WEEI>On Demand>>John Ryder and Lenny Megliola cover a variety of topics including the Celtics problems and the Red Sox hot stove on Sports Saturday

John Ryder and Lenny Megliola cover a variety of topics including the Celtics problems and the Red Sox hot stove on Sports Saturday

Dec 8, 2012|

The guys talk about what is wrong with the Celtics and what needs to be done to fix the problems plaguing the team. Also as the hot stove heats up, John and Lenny review the Red Sox moves during the winter meetings and what still needs to be done going forward.

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John right -- you happy is always to be joined by -- one of the select people in this country and we're only talking about media. Hundred something and people like -- to vote on the Heisman and Lenny meg really is one of those people I panicked I am -- -- that. A lot of research while watching. And you deserve a vote him and -- checked the ego you also have a hall of fame vote and highs not forget who eight I sent this Heisman matter. Last week and am I -- Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for a couple of days ago -- work that this week. You go and now -- of course you can read him in the metro west daily news -- to a baseball journal and the Boston Globe will review up until 7 o'clock letting an athlete who earlier this -- where things going on within you as well. Yes. Good -- good thing is it's a -- -- -- efforts with an emergency it's for good good reason yes. I'm excited and I'm happy to -- There we have the 6177797937. You can -- this as well at 37. 937 taking up until 7 o'clock in minutes the Celtics in the sixers career -- home outside of that too much in the NBA especially with -- Celtics. Home park being on a Saturday night -- Saturday -- and it's really -- took me two weeks to digest that that they plan to back back in the way they were doing it -- Great game last night really was a great entertaining game. You know excuse thing with or India crossover. Flaws flaws and lot of late bloom is if they're gonna Blumenthal. Followed Jeff Green yes consistency. More than anything and -- in a little bit. Patient with him and considering all that happened. -- I was I was listening in on last night as they do two she migrated Cedric -- -- -- -- was stocking -- Some people said you know you -- kind of -- here maybe even another month. On -- Jeff -- yeah you know of always judge Jeff Green and the team overall and we have this conversation again and it you know half five games and games. I need 3830. Games. And basketball seasons and times more based policies and they can't figure out team's overall. Complexities and hand. And the individual plays well some would argue you know -- up until really all star break you almost -- up until Arnold. February then. People really start paying attention after February to mid February yeah well -- -- -- pay attention I mean one thing but when -- progressing our it is well to see your feelings are admitted setting -- workings and plays themselves right. So. I'm not and they jumped by a jump off the roof about about the Celtics. But. Topic we're thanking them is NBA finalists today. There is some slight concern and once again issues last night too many offensive rebounds they allowed Philadelphia. And the now turn overs were problem in in Philly one thing disciplined team that's what they are and and they don't turn the ball over. Let too much Collins right. It is -- that's what it is if you know he's not as always have the greatest teams like they've been disciplined think about Evan Turner on a different team would be playing this well if you don't have Doug Collins -- and that's a very good example through and I it's it's like. If you decide Evan Turner against the Celtics you would think that this -- perennial all star I mean I know there's a certain matchups in those certain teams. That players perform well against you get a week -- -- -- -- that into the red sites would Napoli against threats like but turner kills the Celtic and a nice. All guys named young lineup that is on he even coach -- guy named. Yeah even Nick Young what do you play analyst. But you know Philly -- impressed with them just because -- they make these moves Aguirre Iguodala and then -- days you know no Bynum sitting there. On the invention and all of his injuries and his problems and their wondered if he's even got a played this season or what his future is going to be and he's. Going to be free agent after the season so. Interest in team Doug Collins 22 at most three the most underrated coaches I think in the NBA put Collins in their -- cattlemen of Minnesota. And also Rick -- may be in the public -- charm and I think NBA people not on no ugly dark column -- is. -- -- -- -- He's done a tremendous job -- that Philadelphia team and a young team that's body into his system and his ways which is tough to do sometimes Rezko brought up Bynum. I mean this -- crow about with this guy. On the game we kinda know something was we know it's coming off injured. Let them. And I play at all and maybe not play at all. They kind of fits his -- and yes we've talked about that you know how much she actually wants to play the game I know you look he's dealing with -- injuries. To both both needs now and how Smart also is Orlando. Not to take him as part of that Dwight Howard out. Yeah W we'd take good point actually that's only good thing and spend it right right but and pick up -- one more play well for them yeah ideas about a waiver wire I used to Daniels went off last night from about eighteen points this -- about him -- can't we get -- code that. -- let's get to the phone calls here's Richard province here rich. I don't Ireland and the rich. You know. Ryan Dempster a couple things we want our world downturn just went ahead on the farm system Dempster. You know and should the retroactive given him you know three years and also. In terms of this shortstop position. And like Jackie Bradley these top prospect in the Red Sox system. How Long Will it be before they're called up these things in comparing particularly Bogart because the knock on Iglesias is that. You know he's he's very -- get. At home plate. Not in the field so can we see Bogart you'd think perhaps you know you know he's he's hurry it along to. And in the because the Red Sox -- very. Intrigued as to how he can perform on the Major League level. Well what the -- of timing the outfield is set now unless they get rid of Ellsbury obviously so calm. Now Bradley at this gives Bradley time to you know get ready for me yeah I don't have to Russian now yeah I think he's maybe. A year. -- away probably another year minor league season maybe -- nine seasons he always does this year down there in the minors -- bright AAA guy. What a Pro Bowl guard and what about the the guy that Dalia. How good is that picture that they offered two years and. -- -- -- Dempster had a good year in the nationally last year didn't pitch as well down the stretch with Texas I wouldn't go three years and Ryan Dempster I can understand that always the heritage. Nice mid thirties and 35 -- more on their a look at up to be exact but Julius is good for him. If they and the other thing being -- Bogart. I mean how good is this guy that is sacred are -- projecting him to be you know. All star type player ahead our value. You talked about as a defense right -- -- Francis -- you know in question he's a hitter you might not even be a short stuff out because he's a big kid -- an -- really weak candidate -- and outfielder might be you know. But he he's a hitter. Iglesias is the reverse and hit great field. Altered so. I looked like then that Iglesias is going to be like guess sort of like. I'm mark who landed type. Well let me OK if you get boot pal Frank Robinson and Brooks for example and that's what Red Sox plan and doing get a you know get a potent lineup. What you can hide it and had not that number nine notice by helping hits through 35 right now right now the way it looks at thanks for the courage right now he's there starting shortstop to be in the season yeah absolutely I don't know the Jonny Gomes starting in left field. I'm not too well or about that -- to do -- -- right handed pitching DH. Well we've got your DH monarchies. I think of him as a platoon guy. Out there are one win is terrible defensive outfielder in Canada right -- yeah well you know what. If they if they keep Ellsbury their Roth -- health field okay if if you're like Victorino went right menu you know. Find out who can you know split left. Says something that they can't. Deal Ellsbury they're clearly trying to deal miles per if you believe these reports and I do believe that they're certainly listening in on Ellsbury I'm sure they're listening in. On Lester. I I think that if a bench Harrington had his druthers will of course it like to deal him for you know get a a solid starting pitcher but. I I think that he wouldn't have a problem getting a Major League guy Major League ready guy started pitcher. Along with a couple prospects can you do that you know it's hard to define I think what would the problem is and probably what we improbable is it is defining what exactly Ellsbury is. As a player. When you mean and meaning is either guide it's an MVP candidate or is DA guidance. You know it a few notches below that. Not enough evidence the analyst who probably on this question but that's that's why it's so Dicey you know I think. I think most Red Sox fans would like to keep him. -- -- -- receive -- people laughed and it was an exciting player when healthy and right yeah. Black. I mean that's -- that's -- great question I mean who is the you know is the -- MV PR is the guy gets hurt and it's trying to fight its way back to show that you were from the -- the the injuries. Freak injuries collision injuries but I think what you can question is how targeted and taken to come back from those entry. Well that's the rub if you look at the entries you're right those things can happen -- -- step in the in Poland they steal something at that this happens. But the the comeback. Time you know with. Wants a suspect it was -- too much to them to evaluate him when he was going to be a big part of this team for years to -- and now he's straight day. Ben is in Wellesley a -- I would. I was -- Not just Paula talk about Jeff Green I just thank that I get a bad route a little bit everyone's -- a little too critical of the I understand he's been consistent but I mean all of appeal. You -- now. If I look at it that's why don't you ever been in a car accident in you get you drive into the units in in a -- to get slammed into. Even if it's not that area in the next couple of months you're you're a little -- it -- in the you know make a little nervous. The dialogue. I I I I think we got to cut him slack at all. Well you know he got a complete clean bill of health and you know it's not okay is going back to a desk job art teacher a first grade. This is in -- running up and down the court to you know for six months. He's glad Doc Rivers said it -- doesn't even enter my mind what what's incredible is it's not eat -- unique to him it's not even unique to the Celtics Chris Wilcox seems to know. Yeah yeah I mean I I hear that but it's it. From what I understand I'm not a doctor -- different circles. You know it's tough within our into the what was difficult -- that make that big move -- also signed him to a big contract he has a big pre season so the expectations are high on -- -- -- more pressure on that's for him I think there is more pressure on that I think it's. I'm sure is tiger said he thinks about the heart surgery from time to time but I think it's more so it just the pressure element and a -- -- deal with a pressure of that big contract and also being a key part of this team that that's. It any other part of it is what's maddening is we see these glimpses we see this it it. This obviously -- lettuce is in there tonight. We see this explosiveness when he dunked on Al Jefferson he sees those drives a couple of people this season -- he's had his good games like last night where he gets nineteen points and eight rebounds there are some key rebounds there amongst that -- so. I I think that's part of the quandary part of the problem for people is just. You're expecting to see this on a night to night basis he'll go out there and scored nineteen but what if you know he goes. The end to put four points and nine as a bad shooting night and gives you two rebounds and went against -- what is the problem and it -- defense system and if you're expecting him gets more rebounds and also a play better defense on the wing. Yeah yeah anybody keys. Don't allow block some shots argue you know he has he does the world we boxes I mean a lot of pent up Paul Pierce is really -- drop in a polygraph and here's a look better. Right now -- it band hasn't green had more. In our names in good games you write dark era plus is there a flash is right. Well I can't have a 3540 games we have this discussion after that naughty no question I think that's more than fair. It was more than fear takes the call -- here's Peter and -- Natalie Peter. Because they don't have a good or you. -- -- -- what does -- question about let me repeat no I think it's -- to him through. You know. Go to latrines and bustle of popcorn in the men's room and -- in the adventure can take over nineteen because. It just became -- shadowing everything. Mean we all know what happened with the Bobby Valentine thing last year to get ancillary looking at the but the -- it's one if you agree with. Now I don't -- he can do a lot of business things. And terms of you know what a general manager should do basically the trades and in those kinda you know player decisions. I think he has stepped aside. I really don't. You know for the benefits for the greater good. I think he has stepped aside. Took a lot of criticism for a lot of moves Spain south mountain things work out -- general managers felt. I hit it it they went if you win it looks good -- wanna -- Ben Carrington. You know habitat is what do we want to do he's got he's got money to spend. But once you know -- -- -- -- write up a while you know we talk about maybe this is a great yet. Did not -- on the -- here because we saw that it seems. -- Brandon in Detroit going out to inflate there was still 25 and that would delete it could be either one into the Atlantic season. I'm not sure that I'm on trial about the pitching didn't look at Detroit's rotation look at the pump they have in their lineup and also see every Cisco the pitching -- at. -- some guys get hot at the right time and in Marcos scored or got to. Twenty million dollar contract out of it. And also you know Buster Posey was very talented player behind the -- Angel and I'm playing good not too many people knew who he was but. That dead guys above the right time but they also had a very good pitching separate Cisco is starters Anibal. We're not in the -- back rooms start at four yawkey way when those guys get together make decisions I mean we don't have those animals. So the idea this sense is that there Lucchino has stepped back. And lead and -- the -- doesn't whose collective decision making -- -- today it has a collaborative to a certain extent banked it -- doesn't on the team and you know. They'll bounce things off until chain and sure realizes a bigger role -- that there's anybody like but in terms of -- the big bills and having all of alarming influence on the next manager. I think Lucchino has stepped back. Yeah I think -- charity is making the calls to other GMs. I -- I'm not sure if it's his footprint on the big deal that have with the Dodgers maybe that's more Lucchino there. Yellow -- and that might have been John Henry -- -- Tom Werner and Lucchino can be they just had a dominant money got an astonishing wasn't -- and how much she was even. -- -- out here in Los Angeles and and ventured to hear a couple of text messages. On people on Paul Pierce's case. Is yet to many turn over so for this season doesn't seem to have the same lift and -- Kirk curler and I agree and Arabs say this is well it seems like he's in shape is much better shape. Now this season looks like -- last season where he he said he was enemy you can clearly see was out of shape you didn't expect like that and Gomes is the way overpriced proverbial character guy. On you could make that argument. Not a techsters says hey Mikey went up and your sense of humor you're not even giving millennia hard time today so here we go -- I can't believe that it. By voices are actually horse just so I don't get don't know Larry Johnson yet and and -- OPEC annual forum Mike Adams can't believe it. I can't believe. That's fine -- and has won the most distinctive voices in radio. Mike Adams out in Vegas or maybe who not going to be tough probably get Mikey on the air -- -- try to do that. Ready get Mikey is see what's going on -- -- -- Vegas. I'd 6177797937. Policy to Texas at 37937. Tony is in Revere. Wanna get to the Celtics Red Sox offseason moves or you know there is big game coming up on Monday night at Gillette Stadium -- patriots and Texans very meaningful. For the patriots had -- considering. I'm getting home field advantage forgetting that that second seed him in the in the AFC we get into that 92 break in the red tactical.

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