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NFL Sunday: The Pats Defense vs the Texans Offense

Dec 9, 2012|

It all starts with Arian Foster for Houston, a very versatile RB who can run and catch. The Pats will have their hands full stopping the run. Houston is a run-first team that likes to set up play action and take shots down the field. Chatham says he believes that Houston will definitely move the ball, but 3rd downs later in drives will be key. It will be interesting to see what happens in the red zone. Andre Johnson is always a factor but the guys are more worried about the other receivers with Johnson getting a ton of attention.

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I don't care -- is asking America I mean -- have a guy like they're going to team has special. Shows. -- great talent he's he's he's tough on. He can catch up the back -- he blocks. To a lot of things were so so defense we'll do real good job of -- I'm trying to contain. That's patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork talking about -- Foster the superb running back for the Houston Texans. Patriots and the Texans Monday Night Football. This is the part of a program where we talk about the Patriots defense against the Houston Texans offense we mentioned that the patriots. Have the highest scoring offense in the NFL. I -- pretty fair chunk. This is the second highest scoring offense in the NFL and -- match job as the triggerman and Arian Foster at day at the running back position and Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter and some of those guys is as pass receivers. This is going to be Al load for the Patriots defense to take on a bar and. Be due to really interest in things not that the -- -- never seen these things but the lean on -- -- probably more than a lot of the team first and foremost the use a lot of play action. It is they're one of the leading play action teams in the league and get really good yardage out of play action probably because the a Foster doctors agree -- the other thing that I think Pete. He treated really need to look for is that. Houston's zone blocking the in it's really unique there's there's some zone blocking teams out there is you'll block your head up your block to an area. In that can be a little bit difficult for defense of lines in front -- Adjusted. Having coming up but they do they get great yardage they have really good skill position players -- it would -- over the course. I think LT Kevin up on this one I think this is interest -- we blew off the visit as a defense you'd come in and you really can't understand who people are what parts of the field they play you know when the situation when you should see more of -- what kind of -- you know. Front you'll see in almost have to -- It's really import understand -- in Foster he's he's a great back. What is a different kind of -- I mean will last week we talked about a bounce out cutback runner which is a -- we commonly used term in the NFL describe it to Reggie Bush. A guy that was basically a punt return the god at all. Take it one way completely reversed field all the way around so it's very important that the edge guy keeps contain him at that the backside guy keeps cut back. What what area and Foster is to me is is kind of like that but -- actually does something that's a little different that I can appreciate where he's actually inside. Like it but I know I'll take the ball inside off tackle but inside the tight end and then bounce it outside. So he's not a bounce out cut back per say but he's. Inside to bounce -- like it'll go through the line and Vinny takes a wide it's a subtle thing but it just. To a defense it's just where you're gonna squeeze the holes because you have to understand where regional to go with the ball he does have a pretty strong tendency. What does Andre Johnson what kind of issues does Andre Johnson pose for the patriots secondary. All kind of issues that he's probably been the most consistent receiver in NFL for the past nine years. It is team has tonight when they say -- lost a step you say that earlier in the year ago I remember. Not and I have read that and and you know what he probably has -- still really good that's when he's right he's still consisted did his joking around but you know. He still very consistent still doing a lot of things for your football team and besides displaying you can started he's being very vocal leader would this football team. Speaking though with Chris here you about matchup he's been leading quarterback in a trio and play action passes. Early on in the season I did this self scouted a detective because they're playing the jets and has won those games. And at that point down the season he had to a 112 play action passes. And when the guy next to the second best with 85. It is one of those old school offensive team -- running the ball really matters today and this is their old school day of the Broncos. Stretching exactly lot of -- -- Gary Kubiak Leno is stretching cut. Stretched the ball find it opened -- -- and cut it up straight of the field and made him and he's one of those guys that can make guys miss Pelosi. His speed is very deceptive as a running back. There's there's some talk -- few guys in the locker about it. Texans runs something all of that play action not a regular standard incorporated where do some public throwback. Where -- -- -- yeah excess capacity access into the of the bill comparable -- is not the job you know chemical pleased with his feet but he didn't throwing on the run it's just another thing to -- -- when you talk about the I think this is important -- I wrote this are -- this this week as well because the integrate those kinds -- plays his defense. Economic and puts all year I think -- definitely things that. That the Patriots defense is Tennessee from the at all fantasy and they do these things -- certain parts of the of the field at certain times I wrote on the high red area and -- you can really detect when some of these things are common yet to be aware -- And I think you know water Johnson did is Kevin was talking about is just incredibly consistent he's incredibly productive. But he does do -- certain things and he's definitely there got to have a doctor looking for a crucial situation but was always go to buckled back -- senate in this situation at this time. Some more of a fifteen to eighteen yards this guy's gonna be running in and cut in the ball's coming at him. So there are certain times reports he's always the best player but there certain times were we have to know where -- is that the government at the stop. But the -- to other parts of the field -- not. And I think there are there some guys we need to know of the tight and Graham I believe 88. My -- -- and a new deals I don't W one not a Daniels is that is the flash again it's a name you know. But a Graham has had a several -- in here in the last couple weeks few weeks 34 -- bit taller he's taller and and then also vote fullback Casey. Who's a fullback tight end your career as a third gear -- exactly. So again this is off the what happens that the names you know with the want to jump off the stat sheets but the situation -- stuff from which to me is the reds on -- -- -- regions about medal be with the game's about. There's guys to jump off the statue committed to be comparable to prepare for the patriots and not looking at any would have wishing for -- he gets gruesome injury who could easily get beat. And I think once we start seeing a moved out of an area. They're grams and a lot of balls he's he's been getting a lot of balls and it's touchdowns. Johnson gets some but only in certain formations and when they would go in these formations you're gonna need to have your antennas up and there are very definitive packages on four sets in as opposed to -- Foster. And Ben Tate but understanding what you're getting. In the next acute in particular fracture -- -- series you're gonna get -- -- looking at the numbers you don't think that -- going to be mr. -- big part of this game featured two plus point for the Texans. Their second best seat behind wing and you brought up something this week. That are culturally interest in Foster I think has two fumbles last three games. Yes there's an area you know you might be able to meet him and yet this is it and this is just me reading other people's information -- -- about this I'm not a -- bald guy but sort of a real parliament in its interest in you know. You know this from college. You go on and have -- success in the NFL your college city embraces you you know others. He ball and -- you're -- Petri jerseys with Kevin Faulk in the backer and Jarvis Green or blue Gail -- stuff -- Tennessee's not that way with -- in Foster today it's sort of a mix thing with him he. Kind of had a falling out did well that was one of the most productive runners in the history -- at school. -- His role -- was if -- in -- -- -- senior because some fumbling issues but not a lot of fumbles the ball in the fumbles but just incredible games. And there were some of the guys I'm on the I'm not roster that started the increased their roles and it it it affected -- desolate he was undrafted guy. But the the issue being he does have a history. Put the ball on the ground not a volumes but just only what are literally matters. And I just was theorizing that in a game like this. December likely cold rainy. On the road probably the biggest game for the stretches of the -- time of the of the maybe last year's the of their playoff game. It's the kind of game where when guys put the ball on the ground recently. And he has history and put it on the ground two -- three times in the last couple weeks it will be a treat to see with guys there such walks like your your your spikes in your -- -- the takes away. If you puts on the ground I think will be a big big story in this our expectations are the Chandler Jones will return to the Patriots defense today based on. Actively practiced this week he's listed as questionable. On expecting that he'll plight may be wrong but I am expecting he has what difference will he make to this defensive line. Just his availability because availability is going to be a big I don't see him playing -- I see them working him back in gradually I don't see him to -- but -- -- that thought that the got a great rotation -- rotation but good rotation last week. What a team to guys like Trevor Scott who was able ago with a good push open there but yeah I think he's -- I think he's been pleased with the things in the world. Seymour Justin Francis slowly each and every week. Scott and a little more of an ample Stephen. Are we -- a situation -- medical random correct on that. Aaron Hernandez had this same issue came back with one so I think you know each -- different they're gonna react differently maybe completely back but. Ankles are funny things somebody steps on and is it -- -- -- exasperation or injury which just didn't cancel. I think they really want that guy there at the end of the season so you may only a limited role situation here for awhile just just. Out of justice -- just your pass rusher potential justices to to almost get the most. Definitely want you wanna work you mean you don't want them. Try to very every every snap of the game you wanna try to -- -- service got it pretty good game that you -- last week. But his presence. Out there it is going to be something that I note attack was going to take about Nolan is he's not a 100% but this is president know and says it is you guy he is that he's done a negative impact on it on a game.

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