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Minihane on the Sox hot stove and what the team should do with Ellsbury

Dec 8, 2012|

Kirk's alone with Dale getting the day off and he's going off about the Red Sox's recent string of moves, particularly the signing of Shane Victorino. More importantly, though, he wants to know what the team is going to do with Jacoby Ellsbury down the road.

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Yeah delegate today up to me till 4 o'clock Berkman am by myself. I guess with -- O'Malley a Pulitzer. 6177797937. As the number you welcome to join in year. Or text and it was at 379 victories have posted since. We got the Texans have for the arts social -- forget the number -- Pay attention to. So you know we're gonna get to patriots Texans here over the next three hours. We're gonna get to Batman -- fear we're gonna get into the celtics' Paul Flannery. SB nation's lead basketball columnist will join us at 3 o'clock. Imus started the Red Sox now know the tax who -- -- to the big game on will will do it I promise we'll do. This report out of Comcast in Philadelphia that the Red Sox. Were offered the Phillies Ellsbury for Cliff Lee in the least turned them down on that is interesting obviously because of this. The Red Sox try to trade Ellsbury the Texas trade deadline last -- we know that several reports. We rob Bradford gives the first report. And now you have Comcast and fairly saying yup I'll be Allred such wildly for Ellsbury and Billy turned down the Red Sox folks. Venture to tell you. They are trying to trade Jacoby Ellsbury. As they should finally it is the correct move to do. Because and we can go over the Israel quickly. What have we learned here from the Red Sox. And Major League Baseball the last couple of months while number one. Lucchino is set -- Sheraton is set it assistant general manager Mike Hazen said that -- -- -- us. On that hot -- showed the Red Sox are -- going to sign guys to six and seven year deals got. It's not going to happen. That at least right now is a philosophy. Scott Boras is going to get Jacoby Ellsbury 567 year deal Ellsbury is just good next year. Forget it be put it doesn't 2011 forget be just good next year stays healthy he's getting at you from somebody so we know that so right now you have. Two different philosophies from the start. Started -- -- is this. Let's look at the -- market here this offseason. Torii Hunter at least 53 years old it's a two year 28 million dollar deal that right. -- Shane Victorino. Who stinks. Against right handed pitching stinks. I mean he's -- below average offensive player against right handed pitching which in I mean -- look up the numbers I don't know. It seems to me you face right in pitching Morton left handed pitching in memory serves -- Red Sox play the game mattered so it's been lost they would pay attention but last I checked. There are more right handed pitchers left -- pitchers -- -- you know you media look and -- that the properties confirm. And it just bat against -- pitching at thirteen million a year for three years after the worst season is correct. So what do you guys think Jacoby Ellsbury is point to get. If he's good -- Victory has -- thirteen. Punters getting fourteen. Also -- is going to get. The numbers of people or you know I'm never gonna get that guy is he's gonna get 1820 million dollars a year Iverson cheers from somebody if busier like he had two years ago. He's gonna get 2325. Million dollars a year for five or six years that's going to happen that's three out. In -- Red Sox -- so they don't wanna do it in their right. Ellsbury is a nice player had a terrific year two years ago other than that is he even close Beckham the player he's not. The Red Sox know that they do. They're taken around town right there seemed what they can get for Jacoby Ellsbury and clip out of dumb act. Short notice when you read it to be skeptical. These in his mid thirties get three years left I think 75 million net Fortier vesting option. For 27 and half. Now. Go to get to that 27 and a half million you have to read to -- innings a year before or four innings combine -- two years before that so basically have to. To get that OP gets that number comes to good that means you know quite pitched pretty well. But -- is an -- And sits at September 1 2011. You today today's this Robert Byrd was one they'll miss in 1956 new. -- eighteen point you know apartments friends 69. Since September 1 2011 till today December 8 2012. The Red Sox have been starving. Starting pitching. In case. Lester were -- his career bar colts up and down Lackey. Who knows Beckett -- September bad on you need a guy if you're going to be serious about this. If your series opening eighteen it's going to be competitive -- not be answers to -- that's that's a conversation worth having to. The Red Sox got to -- the next couple years well I'd be okay to a PRI -- that. But if your shares of contending. Cliff Lee is a guy here for the next two or three years if he stays healthy. And it just 200 innings every year starts thirty games or so every year either race and everybody moves down a spot. Last repeated to. We're buckles. In the other guy will be the three. -- -- you find some way to get that wildcard win the division you have Cliff Lee going two or three times in the series in baseball guess -- It was good chances and so yeah I would have made that deal in the second. And -- be calling every other team in baseball right now and saying you want Jacoby Ellsbury. What do you give us form. What is the deal which -- called for Jacoby Ellsbury can happen. That's really good prospects. Prospects you think will be better than the draft pick you get if you lose Ellsbury you make that deal. If it's a good Major League starting pitcher not a place. But -- -- you believe you can plug into the top half save your rotation number three guy number two guy you make that deal. Because Jacoby Ellsbury is -- This is his last year he's back -- a reason to back. -- the -- such -- trying like crazy behind listen to -- -- and this goes to show you you know winter meetings here this past -- -- and I think. -- -- I think it was Wednesday night. Said not to -- Jacoby Ellsbury well back here next we expect him expect him to be our starting center field well. You know -- again. Yet we're trying to trade like crazy up all the Phillies. But two hours at the Mariners. No course not that it's spin spin spin spin spin spin. They're trying to move him. Because it makes the most sense. Dexter says Ellsbury never embassies like 2011 again you'll never at thirty home runs in his career again I think that's a very valid and fair. Stance if you believe that. There's nothing outside of 2011. Suggested they'll Ellsbury is going to do that again. Don't -- gonna blame him for the injuries as a fluke injuries. As a contact injuries never mean you know if I don't rate. Pulled hamstring -- eight weeks or had a wrist injury and missed four months you know. Avoided their ability question Ellsbury. I just don't trust he's going to be that guy if you -- he yelled -- in 2011 got the next Barbara sixers will obviously sign. What it's a huge question. Huge doubt and Boris factor looms. You know I've heard people say well. I was lucky -- given I -- fell on Comcast. He said would you do a 575. Like BJ Upton just signed with Atlanta for Ellsbury should you know I may do that. But let's be fair Scott Boras is not going to had Jacoby Ellsbury signed for annual deal close to a hundred. Where -- victory -- crazy. Remember you know. -- Ellsbury. But Ellsbury is tricky to also from the other perspective that's the things upside every quite. There's a reason why -- did do it on the -- very is it's a fascinating tricky impossible thing to solve. You are gonna be able to keep -- If he's great. You don't have been able assigned to best betrayed -- pretty good. Together for nine million -- hundred million or five years Mets probably best case scenario. Boy beat -- with Ellsbury six rockets hurting him extremists seven more games and where is you know he's just think he's the PDs swing for him is unbelievable. I mean he -- side potentially. It gets hurt a one year ten million dollar deal was some 8910 million dollar deal. After this year February 2011. And make fifteen times that much. Only of the Red Sox. I was holding the Red Sox want to do this right out of the rest auction book I didn't say listen. You know we're -- this guy when his guy was not perfect fair. When his value still pretty good. And we get back for him in public be better than what we're gonna get for -- if you eat. So I make them move if on the Red Sox I'm trying like crazy. Beginning of the date and today every day trade Jacoby Ellsbury and get the best deal you can for. Whether it's Cliff Lee which is now gone whether it's some miracle packet for Felix and his final thing that happens. Whether it's one of the starting pitchers and that's what -- getting getting back for Ellsbury about. I want everyday player I want is starting pitcher because that's the only thing -- in the way right now. Napoli Victorino. Are all these moves Ross reports he's back. All that stuff is irrelevant if this is your starting pitching next year. I'm sorry Lester balk called slack you give me the rotation next year it's not working right now. They have to get another guy I know Dell guy Ellsbury is the one guy who can bring you. 6177797937. 6177797937. -- mark Jeff couple rob -- O'Brien -- wanna call and talking Ellsbury. The start your -- the Celtics against -- if you want point to get him to be. Patriots Texans game definitely some NHL stuff it's all the table today on ninety --

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