million dollars. As far as annual average that's a record com he brings Zack Greinke in. There's a battle between them at Texas parents who said wherever Zack Greinke goes the market for Josh Hamilton then. Sort of dive into because that -- to say Josh. Widow wanna talk to you right now we got coaches that cranky when they missed out on Zack Greinke. And I get the believe that always -- from her turn at Texas now I would imagine I mean now they might -- of -- you know it's -- it didn't sign. Ranking him he talked about big -- here and him and yes I mean you look at it. That's. -- -- the Dodgers anymore we start to look at the stuff I mean is insane amount my -- nice picture. Very good very good pitcher but -- Your point earlier if you're paying Greinke that. What you pay if you -- and ears cranky. Was instinct instinct tax revenue weren't among the baseball reporters over the weekend national guy. This video if you had. One game to win we're Zack Greinke on that list. -- is -- in the top ten. Might be in the bottom half of the top CNET top five I would see no end. That's it it's electric six years 147. I mean you recently as last couple years you know 417 -- 20102011. -- 3.4 eight this past year mid three's good you know solid pitcher. Popular -- obviously -- a good picture maybe the top dozen baseball. The boy hit the right time. With the right team do well at Dodgers just -- ridiculous merely look at this team right now what they have to hunt and it means is the council thing unfolds because. And we seen this in the past we've seen up close and personal here in Boston but -- sorrow the angels last year. But it didn't even stop with -- cranky. I mean the -- of -- at the Korean pitcher left hander right young aged -- rule. Correct me if I'm wrong which are probably AM. So they win the bidding war right 25 million dollars just to bid look at Daisuke thing then given 36 million on top of it. So they spend -- 61 million for him 147 for Greinke and now the Los Angeles Dodgers. If -- starting pitchers or what do you do if you're on their roster what you're you're Kershaw next two years your great Cuban the last few. And you -- -- -- that money you say we start at thirty million. Why not have to go to after he's the life of baseball is like parables but you bring impacted credited to swing a packet Hamilton yeah I mean I would think Texas will be involved into retirement before the show. If -- if it's three for 63 for seventy like you're hearing. If you're the Red Sox win -- whooping and make that three for 85 offer that brief radio for morning nobody else. There's actually makes sense for this baseball team to make an offer and the -- is great job breaking down Hamilton wrist and everything else. But the Seattle mayor is gonna come out and offer him publicly three year deal at eight point five million dollar range if Josh Hamilton such a three year deal. I wanted to be here absolutely I wanna be here I mean three years. -- three with a guy like Josh and it's sort of like that. Listen as we don't know the the baggage he brings we don't -- a ton of things that are going on. A behind the scenes with him addictions and all these on the excuse that he's made in the past. But it's sort of like Manny isn't it in the production sort of always some of the things -- to deal with the new hope to just sort of unfortunately got to sort of watch this guy or make sure he says the right things -- do the right things now you shouldn't have to do that -- a guy point five million dollars. But he can't deny the production. You just can't not now and then ended they've been pretty good pretty consistent with this I mean giving apple and three for 39. Is overpaying almost the same extent giving a player like him -- three freed five. -- three for 39 for victory mean -- overpaying. Or pay for him and -- him five years -- six years they've learned a lesson they claim. They're consistent with that from he Red Sox perspective your fan. Below Hamilton away for three years at least make the offer. At least get on a table with a number that makes him say geez you know this is gonna be hard to voice could top the -- -- to at least put him in that position. And and while the way just look at with Josh Hamilton is you got a player like that OK and you sign him a message keep an eye on dominion hope -- one goes smooth. I -- you look at and say okay produced year one that we -- having knee injury issues. We didn't have coming out cynic I'm gonna struggle -- during the day commitment lies again you know we don't have any Red Bull discussion about it too much channel launched in can't play. None of those discussions. And you hope to get by you want the crops up near to. -- sort of deal with that you deal with the PRU gonna get the off season you're -- -- play this thing out or you can deal with when you left is due whatever it might be. It's odd to me take the chance he's that big of a difference maker you know and you can talk about the games he's played in question it was a 148 he -- 22 the year before. The numbers he puts up it's very difficult to match so -- a numbers perspective -- you just look at the player. It's a no brainer we know the baggage but still I think you do it. Yeah that's the thing you did you -- he get that first year out of him maybe get two years I've become a -- on most of that thirty year being bad because it's over. That's a problem obviously these -- six year -- to the stuff happens middle year one you're screwed for six years and you know 14050. Million bucks. I mean it's worth the risk having the team has the room to do it I think is a special kind of player rare offensive count indictment by the middle lineup and that you can instantly better. I mean I think you have to be aggressive here -- Elton and at least put themselves in the mix trying get this guy. I don't know -- -- knowing they met with them in Nashville on the what that really means. There's the continuing to talk to Mike Hazen said last week they are but yeah. You have to at least make Hamilton decide whether and I want to come here. Yeah it would EO. -- of the Josh Hamilton thing and look at the Texas Rangers now they lose out on Greinke so you would just think that. Talks -- advanced Josh -- -- not -- -- Greinke but the money is there to spend. If talks don't progress. And you start hearing more about the -- deal two for Elvis Andrus merely want to bring in a bad that's already replacing Josh Hamilton without bring him back Josh Hamilton. That's almost more reflect. Because the team if the market right now it's three years the range of our report that illegal for the -- article five. The only offer has just three well there's your four year deal. If they don't jump in on that. -- or near the teams you know. The percent to get even worse for this guy that's the other thing is you look at the other teams you know -- in the -- tokens makes here just for argument -- In Texas falls through Seattle makes an offer wealth is really in in its. A Baltimore rumored early that they might get involved in Josh Hamilton. But I mean it's not it's like his nine teams you're in the middle of bidding war here with the red sex may get off for the overpay a little bit you know in this world for three years. It's a really changing and get this guy I would think let's get the call let's go to mark in New Hampshire mark Europe. Again I think to play my call I hadn't had to be learned that -- -- -- they're really hope they don't do anymore overspending on these. Is all the performers who have a good chance to becoming the fact that and title -- guys like oh we have a lacking proper. I am I'd rather see them go younger and talk about. The deal for lesser Kansas City is really amazing you know I would not have like -- in -- goal could see that backpack or your rules for. I that deputy read hear more about the had a similar deals for prospects defeat against that developing that next Lester are. Pretoria are held very that kind of thing. We're going the only guys that can use that -- Ellsbury Lester. I mean you know as far as prospects -- deal a middle Brooks and two -- for prospects mean they are. Although most of it the other guys that we were ready to go for the guys who live via uncovered. And I'm actually force they don't Ellsbury and lacking a package deal like how they did it with Gonzalez and not Crawford I'd be off the bat to get -- Lackey gets. -- so not some of that back and review ruled fought. Galaxy tablet -- teams are lining up for packages Ellsbury in the last year and Lackey coming off surgery -- be my -- heads -- Pittsburgh right you can look around -- You can do both though. If you bring in Hamilton for three and whatever 8085. With this team with the money -- you have. Can you get so much about it -- you. He does a bag that's why can get them I mean that's that that's obviously the risk. You can rebuild the same time Campbell has -- the way of these prospects of these -- prostitute he's everyday prospects you built around. I guess I like what regrets about that they haven't made any of these big -- deciding the past couple years. And at least let Napoli and what's space and AM every only three. That's we're talking -- Hamilton a right to amend your medical ward three not -- -- -- -- -- would you go four for Brees took this off right notes on the table right now where you go for -- for the for the Sox. Beyond that I would need to know you gotta be that's discipline the single best to become pretty comfortable acting what do they go three and 63 -- Sixties that was Seattle is really out three and sixty. Go to a sixty. Yeah of two years a match for years and sixty creates Egan and two years the best of their dealers. Are not reported 125 it's that it would rather take three and seventy to a sixty. Right. -- -- the Red Sox and get it done I'll get more to your calls judge Josh Hamilton curtain and and filling in from like me it's gambler Maloney get back that next.

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