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NFL Sunday Takes You "Around the NFL" for Week 14

Dec 9, 2012|

It's Week 14 in the NFL and the boys take a look at every game set to kick off.

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Third and final hour of NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. We will take you around the National Football League here and look at all of the games being played in week 141. News note from the NFL this morning. Our Chris mortenson at Hampshire after and at quarter from ESPN or reporting. That top players involved in the bounty case the New Orleans Saints this would be Jonathan Vilma Will Smith Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove. Have rejected a settlement offer. From the league in the in the bounty gate case they've rejected it because it would require some acknowledgment of culpability on their part. Paul Tagliabue. Is hearing the appeal. He is the guy who is who was looking at all of this according to ESPN. The players are now said to be reasonably satisfied with the way Tagliabue conducted hearings. And especially that they have the opportunity to cross examine multiple key witnesses including former saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. The players view the new information as proving their innocents sources set. -- Tagliabue. Debrief saints owner Tom Benson this past Wednesday on the status of the hearings. I contacted on Sunday the league said it would continue to respect Tagliabue is direction. To refrain from commenting on the proceedings but apparently the NFL offered a settlement of some kind of these players. They would have had two big knowledge culpability in the case they won't do that they will they will reject. The peace settlement offer they will. Let fly with what Tagliabue does here because they feel now. That the the evidence will prove their innocence and -- -- it was week. But it what I'm not sure that this had Goodell has much to do with the ability to what it sounds like is that date field Tagliabue. Has conducted this appeal process in a way that's on the up and up and -- -- that I wonder. If -- -- we talked a little bit about earlier in the show about how you know in terms of issues like players' safety -- work with a commissioner -- -- I wonder for gonna see Tagliabue start to do more. In in work more in kind of an unofficial slash official capacity with the -- in matters like this having a Nicholas I doubt it. Legal sense bring in some public yet. Well may -- maybe for the week matured does for him. I mean these retirees. Don't want to say that I thought that -- bring him in and you know you know full time basis but you know tuna cooks in the kitchen. But I -- my view I don't like the authoritarian things like somebody say it. You know -- I don't like the authoritarian structure. Thing I think organization is always coming tends to be an issue. But when you bring -- Tagliabue instead of yeah. Who can work as what do you mediator but working is right we both bush years the issue beat this was -- collectively bargained so. And I again I'm not taking sides here with the commit against the commissioner with the PA I mean if you're. If your player in your complaint and about a year it's kind of fall because we this is what we negotiated this is how we set it up we gave the thumbs up for the way this is the way things of work. But I think it's always an issue where. They're off to look the commission's -- -- -- you want you view from the game of football do you run the league in business of the NFL or you -- the boss of the owners. Where does the PA fit in all of this wearers in a -- to -- -- like there's just so many hands and then at the end you have. Sort of you know. An authoritarian figure on top of all it's just it's just the sort of -- thinks she can -- situations where. People custom of the people again hybrid or grim Rogers park disputed its lack of for the game that we were were bickering amongst one another. If these things are always better when the don't mind closed source but you know -- -- too punitive stuff that deal. And I don't mind punitive. Let's take you around the National Football League week fourteen course on Thursday night kicked off with the Denver Broncos. Beating the Oakland or eight as. 2613 of violence that when the reason this matters from a patriot fan's perspective. Is that. Denver Baltimore and the patriots were all tied with the identical records of nine in three. In the case of a three way tie which is what you had going into this week the patriots at the tiebreaker. Going into this week's action date where the number two seed in the AFC. -- they need to win tonight and the Baltimore to win is well for the exact same thing in a two way -- They don't necessarily have now with Denver that they would have -- that the time is remarkable for right that we don't have the same thing with the the ring with vaulted. So long way around saying if the patriots and Baltimore wins patriots will still be the number two seed in the AFC at the end of the 1 o'clock games today St. Louis Rams 56 and one record of buffalo take on the five and seven Buffalo Bills. Mario Williams says it really doesn't matter that both teams have losing records they still have to give everything it got. Yeah I don't -- good challenge as far as we know two teams have been some records -- because you know aggressive before it doesn't matter if you own. Whatever. Undefeated found in her -- as an -- you have rather -- ball. And put them online and make them. But it got a shot. To get a shot no they don't open up by the 49ers. 49ers are there designated area -- -- -- -- whom we for instance or well slightly there was an interesting tidbit this week about a potential landing spot for Michael picnics here. The buffalo offense in their. But that is on this is the what could have been able net debt that would sell a lot of that awful. Via Dallas Cowboys are in Cincinnati take on the angles. Willie about the Andy Dalton cut these the back story here obviously is the fact that Dallas. It's having played football game via. The Specter of the death of a teammate and that jailing of another teammate. Charged with. -- intoxication. Manslaughter I think is a technical term I've never heard it exactly that way. But the Dallas Cowboys are gonna find it I'm sure quite difficult the NFL and players association of offered counselors they are at the hotel and Cincinnati. Players have that option available to them. But they're gonna have to play under tough emotional circumstances today. Speaking of tough emotional circumstances the Kansas City Chiefs did prevail last week there in Cleveland to take on the browns today. But I'm gonna just be honest but yet we're just gonna move on because I don't like Cleveland or. In the city much I'll give -- the chiefs a lot of credit. I thought they had zero chance of keeping things together. Go ahead tell me you knew they were gonna win I know I never say it I knew it was gonna win. I think you Romeo through your perfect. We're football career -- we do. I want and say they should or shouldn't play I I -- to see where it would've been tough to go do your job there football putters and that's what they want to do footer newbie to turn through it Dave -- an offer. Tennessee is in Indianapolis that Lucas Oil Stadium to take on the Indianapolis -- -- not -- for Indianapolis Colts. Robert Mathis colt's linebacker says they've got confidence out of the gate may never viewed this season as a rebuilding year. Because you were powerful and those are our goals and and then the players that we had coming into this. Back in April 28 so I'm not surprised at all just just brought everybody it's -- in and -- and we just get the job. Patriots win this week he become cold feet and because the colts played the Texans the -- over the last 34 weeks of the season. And give Andrew -- a lot of credit man what a difference. -- there is not a great job with -- in Chicago Bears -- at double all of America field in Minneapolis -- on the vikings. Let's break it says it definitely hurts to lose Brian Urlacher but the bears have confidence. In his replacement Nick Roach. Was on the bestseller about -- in the game history did and you know. -- Nick Roach and it's somewhat covering because he's played position -- the stands all the calls. Yeah I've I've entry have to say that about a teammate but c'mon now. Growth -- locker let me decide well I think it's similar to the ravens. Think I think the user figure heads on teams with the plane and obviously do just looks weird when you don't see. You know Ed -- roll around second there you'll see. You know. Louis cardinals there are talking about Baghdad Nick Roach is not know Brian Urlacher who brought her back it was a burner and activists admit that's a great point yeah exactly Brian wasn't in San Diego Chargers are at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh take on the Steelers Philip Rivers says. Try to stifle your laughter if you can. There's still some fight left in the chargers despite their record. There's no doubt it's deflating when you when you lose many games where we've lost. But. Said it every year I think it's still holds true it's a tough group and won the snuggle quit you see it you've seen it week after week and Agassi killed Sunday. Maybe -- -- can -- -- news guys I'm not always on top of -- but I think their -- it wasn't just liberal pork that -- -- Smith and that would be a change -- there's there's a report right now 68 times union had a big article on just weigh in he's supposed to be out of you know you're doing today these methods yeah. You -- you -- -- the real housecleaning in news. Amazing viewers all day you don't know what exactly shocked that's what it I don't wanna hear that we soon for him to play. So good that the government speaking of housecleaning at the Philadelphia Eagles are in Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers. Gerald McCoy Bucs defensive tackle says -- needles at this point can be tricky. Because they're playing for their coach's job. You get a they are dangerous because. I truly believe that they did teams given everything they happen and you read. You know things over do and and I'm -- on the loose. So during the nine losses were they not trying to play for Andy Reid's chalk up. They just decided now that they'll play for Andy Reid's got the best but it insists that stupid premise I his title the whole thing if they are for dear -- for him. But that's the open and I did and I paranoid are we where we completely bought into the Buccaneers in I know about this a couple of them the record here -- -- six and six who have lost two straight but. It is. Awful place third tough out I think you look at them -- Cincinnati -- -- teams -- sitting -- -- -- that could be a dangerous first round opponent you have -- -- -- viable. The up Baltimore Ravens nine and three or FedEx Field in Washington take on the six and six Washington Redskins RG three credits his teammates and coaches with having confidence in him. And thus leading to the Redskins success so far this season. God blessed me with the ability of speed and in good decision making so they they allow me to go out there and Entrust me. Even increased situations with all the -- -- on the mall or whatever it is so. Two assists when a coach buzz then in the whole team buzz and you can have things like what we're doing. We used for the watch Fo thinking quality of life I just I I never I didn't really have a chance to watch a whole lot of them until Monday night game. He's really for the watch these. Really taking their loses to another level him and -- look you know we really saw wire one and two -- really were directly. When you guys it's more from just a curiosity and entertainment factor one now they're pretty tough out there you go down this season and the blacks remains just some of those in the team you know cities. They have Redskins on the roster that's not the giants -- the team and have been really hot. It was looking like they're gonna be that team another knock him off so there are legitimate problem for some teams from the rest of the with the season's schedule. The eleven and one Atlanta Falcons are at a Bank of America Stadium to take on the three and nine Carolina Panthers Roddy White says he doesn't pay attention the Panthers trash talking this week because. He knows they have to do something to get motivated while the falcons getting ready for the playoffs. I really don't have a take on it you know. They had to say -- man you know they say they fight they hold and own and it didn't position them we. You know and -- -- China and China say to residencies and you know you know which time. You know prepare yourself for this live from who -- But but is it exactly right New York Jets are in Jacksonville whatever battlefield. I have talked about discipline I was in London when it was coming up in who it was plain. We're not gonna talk about objects just as you well we have to anyway and out Rex Ryan talked about. -- decision to start Sanchez. I made the decision to work to go what mark. As our starting quarterback this week in. Really was a decision that I feel great about it's you know my decision and I'm definitely comfortable with the decision. And I'm actually looking forward to see mark play. And have really for that matter the entire football team play. Male male white. That is their away win when we -- -- portion of this around the league that we can replace this music would like. Portable music in the background do you do and that we didn't play it but my favorite part of that whole thing with him saying that he's got three great quarterback. And I think it was hiding them I think he's -- -- the race is known amidst all of us it's the way I would you know I think he's still by far away the best quarterback -- roster and we don't know it. We given that -- it gives them a growing. If you haven't seen that young -- if they were one -- -- seemingly -- seemingly every single practice every capacities problem. It makes that -- something I don't think you hope. So wouldn't it reduces bring in people. And not use and I had the quarterback why I think you know why they're not -- -- -- -- well get a team in practice they can't -- Well -- so is America where where threw him in practice. I think when you watched it drive you had you when you watch the touchdown pass you through. It took. I don't know shocker muted applause had always thought it would and -- I put it like a hole through a hole. Like he's there and it's like -- save the game quite -- different safety program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're not the situation now where it is a question mark should be pulled this grew up -- -- -- -- -- and then they yanked him and I go back him because I think he's still the best guy when your football game but if things don't go well you know you're on shortly. For a five today V five and seven Miami Dolphins in San Francisco and take on the eighth Korean won forty niners. Justin Smith forty niners defensive lineman says the most important thing. Is to get back in the win column 49ers are hoping Alden Smith gets the sack record. Like first and foremost are buzzwords like you win and that's first and foremost let you know it's he's chasing history and you know he could to keep doing what he does to to make the plays and help the team win. -- blown -- gets a record Soviet and you know whirlpool formal forgets that. Visited often about her record system address that this is. Been here before kind of conversation. And you know what it when he needs -- with the end in that final sack with 22 and a half -- with the -- with stripping stream what he needs is a -- nice. You know 36 or seven year old quarterback to take a flop and a slot -- you go down right out and battle what I don't images shot by us tonight. Where would you fear before in term of four weeks we know exactly where foreigners the villages -- just don't do that. Orleans saints are excuse me let's I -- to game the Arizona Cardinals are in Seattle century link field take on Seattle Seahawks. I skipped it because I plan to skip and just keep moving. The New Orleans safe five and seven are at MetLife stadium take on the 75 New York Giants Dave deal. Giants' offensive tackle says the giants are rallying around one another. And are eager to get back on track. For ourselves we need to get back to playing consistent football -- -- welcome. Always got the guys and that's -- we from one another and our another person working extremely hard. We're going to be right go pro basketball sound. It's been sort of mess for the hundreds at times this year has. It has expletive America mean you know we go through when your parents look for him in December as long as there's going to be that close to -- to -- the post season. Sunday Night Football football like America is at Lambeau Field. He ate for Green Bay Packers host the four and eight Detroit Lions a by the -- snow it's in the forecast tonight the Green Bay I'll self. Just look so cool when it's snowing up there knowing Rambo there Jim Schwartz lions would love to end their losing streak at Lambeau. Room on the then. Lambeau for about 20/20. Years or whatever it's been. So well you know anytime you have division of polish plane twice a year there's definitely a rivalry there even if it's been even if it's from one sided. You can see that shot they had a Matt Stafford on the sidelines. When he -- this has RT three of pulling off. The rally in the women the look on staff for its basic -- like. They had that blank look like. Healthful on you see her look from other quarterbacks before through when you know you have the guy on notice that a -- capable of making that. -- winning drive. We've got that -- -- -- it seems he's mature and -- we want to -- the BB need to realize I was eating Hugo -- -- what we need to get a couple of veteran guys they've doubled fourth quarter lead. We need to their last three games fourteen of the overall in 2012 that dispute through a young. Borderline a disciplined team. -- Monday Night Football tomorrow night at Gillette Stadium the eleven and one Houston Texans take on the nine and three New England Patriots. Bill Belichick -- ever quotable Bill Belichick says the pats offensive line we'll have a target on JJ watt at all time. I think he's a guy that you know you've you've got to be aware of and are often in our -- -- an individual. Even comes forward the quarterback is possible also trying to push amount of those tournaments. And it and they do their job excellent tonight we'll -- a lot of -- stuff book and and find clear clear through -- and so. But it will be important this week. If it's an anti if you wanna get lowered him. Because he does jump up you kind of -- Pop did you clear from the side as well. And reminds me of like some sort of Olympic men's volleyball can think there's that moment where you see all the guys. You've just been incorporated did -- -- -- -- -- cannot keep active with him you don't wanna get relaxed been. When he stopped this prayers to us that doesn't mean use that because when he's got that mean he's watching the quarterback and -- a joke so just keeping hands on key player you know. Had an impact in the -- him do whatever you have to keep it -- I just picture the scene out of the longest yard. But with the Atlanta and brutal and copy. -- -- -- -- Oil that's interesting because a lot of times when it's a defensive end you know Kevin noses while you -- Rolla back -- like this anymore and idol loves. That is sort of give a little cracked areas and -- and Larry Sanders was the best of them to chip the end. Will now in the guys come on up through the -- again. How what an interior play faking you could you those I trust me there that is being -- yet you if you see eight. Gave him a the only thing it's it's tricky goes you know fell off to the future for the Iowa thing which states because if using -- for someone else right you get in trouble for him as life that. Well no I don't or all rule or -- apparently. Health experts that it. Like yeah natural casing drags the official ranked in sauce into the New England Patriots look for the Campbell of box your favorite -- tea. Celebrates them.

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