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NFL analyst Boomer Esiason: "A lot of guys have them, I had guns too"

Dec 10, 2012|

Boomer, John and Gerry discuss what could have been done to prevent the tragedy in Dallas which claimed the life of linebacker Jerry Brown. Brown died of injuries sustained when the car he was riding in rolled over several times, the car was driven by Josh Brent, a Cowboys defensive lineman. Esiason explains how player accountability has changed in the NFL since his time in the league, including the gun culture that was brought to light by the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide. Boomer also looks at tonight's Texans-Patriots game and the impact of running back Arian Foster.

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Welcome back to a patriot Monday joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GOP Boomer Esiason joined this morning -- -- -- I don't Greg I wanna look at what we're gonna go. The -- elite little -- out there. Where are on what report out tonight did beat the Houston Texans are calling us the biggest game in their team's franchise which is portable recently played two playoff games here does that kind of bump. Putting the scale on a pedestal or -- disadvantage or advantage. Know why I guess it I take advantage I would imagine simply because maybe it is futile -- more focused the other problem -- -- here they can lose this game but it wouldn't Ulysses and then. He thought I would that this schedule for the -- started a -- this could be one of their losses and I would. I was -- are gonna have thirteen law three losses this year and a couple holdings. True to that tonight they're gonna -- would be great overrun on the run game and the best way to play defense against Tom Brady is off France's control football that kind of seem. The connections all but you know what really concerns me about them it's more their defense or defense has been. Kind of ripped up pretty good here the last couple weeks and you know a lot of that was due to injuries and get some guys that looks like an -- Are still there at thirteen that's a very good football you might know that they are looking at this is a major measuring stick for them because. There are likely they can come away with this victory. I think in the back of their mind -- -- like -- -- probably beat anybody get all the way to the super ball so. -- that made the big it is a big night for for the -- just another December game in trying to take care business and what I'm going to be able to report from the pitcher's side to the other report horrible little things actually an -- has done to them that you. I can Houston was dominant front seven make up for their shaky defensive backs. Mean you know that also JJ -- in the neck and it's going to be a war on the offensive line for the New England Patriots an -- -- -- Start I'm playing quality not not in there I mean anytime you have a great active be sent to tackle that can. Will plummet -- out of line inquiry all sorts of mismatches for you got to be aware where he is at all times you gotta make sure that. You have enough guys go on his way to make sure that that's not usually one on one. Because he's better than most offensive courtside and and good defense events of tackles excuse -- so. I they're very good up front there's no question about that and that Mike has said this is going to be I believe eight. Late fourth quarter game I believe the quarterback and has the ball in his hands late this games -- -- -- -- and hope we will get the same type of -- -- -- we -- last week in Washington -- -- RG three lived up you know it is 1000000002 half beat the giants. Eight I know other -- -- up a lot of points lately we saw that. Overtime game -- Jacksonville only gave up 37 but you look at the Houston. You look at Wade Phillips as one of those guys who just gives his team an -- -- Is he did not I'm not quite a Belichick's level but is -- one of those defensive coordinator who you look at you say he's gonna come up with some he will. And the. -- a Lebanese have better defense coordinators in his head coaches and open. Missed and what that money goes -- -- -- become that -- coaches the defense you know when he controlled the game would play call and things of that nature but. We can't help himself and go public somewhere tonight and I always think that you know. The best thing to do with Tom Brady is not what some I would pick it's better to sit back and just kind of put a rope a dope that. Belichick plays on Manning or Belichick plays on and the other great quarterback. It should not force the issue and to see whether or not you know the quarterbacking question. Is gonna make a mistake now obviously to pick your poison with Tommy's. He can -- you wonder when your -- and they can also be patient out just to keep taking underneath stuff until you decide that you bulletin on some of the open but. Note that it is remarkable years the pitcher's plate as he's always lost a key player right now it's. You know certainly clock is not there are now settlement out. -- -- -- that is of interest in the the other report that the development of the moment a little. Quality things for them out of the backfield on special teams. They'll catch a ball from the slot and things of that nature. You know about that stall stall or Obama not -- play it -- not but he is not jewel in Panama and certainly is not what Julian Edelman has become to be an assault and so. To me that is a major major loss for them and mostly they are reacting and we. We would all and we would also Andre Johnson is among the best wide outs in the game and then Erin Foster among the best running backs do you do you would you say match job is among the best. Quarterbacks in the league. No not yet. I think he's probably popped all quarterback which would put him you know in the upper -- -- restore the league obviously. You are kind of which I do radio program in Houston on Fridays I'm aren't cheap -- you can -- -- goes up that. But I think he doesn't do. Some look at the souffle in the cook and now we're. Noted there are CBS radio stations to get to making we don't mind doing arrival at all they're good guys now never. I actually compared match to me what I've played in -- reverse of that is because charlatans -- an hour. Jim Kelly I -- in all of this in that upper Echelon player but I I had played on good teams in Cincinnati when I played on those good teams. We were able to win games you get to the Super Bowl and he's kind of an under under the radar guy he's more play action passing guy he's not a guy that you cannot. I dropped back you know 45 times out of the shotgun and they go with the game to me that's only -- there's only five or six of those guys you know well. And he's never played playoff games so but these -- opportunities for him now you know to show that he belongs. And and try to win game on the road and it will be difficult for him tonight and -- gonna fall back on -- Foster and and rightly so he's one of the best quarterbacks in football that's what they do that. Gary Kubiak background from Denver and will be will be a tremendous fight for a big big big Vince Wilfork to be part of line and a the New England Patriots are gonna have to come up with you know stop that or stop after stop with the wall not stopped running the football and remember. You know there's the running game where the offensive linemen like that -- that the -- The -- of the defense of one of the opposing teams so this could be a lot of -- it is summit on the line of scrimmage time and that's going to be. Pretty intense I would imagine. Where you were an MVP. Let's set the record straight -- I don't think match job's gonna win the MVP anytime soon. What -- you mean no I mean it's he's -- a really good team they have you know they had a top flight defense until injuries started. You know you hit that I'm a little bit they should get Joseph back tonight he's report their defense. Arm and I and I think that there are run first team has brutal past first seeing even now they had maybe one of the best if not the best slot receivers in football. A -- speaking of quarterback play I'd be interested in your overview of the outstanding play a very young quarterbacks in the league block RG three Wilson cam -- and what the side are we seeing a shift to more -- the schism that position. Well sort of seemed that way Andrew Locke though is athletic involvement that is not I mean the one thing that surprised me about him is that how bad it is and how well he runs with the football. And he's a little bit. Let's. Risky wrecked and I've been RG three is no RG three got hurt McCain where I think he. He had to do what he did yesterday at LaGuardia for the first quarter got hurt the fourth quarter with the game on the line. So I appreciated. What he did yesterday but -- ethnic fault and not propose them you know off the bench yesterday. And both of those guys that engineering a late fourth quarter a win in overtime once for our Kirk cousins but. You know -- that it's just the rules guys -- the rules were we have loosened up. You know the passing lanes we've seen it that I get better and better or more open each and every year. These kids throw more in college in -- -- -- from the media a couple weeks ago that made a lot of sense. A lot of these kids nowadays when they're younger high school -- college ages. It's a big these seven on seven camps all summer long you know it's like playing in the big twelve where there's no defense and you're out there do you dislike him the ball over the field. I think it's one of the reasons why we're in you know these young kids come into the NFL and be so successful. I'm glad I mean it makes for an exciting brand of football one when he got their personalities like these young kids also have I think the the help -- On the offensive side of the football fellows -- are going to be really really good for years ago. What is your take on the Baltimore Ravens obviously they have dropped behind the papers now that would have thought the -- on the road have a tough schedules you know the giants to Broncos. They're probably not get that second seed is there something wrong with that team is a look like it can't get its act together and then when the post season rolls around -- -- just little. A bump in the road that you have in the NFL. Bordick got a heck of a break yesterday with Pittsburgh not shown up -- -- common and of course Dallas beat Cincinnati. I think I just by process of elimination you're gonna make the playoffs but they're going to be a one and done team. This defense is just not what used to be and maybe maybe you can make a bomb went. A beat up by Ray Lewis coming back late in the season maybe -- -- also exactly -- season and they feel like at least those personalities. In uniform and plank. But I think we saw yesterday exactly what their problems are you know they have a defense that can't stop anybody and they have -- a quarterback. Who's frustrating league inconsistent any kind of like you know Jake colors like Eli Manning with the exception Eli has. Is Super Bowl are puddles underneath his belt. These guys they go out there and can look great in one particular quarter of one particular -- like Joseph Flacco did yesterday. And that also they disappear and no that's not the consistency that you get from Peyton -- more. You know or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers for that matter you know guys to keep your chance to win every single game late in the game especially. And Joseph Flacco even though we had the opportunity last year you know he's waiting for that big contract right now guys. And I think if you're Baltimore there's no way in the world did you have an extension to the tune of fifteen million dollars they may have been may have. You know franchise peg on which would be around that number for one season next year. But I don't necessarily know that you can make a major commitment power that kind of dollars up on you know into the future with them. Early in the day yesterday boomer Joseph Amanda settle on Twitter at the jets win this game they are still alive in the playoffs will they did win but -- really breathing they really alive. Yeah yeah there are of course there are you know I'd like go to our locker room but I but I know wasn't pretty offensively and we have virtually no pats again hopefully -- -- this second round pick Stephen held yesterday and you know the I didn't see anything from Mark Sanchez -- statement made me feel any better about it and warmer than not that I felt on Friday so. -- still it's it's a major work in progress but. You know that these shackles of what now other northern pitcher to play in Houston that planned -- Francisco the jets are planeloads of Jacksonville and Tennessee of people like that. So they're going to be against -- actually -- the Tennessee in the question has could be take Jake Locker of Mark Sanchez you know good good luck with that one so. Are there they're still involved they're still in the next state still probably could have players that get paid -- at the -- -- that they believe that they can make it. Or are probably did do it themselves. Any favors if they thought they -- in less than that. A boomer for the second week in a role the National Football League was -- to deal with death and for the second week in -- -- -- NFL team goes up wins an emotional game. Not sure we can -- the NFL's drug culture from a certain gun culture too drunk driving -- mistake I guess it's all about choices here. It has a personal responsibility is pars on concern and personal responsibility has been lost somewhere. You know along the line here there's a microcosm of society in my estimation I mean football powers because. It close to our profile sport we have so many people watching each and every week. These things are are certainly gonna -- -- are a lot of the tensions are the reactions bodily of one of those spots left shop on Sunday and in -- leopard I wanna be talking about in and try to be like just about. It's how these people should be looked at their -- but he knows better Josh Brent. He obviously had -- do you like back in college when Hughes in Illinois. He's gonna have a long time to think about this and you know pick about -- -- -- -- eight Dallas Cowboys football partly what a game yesterday which. Okay it's big in the big picture thanks for that moving forward playoffs all the other stuff. But you have complexion of emotions and -- the conflict is you have a dead teammate and you have another teammate who -- the Staten. And how do you deal with that how do you rectify that tell you how do you move forward with that and I -- the -- of all of this. Will sit down much like it'd -- Kansas City Chiefs you know after the first in the first on the big on the radio and will be interesting to see how. About double exports from this this so we can forward. Why would guys not take advantage of the program the NFL has in place an anonymous program to be sure. Well first of all there's there's an NFL PA program right which if it were made that's where I would go because the last thing you want as a player. Is to get involved with ownership and what they're offering you'd distribute ownership knows everything that's going on in your life. And -- humidity don't think that ownership wants to know everything that's going on in your life. Serbian LPGA offers a ride home program it's free it's an 800 number. Are these players are told about it these players that number and their playbook every week every week there lecture on you know be doing the right things. Taking things through you know of the NFL PA and the -- -- -- both offer counseling services proportions we found out about -- Belcher. You know these -- young man they're making a lot of money they make that you know there are not going to be touched by track tragedy. And once again the examples that we can the last couple weeks is that it can happen to anybody at any time. Especially when it's somebody that young you know well loaded with though and just obvious obviously thinks that there are. You know above. Would be the problems that you know many of us in society are confronted with every day and that's decision making that result in consequences. In this case to guess. Acosta said Tony Dungy tells the story of her dressing eighty guys in training camp and said please raise your hand if you have a gun and sixty hands -- in the year were guns as prevalent in your day bomber. They weren't a lot of guys had to meet all hell I have gone but I don't have. Handguns but I do have shot on Obama -- -- sporting -- guys I've taught my son how to use did not have taught in the safety. Aspects of gonzo I think. You know for me if the world legal and promised something that I'm against until the legal handgun obviously -- against registered handguns. In my estimation. That are licensed or a part of our culture. From New Hampshire all the way down to Louisiana and all the way out to California and mr. Blair country is it the individuals. That make good decisions in my estimation that are the ones. That lead us to where we are today discussing these things and and bad bad decisions and personal responsibility. Or the things that we have to look at most closely. Before with a two going to make you pick we ask you this every week but the AFC. Wild card race here it is boomer. The New York Jets -- six and seven Pittsburgh Steelers. And Cincinnati Bengals are 74 and given the colts the first wildcard who gets the second one. I -- -- going to be Pittsburgh. You know Pittsburgh got its -- teamwork with nine lives. And they still believe it still control their own definitely have to -- Cincinnati in their building. Yesterday it was just horrific loss for them. I'm no question about that and -- I honestly believe that Ben Roethlisberger will somehow get used -- into the playoffs will be Indianapolis. And Pittsburgh and you know which which begs for our edge in first round -- -- good good opportunity. You know war you know re matches in the first round of clubs that should it was a pretty good football game. -- -- final question what will the early telltale signs you will be looking for tonight indicate which one of these teams will prevail. While no one of these games turned the ball over so obviously if you get a turnover something especially in the out. In the you know in the media have been negative part of the field these offenses obvious that's going to be is huge negative impact that happens but not. First and foremost how well -- very Foster running and is beginning big Chauncey yards and are those big chunks of yards. And that is you know the clock still moving at everything kind of keep -- Tom Brady and his offense off the field that's happening. And it could be a long night for the patriots if that doesn't happen. That'll be a long night in my estimation -- in the -- I do like. Going on the when they gave -- but it's going to be high scoring and I think Alberta -- Procter and when the in the fourth quarter and it's in his building -- more from -- -- gonna get it done -- go to 39 and five in December. Article good talking to get -- the -- talked down the road are -- -- separate that -- a sizable Dennison -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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