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NFL Sunday: Recapping the "Ugly" Win in Miami

Dec 9, 2012|

The NFL Sunday crew look back at least week's win against the Dolphins. It wasn't pretty and Brady wasn't exactly on, but they got it done and wrapped up the division.

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NFL Sunday is presented by cam natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer. AM celebrate something. How old is something that really pissed Chatham off okay well we'll talk about style points in the patriots win last weekend against the Miami Dolphins. Because -- big style points because I'm going to be honest with yet. A win is a win is a win in their heart to get the NFL -- -- all those cliches that -- -- spot back to me that Bill Belichick told them. Was an ugly win in my opinion -- All. I. Could. Not. I I just allows us to a -- with through and win so much all I I sought drops I saw ice some mistakes I was utterly I mean I saw some ugly football. Uneven iso Wes Welker drop -- Palestinians on that he's not gonna drop again the rest of his life. No he's he's dropped to -- Ahmad and on the wanted not not trying to -- night -- negative about it but I'm despair if so -- the game of course on the it is the game of football the what the reason why the game bingo -- that we solve. Want all of the games ago was because they have with an eternal Paterno what a difference with equal. Bookings at the same monitor -- -- patriots made uncharacteristic. A tree on patriot like -- talking for Indian. How do better that that is trying to monitor being you know. Be politically correct about your talking like a player who refuses to criticize the team to play it. It full -- I'm not gonna criticize and -- don't bakers that game there was in the first -- at least offensively it was -- looked at these deep -- -- beating look instinct and it was -- I always get in his. Every cent -- every Monday with people on Twitter the it's. It's it's too bad credit -- the -- Not public -- that might -- had might -- a pretty good run defense would have a pretty good team we talked about it early on an earlier today that they had a pretty good run defense that they this. The first quarter and a half. I actually thought that was gonna run away with the game. Until the middle of the second quarter whenever Miami got calm down and -- that started doing things to me really disrupt. On -- offense and that happened to elect -- in the third -- I just I I I thought Brady was. -- Especially in the first quarter I don't think he was on the ball affect how much of that do you think was in -- when asked Kevin this -- it matters what you can chairman and it did did. Hernandez was coming back in it looked to me at least early on that there was. I want you to all these -- disconnect between the two units coming back after some time on the shelf in engine team reps and kind of feel unlike. It is it takes some time to get your feet underneath. Lasted a coveted best -- a game I'll more than I've seen him and I smoked tournament. As a follow up there have been a lot wrong with him in nationals in the knows how much gains of football means to you. I could tell the frustration on his face after a couple of press that he dropped the negate. And knowing him all I can tell him was that you've been out for awhile. You just come back you need to calm down and get -- feel bad because when you're off to a game you have to get to feel bad for the game just like anything else to do. And he understood -- talking about and we -- -- we should see a different person today tomorrow night. A a text to red tops -- blocked it was a great win division game on the clinch the division yes the result was great. How you got there was not great yeah I think it's fair to say that it was. Uneven I like that word because there were there were actually several really good series from the office it's early actually that running series earlier -- of course the one in the fourth quarter -- great -- Vivid debate topic this week was a lot of around you know were the running game one until that drive and listening to coach Belichick's interviewer this week on the guy here. I actually. Hadn't looked at it that way initially you know want to just -- the stats sheet and you say they only act attempted to cement at times. They had several first and twenties or second and -- were bumping up penalties early in the series. And I sort of just wrote the script out the door running game sort of disagree -- yeah so I I you can't really make the story that they they didn't attempted. Or didn't have some success of the actually have some decent runs were called back the the van had to -- and then now you're -- -- -- -- -- difference -- I thought it was nice that you know they got back to early in the game talk about the drive later but. I thought you Europe's reactor deal with the recent drops the penalties were some uneven play actually thought a few of the penalties ago -- were very controversial what I mean again you have to overcome that I think that's part of what. They probably saw the beauty in the game we got some what I thought the back caught up on Donald Thomas Hurley was was -- question boy thought the couple others. Mentally the second quarter early in the third quarter of two calls that that I kind of was. But they over team standpoint just the -- -- going on the road over common a lot of tough stuff overcoming a really good defense of performance by their front. That's why they felt -- beauty you know I think they also put some stock in the fact that they had had to win this way yet. And -- that that's very valuable because you wanna see team have to do a lot of different ways of course the season but Hewlett to have a -- going to play a great point Sunday night on net on -- and we were talking about it. At this as a game they probably lose a couple of months ago like that way doing the things they did it probably -- that. Wrote about it this week did -- debt deem proved to mean you go on the road and knew where the opponent is you know -- -- out the door. That they won where they didn't have a bunch of turnovers hurt bunch takeaways in the one where the -- get into -- -- -- Being detained in I think those are two very interesting point when you talk about this patriots team. A lot of the misconceptions around this team. Start with those two points and they went on the road and -- a tough division game. Did after -- antiquities didn't have to rely on winning you know 4430. They want -- taken is we can talk about his game -- didn't look like the past 23 games typically. But I don't -- things is we're gonna talk about his game. Couple of weeks down the line about how important was even though they won it but just as much and what they've learned as a football team.

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