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NFL Sunday - Week 14 - Opens with a Preview of the Texans Matchup and Another Tragic Story in the NFL

Dec 9, 2012|

Dale Arnold, Chris Price, Matt Chatham and Kevin Faulk are in for NFL Sunday - it's Week 14 which means the much anticipated matchup with the Texans is finally upon us. But we'll have to wait until tomorrow night for the game between the two teams that many consider the best in the NFL at this point. The guys also get into the awful story out of Dallas in which Cowboys nosetackle Josh Brent was arrested after he was intoxicated and got into an accident that killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown. This leads to a discussion regarding Roger Goodell and his reputation as judge and jury.

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Sunday morning to you this is NFL some yes Sino the patriots don't play today but it is NFL Sunday where it is there that's what we go here right here after I'm miles. I know there was some question marks and some guys some lines but I mean what we -- Dennis and Callahan off the air tomorrow morning thanks so. We gather here on a Sunday morning as we always do patriots play tomorrow night at home against the Houston Texans Monday Night Football. And this is the start of the stretch of the season that we all knew was gonna kind of defined the patriots in the second half they finally get back to back games. Houston tomorrow night San Francisco next Sunday night here at Gillette. And -- and aren't they kind of the benchmark games you're looking for your second half of the season this will be the measuring. For the patriot I think when you look at the scares early or in the season you kind of looked at these two games -- All of these teams will be go well you probably in the Kennedys too is being wanted to. Key matchup of the season in prime beat like one of those things that define your team pretty much -- what's the phrase that Kobe Bryant is used on which report Pinto says it's. Games that mean he's he's added these are going to be. I think. Working -- know a lot and we know a lot about this team right now but it organ in a lot more about this team after the two weeks. I. I think it's kind of funny where Matt's gonna tell. Middle I think it's it's funny though it images to -- -- NFL parity not in sort of the final pick someone up there is read recently -- we are or -- Talked about unifil parity is often said that you know it's it's often discussed that you know anyone to win every year but it's. In the last like ten or twelve or whatever it is and of the AFC champion obvious -- game with a with a 25 teams like that. Maybe six monster that's data but the smaller than you would think with with parity right. But that said. If you. Uttered that sentence that we just said you know three to three years ago that. The season that were officer for the games on the season rolls her claim is that San Francisco Houston at the back stretch in December -- say you're crazy. So the idea that that's what the season's gonna pivot on it's it's based a lot of -- -- last year quite frankly honest here this federal big turnaround season in Houston finally -- but the get up -- -- In the playoffs. So you know it it to me it speaks to how much things change each year so who will be talking about next year probably has to do with who we feel good about through this last 56 interests -- -- in the company for the report about the beat Cleveland in the city about it when it very likely might be and that's what's that's what's interest in Dafoe. Here's the weird part about this animal all that spreads and you. At no ordinary as much as probably some folks around here but. You've got a a one loss team that's an -- Mean that's got to be a little strange hasn't got a one loss team against the three loss team and the three loss team as is the favorite in this thing marketing is who is. Making abilities predictions who is not prediction yet I guess that's the line yes and so I got to the media people right. Vegas knows a lot though vaguest. I think it definitely -- competitors -- more than anything of it right -- defeat the present -- -- right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean they don't understand. And I -- they understand statistical -- in in the over the history of Libya to the bottom line right you know there's there's not a that the figured at least lotion yet to. You don't want him doing in game plan analysis. Now but if you know Laguna -- there. They're -- I think it's you know house looking hearted news game this week in thinking you know this is team we have played often and it's the Texans verses you know -- to abuse in Texas -- -- functional you know this is a division we play marcher. A team we seem much but to me it was a dog misses you know -- fields until soft. Boy Texans like what does a Texan like it just was trying to wrap my head around this slate. We're not the Massachusetts teams we -- next we play the Californians did. You know the pirate on the -- -- and -- Floridians last week nosed dolphins likewise on the tried to explain it to you when a system please. -- stated their suits beat out. -- -- It's ever taken its America's team has wildcats and in every other well known -- for you to take any south Texas. But you know it's sort of ethic seen though -- -- and now Texans going what 304050 years ago the chiefs before they -- in Kansas City -- the Dallas Texans. -- so I don't know -- that has been doing -- close to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think about it from the Pittsburgh. -- There's somebody penguins in Pittsburgh allies in the -- it did jazz scene in salt like city just out of this world I I I I thought that the lakers and jazz need to change their -- the Los Angeles jazz mutually. Yeah yeah and it makes cents -- and yet suggesting that you question. Are there are aspect -- -- it right now whether they're right up until 830 and those wandered down -- that Aetna and the sidewalks you -- It's time -- Close things down with this. Obviously for three hours we sit here and talked about the of them the NFL and and the patriots game in this case tomorrow night against the Houston Texans lets up let's at least for a few minutes here at the top for the second consecutive week. Talk about really crummy stuff and that you guys can help me out -- this because you've lived it in the National Football League there is a program I believe it's called the safe ride program. -- and basically for people who don't not there. NFL teams give players a telephone number. You call this number and they will send a card to get you wherever you are and take you home. And I'm putting a Mike quotation fingers here no questions asked. My gut feeling here is that players don't trust. The program. And that if it's 2:30 in the morning. You're afraid if you called us this car service and they come get you. Somehow some way the coach is gonna find out that you were routed to 30 in the morning with too much to drink now let's just my guess here. That's fair I don't think it's about the coach foreign and around I think justice anymore and in the inning affair oh. Department finding out at their best thing is you don't feel like it's going to be. Close mopping you'd think it's going to be out there somebody's -- found out that you might have called that. That number audit service and number of times in. Bring -- office one -- tell you in a cure that problem with something now I'm not trying to defend that whatsoever on what I'm saying I think there -- trust factor here for the players and I don't think it's a macho thing I don't think it's one of those I'll drop my own damn car home. Because in in in some of these cases as of gotta know you know what I'm really taken a chance here. -- I've been in this situation before not on our to speak and I think they've probably generally with the program because not too many guys use the and it was I -- Houston in in Dallas they said they had it on an -- and and that -- that he could have called this number. Eat whatever them then I think it's called -- -- may be wrong about it. Odd that he -- called the safe ride number they would come in gotten them and and as teammate. And they would have driven them home now in this case you've got to a charter flight to Cincinnati. Saturday morning it's 2:30 Saturday morning you've had too much to drink apparently allegedly. My guess is you thinking the last thing I need to. Oh I'm just in home -- worry about it from there but. They claim anonymity -- you know right you're right there's probably some trust issues there because corporate -- -- is a third party. It's doing this you know it's some outside course or -- it's not you know fans from from -- that are trained you were talking about their jones' well amateurs that are failures over -- company TO decision estimates I have a service for in the country -- Big star on the -- of one of its power there doesn't happen that. What I AI I think it's a valid point visited it runs in the back your mind yes it's being billed anonymously yes they -- not support you supposed to report to bush. You know this league is all about you know the next contract in you know your role on the team and not wanting to hurt yourself immunize your organization. If you sort of avoid that for today if you just have a bad -- you think you can brisket and get away with a Nazi and that's more but I I understand where that sort of line of thinking comes. And -- man is dead. A man who. Was expecting his first child. The child hasn't been born yet it is to their place. Another man's career is basically over. I'm -- Josh Brent -- have a hard time. He's gonna go to jail for some period of time the the charges that have been leveled against him carry two to twenty year. Sentence is gonna go to jail for some portion of that. You've got a man. Whose life is over another man whose career is over. All because they wouldn't call in number that we all wish we had access to. Mean don't we wish when we round on a Friday night we keep hope that the Pope who will pay come get me. You know what I had too much c'mon now easy to -- you do know why I understand that Kevin. Now because I've got to think right now he's not sitting there that jail cell in Irving Texas law we are -- -- We I don't -- call and I'm not even him and I'm thinking about situations where. I went out and I drove home go home and light while wired them. You know why it -- put myself for this -- That all of us have have one of those situations and that's right that's what I'm trying to -- it. We all -- to have had this to all don't have access to the same sort of of services that he does true. True you know in in in my case if if I do it. You know it it's probably pretty expensive cab ride from Boston to Bellingham they you know and and I am gonna have gold -- -- units. In action they take a left turn on 45. I've done that and ended up over in Worcester and I still pay for the backtracked a slogan. I think it brings up an interesting debate or at least it is the question. What what. Ruled as an organization have in your well being mean if you worked -- BMC in this view if you worked at new balance if you -- it -- -- what. Right or wrong yeah so so why is there the assumption that to read as a response and -- it's a shield argument I mean that's that's his charisma. Are open to which the league it's the team and I think the team looked at you with an investment. And they wanna do whatever it takes to keep you copying and that the upbeat keep you help in TP you know and union keep Hillary patented look were going to provide this service or you. Not because -- like Q but because our investment -- I understand it but I you know if you're booed -- the big shot. Researcher at some -- you know whenever near the top salary guy that your particular business oriented toward mutually crystal same as public an argument but they certainly you need you as mass in the same. In the same manner I disarm similarly editorial pop up this morning about. The league needs to do more to here to keep these guys. Like -- how the league team or the team or even the teams to me it's sort of underneath all this if you apparel way there's sort of this babysit mentality. That these guys these big dumb athletes can't get out of their own way in the unity if you close -- and I say that's the perception of -- -- -- and our bridges and we just can't make the right decisions were radiates. Where jocks you know we're just gonna go laden and raise hell. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At some point this is to meet his personal responsibility issue and I hours when these imports probably -- the league -- help these players get more on the wrong way it's like it's a relief. You know I I I totally disagree with that editorial your position I think the league and the teams. Are bending over backwards to take care of these players and -- to ensure that situations like this don't come up as I said don't we all wish we had the opportunity. To simply don't -- at that -- hey come get me I mean in in -- what -- -- -- a card just to be wearing for the sudden go order we leave the spotters on -- it it. It is it is sad as I said on so many levels and -- that extra points out. You know maybe his career isn't over and and the text to bring up Donte' Stallworth. It is it is possible that it's not. -- to have a gut feeling it probably is you know eighties that he's nose tackle who always. He he's a starter in fact he was scheduled to start a sixth game and nose tackle for the cowboys today. In Cincinnati he was a starter because of injury. This guy isn't a a star quote on quote the National Football League -- I think he was -- he was a role player in that regard similar I guess to Jo -- Belcher. Who had made himself into a starter but certainly wasn't a star. Dante Stallworth was considered a really good at wide receiver one point in his career and and to his credit. Paid his price paid it do you know served as punishment. And and and managed to work his way back -- maybe it's possible. That it'll happen here. On investment. -- -- suffered a bit. Both former player. And guys probably in trouble for -- zoning guys' plans for rest and for him to learn from his mistake and only him is gonna know what he's learned from this situation only in this. -- they can -- himself right now they can about what he. What he could've done differently in order for this situation happen so now -- is just close to wait and see now to see what he's learned. As a person from that turn to now. And there are some some telling and chilling quotes from his college coach. Runs up in Illinois who said you know we thought he had grown up mine -- he had a DUI conviction. Wireless a student at at the University of Illinois. And and runs that said you know we thought he'd grown up by now which means that they were fighting this battle with him when he was a collegiate players well. And obviously he hadn't grown up from this and and hadn't gotten past this issue and his life. And as I said now a man is dead. A an unborn child doesn't have a father. And another man's career in my opinion is probably over. Do we keep your comments language -- a -- coasts through though whose bill would have by now -- that. -- -- the thing that that's happening with us now when something negative goes on we always have something negative to respond with their. Yes it is a negative situation but now we have to try to turn that negative into something positive because the young man passed away we know that. Made a mistake just like -- -- made a mistake but. There is some other people's lives that has to be affected by this at the same time. Or Roger Goodell and I'd say pouring again quotation oh what an awful year for the shield. And you go back to bounty gate and and the issues and Jo -- Belcher a week ago and and this week another player in the National Football League is dead. At the hands inadvertently of a teammate. It's just been horrible awful year for Roger Goodell and the national policy part of the gig -- tolerated Yates is you -- Jimmy need to bottom wanna like that but as part of the -- Dugard and her life there are thousands of people. -- in the league knew that yes there's been played in this league Communists that those -- role. It's you know this is this the game more world were judged every day Kevin knows this -- and we Sox owner of the article about it. But you know and I would say his performances. Right up there will be judged mark with -- myself but I I think. There horror issues. That or. Controllable I think some of these or self inflicted wounds and I think. You know and now we're starting to talk about chipping away at the artful game that is football and I think it eventually those things -- at the commissioner sport and you know to Oracle's Eagles got a really hard decisions comic. It's going going going for added there's some really heart and it's just did the idea of -- evolution of the game and greater when it when you were talking about things like players -- to talk about things. Go to visit visit the -- of both on and off the field that you have to deal with -- you know he's. Featuring when you hear your question about what do you think about ms. good whose job -- I wouldn't wanna -- Exit. Now I've I think I've called off -- probably none of us want the responsibility. It it's like if you're a coach and I always think about this your coach of any team. Will use Belichick is the example just because he's here but any sport any coach. -- that call in the middle of the night that a parent always dreads if your coach. It's that call in the middle of the night that could include fifty of your kids you could involve any of your kids speak is. You're sort of responsible for all of -- and you know -- You can't control what they do win they're not in your facility in in your immediate physical control. And yet you feel responsible for what they do outside your righted and you know what I actually don't I don't hope that I didn't imply that Roger has some group. Finger on matter control or not let you point out that the weekend and teams are doing all lake and. Right I think there was a decision though and organizational decision -- managerial type thing. In the Foster behind it years ago. That with the way they were going to try to curb. Player were. Responsibility or whatever is is refining and I mean that was sort of the philosophical thing that if we raise the penalty we can somehow change behavior. Annals of a criminal justice is one of my majors and underground in just the idea of a punitive model to change behaviors is comedy in the real world this doesn't work. Bought we've got this multi multibillion dollar industry that adopted that five years ago -- I think we're seeing some of the results of that. And I had to do with the the so called you know again marketing slogan of player safety. You know we're going to change behavior by taking more commodity. We're gonna change the family because we believe that you'll be aware of that penalty and then do something different. Like the work that way and to me that's the kind of thing if you walk there without palacios who pull for your other nine billion dollar a year industry and made that proposal to go up double room. And why we've done it and I think the rest let's look at. What should date I mean you get you get all pissed off about them reaching their hand in your pocket they're taking your money signed waivers. And and my point as if you do something wrong if you if you do an act. This is prohibited tell me what the commissioner supposed to do other -- take your money. -- punishes you for what you get are not as a way of trying to keep other people from doing that sort of punishing it it's meant to be yep yep this abouts it's. It's meant to be prohibitive so I mean they're trying to do the talking about that I just wanted you simply wrong what why do to -- That's what it's why do their job they have to figure we big game and -- police say throw a credit to the origin again to take games away. I think that -- know what they feel money is the only is purely because they're not only do you lose they -- chip. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They would not only of the alternate not everyone. Gets. Gained particular phone and you're fine you know you can pay money is to gain and my point with -- is it -- it in spite of something wrong. And and you know and and I am going to be punished for you don't want them to be able -- me what to him and then double. And -- -- my issue was not that you don't find people my issue was that. The fine used to be 151000 dollars and elderly and mentally ridiculous and we've now made in 195 a year ago we're gonna change people's behavior because you're a criminal or whatever agreement attacked a 15% kick I'm not going to rob that bank. Because it used to be one years in prison when your present now it's one and half of that that's not the state of mind when you're on the global feel you're doing a job you gonna do the job first. I'm tackling because this is Al physiologically is -- tackling the worse you can't legislate my body how to work. It did the people that let them make these rules and their play this game in its. It Steve you only have a week to week basis some of the Ed -- stop somebody there are so many -- as you -- big -- come down. And people play this game has rolled -- say there such a disconnect between the people making these rules and people have to go -- and actually do okay what does the commissioner do. I mean lose the rules. James Harrison -- -- had shot just gone by that's different he -- he put his head down right used as an -- of course. And you should find him again that James Harrison is different than a lot of -- -- -- and once of scene earlier this year that I I don't have a catalog from Cuba. The idea of it. I think the rules description fit on one page paper. I think if you start to be the royal and ancient golf to have avoid names of the stuff it makes it unrealistic and quite frankly that come from people who don't haven't had to do this will we talked about that before here where you need to have a group of former players and league officials. All come together to down at a table to look east and people are going to be the decision -- when it comes to stuff like this you have to have former players involved in the process out of all doing now and forget about their -- he -- -- While we are just dumb football and that's good. I'm just being out of -- court will. -- -- -- -- Belief is the league goes into that it in the somewhere the next collective bargaining agreement if not before someone needs to sit -- and look we need to object former players -- -- in the and throw my hat or so what honestly what I what I think what I think is realistic. Is you're gonna get these guys in the world that are going to be able to say that can happen I can do that. I can't do that realistically that's not the decision making process -- I've been on the field and tried to do that. The problem the problem is at the end of the day this is an organizational structure question to me when we talk about -- the commissioner is is -- the commissioner of the game of football. Is the the leader of the owners is the -- suitable boss of 32 people is decommission the entire game which includes a -- includes the coaches. I think there's a question -- who is sort of the overseer -- I think the reason this is important is because there is no game of football that certified as -- like soccer or something like that. Football if it's is constantly changing things that the NFL it's decide what is the couple -- a game it's something that exists that this league morals and uses. The idea that you can sort of chopped at the edges to make it work for your business model you don't -- to kick -- here. That that doesn't make sense to me until there's a separate body that is in protects football but the league and borrows from and it's to endorse him be apart of this'll never changes -- game that's that's the argument we are exceedingly party for which I'll probably be fine.

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