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NFL Sunday: The Keys to a Patriots Victory and Jets Ongoing Circus

Dec 9, 2012|

Dale, Price, Chatham and Faulk go around the table and give their keys to the game. They also discuss the J-E-T-S, their QB issues and how they can move on from here.

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NFL Sunday is presented by -- natural casing francs. The official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the Campbell box that your favorite grocer -- Celebrate something. This is the part of the program where we put patriots on the grill. Figure out what we think they have to do to win tomorrow night's game but Monday night game here at Gillette against the Houston Texans again I'll reiterate. The patriots are home and are favored despite the fact that the Houston comes out with -- eleven and one record patriots are nine and three. -- we'll start with -- -- what are the patriots have to do to win tomorrow night against the Houston -- I think you need to attack utilities -- in Houston defense and that's their secondary or whether it's. Trying to find mismatch is out there we. Welker with Lloyd with Hernandez. I think that's the key for them I think that's an overriding Q for the -- an offense in I do think that they will be able to. Outscored Houston I think it's going to be huge -- opening the beach it's going to be it would do that in England and the when in this scheme by the touched -- I'll stick with my column thesis I agree with Chris. What I don't have much doubt that don't have a problem doing that so I think the question -- the thing that I would use or put them on the growth for would be the -- -- deep so. I think that is the issue did the teams -- in when they put the teacher teach you each week. Is OK we can't stop these guys from over them now on the field but can we beat them in a corner and we beat him in the smaller room and we went in the red zone situations can we went in the low series third down situations. I think the game has to sort of be reduced for that. Taxes are gonna move the ball they really are what can you -- from the critical situations. We talk about turnover differential lot I don't know if that'll be the issue today I'm looking much more at third down red zone deficient oxygen at red zone efficiency and fans out there hi I read. Want to fuel for Arizona ruling means -- and -- I had never heard the term high read until Utah out of high rate is thirty to twenty and we always is installation during NFL week should get we do series and sequences of installation and there's just certain things that happened wants a team crosses the thirty -- that's really score points. So what happens from there on in and matching some these concerts and things you see on film I think the game come none of that. One accuses you know used in Texas as a great running game in one of best play action games that they went into stopping their running game. In the key for a new page is defense is pretty much. Stopping the Texans running game when there in regular and irregular offers -- service when there have. Fullback in one bad call -- -- too tight ends and one back nowadays but when there greatness that is stopping the run. One with a seven man box not bring that eight man down in the box and trying to stop the run. Open up the secondary a little bit and when they're coming to Malta mercy was situation stopping the run which six men in the box. With two linebackers in forty for -- that is going to be very keep renewing the page because. The Texas you can run the ball when that a page is our sixth man bucks in third down defense a multi receiver defense and irregular which seven people. You know is going to be a really good game for an -- if they can stop their run but if they can't USC the Texans really moving the ball. I think you'd think for me -- -- when -- bring this up Houston's one of the best third down defense is that not the best third down defense and -- I think the key for the patriots to win that first not to get in unmanageable situations I think the one team. They did well against Houston. -- on third down was Detroit they were nine for eighteen on third down one of the reasons. He won the battle on first on the average seven yard to play at first it always -- to get -- On manageable third down to chew it always starts before you get it down it just is always first or second down there really. Can make. Third down that much more manageable and a lot of danger to -- enough. It's worth the distance of down on the -- distance of teams. That there -- YDR -- for no idea why they -- first that they might have put teams in third and long situations. The whole year. I'll start with -- It doesn't seem like patriots run defense always starts with -- and it does it has to end and -- Vince can do that. Allowing the linebackers to make plays. If if they can somehow find a way to slowdown aryan Foster. -- slow down then a threat or more of a threat of play action stuff -- is the key for me. If Vince had any had a monster game seems like every game this year but if he has another monster game they went so much -- this week is about is about team defense -- in -- -- -- the print out of course the week here over the course of the season in a lot of that is true but when you look at. What Houston does offensively it is going to take all eleven. The console is definitely he's just reminding me of something there yes Vince is very key but we did talk about how the Texans love to a hectic aides of the -- That the very the most important people right now and I can just another big here beer so screaming at those linebackers in defense it means right now sick that it's right. Sit there's and don't let this guy beat you outside because he wants to give us that. Have confidence in the guys this is -- -- they're gonna do your job doing their job and make him cut back into those guys. So at the edges and -- and we were always you know obviously Dallas director -- our position group and it was something we often heard and it's not just OK to be. Wider than the widest -- Setting the edge also mean squeezing -- hole also in men I mentioned that earlier with Adrian and with Wall Street area Foster Tuesday's. He's really good -- -- if you leave the ski -- get too wide -- some numbers like hey I Steve whiter than white decisive at the edge technically. -- popping through that see gap and then bounce it outside on the other side. And that's you know you'll see a player around the edge of the defense although it's not the -- -- traditionally see it and it's really important so it's not so much. Just been wider than the widest it's squeezing -- whole road to Khamese -- bought and I don't think Owen Daniels is not a great blocking tight end. Casey is Roy Moore pass catching fullback he's okay is small tight and Graham we just -- is down. So it's an edgy group that I think they can really take advantage real quickly gimme a break -- just what it takes to freeze zone blocking team in what you have to be aware of as opposed to someone who's used. Does your job don't try to. Beat a blocker. By -- moving. Stage you're doing your job is being your -- because that means that somebody else behind you. May be free to make the tackle they'll try to do something that is not you -- I that you brought up -- -- look at Mr. Bush for the submarines scheme traffic -- -- -- fans you know -- You when you have -- fullback who goes from one side of the ball all the way to the other sort of underneath on unbeknownst an -- -- magically shows up in the flat and -- play alone. A lot of situations that the team defense emphasis. That the defense minutes away from that needs to noted why's he coming out of me it's not my job to Gucci -- department I need to knock this guy -- his rob because of someone's gonna Wear him. Maybe of again it's not a career players going to be out in the open so. I think there's a lot of situations that idea I talked about the red zone let the ball comes off -- our shops -- I'm seeing guys last month the film I watched. That did get -- generally in the red zone. Which means -- -- the back don't let him out there really -- going to check down relatively early to read goes downfield he sees his policy goes with the check out quick and they -- trigger -- to leave the ball down field. So -- defense week. You may not get the staff this week knock the guys off the routes the skies will do all the little things it's a little things week. One quick note from another game AFC east game and I'm just curious you guys take on this SI understand it on Friday. Rex Ryan said that whether he played today not Tim Tebow would not be running the wildcat and would not be used in protection. Tim Tebow is active Greg McIlroy is not is not active -- -- while now again go back to the question last couple weeks ago. If he can't on the wildcat and you're not gonna use him in protection. Why would you put a uniform. They met where's the music. But circus music I don't know it. -- sort of settlement -- TiVo's been injured with the ribs and has been had through limited role for awhile and now you know we've come primary backup plane -- you were offensive. Quarterback attachment which he can't do apparently I mean supposedly McIlroy is better than Tebow running the jets' offense. Now -- -- totally winnable game for them witches is curious if they would take that risk and -- with some tackle Roy is inactive. Now he's the designated emergency quarterback under circumstances in which his series in uniform but they have a well know he's an active. Where if he's if he's designated emergency using uniformed. But what that means is you have to go through Tebow first from a thorough plan to rob my -- my Communist that's. The idea. And then yeah so so Greg McIlroy went from leading the jets. Two and a rather rare scoring Kosovo on and on that team that they'll score a lot leading them to an ugly hideous 76 win. To being inactive. That was a brutal game off off doesn't all fall all fall football game last week the jets cardinals game why we even talking about. I think that there aren't you sick if even the guys that I know I literally got an artist -- since we got bill high scoring hockey game who's been 76 he'd been -- and I was you know -- think -- Bosnia it's those and and you know Rex. You'll agree with -- his decision to go back to Sanchez -- said it was the right move for him to make because a lot of people are wondering beginning of the week what's Rex go into a quarterback. You know McIlroy leads the team tool in the go back to it to the guy you benched on Sunday and you -- him. Be curious and the macro show on the injury report for any reason I don't think so enjoy those deals through the first action line and pulled every Mossad your body's just so excited that. No I -- I have to meet them amend my comment because I think it was Smart to go that route and to bring back Sanchez. I thought it was more because you'd have the short -- you can now go to the other half that pulled out just now you don't have enough you can activate the other guy I think was right last week I think you're right with a guy are starting with the now you don't have the ability to sort of hold accountable because the guys it's -- and -- And not a -- And interestingly wrecks even went out of his way to say you know he's gone back to mark but if things don't go well you know you could make a move. You're gonna make a move to Tim Tebow -- Is a road game losing your it in Jacksonville. It took the -- off our -- -- answer that where there -- standards sadness that our first set him up for. If you think the jets care about them selling tickets and I don't candidacy. -- Everything Jacksonville's visited Israel is there are a jets vendor with a plan down there are selling jerseys of the past. And our human applaud now they give a darn about actively. Adding an -- and let's get this right they don't Q did the credible. Well look I. Everybody has said Rex has been coaching for his job security -- he's done. And I know some people disagree and I think and a mom's gone. And bring in new general manager and I don't think you're gonna bring in general managers at all by the way -- -- on this program but he's going to be your head coach while which you do. If you bring in a general manager you bring him in the managed don't yet. I'm I'm done trying to look at the jets through a prism of common sense and rationales. Bought I just -- they'd they'd dig continue to do things on a weekly basis to be the quarterback position to be scratched minutes ointment on to an end at this. I believe me I'm the last person to take anything away from what the patriots have accomplished here over the last decade and it's remarkable and they have one yet another division. You'll look around the division. And you look at the hot mess that is the New York Jets -- at the Buffalo Bills with the issues they've had you you look at the Miami Dolphins who have begun I think. A bit of a rebuild there and I think that they've got a young quarterback who they can build around. But the AFC east is kind of a mess. What you do you look at the NFC west two years ago when you say anything's. -- A particular to the niners on hottest teams out there are Seattle may have their quarterback of the future and they looked like a resurgent team with a with the coach the people around here often and I think -- wrongfully so. And in Saint Louis who -- -- just features a stable guy they've got their quarterback that that situation could turn as well on Arizona. It got ugly but I think there were times were that was -- teams sort of foreign also. I think you can look at any situation in this and I -- with parity. Burglaries in this division has had sort of a long history of Columbia markers or were but never challenger. Other Pennington years were good for the jets those are probably the only times they really challenge us much we didn't you know win one or two times there but generally speaking has been a patriots division. Twelve US are for being the coach the players for all these years during the praise I can recall whenever offers and then if so whenever he has he's one oh yeah. There now is looking -- your point I think it's all angles are to us if he's actually back around it's good to be competitive again but. You look at the division right now as it's been and you wonder well. We could be with you can't take away from -- -- organizational part of everything that is going Norwood and doing the breeze compared to everyone else that's in the division that you can't take away the phrase I was connect with stability. In their doesn't seem to be much stability in the others read. Organization through and we're starting to see some of that in mind some of it. In Miami but I -- you look at the other Q when you just with the computers. -- says they're gonna -- Tebow to showcase him. So that they can trade him to Jacksonville in the offseason. I think it might be just the opposite if you played Tim Tebow in Jacksonville they take pot now -- Are you are speaking I date every one know of what Tebow is in what Tebow brings to a football team we now know that he. You may not be their best accurate -- -- in Korea. But guys doing some kind of where he went for -- for you when he's on the descent so I don't know what it is. Can't put your finger on it if you can have a game to where you play. 57 minutes of horrible football but three minutes of great football to win a football game where you don't know what it is. I think current situation our teams are so that it's become a quarterback leave -- a legal concede that so I think teams are often out there. Looking for other guys I think have probably half the teams only the look and think they have Baghdad for the next 45 years and there's probably another half that don't. If you bring Tim Tebow in him for the for the reasons as she said Kevin. I think and if the team does that they're sort of conceding that they may not have a guy I want to try something for -- -- And that this and that and that and that may -- the situation so yeah you're looking at you you've made a transition decision. Because you're not gonna go draft the first rounder if you have -- -- knocking and you know if you're not gonna take -- this is my Christian Ponder this is my Sweden this is my this or that this is not structural gonna go. If you go that way. Even if it's it is a competitive backup situation your making this the decision to still stay in limbo for a little while. As a as the jets beat I've put on Twitter few minutes ago so six days ago Rex contemplated starting Greg. She says it. Today he's competitive in active. Some I guess that makes sense to -- but maybe not that I did a boost its changes to his confidence. It where you look at him Munis are no you know mark your guy you're -- -- and the rest of the way that's where where Benjamin Roy. You know we know that Tebow isn't gonna give his whole life where you're the guy right. How many boost when you need how do you go to get vitamin B shots on every thirtieth or does that boost to his -- and and as. Competitor as an athlete has done it before and you know I am not policy been in that situation but understand it. I know he's at the -- where -- I know I'm not performing well from the football team I have to try to find something coach is just keep giving me confidence but it. It's one of -- like the Michael Vick being Michael Vick is not a bad quarterback. He now we just got banned in one year. It's just some circumstances that situations right now he can't hold onto the ball and just like any other people whose team they can't put the ball either. I think this might be a technicality I think we should look at a little Villa that OK I think it's. It's a way to get another us rock roster spot for the day. Because they can get around that number two quarterback thing Ruiz put Tim Tim in for 11 serious complaint have a -- I think it allows him to carry another guy. And it Tim could be used to some of the function is he could still have those other packages and that still carry another person McIlroy is emergency separate said he couldn't do any of those other pact at least that Friday doesn't do any of.

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