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Lenny Megliola explains how he approaches the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot

Dec 8, 2012|

Lenny details his decision to vote for the controversial candidates on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot. He personally will vote for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens based on their achievements. Lenny believes that all the players in question during the steroid era are still part of the game’s history and one day will be in the Hall of Fame.

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I -- you John Ryder alongside Lenny mega deal plenty to discuss. You'll get it to some other stuff going on in the NFL more off the field stuff than anything yeah lately but. Also. Hall of fame voting and Lenny has an article in the doing the baseball journal I recommend you pick it up about. Of the hall of fame vote it's it -- controversial this year because on the ballot you have Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Sammy Sosa. On the on the ballot this year and that's give away too much of the article but you're you're voting for. Clemens and bonds yes now I will vote for them com. And you know my rationale was I think they will be in one day and be under maybe guidelines which which I would. I would champion. Spectrum. There are certain era that with just been in in has been going on for what -- whatever we don't know for sure that's part of problem. And again it's easy from voted a fallback. I don't know maybe I'm the only damage country. The trend I've been saying on ESPN and -- that and are committed to many votes if any rights felt -- less -- 20% -- say yep and down so they've been talking to get -- -- -- I know that right but they will be Sunday. They're -- word before we think they would do on the Jews and all of that. Com. So I am either a step behind. Our press ahead of the curve and desperate that I just felt that -- Yet this time to have some went straight -- you know they were good enough we hated what they did. You know Clements -- still can't be convinced that. -- you did anything -- well and I think he probably did but the thing would that is it would tell you had the the clearer or whatever would Barry Bonds is at that and width and he was sentenced flax seed oil. And any better now wink wink and then NN. Clemens and -- these guys didn't test. Have any positive tests in in Major League Baseball even knows your eyes will telly in the you don't see these eye popping numbers either out of a forty year old pitchers anymore. That's a question about it I mean all the evidence you know for them being in the hall of fame I mean number is you know roster -- to both obviously. -- they played in and how they got to those numbers. On the scene in question. Like. They showed all fame her you know of these guys. If these guys do something. Home if they get in the hall of fame some day. He -- whatever. You're gonna need an appendage. -- needed abstract -- on on the planet or even winning a hall you know hall dedicated to those guys. -- -- -- shot until you clear the steroids thing app you can say. Well I know how big will that I'll have to get well if this keeps going -- and under the plaque you'll have to say under suspicion of performance enhancing drugs and are allegedly using him -- and I don't know all of the guys you know -- -- deposit up to the hall of fame is about history you're right so you explain it just like you stay dry in an era that -- It's like happens you know for generations down the road at. Well read about Clemens and bonds they why aren't they in the hall of -- -- why are they call for well explain it you're absolutely right they could do that. But the thing is where do you draw the line now while it in the the more records that are broken the most spectacular. Seasons or five year run senate that your play as. How do you evaluate him in terms are being clean and not -- Well and which also were finishing article a few weeks back is Michael Silberman and Harold. And his point was pretty much is trying to sort this'll the whole thing out -- -- -- we do you draw the line him in on that I -- I agree with a bombing he's just. Trying to tape the complexity of all right Jeff Bagwell looks like a data could be used steroids -- just trying to sort things out you know avenge -- just eliminated entire wipe out an entire air. -- and don't miss miss no question about it and again Heidi you I mean we we on -- greatness by voting for guys in the hall of fame quickly I'd sell -- well -- the numbers. And and now in in this era that we have we're going through with the droids era. You've you've got to draw a line somewhere and I'm thinking in those guys are gonna get in some day. Com and I don't know how they're gonna do it you know you only get so many shots that it you know look at the -- reverence and Jim Rice wait until the end. I have before you get -- but those guys are clean so it's a different story. But I you know I took the plunge and then I'm sickened with a. It. I you know I would vote for bonds to Clemens and -- I don't know if I'd do it well we'll bonds on the first ballot maybe -- put too much. Just let him squirm a little bit of weight he's gonna have to anyway -- say not give them via satisfaction by it's out of Yemen yeah I don't agree with debt junkets I used to it and if these guys and a lot of guys got to do that the -- -- the last possible time you know and maybe not even then -- -- from but. Our next if I think he was a hall of -- today upper keys are hall of -- week for a year from now I think he has an I think he's a hall of fame player I mean where the -- -- -- there's -- a lot of bad guys in the hall of fame. The other tough thing is when I'm sure there's probably some players in there right now that used performance enhancing drugs that we -- but bad guys in the hall of fame. I conference since I panel accused Jews -- don't know exactly L player I really. You -- one in the glow in the daughter and I gather you wouldn't Wanamaker bear with me is not a you know a good guy. They tell me and an obvious I'm sure well at all hall -- you have that it's not it's not for excellence as we know it's -- said many times that's not -- hall of fame for humanitarian guys. There's John KC one of the nicest guys an ambassador for baseball is not guilty and because it's nice guy and OJ Simpson -- it and so now you know where you're gonna go. You know it's it was speaking is segue into. Troubles off the field of course who got the news. Last week of Javon Belcher also. -- terrible news today. From the cowboys not the Texas would Josh Brent. Being arrested -- the killing -- teammate Jerry Brown. Drunk driving accident. Early this morning. And you've also got the news which came out this week about -- saw logs as well. Where is -- time girlfriend theirs once engaged I guess our. Claimed. In a protective order filed last month that Suggs. Punched her in the neck drove a car containing their two children at a high rate of speed while she was being dragged along side. Suggs was also been ordered its turn over seven guns including an AK 47. He also. As well laden. Threatened to pour bleach on -- -- this is just. That we -- attacking during the break about all these different problems the NFL and and now Roger Goodell was trying to sort all this -- I'll Suggs also this week was torn biceps saying he's gonna play him. In this week's game against Washington and saying down there with a ravens do you play in -- you can't walk right. Ray Lewis who's coming back I'd say there's some rage issues there and probably speak your performance enhancing drugs and obviously -- of that -- or whatever you know. And I'm sure there is some there I'm guessing witnesses in that Baltimore facility I wouldn't be surprised but. More with these rage issues and it has been so many stories are incidents after salmon and not every player obviously but. Definitely percentage of -- of problems once they retire from football or even when they're playing football there would rage issues and where do they get their rage and anger of the typically get out on the football feel but what's the outlet after they hang up. Yeah and yeah I'd like some psychiatrists or some medical people they give us a call and explain. -- -- well we know the nature of pro football it's a brutal sport -- -- read. On after going to that too deeply however. When these guys get off field is set. You know just like you said I mean is that like while. You know for three hours I try to kill that guy he try to kill me and you know where I'm all banged up and banged helmets and it's not a way to make a living and really in civilization and then you go into civilization. Ideal home India wife ago friend whenever. And these things keep up and a ball with time Iran that it is that -- -- that's what they play right and it ended in a text -- just brings this up right -- does is -- news really surprise anyone know now I have the same thing in every right away yeah. Know him who just just another guy I mean a big name guy obviously. But. And it doesn't surprise you I mean it almost every day and you know. Not to -- just on the NFL but that's you know that is in season and these guys are still getting in trouble parity -- teammates and team right now. But if it's all sports I mean that there -- trying to get away with something but. In terms of you know the -- temper tantrums. That. Wind up killing people or alcohol related as this one was with the cowboys. Telling people I mean it will it's. I -- not an excuse what happened on a Dallas but to me what's even more disturbing and -- -- lost their life which is the ultimate you know them but. The -- news is more is even more troubling. -- respect him to me because he is talking. While the I mean is alcohol involved there isn't just rage issues right -- this was clearly a mistake that was made in and in happens in his terrible tragedy what happened down there in Dallas but. Suggs that this is ongoing issues here where it was my children and his wife involve the right button going died yet and it strikes -- Someone already died in the convoys into right right and again I was you know. Yeah so well he will but. There. I guess the word there is no intent. In and I'm not condone owning drinking and driving and say. Will would side exit. I don't think that Josh Brent was planning on going out and getting in this the -- an hour and at all. Two. You know bigger problem -- players and Jerry Brown on the practice squad judge Brent was planned CB Eric. Professional athletes should be highlighted driver they're going to go -- have a real time they have enough money to order get a cab whatever Japanese may be argument a hundred dollar cab rides one of these guys. Well enough on its -- so. But they'd like they cast you know they do -- like to show -- I don't know what type of vehicle he was driving and it looked but decides is. This you know disturbing in that there there seems to be intent here. -- artists in LA yeah. You know I must say it was on drugs her or something and then a drunken whacko or -- -- this story and Suggs and think about that are just what happened. Are allegedly happened but it doesn't say anything about drugs -- out -- just. This thought that is your age now I mean I'm great -- it lets get back the cause of Phil is in Connecticut they still. I Horry and rights -- -- Outperforming what other avenues. Could direct -- go down. In order to are out here -- -- -- starter and know what you said earlier other site says inquired about quote the in north particularly -- -- -- Yes I am not -- you know that turnout is Dempster enemy he's not a front of the rotation I think of him as a three he pitched like he was last year with the cubs but again when you go into the American League and has been particularly the American League -- things can change quite a bit. -- I still think you do it but. Is he. You know is he -- -- number two at this point of his career on this staff they would be -- would be -- -- -- -- -- I think it would be. Upgrade definitely. Does certainly are there any -- in the National League central. That doesn't really. Well and you look Kelly he did with the is stats at Texas he had an ERA over five. In six he had twelve starts with the Rangers five point 09 ERA. He ended up going seven and ray and of course with the offense they have down there but more hits than innings pitched. He did have is strikeout to walk ratio was pretty good 24 to seven it typically has been over his career. There fill fill that thing is. Com if you're talking about the guys that are still out today Greinke etc. and it and its ranking you know obviously. Then -- you have to talk about trade because some good names that they are there Red Sox seemingly have explored to you know pitching avenues. Rotation guys. So who would have to be in a trade later down the -- could happen next month there could happen at the happening season yeah. And. Think I don't think production and that they. Now knowing he's not going anywhere and and and people keep it and takes the call -- Are ever -- always managed the Seattle is not one of the sisters of the poor they have money out there out there and on Josh Hamilton and they're looking to add to this team I think people. One and and I get these calls all the time above Felix Hernandez and -- Texas game and Ellsbury and Iglesias for king Felix why would Seattle do that. Why why would they do something like that they wouldn't do so especially through -- -- well. You know I they look at the record that's what people though they look at the record they look at CLB had a miserable team they don't think that the they don't have the spending power that the Red Sox yankees or Dodgers still. But it but they're now one of these anemic situations like Tampa Bay yeah it's true. The thing what with -- over instant though -- with the offense is -- and check your splits and actually there and I would answer him you know on the go up over the idea is the good book anywhere though the main sports in his career begun on the road as -- as home and the other -- MET go out there and spend ninety million dollars on -- Sanchez Milan -- and that's -- something. Is gonna get the other interesting thing I think going not a Major League Baseball and I can understand this. No one hardly gets to free agency anymore I mean you never see guys you know 2627. 28 really. The top pitchers -- top players get to free agency any more -- all 3233. Some more rounded typically anyway you're absolutely right you know and lock him up. I'd John Ryder a lot of what -- to make -- up against the 92 required on the phone lines get those out calls and at 6177797937. You can text to -- 37937. And back in just ninety seconds.

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