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Mike Tirico, ESPN, previews Patriots-Texans and talks about his conversation with Tom Brady

Dec 10, 2012|

Tirico has the television call of Patriots-Texans but first he talks with D&C about the arrival of the Monday Night Football bus in Foxborough and his conversation with quarterback Tom Brady. Mike provides a clearer perspective on the strengths of the Texans' run-based offense and how they plan to exploit the Patriots defense. He also chats about the NFL on national stage, including the growth of Robert Griffin III.

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Welcome back it is Dennis and Callahan as we wrap up to Monday Night Football at Foxboro we've waited death thirteen weeks in twelve games this marquee matchup and it is finally here tonight. And eight -- Manning the broadcast duties in the broadcast a friend Mike to Rico with Jon Gruden and on Monday Night Football. Mike joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT eat the after two -- my friend how -- yeah. Good debate and your. Everything looked great I expect you expect the highest ratings of the season tonight is that a fair statement. You would you would think you know when you bring New York in Washington last week or Chicago when -- as we earlier in the week. Bigger national following in Houston but we should be pretty close because the national follow the patriots. And I think a lot of people around the country are curious what other Texans are they let -- one. But can't handle the playoffs in the pick a water that you get into this late in the season or chemical on the road proved they're legit team project or prepping that carried out you bring more people would it. They have stated the Texans have that this is the biggest game in their franchise history is not a good thing for them to say. He didn't think -- I had boundary Johnston about that last night when those guys arrived here in new England and Andrei acted now wait a minute you put into play -- games the first two of your career Lester there's no way that this has been to many sit. No you're right in -- regularly see nobody asked me when -- -- I I meant regular season so I at least feel better that they're saying that right. I think it's good for the I think they wanna find out especially the back shop at quarterback played these big games so they will plate bigger games and I think it helped them. They've Indianapolis twice over the last three weeks play a couple of big games because. But when you're the patriots you've done it honestly about 45 times in mid December and January. Over the Brady Belichick eleven year run here. Detectives have done it a couple of times maybe three so for them the experience to go on through to wood on the road do about it camp site here in New England. Do it against Brady and Belichick defense -- can only make them better for the games that are going to be winner go home a few weeks. Eighty when you set Alan Brady in the and little trailer whenever that is in the truck. Bus via bus. The same bus that we -- van Gundy and green and on and let our. You you Brady could not have looked more relaxed about who's gonna put his feet up on the table when he was talking -- you Mike would you agree. He looks pretty comfortable pretty confident going in this game on it -- Michigan if he put his feet up on the desk where you gonna -- them. I know all the I was beginning tomorrow -- you know what he he did. And you know he he talked really you know with -- orphaned and got glowing about. The daughter in the new baby and all that stuff. But you know these the games in the simply. Bumps that these players live for especially but people who have been around for a while here who are used to this but I think when you step back you realize. You know count the last one standing really -- like come tonight for his appreciation of his career -- -- walk obviously retired earlier in the year. -- you don't know the guys who are around for all believe in the two championships so. For Tom and understanding I think that you know how many how many seasons are left behind the goes with the numbers. But their dwindling so I found to be relaxed and enjoying and embracing what has let up this seat in this debate. You know what's new play great November December. You know that's a great point we we we get that says from all the time that. He definitely appreciates the moment in on this now from you know he talked to Vietnam -- And we view on what she just loves to play and loves among -- a football any any seems to mean it'd never seems like. A too much of a grind for him more to you know and like in -- too demanding even though everyone's -- all the been directions. I asked him that in. He under the umbrella of Brett Favre could I remember interviewing -- the last couple of years yet it's. And then Minnesota may be where we get this back and forth conversation going. We're the grind of preparation. Just drove him crazy because he had been in the install for the West Coast offense. For ten or eleven years and teaching these two guys that's just not how far was -- that absolutely have Brady. Was wired I was reading some stuff on Tom that was written 67 years ago and the conversation of before Brady get ahead -- starting job Michigan that he be run stadium steps that the big out at 5 AM. And trying to get his own teammates to go with a magnet you know what got due later on. And that he wanted to do advantage studying films that are hanging out so he's always been driven by that -- bats like we could just kind of makes sense that he enjoyed the process that leads to. The three and a half hours. -- Mike to Rico is -- job on the doorstep of taking Drew -- spot at the elite big boys quarterback able. Nope nope and we're Brees did record numbers. Different type of offense where he had -- carry it and Super Bowl championships so he's not there you know I think he has and he's almost around -- Philip Rivers was. A year or so ago in the -- itself back from their little bit now I think rivers might be a better overall quarterback but -- the shop is excellent within the system. His movement through the metal think he does there there's not I don't talk about. RG three and his completion percentage in his passer rating was nothing in there that shows you have a lot of those -- the ball screens. After taking anything away from them they're not 1516 yards downfield. There's no stat that we can find in football for the stuff guys do at the office of lining gruden has made me far more aware of this and talking with opposite coordinators over the years. If you've run play we get it from one side to the other side switch and where that runs gonna go depending on the defense. We can't quantify that shop is great. Great doing that and helped their run game state ballot and helped him get big points. And what are the early side that you and gruden will be looking for in this football game to suggest it's going to go one way or another. I think it would be easy to run game you know when they run -- they get their throws off their runs -- they've looked the same as balanced so how the patriots do -- there. How do these Texans when the patriots have the ball handled the tempo. Of New England. And there's some injuries that secondary that you get to talk about her during the morning. On the eastern side -- -- they hold up is there a problem at nickel and in the -- respect sect that. And find that and you know what when you get the three receiver looked out there. Will the win one run the ball aspect of it that's usually when his country killed teams get a first down keep nickel or dime personnel five or six TDs on the field. Quick and outwardly -- twelve yard first down that that to me is we're New England. Has been and it's best offensively the last few years and continues to be. We know gruden wasn't here for the weekend and we know the spore you guys tell peoples like ten year anniversary and campers on what it is beta. It between us but what jobs -- ambulance for where he -- He actually interview to do respectable obvious. On Saturday you know you'd -- -- -- mount union. Three years so another gave me the thrills and again I guess as to that. Probably not. I've I've political -- -- I'm still waiting for the the fifty people kept -- absolutely guaranteed job Dayton Tennessee job right so would those people say to write that they were right about that I think he will coach. I think it -- some would let me but some what is next year. I don't know -- my gut is no but that that doesn't mean I'm right or wrong. Well why do you think that does immediately looks like he's having a blast in the -- I'm guessing he's getting paid well -- as more free time more family time do you feel that. That burning desire to get back on the silence again back in the arena is that I mean this disease amounts it. Now and that that certainly come on let me share our our private conversation his friends could write down but I hope what are distressed by the things we've talked about and discussed and he's a big boy if you want to share those with people he can. He loves what he's doing he really he worked so darn hard at this as hard as anybody who I've ever worked with. In any sport golf tennis college -- college football NBA have never worked with the analyst who's worked harder. Better prepared he coaches our team on a weekly basis. But I I like that that guy in the restore production to -- a lot more football we have reduced because of John's presence I -- think he -- the celebrity of TV and not having the strength of winning and losing be able -- at all that stuff. We'll look at the end of the day if you are young enough and healthy enough. And you coach nothing replaces winning or losing so at some point I'm sure that age. Will need to be scratched for the moment I think he loves what he's doing and -- the fact that he can -- the quarterback camp and stay in -- a lot of folks -- You know at some point he'll get sick of me and move on to some better. -- -- you have a theory as to how and why we are seeing all this outstanding play of young quarterbacks it used to be you'd hold the clipboard to put her out on backwards for a year to still be clueless. You got -- RG three Wilson Cam Newton on and on it -- are getting so good so fast. But -- up starting with what -- -- the amount of passing in the college game it's coming to the NFL. The spread -- -- -- -- it'll be easier but they're also Roenick. 500 times you remember 20/20 five years ago where a college game would go in two and a half hours you're lucky -- 20/20 two -- In a big east game in the Big Ten game. Now it's 4555. Rooms because. The NFL rules to make passing easier -- college Anderson -- high school in the high school he used to be. You'd never goes high school games look like army navy and we -- us that they didn't look like Baylor Texas Tech. And you've taken at that level and then at the California. Texas Florida Georgia Louisiana. All of these state run in the seven on sevens and sprint football kids are thrown the ball constantly constantly. So all of that put together means people are more ready for the NFL I think coaches are doing a good job of haven't these players in the offseason to the level where they can come into the NFL and handle the complexities. Now the next step what do you do to continue to grow as if you take that you've got proposed playoff standings and they get a quarterbacks their perspective Brady. Flacco shop. Roethlisberger -- All these guys -- pocket quarterbacks with a playoff teams. Go to the NFC. And other big cap predict it's pretty much the same thing what Kelly you need to still be a pocket quarterback who makes the choices of where to go -- offense. So you need to take the RG three's the Camden the world. Maximize their talent that they have the same time protect you need to get to work had to read defense is important pockets of the concern about. You know on I think on Friday morning might we talked about the proposed rule change the -- no idea of get Redick kickoffs and go forth and fifty. And my initial reaction when most people not stupid to get. Now we get them thinking about it and talking about it with people and I said. Going to be fun that's not a bad idea at all would I mean I don't know what the chances of that happening are. I think it would be pretty cool rule changes in general the NFL is not afraid. To improve its product unlike baseball. You see something like that happening at that site. -- simply because. The commissioner would not have accidentally floated a trial balloon like that in a cover story in time magazine right. It was done someplace where I was really gonna make a shocking impact and I know I've been around the conversations with league executives competition committee people. Are not together but you know when you see them during the year that they really do want -- export limiting the kick off they feel that -- -- Those catastrophic injuries. And we've seen it come that you -- that are so many unintended consequences. That -- we have the planned out one of them is what what do you punt the ball from the twenties which is the -- proposal. Okay the average net punt in the NFL is forty yards that means the team receiving would get the ball on average of their own forty. On kick off the average you get it -- starting field position is the 22. If -- the coaches are good or not it's not over that eighteen yard and that's. Releasing coaches make it the thirty I think somebody suggest that thirty anyway thirty would be good -- to get into the thirty. It throws out is now you video of -- ideas a lot of Smart people -- -- how to make it work. Now there's a little buzz kill me can you see the start of the Super Bowl beginning with a punt. Well I -- one kickoff to start the game maybe two could -- one and each half. But bouquet was you can do that that spot but now -- really gonna spend the time. On kickoff returns and everything else we -- we do want. Again not the -- it too good now anyway the balls to -- -- outside of the end zone anyway. -- -- could do it honestly can really wanted to eliminate the kickoff return the forty if you really truly wanted to do it and keep the kick off just for the ceremony of the but. They look here's what we know. There are lawsuits coming down the pike by the dozens. There Rome almost 4000 people put in these lawsuits so the leak has grave concerns about the future of -- -- tried every way possible to keep the game around. The game's at its highest peak right now. Can you keep it not just that the people can you keep it safe and up and down develop economically physically. That. Both of us who have kids want their kids to go play football and keep the -- The -- and Mike is what we are seeing in a war limbs with the saints as a team and Drew Brees as a quarterback nothing more than a direct result of losing Sean Payton. I wouldn't say totally but mostly on I. I didn't think. I had coaches. Absence could be this dramatic and drastic but knowing what's on does knowing use everything just like Belichick -- everything -- to the DNA of the building. The way everybody in the building response when -- around Sean Payton as the sharper -- Quicker sense of readiness. I'm telling you that you know the -- that -- game where they don't get the field goal opportunity at the end of the half. I'm sure that would happen which on paper that I'm sure would have been read his head on -- via. Quicker -- -- which is make sure we don't do this as we got a -- speculative. But bugle. All those small things during the week during the games add up they may not have been good not to be the division champ this year but they're not five -- team. This text hero like Texas is -- -- given the questions in advance. If not. He is just brilliant it it it it it could tell the truth we Gabriel these questions in advance. You didn't know that was able to text walrus. All of -- stroke all that's. Hey I got a question I wasn't panache to this question does not your area of expertise it should be. No milk I Pirro. In -- one of those guys. But do you do you know who all these bad teams are playing for 'cause everybody. And as a few teams in position and make a run the top pick and it's not obviously Johnny football and it's it's certainly not Collin Klein and as we -- Saturday night. It's not Matt Barkley anymore at least I don't think it is maybe maybe it will be once -- through you know thrown for everybody but what do you think Carroll playing four or losing four. It's funny civic diet -- negotiate that last week losses addressed a hyper and we were talking about it Jarvis Jones linebacker. From Georgia is among those players meant that hey how is the top -- pick. If not a top five pick would be although they'll. Testing and all that stuff goes as we go through the draft but. What I'm saying is there's not a guy out there so Kansas City need to quarterback you're going to be picking early. There's not there's not somebody necessarily there was going to be the one to take. It's not a great -- for sex appeal totally opposite wind from tech today in and blocked the -- football. He's going to be a top five or ten guy but there's not. Impact where Al guy that you're gonna go man I can't wait to draft Andrew welcome my fantasy team or is anarchy particularly by storm doesn't seem like this year there's -- guy. There's going to be a trade so Matt Flynn was that guy before. -- he's going to be that guy again -- Russell Wilson is is taken the world by storm. And either I guess Alex Smith will be that -- you know the second string guy like Kevin Kolb wasn't -- -- Matt Hasselbeck was once upon a time Matt Schaub was once upon a time behind a really good starter. Who's ready to start so he gets dealt for a first round pick would that be the short list -- Maybe not that may be -- who knows what's gonna help -- -- -- person who's the head coach. Failed pick some money three days after the season. Could it it it could be one of those guys I don't think it will be next year but I would. Guests atoms in Washington last week for the Redskins and talk with some folks about this. And then he comes in and played really well yesterday backed this up. Remember a match shop was behind Michael Vick in Atlanta and for a couple years started one game Vick got hurt. They were able -- for a few picks with Houston had worked out great for instance. Kirk cousins will be exact kind of guy maybe not next year but the year after that. Where they can trade him and he's gonna walk in in all likelihood MB up somewhat productive starter and league if not a good start. Our final question inside TV question what -- much attention paid to the -- just -- Jerry Brown. That tragedy on the broadcasters out of function of the pregame. I think the function of the studio in the pregame especially one where it's. But if there's a mention somewhere somehow a it would it would not be so that we take a lot of time to do in the game because there's so many -- especially on our network we're. It is CBS or NBC your hours on the air are limited. Our network it's 24/7 right there's not the same need to squeeze it into the window of the game. Per say of I don't know what the pregame guys. Have played it also be time you do -- game with the patriots. You've come in with a limited planned what you're gonna get into the game because of the pace of the -- -- -- same -- any troubles on August and for the and I football now at Augusta -- nights and that's what I'm doing the open rocket. And -- a lot of promote about indeed. I have it broadcast like obviously will be listening and watching it. Good taught me -- happy holiday thought it was mr. and you guys kill it here in the morning and continued great success. You little thanks and act like Draco with doesn't tell element AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LP.

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