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NFL Sunday: One of the Most Efficient and Well Put-Together Drives in the History of Patriots Football Took Place Last Week

Dec 9, 2012|

The boys discuss the efficiency of the awesome final drive for the offense last week against the Dolphins. It was a thing of beauty and it really put the dagger into Miami.

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-- brings up an interesting point do you NFL stars. What do you guys think about the Miami players complaining about New England running the same plays on the last drive is that. -- -- I wanna help I wanna hear the audio of it. Because the text -- bad but ultimately bad but rebuttal but I don't -- like he's really whining I feel like he's like they're just respecting us but they had every right to because we couldn't stop it is it appropriate -- at today yeah terrorism that it actually -- running plays I think that's -- I think -- I think he admitted as much I don't think public whining like they shouldn't do it so disrespect wanted to let alone they were just respecting us -- right to disrespect -- I think. It's always littlest things were different where you read the transcript and you actually see the video and plays a lot differently. If I think that that is much and I resiliency that come and I seen it come into it and that they're quoted at that running game was about to prepare. We just didn't look that sixteen place stretch and wrote about it this week it was the most dominant in a year where -- seen a lot of great offense. I think it was the best most consistent sequence we've seen from bestowing benefits it was just it was up ago -- know. Early on that's an -- whose -- -- we talked about you know and knowing trying to run the ball and you play well they have Miami has won the best run defense well it. They can have the one best run defense but we have to keep running don't stop because they stop -- from making four yards to carry. 'cause later on in the game that's going to be a key factor. And that's what I was talking about let him in it it's getting running as much to do support that as what did out of like doing it earlier in the game. But no matter what he's so paid off toward any game because Miami's defense of my. And -- makes -- very passing a cup but it Irish fan now that's all I am OK and I am watching Thompson has changed here. Other than an obviously viewpoint -- you get tired over the course I understand that. But I watched a running game in the first half the game that didn't do anything and I watched that. At fourth quarter drive and it was like they were men against boys what does one of those things where Miami's defense is very stout the first that they. They have allowed airing today it was updated their enthusiasm area there but as the game goes on. The conditioning and against this war buffalo Miami and New England just took over a game in just go to mauling guys the running game also -- -- -- Matta talked a little bit about it on. Would this week bit. I think there was something to be your idea that they were looking for soft spots and -- in me or able to exploit literally two or three plays down the stretch and -- sixteen play drive needed to do a lot that it was. Really got to -- Gordon ABC missing personnel. -- 95% of the time and he ran. Fundamentally again to three the same plays in the Republican the Balkan yardage out of its it's never too many plays -- when that situation comes up expressed it to us through the gaming you are you know that's offensive line has really taken over again. Yeah it was it was really cool and and Kevin it's parliament experience of this than -- I would have but the idea that you'd you'd chip away all game trying to find that one. A game plan run that fits did you find the diamond frying the hole in their defense were others you know a block block of thinking give him a second level Vatican climb to. And that your gonna hit on Andy they just stumbled upon that they founded in the fourth quarter and -- for fans out there introduces us akin over the radio but. The wrong that they ran six of the eleven run plays on the on the drive. Was it so why why set for the to tight end with the wings stand right next to him too tied in together in just a single tied in in the backfield. And they run a simple stretch play like an old Denver kind of cover one's own steps to the left you get a double teamed with the why why and whoever's the outside linebacker. And they add in one guy which means that that dog -- the right guard the guy -- away from the play. Holes in his an additional blocker recycle old block -- -- for on side. To the other side of the ball. But it is a really simple place in what they would do is they'd run to left now the ball spotted the last passion they turn and it ran it right so one play it's Donald Thomas turn him. Poland and exploits nick McDonnell and the only changeup they had to that. Was they ran three additional plays were there will wind up about -- set and in just run it opened. Well which means away from the tight inside. What they did what was the frustration I think for the defense of -- and yet understand the perspective of defense Wyman is different you'll see the whole picture. But it felt like to them they just camper on on the same play they wind up in the exact same thing in rent to different place six identical scheme runs. In -- miniseries is almost unheard of going back and watching that series again and again eroded and broke on it this week watching the guards. Watching the work the two guards and answers in watching the work fails. You really don't get an appreciation unless you sit and watch him play after play after play particularly on that series the guards did a great job -- -- fails to agree. That's one of those nine on -- -- -- it was it was exactly what is that like 907 driven practicing. You go to the week of practice. Anticipating that happening. And you talk about that confidence level once you give. It down by two was in the for the early on fourth quarter when that -- you just knew that office was gonna run the ball then -- -- -- -- You feel at a conference as a player in unit while I just know I'm gonna -- Positive -- us on this thing you can tell just by do we really was running in about a week saying it was right -- how how -- -- Dealing to Washington drive was it the tackles -- by the Miami defenders were literally the last chance tackles -- the horse -- -- -- -- -- lay eggs in feet in late it was amazing to watch him. Consistently get to the second level. In in build up such a momentum that they had you only have one last guy to beat in the were able.

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